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tv   The Papers  BBC News  July 11, 2018 10:45pm-11:01pm BST

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that reinvigorated the defending champion, who forced a tie—breaker and wet two sets up. —— went to sets up. anderson was still fighting and started playing shots his opponent would have been proud of. something special. then saved a match point before taking the third set in trademark style. all the momentum was now with the eighth seed and he made it count, taking the match to a deciding set. the two then held serve for an incredible 22 games before federer could hold no more. but anderson could, and in doing so knocked out the eight time champion in an incredible comeback. craig templeton, bbc news. ijust kept on telling myself i just kept on telling myself that ijust kept on telling myself that i have to keep believing and again saying today would be my day because you really need that mindset taking the court against somebody like roger. if you go out there with
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doubts, or are unsure what will happen like maybe i did in that first set, it's not going to be going your way. and i kept saying to myself this is going to be my day. i just gave it my all and obviously very ecstatic getting through that. world number one rafa nadal reached the semi—finals for the first time since 2011 with a five—set victory overjuan martin del potro on centre court. the two—time champion was forced to come back from a set down before breaking in a thrilling fifth set to win in almost five hours. nadal will play novak djokovic on friday after he booked his place in the semis by beating japan's kei nishikori in four sets to reach his first grand slam semifinal since 2015. the victory brings him level with pete sampras‘ match win record at wimbledon. in the other quarter—final the six—foot—ten americanjohn isner beat milos raonic of canada in four sets lost 6—7, 7—6, 6—4, isner is the only player at wimbledon this year not to have had his serve broken and raonic had
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just one break—point opportunity against the six—foot—ten american. isner responded with an ace on that occasion and then went hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be todd can go back to moscow. the noise is coming up the street from croatian fans making their way back to red square and the city centre. england will be keeping a low profile i think. some of theirfans. it has been a fantastic turn it for them. one in which they engage with theirfans them. one in which they engage with their fans mostly through social media. here a tweet to everyone who supported us and believe this time is different. "to everyone who was not afraid to dream and everyone knows this is only the beginning. thank you. we hope we made you proud". that from the official england social media town. it has been a golden summer for them. at that golden trophy is going to be heading back to croatia or france on sunday. that is it for sportsday. we will be here till the very end of
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course. he and without england. they had the third—place playoff. coming up had the third—place playoff. coming up next on bbc news, it is the papers. good night. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. as if we did not know. our reviewers this evening are benedicte paviot, who's the uk correspondent for france 2a and president of the foreign press association in london, and steve hawkes, deputy political editor of the sun. welcome to both of you. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. there's one story dominating — the end of england's world cup dream — for now, at least. they lost 2—1 to croatia. let's start with the telegraph who lead with "the pride of lions" and england manager gareth southgate comforting his team at the end of extra time. the main headline is donald trump
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who has accused germany of being under control by russia. it is the end of the dream, the guardian also leads with gareth southgate counselling and what will become another iconic set of photographs ending england buys a journey in this world cup. the headline in the metro is a memorable kick in the balkans,. that said it is still our heroes. and the ft goes with teresa's —— theresa may plan. let's begin if we may with this image on the front of the telegraph, steve. we have a series of pictures. new pictures of this. i know he was in shock. i think that sums up well the pride of lions. i do not think anyone going back a few weeks would have expected england to get this
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far. that's the musket —— the message gareth southgate team —— very young team is saying. restrained pride in the game, and the shirt... and they had done nothing to be ashamed of. they came up nothing to be ashamed of. they came up againsta nothing to be ashamed of. they came up against a great team. they came up up against a great team. they came up against a great team. they came up against the number one streetwise tea m up against the number one streetwise team tonight. that is punditry for another show. i think the headline sums it up beautifully. france is in the final. she is in the final, she is their secret weapon. well, they are quite amazing. but actually england have been and are an amazing team. just a bit of commentor earlier on. let's not look to the past. stop comparing them to 1966. look at what you have got right now. and actually, there is a bunch of really talented, young and yes, ok.
