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tv   The Travel Show  BBC News  July 8, 2018 8:30pm-9:00pm BST

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between the england national team and the press and public. they haven't mollycoddled them, they've not treated them like rock stars. they've encouraged them to be open with the media, encouraged them to use social media, as we've seen so often, and in the wake of saturday's game. that culture of openness has re—established a connection between england fans, the media and the england team. gareth southgate has managed at under 21 level, so there is a continuity with the players going into the senior team too. i think it's been a perfect storm really that's come together at the right time because this is the most open world cup there's ever been to win and there will be a new name on the trophy this season. there is every expectation that it could possibly be england, and they will have earned it. staying with the world cup. more than 22 years after it was first released, it's back... # it's coming home, it's
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coming home # it's coming # football's coming home... football anthem three lions has topped the charts following england's quarter—final win against sweden. the track, by comedians frank skinner and david baddiel with the lightning seeds, was first released to accompany euro 96, which was held in england. three lions climbed a huge 32 places in the vodafone big top a0 after yesterday's win. some breaking news coming to us from highways england. they have been advised that all bp fuel stations gci’oss advised that all bp fuel stations across the uk are experiencing problems in accepting card payments. it's affecting all motorway service areas with bp petrol stations and currently they can only except payment in cash. so, no card payments at bp fuel stations across the uk, although this is coming from highways england. sounds like a
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countrywide problem affecting all service areas which have bp fuelling stations. we'll try and get more information. now the weather with sarah. the weekend has brought more of the same, a lot of warm sunshine and most parts of the country have been dry. staying with that this evening, overnight and through much of the week. things turning cooler in the north—east where we draw in more cloud. still hot and muggy, especially the further south you are. 18 is the low across england and wales. resume its start on monday, dry with sunshine. more cloud than recently. the breeze is starting to come in from a northerly direction, especially across the northern part of the country it may not be as hot as it has been. 17 in
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newcastle, 28, 29 in cardiff. after a cooler interlude in the middle of the week it will serve hot and stay dry towards the weekend. hello this is bbc news. the headlines. four of the boys trapped in a flooded cave system in thailand have been rescued and taken to hospital. the mission to save the remaining eight and their coach continues tomorrow. as borisjohnson criticises theresa may's brexit proposal, support from michael gove, who says the plans are realistic but the uk should prepare for all outcomes. the home secretary sajid javid visits salisbury and says the city is open for business, after the poisoning of a couple in amesbury. japan's prime minister says efforts to save people trapped after days of heavy rain is now a race against time. more than 80 people have died across central and western regions. now on bbc news, it's time for the travel show.
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this week on the travel show, we're in my hometown of london. i will be finding out how meat—free has gone mainstream. this is good, a tour bus around london, eating foods that will help us live forever. well said! also coming up on this week's show, we are heading underground to meet a man with a passion for public art in new york. and we eat more than is good for us in naples, as we join the judging panel in search of the world's most perfect pizza. slice number seven. mario has had over a0 slices! let's kick off in london,
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where we are looking at the latest food trend to sweep the united kingdom. veganism. it's changed. with hundreds of dishes to choose from, people flock to vegan nights in fashionable shoreditch in the east of the city. i have only been vegan for maybe six months, and even compared to where i started, the amount of vegan abundance of food in supermarkets is crazy. i was eating lots of chicken
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dippers and chicken kievs, i didn't feel that great, so i started eating more fruit and vegetables and i felt energy i'd never really felt before. vegan in london in 2018 is really, really easy now. there are so many cool places to eat, you can getjunk food, you can get healthy food, you can eat anywhere. it's super easy. the vegan market is growing, it's incredible. it's so exciting, what's happening. according to the vegan society, the number of vegans in the uk went up by 350% in 10 years, and that was before the huge trend in the last two years kicked in. it's particularly here in london where lots of the change has been happening. which might make this one of the best places in the world to travel to as a vegan.
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so, i'm going to take a fresh look at london as a tourist for the day and i'm going to enjoy some of those classic london travel experiences, but with a vegan twist. it all starts with a bus tour, of course, on one of these. and it's no ordinary bus tour. this is a vegan afternoon tea bus tour, offering a vegan version of the traditional british afternoon tea on an iconic red routemaster bus. what a way to see those sites. a fellow passenger on board today is dominica, from the vegan society. how has veganism managed to attract the next generation? what is it that has changed?
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because it's been around for a long time. veganism has been around for 70 years, which not many people are aware of. % about a veganism at some point. i think a lot of people sort of started to understand that animals are not here for us, they are here with us on this planet, and we share it with them. and as you can see, we can have all the things that meat—eaters have, like cake, you can basically veganise anything that you want. all i heard was the word cake, nothing else. cake, that sounds good to me. vegans do cake, i'm sold. normally to make a cake, you need milk and eggs, what would you replace that with? vegan cake has all the normal ingredients you'd expect cake to contain, but for example, instead dairy milk, you can use
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almond milk or soy milk. replacing eggs is as simple as mashing up a banana, because eggs are used as a binding product, rather than for flavour. so the banana has a similar consistency. this is good. this is good, a tour bus around london eating foods that will help us live forever. that's well said. ok, maybe not live forever. but a plant—based diet can have some health benefits. which you might not make the most out of if you get involved in the latest vegan trend, fast food veganism. and what could be more british than a classic fish and chips supper? danny sutton‘s chip shop is about as traditional as a chippie gets. well, it smells like a classic
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fish and chips shop. i can smell the vinegar aromas and the chips and the fish. there you go. grilled fish. pies. saveloy. even here, danny has come up with a vegan answer to the traditional fish and chips. he uses marinated banana blossom. of all the things that i could think of that would substitute for fish, a banana plant, or banana leaf, is the last thing that would come to my mind. how did you come up with that? well, i was fishing one day, in the sea, and in my lunchbox...
