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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  July 13, 2018 1:45am-2:01am BST

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this is sport today live from the bbc sports centre. no stopping serena williams, who is still on course for an eighth wimbledon title after reaching the final. kerber will be waiting for her after the german also made it through in straight. —— straight sets. and record—breaking kuldeep yadav enjoys a six—wicket haul as india thrash england in the first one—dayer. let's start at wimbledon, where serena williams remains on course for a record—equalling 24th grand slam singles title. she will face angelique kerber in a rerun of the 2016 final, after they both came through their semis on thursday. from the all—england club, john watson reports. let us just stop and marvel at the achievements of serena williams, who booked a place in a 10th wimbledon
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final, hugely impressive when you consider this is the fourth tournament back since the birth of her child and the health complications which followed. she came through in straight sets against gorges germany and she will 110w against gorges germany and she will now play kerber in saturday's final after she came through against 0stapenko. with all the details, here is austen halewood. with the top ten long gone, serena williams continues to be the pillar of consistency and women's tennis, and although it is only her 13th match back since the birth of her child, her best game looks to be back with her, gorges broken in the first set. and that proved to be the breaking point, williams taking the opener in just 33 minutes. after a run of five first—round exits at wimbledon, reaching a maiden grand slam semi—final is some achievement by gorges, but like so many before her, serena was a step too far, williams
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co nsta ntly serena was a step too far, williams constantly forcing the german back, too powerful and ultimately to good. and, despite a late rally, serena came through in straight sets. the queen of centre court will be back for a 10th wimbledon final.m queen of centre court will be back for a 10th wimbledon final. it is crazy. i don't even know how to feel, you know, because i literally did not expect to do this well in my fourth tournament back in 16 months. soi fourth tournament back in 16 months. so ijust fourth tournament back in 16 months. so i just feel like when fourth tournament back in 16 months. so ijust feel like when i don't have anything to lose, ijust played so have anything to lose, ijust played so free, and that is kind of what i am doing. first on centre, 0stapenko came out firing. but her power game came out firing. but her power game came unstuck against the calm head of kerber. a break was all the german needed to take the opening set. into the second, 0stapenko didn't hold back. but it was her own u nforced didn't hold back. but it was her own unforced errors that cost her, 36 of them in the match, and with kerber‘s touch often too good, she eventually sealed it. the german's defends
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resilient as 0stapenko blew out. 2017 is all right, i feel good about that, and the 20181 am really happy and proud to be back in a grand slam final. this is the match i was working, as a young kid, and to stay here as the final at wimbledon, it is great. kerber through to her second wimbledon final, the player that ito last time, serena williams. —— beat her last time. so all eyes on day 11 of these championships, notable for the fact there is no roger federer, of course, who was looking to extend his record to nine wimbledon titles. as we saw in the quarterfinals, that was ended by kevin anderson. he will now face john isner of the united states, so one of those two could really cement their reputation here at these wimbledon championships. and the
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other semi—final is rafael nadal against novak djokovic, two other former champions. whoever comes through that contest, you will fancy their chances of lifting another wimbledon title were they to reach sunday's final. thursday was the first of two rest days at the world cup, before the tournament resumes on saturday with the play—off for third place between england and belgium. that will be followed by the final on sunday, with france playing croatia. for the french, it is a second major final in three years, and they are desperate to make up for losing the final of euro 2016 on home soil. translation: i really hope not to lose this final, and to have a good holiday afterwards. because my holidays after the euro 2016 final we re holidays after the euro 2016 final were not good at all. i still have not fully digested it. now i know the taste of a defeat in a final,
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and it is not good. it is very bitter. we will not approach this final the same way we did in the euros. translation: there is some fatigue or for sure, after two games played with extra time periods. i think that they are tired, but when you play a final, you don't really think about that. in just one you play a final, you don't really think about that. injust one game, everybody thinks that they can be a world cup champion. even with the fatigue, i think they will respond well. they will be there, they will continue to run as they do in every one of their games. away from the world cup, riyad mahrez has been speaking to the media for the first time since signing the manchester city. he was paid a club record $80 million, and riyad mahrez says he wanted to leave leicester and play under guardiola because he dreams of winning the champions league. he was close to completing a deadline day move to manchester city in january,