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they do not have that much experience. what they have got is truly extraordinary. they have definitely got talent. i think what gareth south gate has done with them, the whiskers is night and all that. but it is remarkable. it is truly expert —— exceptional. he's made them believe in themselves and it made them a real collegiate team. i think that second goal, sorry, of the croatians was disgraceful. and in the past i think i would have not been allowed. i was looking forward toa been allowed. i was looking forward to a france — england final. it this to a france — england final. it this to bea to a france — england final. it this to be a france— croatian final. and i hope france thrashed the pants off of croatian. there we are, i said it, i will not say... the only saving grace is that we will not lose in the final to france. it would be somewhat awkward considering breaks it. do you think they would have been watching tonight this match, or you know they we re tonight this match, or you know they were watching? i know that they were
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watching. they have an extra day to re st watching. they have an extra day to rest which the croatians don't have. it did go to extra time, an extra 30 minutes. yes, thank you for helping. they were resting, but i know they we re they were resting, but i know they were going to be watching this match. they will be making their way to moscow. and another person making their way to moscow as he made a promise some time ago when he meant all the players is president emmanuel macron. unlike united kingdom who is boycotting the england team, as we had all hoped, england team, as we had all hoped, england were going to be in the final, there would have been no royals, there would have been no prime minister, we understand the reasons why which is related to the salisbury novichok and the screwballs. i would not be very surprised —— sergei skripal. screwballs. i would not be very surprised -- sergei skripal. boris johnson would... but psycho with an
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image. and he will be there in moscow. the guardian, and of the dream. a lovely photograph of gareth southgate doing what he does so well. show leadership. that's things that teams like italy who had manager problems didn't do. i talked toa manager problems didn't do. i talked to a lot of people and how engaged —— that she talk to politicians about how to behave and tell them... make them to the bustards and get them to know the players stop with one of them had a baby. —— macon to the bustards. very sterner to watch. —— extruded watch. the bustards. very sterner to watch. -- extruded watch. that is why we have a kick in the balkans as being the headline today. but i suspect that the columnists and commentators who are not at their kindest when
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england lose will be a little bit more temperate precisely because of the relationship... i think when you look at fa and in qatar 2022... as you say, i think people will give him. there were technical things like kyle walker should have been in the back three. let's move on. and they are at saturday's game. hopefully they will. you are laughing! some believe, guys. let's move on. let's change the subject briefly. i wonder what other subject could be about. let's randomly pick one. front page of the ft. theresa may hopes to keep... this could be good news for paris. i think it is called reality time. because you wa nt called reality time. because you want to be the club and you think he would keep all of the same benefits?
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it ain't going to happen. this is theresa may after the long fudge and maybe a free, liberated... extraordinary in the white paper i have to point this out is being published on the very day the us president is making his first, fancy that, his first official trip to this country. but moving on. theresa may according to the financial times has abandoned plans for a tight, new relationship in the eu in financial services. it isn't black and white in the financial times after brexit. it seems that this is now a new proposal for a looser partnership. i think reality time. let's wait and see. there is a reason that there are stores in the paper the ahead of the white paper drop. i think when she says ditching hope of a tight tie up, we are talking about what the eu... this is what the whole thing is about. how much of it is how much we want to do and how much is what the eu wants us to do. the
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eu says you can't have the special relationship. you have to accept third—party status. that is not abandoning a tight tie in. it'sjust means that we are not going to be a plus... that will be... it is cohabitation. it is not a marriage. we will cohabitate again. we would do it all again in an hour's time. you can see the front pages online on the bbc news website. don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you seven days a week at and if you miss the programme any evening you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. thank you to my guests benedicte paviot, the uk correspondent for france 2a, and steve hawkes, who's deputy political editor at the sun. we'll be back for a fuller review at 11:30. and i will be back with a summary of all of the news at 11pm. hello again. for most of us it was
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more of the same really. warm sunshine across anglin and wales. thanks to alan for sending us this picture of this setting sun. we have had plenty of sunshine across england and wales but it has been caught for northern ireland and scotland. and we seeing of rain. some of the ways weather has been across the north and west of scotland. looking at the weather picture through the night, the cloud could stick in her an obvious patch of rain the west scotland. maybe a little bit as well for further down. a lot of dry and cloudy weather for scotland. england and wales would have a mixture of cloud and a few spells. temperatures overnight between 11 and 1a degrees for most. it should be a good nights sleep ahead. looking at the web pressure trough. it should be a dry start to the day. some sunshine to the morning across england and wales. there will be a dry day everywhere because as we go through the afternoon, shower clouds are going to develop and those showers will
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turn out to be heavy and thundery stretching through the galloway down the western side of england and wales. the showers and cells are formed by the sea breezes converging and pushing a bit more moisture across these areas to make those showers. they are going to be in just a few locations. not everyone will see the downpours for sure. outside of the showers, temperatures 26 degrees, it will feel warm and london. if anything the shower activity will pick up and intensify as we head through friday. again, the lion's share of the showers are probably across western areas of england and wales. and quite a few towards the southwest and maybe sun cho and southern england as well. maybe the sea breezes coming in will make the showers fall. but because of that the showers will be slow—moving in nature and could be very happy as well. 20 mm of rain falling in a space of an hour. good news for the gardens. the disease and localised flooding issues. on into the weekend. —— we could see
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some localised flooding. we find ourselves with pressure building and temperatures building. as we go through the weekend, we will probably see temperatures peaking at around 30 degrees across parts of southeast england during the course of sunday. that is her latest weather. —— your latest weather. the headlines: croatia are in the world cup final. they've beaten england 2—1 in a thrilling game in moscow. initial euphoria turning to desert —— bitter disappointment across the uk as england couldn't keep up with the energy of croatia. donald trump says allies must increase spending on defence. we are protecting germany, france, protecting everybody and yet we are paying a lot of money to protect. i think it is very unfair to our country, very unfairto our is very unfair to our country, very unfair to our taxpayer. the 12 boys rescued from a cave in
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thailand are in good spirits as they recover in an isolation room in hospital. new pictures show the difficulty of the operation to rescue the bodies and their coach from the case. it was revealed they


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