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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 29, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm BST

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hello there, a rest day at the world cup, the last 15 days have been full on, especially the last week, with the conclusion of the group stage. sixteen teams are now out, 16 preparing for the knockout stage which starts tomorrow. england will be last up. they face colombia here in moscow on tuesday night. they are now back at theirtraining camp oustide st petersberg after that defeat to belgium in kaliningrad. from repino, here's our sports correspondent david ornstein. england arrived back here to their hotel at 4:30am and today has been all about rest and recovery. they will return to training tomorrow ahead of travelling to moscow on monday for their match against colombia on tuesday evening. we know the outcome of their group, if they
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had won it they would have finished top and being in potentially the far tougher half of the draw, facing a number of former champions to win the competition. as it happens, they have a potentially kinder path towards the final if they are to get there. if they were beat colombia, then they will go on to the quarterfinals next saturday against sweden or switzerland. win that and they would be in a semifinal against spain or denmark and i do not think it is even worth talking about the final at this point. chris waddle thinks england have a glorious opportunity, but they should not underestimate colombia. they will be thinking we can go to the semi—finals here. before you hit, they are all hard games, but before you hit a real top—class side, it will be interesting. colombia are not a walkover, they are talented.
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when they turn it on, they can beat anyone. they will not. down and anyone. they will not lie down and say we got anyone. they will not lie down and say we - got this far and that is say we have got this far and that is great, they will want to win it. they will be thinking the same as what england is thinking, it is winnable. they will be thinking they can beat england. they have a lot of experience and technical players. it will be a cracking atmosphere and a cracking england will be a cracking atmosphere and a cracking - england have a very cracking game. england have a very good chance. in the first two matches against tunisia and panama, gareth southgate played what was clearly his strongest side and it only change but the second match because of an injury to dele alli. against belgium, gareth southgate made eight changes and a number of players getting their chance to impress but the general feeling was that no one will trouble the first choice team and that they will be restored for the colombia game. that is certainly a view shared by chris waddle. you're looking at danny rose, eric dier, fabian delph,
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you're looking . these players, are you're looking at these players, are they ready to step in to make me think twice about picking the team against colombia? i think he has probably thought, the team i have been playing are probably the team that use on the first game, they would probably be the team he will set out for the colombia game. gareth southgate has described the tie is the biggest knockout game a decade. it will be aiming to win their first knockout match since 2006, only the second since 1990 and the sixth since 1966. an enormous opportunity for england. their old foe, the penalty shoot out may come into play and they will need to be ready. last night was their first defeat in more than one year but now against colombia, they know there is no longer any margin for error. david 0rnstein, our sports correspondent there.
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after the group stages at the world cup. 0n the agenda was the var, video assistant refreee system and how it has been applied for the first time at a world cup, it has certainly played it's part in some of the dramas we've seen, but fifa say its success rate is over 99 percent when it's been used. here's our sports news correspdoent richard conway. no football today at the world cup and that gave caesar an opportunity to talk about refereeing, the video assisted rack refereeing system here and we heard from a former referee, the head of the refereeing committee and we got a fascinating insight into how var is working so far. we managed to hear conversations between the referee and the var and his assistants as they are looking
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at decisions. but we will hear first isa at decisions. but we will hear first is a decision made in the game between senegal and colombia, it involved savio mane. everyone thought it was a penalty, but what we see now is the process by which that decision was reversed. you hear me. for me, it is penalty. go for on field review. he played the ball. it is not simulation. not often really you get to hear the voice of the referee. and of course from the var assistance. really insight. the head of the fifa refereeing committee talked about the incidents that have been checked by the var system. 95%
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of them did not need to be change, they were correct but 1a were reviewed, they were changed and that has boosted the level of accuracy to 99.3%, but he said that var is not perfect, not lead to perfection but they are very happy, as you can hear 110w they are very happy, as you can hear now with what they have got from the system so far. during the competition it is not possible that everything goes 100% perfectly. something has to be fine tuned based on what is occurring in the first match of the competition. this is out match of the competition. this is ourjob. one of the points from this briefing was about the future of var. will we get to hear the voice of the referee talking to his assistance. he said that they are walking not running for an hour but not ruling it out. questions also about the number of languages making it difficult but perhaps they can say within domestic leagues, they could look to it in the near future
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rather than longer term. the last 16, gets going tomorrow, you just know that we'll get extra time and penalrties somewhere across the four days. there's a brilliant match in prospect tomorrow afternoon. france against argentina in kazan. 0ur sports news correspodent alex capstick is there. fans gathering in the main tourist area of kazan for france taking on argentina and it as a vet neither side has been firing on all cylinders, especially the south americans who have been put through the mill already, lurching from the anguish and despair of the 3—0 defeat to croatia to the joy of that last—gasp victory over nigeria. there was an exquisite strike from lionel messi you have been looking
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out of sorts. they should be battle hardened for the clash against france for whom this has been a curious campaign, a couple of scratchy wins against australia and peru and that stalemate with denmark. didier defago does have a star—studded squad including the likes of paul barber and mbappe, they will have to shake off that slow start if they are to get past argentina who are showing signs of improvement and after the tension and drama of the group stage, there isa and drama of the group stage, there is a hope that this will set the tone for more of the same. i am sure it will. that is just about it for 110w it will. that is just about it for now but when we come back, it feels funny without any football, but we will have a review of the group stages, just in case you want to see some goals. for now, it is back to holly. thanks 0lly. now from the world cup to wimbledon. that's right, it all begins at the all—england club on monday... and with the draw taking place this morning...