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how did i come up with it? ijust did lots of research, and i found that it is about the texture more than anything else. it had the right texture. so with a little seasoning going on, we could get close to the flavour and texture of the fish. so, time for a lesson from the master. first, stripping the banana blossom. nothing there! one more. that's it, perfect. now, start in the centre. whittle it down and try to slice it straight down the middle. yes, of course. straight down there. exactly. you've got it. see, i can smell it, actually. yeah, there is a slight banana tinge. you won't be able to smell it after this. and the secret is all in the marinade. going to use some sapphire grass. where is this from? from essex, from the estuary. seriously? a bit of essex. followed by some spices to bring out that sea flavour. pour some water over
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the top, give it a mix. we boil it for 15 minutes, it goes into the marinade overnight, then it comes out and goes on there to dry. that's basically it, before we batter it. what we've all been waiting for. your vegan fish and chips. do you know what? if i had not gone through all of the stuff of making it with you and you haven't told me this was vegan, i would think that is properfish. there you go. smells like it, as well. we have tricked you with your eyes, let's see if we can trick you with your tongue. there we go, get some
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of this on there. imagine you're by the seaside. imagine you're in southend. that's good. i wasn't expecting that. the texture is definitely there. do you know what? you don't have to worry about any bones. a no—bone guarantee. i can't give you that with the cod or the haddock. cheers. cheers, enjoy. every year, nearly 20 million people come to london. it is one of the world's most visited cities, and no doubt many come to see the big landmarks. but who knows? if this trend continues, then one of its big draws mightjust become its vegan offerings. could it be a thing for london, one of its strengths, that we are vegan central? i think so, yeah.
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i think a lot of people go to london because it's a cool city, there's always something exciting going on, and i think we are that kind of city where veganism is really cool and you can have all the foods that you want. it's super easy, but most of all it's tasty. the travel show, your essential guide, wherever you are heading. next, we had new york, and one man's love affair with the underground art most commuters don't even realise is there. artist and printer philip copler began sketching the intricate mosaics, plaques and artwork on the city's subway system back in 1978. a0 year and 110 stations later, he is still going strong. when i began my study a voice inside my head said why don't
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you see how conscious people are of the subway? i would ask them if they were aware of the art in the subway. half of them said what art? they had no idea at all. i have some pens here. red, green and blue. here we go. my study of the subway really began years ago when i was eight years ago and my father told me that down in the subway stations in europe there were pictures on the walls. i thought that was curious. but what got me going deeper was the fact that i realised some stations were losing their decor so they had to be recorded,
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and realising this i got concerned and thought, well, somebody had to preserve a record of what we have now. it became a cause for me to record the embellishments of the station. so it turned into a long project, years in the making and not done yet. the earliest station was built in 1904. at that time there was a great movement called the city beautiful movement. the mayor and his council decided that they wanted to establish new york as noble and attractive a city as the old european capitals are, which americans and new yorkers looked up to, and the mayor decided we can do that right here in new york also.
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a good example of the very high design elements in the subway station can be found at borough hall in brooklyn, the first subway station and the first subway line into brooklyn. it is one of the dozens of designs created just for this station alone. but it is worth it. what i do when i do my project, i have to do my project at night and weekends. you will often find me at the library or on the subway drawing pictures of what is on the wall and taking notes on how many mosaics are there, what colour they are, a general description of the station. this station is named forjothacob astor. astor place, his library is nearby, and he was a very shrewd businessman and made several fortunes
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in his lifetime. one of them was with the beavers because in the early 1800s a top hat with beaver fur was the height of fashion. i have been self publishing my work ever since i began. this year, however, a lot has changed. a university has published a book of my drawings. my drawings and my notebooks, the real things, the originals have been on display in grand central terminal. this made us stop and appreciate. 137th street. look at that.