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the big question was whether andy murray would be fit. the former world number one has been recovering from a hip injury over the past year. today, he was drawn alongside france's benoit paire for his opener but he's still to confirm for definite whether he'll be ready. this is what he had to say earlier today. yeah, i feel yeah, ifeel all yeah, i feel all right. yeah, ifeelall right. not yeah, ifeel all right. not much different than how i felt a couple of days ago. have you made a decision? i think most likely, yes, i will talk to my team this afternoon. and i will also see how the next couple of days go, i am playing sets tomorrow. yeah. most likely, yes, iwill playing sets tomorrow. yeah. most likely, yes, i will be playing. will he won't he? well there are plenty more big names and pairings for the start of this years competition — with more details on murray and the rest of the men's and women's draw, here's our tennis correspondent russell fuller.
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it is quite a coincidence to see andy murray adams benoit paire paired together, he was the last man that andy murray beat on centre court last year. andy murray says he will play as long as he feels competitive, benoit paire is 48 in the world coming he is very talented and powerful but hugely unpredictable. kyle edmund could play novak djokovic in the third round but has to get past alex bowled so far —— michael bridwell. there is a lot of interest in serena williams. she cannot play another seeded player before it the third round, but she could face elina svitolina. lots of the british women have tough first—round draws. naomi broady will open the centre court programme against the defending champion. and the full draw can be found on the bbc sport website. now, wimbledon truely
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is a competition like no other — known across the world for its history and tradition... but this year fans may notice a few changes at the all england club as sara 0rchard has been finding out. 2017, a brand—new women's champion. for the men it was a record eighth title for roger federer. but while only the brave would predict the outcome of the 2018 championships, one certainty is that wimbledon is changing with the times. we have banned plastic straws, we used 400,000 last year and there will be none this year. a lot of water refill points, 87 in place around the ground so that people do not have to keep buying plastic bottles. there is also public wi—fi and a big screen. for the eagle eyed wimbledon
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dear, one of the changes is here on number one court with a roof structure is still one year of completion but starting to take shape with all the steel that has been delivered. come rain or shine, in 2019, there will be tennis played right here. i think the most releva nt right here. i think the most relevant project at the moment is the roof on court number one, that will be complete for the championships next year. you will already sees significant change in the stadium itself. the sliding roof will be put on and it will look similarto will be put on and it will look similar to centre court. it will be significant to have two courts that are covered so that if there is rain, around two thirds of the spectators will still be seen live tennis. looking even further into the future, across the road is the golf club. they own the freehold to the course and the lease expires in 2041. discussions have started to see if it can be terminated earlier
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and if they get the land, the wimbledon qualifying tournament currently played at roehampton could come home. it is the weakest element of the championships, we are the only grand slam that does not play qualifying onside but we cannot really play at on—site because otherwise the courts would be worn out before we start. for now any discussions remain private and confidential. sara 0rchard reporting there. meanwhile, over at eastbourne. .. world number 2 caroline wozniacki has beaten angelique kerber to make it through to her first final since the australian open. the dane saved a match point and came from a set down to make it through to tomorrow's championship match, where she'll face the unseeded aryna sabalenka for the first time. the bela rusian defeated agnieszka radwanska in the first semifinal of the day. formula 1 now and lewis hamilton picked up exactly where he left off in france last sunday by topping the times for mercedes in opening practice for this weekend's austrian grand prix. five days after his triumph at paul ricard, the defending world champion led a mercedes one—two in both practice sessions.