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we don't do that any more. no, we don't. we don't have time to look at it and we don't have the money to produce it. since i started this study, being the thorough person i am, i intend to finish at which means i really need to visit all the stations in the system. i have quite a long road in front of me. i have done 110 stations so far and i have many more to go. 360 or more. god knows. because i have started, i feel i have to finish it. to finish, today we are off to naples in the south of italy. this historic city claims to be the birthplace of pizza and for ten days every year,
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chefs from all over the world head there to take part in a competition to find the world's best slice. and this year, the travel show‘s jo whalley was asked to be one of the judging panel. has she bitten off more than she can chew? i'm about to do a masterclass with some of the best pizza makers in all of naples. i am a little apprehensive. davide is a world champion pizza maker. to be a true neapolitan pizza, the dough needs to be
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prepared in a special way. and here at the festival, tourists can give it a go. scoop and press. the first step is shaping the dough into balls. seamless. the dough was left for at least six hours to leaven and then is pressed out by hand. some pizzaiuolos spin the dough in the air to stretch and oxygenate it. and the festival is a chance for these masters to show off their skills. it is really quite tricky. there is not much of a spin. with our pizza bases sorted, we spiral on tomato sauce and add mozzarella and basil. the margherita pizza is the symbol of naples, invented in 1889 in honour of queen margherita. the colours represent the italian flag.
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yes! now we are making pizza! finally, we bake it. it is beautiful. that is a good—looking pizza. that is so good. it was worth me taking three hours to make it. it is emotional. now that i fully appreciate exactly what it takes to make a proper neapolitan margherita, i am told that tomorrow i can join the judging panel of the caputo cup, the pizza world championships. pizza chefs from all over the world have travelled here and are nervously waiting to cook for thejudges. this is the big competition. who has the best margherita pizza? i have my secret voting sheet here. it's taken very seriously.
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this is my voting form. i have the name of the chef, my name and the different categories of marks that i can give each pizza. 500 is the best, ten is the worst. my fellowjudge mario shows me how to inspect all aspects of the slice to check the crust is bouncy and i can taste all the distinct ingredients. there are nine categories of pizza tojudge and it is a gruelling pace. quickly. oh, gosh. i have to eat speed eat because i am being too slow with my marking. some of thejudges have been here tasting for hours. they are only swapped out when they are too full to continue. so i am on slice number seven. mario has had over a0 slices. this is 1a.
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still going strong. i have been here for just over three hours. there are so many people queued up outside waiting to cook for us. when will it end? so i have had 38 slices of pizza and i have just seen that they have started to clear up the tables. so the end of be in sight. then we get word that the final pizza is being sliced. number 52. the last one. it is an unusual flavour. kind of mustardy. i quite like it, though.
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go out with a bang. while the votes are being counted, the award for pizza acrobatics is being judged. it is seriously skilful. the award ceremony goes on into the night and there are winners from across the globe. the organisers here hope to take the napoli pizza village festival to cities like london and new york and spread the message around the world that neapolitan pizza is notjust food, it is a way of life. jo reporting there from naples. and something tells me she will not be ordering takeaway any time soon. that's your lot for this week and coming up next week... christa heads to amsterdam to find out how boats, once crammed with migrants making death—defying voyages across the mediterranean, are now being used to show tourists
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the city's world—famous canals. it is written that there was more than 76 person on the last trip of this boat. make sure you join us for that if you can and don't forget you can follow us on social media. all the details are on the screen. but for now, from all of us here in trafalgar square, it is goodbye. good evening, the midsummer heatwave continues. another hot and sunny day, many parts of the country
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seeing tempered as above 30 degrees. this is st ives, a beautiful day. it has been cooler around the coasts with sea breezes. here you can see some fair weather cloud that's been bubbling up. a fair bit of cloud this evening tonight and over parts of scotla nd this evening tonight and over parts of scotland into northern ireland. a bit more cloud filtering down the east coast as well. a slightly cooler feel here. 12 degrees in aberdeen but in southern and western england and wales, overnight temperatures of about 18. a warm and humid night ahead. temperatures of about 18. a warm and humid nightahead. monday temperatures of about 18. a warm and humid night ahead. monday very much still high—pressure driving the weather but we have this weather front which is going to be introducing some cooler conditions. it won't be as hot as it has been especially in eastern scotland and north—east england. slightly cloudy and wind from the north. elsewhere,
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another hot and dry day to come and i think the hottest weather on monday is going to be in southern and western parts of england and wales. you can see the reds colours. not as hot as it has been in the north—east. temperatures around 18 in aberdeen, 20 in belfast, 18 in newcastle. london and cardiff, 28, 20 nine. the championships continue at wimbledon. another dry day, there will be some more cloud than we've seen. strong sunshine breaking through the cloud and top temperatures around 28 degrees. high—pressure stays in charge of the weather on tuesday and into wednesday. we will be jawing in the cooler air around that area, spilling in from the north—east. through the week a bit of a respite if you're not a fan of the high temperatures. slightly cooler. still
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a lot of sunshine and mainly dry as well. after that cooler interlude especially on tuesday into wednesday, things will hot up again as we head into the weekend. goodbye for now. this is bbc world news today. i'm duncan golestani. our top stories. the first ones are out. four of the boys trapped in a flooded cave in thailand are rescued. they're now being treated in hospital. we saw two ambulances go into this hospital earlier, that's another. the boys are coming out. the 12 members of a football team and their coach have been trapped in the caves for almost a fortnight. we'll bring you the very latest from thailand on a rescue which has captivated the whole world. also ahead. japan's deadly floods get worse — now two million people are ordered to leave their homes to seek safety. i'm chris mitchell, coming up later, sebastian vettel extends his lead at the top of the drivers championship
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