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jennie gow has more. you join us youjoin us in you join us in the austrian heartland. this is the red bowl ring. the mountains covered in cloud. this is low—lying and hardly the summer weekend we were expecting or hoping for. it is the weekend that mercedes were hoping for, fastest for lewis hamilton and they have brought a whole raft of upgrades and they seem to be working well. 0nce well. once again, the ferrari pretty well. once again, the ferrari ca rs pretty well. once again, the ferrari cars and red bull cars in the mix, they have an upgrade and they are hoping it can bring a celebratory factor at their home race. not such a great day further down the grid for fernando alonso, almost lowest of all the cars and he had an off in the second session which meant they
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needed to replace the floor. his team—mate had it off in the first session and they had to replace the front wing. it had a massive crack. keep away from the kurds. as we go into qualifying around this track, we know it will be a tight affair but the fans are leaving here very happy and they will be hoping to be celebrating tomorrow if their man is in pole position. cricket and ben stokes has been named in england's squad for the three—match one—day international series against india next month. stokes hasn't played since tearing his left hamstring at the start ofjune, but he's due to return as a specialist batsman for durham's t20 match against yorkshire on the 5th ofjuly. fellow all—rounder chris woa kes misses out though — he's been struggling with knee and quad injuries. well india are in action right now, over in dublin. they're in t20 action against ireland, and they're closing in on victory. they were put into bat by their hosts, and it looked to be a wise decision from ireland when india captain
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virat kholi went big...but didn't get enough on it. george dockrell underneath it to take the catch. but that shot showed the indian intent. kl rahul top scored for the tourists with 70, and they posted 213 for four from their 20 overs. in reply, ireland had the worst possible start. paul stirling out to just the second ball of the innings. and it's not got much better for them. a short while ago they were 56 for eight. it might not feel like the right time of year to talk about winter sports — but this monday, britain's athletes will find out how much funding they'll receive for the next winter games in 2022. for the men's bobsleigh team — it's a worrying time — as they face huge funding cuts after underperforming in pyeongchang. ahead of that decision, nick hope has been to meet gb pilot brad hall at his home in crawley. final curve for brad hall's team. an
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underwhelming competition for great britain. it is heartbreaking. great britain. it is heartbreaking. great britain men's bobsleigh in turmoil. we have such positives during the season, a number of top tens and medals and we did not perform when we needed to. did you believe that a podium posts was possible? definitely but in the four man, we finished 18th which was nowhere near where we should have been. the thing that has stumped us is what happened to ourequipment, it that has stumped us is what happened to our equipment, it did not perform the way it should have. we have the potential, we need to keep going to keep going you forward. to keep going forward, you need funding. it was over 5 million for the last four years, you're expecting it to come down. we did not our target and we are expecting to get a reduction in funding from uk sport. best case scenario, we get away on season next year may get to
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right the wrong spot worst case, we get cut completely and need to source by an funding. the sport of bobsleigh them could stay alive in britain. what sort of support do you need? the main thing we are looking for our cash sponsors so we can buy the equipment we need to be competitive with the rest of the world. £40,000, that is how much a two—man bobsleigh course. we are looking to raise that but if we wanted to go and do a fool for man season, that can cost up to £400,000. it is daunting, but i have high hopes they will not be completely cut. i know if we are givena completely cut. i know if we are given a chance, we will have to prove ca n given a chance, we will have to prove can be some of the best in the world. a lot more medals to come, i am 100% sure of that. that's it from me for now — let's head back to moscow and 0lly foster. no football today but you are still busy. always busy. a rest day here
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in russia after 15 days. we are bracing ourselves for the start of the last 16, the knockout rounds tomorrow. we are reflecting on what we have seen tomorrow. we are reflecting on what we have seen over tomorrow. we are reflecting on what we have seen over the past fortnight. the biggest single shock was of course germany going out, but there won't be a single african team in the knock—out stage, of the five senegal and nigeria came close, but qusetions will be asked as to why the continent has failed to produce a competitiive team on the greatest stage. here's our footbal reporterjohn bennett. senegal were the last throw of the dice, a point against colombia and they would be through. they ensured that the 32 year run of getting
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through the opening group stages ended. tears of disappointment shared by many across the continent. we do not understand why, we have amazing players. all the african teams are out and it is so bad. usually at least one or two get through to the second round. usually at least one or two get through to the second roundm makes african football look really bad. it is notjust the fans here are disappointed, one of the greatest african footballers of all time is struggling to explain why it has been such a tough tournament. time is struggling to explain why it has been such a tough tournamentm isa has been such a tough tournamentm is a big step back, but i think it is a big step back, but i think it is also a chance for all the african teams, for the african confederation may be to reconsider the strategy and we are going to be successful one day but we need to think again about their competitions. the headlines for african football look bad at this world cup, but it does not tell the full story. you look back four years ago, the campaigns of cameroon, ghana and nigeria were
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overshadowed by money issues and we saw none of that in russia. think about the senegal fans, so close to going through to the second round, separated from japan only by yellow cards and what about nigeria? minutes away from going through at the expense of argentina with the younger squad at the world cup? so what next for african football? we all have his tactical fear regarding playing these games. i guess that we have to implement, strategies to help boro football and identity. the fa ns help boro football and identity. the fans will certainly be missed in the knockout stages of russia 2018 but african football now has serious self—analysis to do ahead of the cup of nations this time next year in cameron. so all five african teams out and their fans heading home who have been fantastic, they will be missed, all the supporters out here have been brilliant in their different ways, the stars aren t
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just on the pitch. this is natural for this is naturalfor me. we do everything we can for our team of sweden. if you go to mexico, you need to go toa if you go to mexico, you need to go to a wrestling match, 0k? it is like a traditional costume from our area it is like a traditional costume from ourarea in it is like a traditional costume from our area in switzerland. it is like the singing people in switzerland have this costume on. we are wearing these parts, they are
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crazy, we like them a lot. it gives us crazy, we like them a lot. it gives usa crazy, we like them a lot. it gives us a lot of luggage! the mexicans four hours have been the big winners here in moscow. you can hear them coming a mile off, they have their own mariachi band doing anything and they will be looking forward to that last 16 tie against brazil coming up. let's get back to the football, this time tomorrow we'll be in the thick of the knockout stage but this rest day gives us the time to reflect on the last couple of weeks, former everton and england player leon osman has been talking through his highlights. iam i am maybe a bit biased but i think the best goals so far isjesse lingard's goal, the way he linked up with raheem sterling and the way the
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ball was moved from midfield through to the front and topped with their fantastic piece of individual skill. the goal of the tournament for me is lingard. i think the best player of the tournament has been luka modric. he stood out in every game he has played. he dictates tempo and play and he really is in every game he has played, head and shoulders above the rest of the players on the field. so far, he is the player of the tournament. but for me, the best game has been spain against portugal. i think it had a bit of everything, top class goals and footballers, great play, we did not know what the outcome was going to be going into the final five or ten minutes. for the quality on show, the fact that they had goals galore, spain and portugal, best game so far. best team at the moment goes to croatia. they may not be considered
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to have the best group of individuals, as an 11, but when they come together as a team, they have been great so far. they have top—class players, who all buy into the mentality that they all have to work hard for each other and that has shown in their performances and they have been the best team so far. surprise package for me is england. i think going into the tournament, we we re i think going into the tournament, we were all underwhelmed by what we could expect in this tournament and now, they have made believers of us all and we now, they have made believers of us alland we are now, they have made believers of us all and we are only into the knockout stages as such just now, but they have made us believe that their performances. they are his ones to watch. that is just about it from us in moscow. we will be back
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at half past six and half past seven on bbc news tomorrow and buy them, either france or argentina will have gone through to the quarterfinals. that game is across the bbc and there is also portugal against uruguay and portugal win, we will have lionel messi against biljana rinaldo in the quarterfinal. so many great stories to tell but we have already had a few good ones to tell already had a few good ones to tell already —— against cristiano ronaldo. it starts where it will end. the greatest show on earth. the 2018 world cup has begun. that is brilliant. this is sublime. it is cristiano ronaldo. he has done it. and the shot! the holders are
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behind. it is in from harry kane again. luka modric. great goal. goodness me! neymar! jesse lingard. jesse lingard! that is fantastic! brilliantly finished! absolutely brilliant. the holders are out! good evening. forfive days in a row
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we have seen temperatures getting up to 30 degrees plus across the uk and we will take that heat into the weekend and for most of us it will be dry and hot and sunny, a few thundery showers later in the week and towards the far south west. 0vernight low dry, mr cloud gets pushed inland from the coasts, inland across england and scotland. it will be warmest overnight, that is where we have the highest temperatures today, 32 degrees in the north—west of wales. the mist and low cloud does not last long on saturday morning. then lots of sunshine, light easterly breezes, a little bit cooler on the north sea coasts that there will be sunshine, coasts that there willrbe sunshing coasts that there wittrbe sunshing ‘ temperatures coasts that there wittrbe sunshing ‘temperatures in coasts that there wittrbe sunshing ‘ temperatures in the west. coasts that there wittrbe sunshing ‘temperatures in the west. we higher temperatures in the west. we may well find temperatures rising in the south—east over the next couple
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of days, the chance of some thundery showers in the south west of england, perhaps drifting towards south wales for a while. that is it, goodbye. this is bbc world news today. david duckenfield, the police commander on charge of the day of the hillsborough disaster is to stand trial for manslaughter by gross negligence. the president of the european council, donald tusk, calls on britain to lay its cards on the table and resolve the outstanding issues on brexit before and eu summit in october. if he wa nts to and eu summit in october. if he wants to reach a deal in october we need to create progress and this is a last call to lay the cards on the table. after marathon talks at the summit, a deal was struck to set up secure migrant centres in eu states. the firefighter who left his collea g u es the firefighter who left his colleagues and tried and failed to rescue a girl trapped in the g re nfell tower. rescue a girl trapped in the grenfell tower. i wanted to go up
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and get. this little 12—year—old girl on her own.


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