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completing a deadline day move to manchester city injanuary, but completing a deadline day move to manchester city in january, but the deal fell manchester city in january, but the dealfell through at manchester city in january, but the deal fell through at the last minute. my my destiny. it happened like this. ifi my destiny. it happened like this. if i moved tomorrow, maybe i wouldn't be happy. now, i am very happy to have moved to manchester city, and it is the most important. i don't want to talk about the past too much. now i'm here, and that is the most important. staying with football, david beckham has been presenting plans for a new 28,000—seater football stadium at a council meeting in miami city. the former england captain, who spent five years with la galaxy, is hoping the plans will be given the go—ahead, with the club set to launch in 2020. but there is plenty of opposition, because the stadium is due to be built on the site of a public golf course. a final decision is expected in november. the reason why we are bringing
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football, soccer, to this great city is because we believe in you guys. we believe in these young kids who are we believe in these young kids who a re interested we believe in these young kids who are interested in coming to a stadium, supporting our team, supporting your team. today is an important day, and today is a day that we can enjoy. so thank you very much, and enjoy the rest of the party. we are excited to actually present our dreams, and hopefully people really support us and get behind, you know, the dreams that we are going to present today. in cycling, ireland's dan martin won thursday's sixth stage of the tour de france. the team emirates rider attacked more than a kilometre from the end of the stage at mur—de—bretagne, and raced clear to claim the second stage victory of his career. belgium's greg van avermaet of bmc has retained the leader's yellow jersey for a fourth day. but his nearest challenger is team sky's geraint thomas, who has moved up to second overall, three seconds off the lead. the defending champion, chris froome, is 14th. england's cricketers
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began their one—day series against india with a heavy eight—wicket defeat at trent bridge. england batted first after the tourists won the toss and were bowled out for 268. with one ball of the innings to go, jos buttler and ben stokes made half centuries. in reply, sharma hit 137. the man of the match was kuldeep yadav, who took 6— 25. the best ever figures by a left—arm spinner in any 0di. i think the wicket was not too bad, and with ten hours, 75 plus, and we we re and with ten hours, 75 plus, and we were hoping for the wicket, and that
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the same time i was looking for the wicket, and luckily i got three wickets in two overs which really change the momentum for us. and yes, iam change the momentum for us. and yes, i am enjoying english conditions now, and perfect for any spinners with the ball. golf, and luke list of the usa leads after the first round of the scottish 0pen, at gullane, near edinburgh. it is the final event before next week's open championship at carnoustie. list, who has never won on the european or pga tours, fired in nine birdies on his way to a seven—under—par round of 63. he is one shot clear of a group of five players which includes his fellow american rickie fowler. the world number seven is bidding to regain the scottish open title he won three years ago. meanwhile scotland's russell knox, who is aiming for back—to—back tour wins after his victory at the irish 0pen last week, is three shots off the lead, at four—under—par. that is all you a sport for now. we
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will keep you updated. stay with us. hello there. it's hotting up as we head on into the weekend, particularly across central, southern parts of the country. but there will be a few heavy showers and maybe thunderstorms in the forecast for the next couple of days. thursday was a fine day for many of us, lovely sunsets around, but it wasn't dry everywhere. we did see some heavy showers across western england and into parts of wales, even some reports of local flooding in just one or two places. now, these showers are likely to linger on to the first part of friday across some western areas. a bit of cloud tending to roll back in across eastern areas, but for most, it's going to be a dry and quite a warm start to friday, with towns and city values not falling any lower than 10—15 degrees. so friday, we start on a largely dry note. variable amounts of morning cloud,
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that should burn away, and we should see quite a good deal of sunshine around. but showers will develop once again, and we're thinking they could be a bit heavier, a bit more potent on friday afternoon. in a line again across some western parts of scotland, western parts of england, central, eastern wales, and also this time the midlands, in towards southern parts of england. so if you catch one, it could be really torrential, with the risk of some localised flooding. but again, hit—and—miss, some areas staying dry altogether, and it's going to be quite warm, top temperatures 26, maybe 27 celsius. this is the picture into saturday, then. we've got more cloud, more of a breeze pushing into northern ireland, northern and western parts of scotland, maybe some outbreaks of rain here too. but the further south and east that you are, generally drier, with more in the way of sunshine. just an isolated shower, but warmer — 28 or 29 degrees, potentially, across the south—east. the reason for the divide is this area of low pressure anchored to the north—west of the uk
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will bring more of a breeze and outbreaks of rain to the north—west of the country. but further south—east, closer to an area of high pressure over the near continent, we'll be swooping up that warmth, particularly in towards england and wales. could see warmth reaching eastern scotland, as well, but generally it's going to be cloudier for the west of scotland and into northern ireland, the odd spot of rain. england and wales, a hot and a sunny day. you can see those deep orange colours pushing away even a little bit further northwards. so a hot afternoon, actually, mid—to—high 20s celsius for many, with some areas in the south—east seeing 30 or 31 celsius. so for the weekend, it's looking hot, certainly across england and wales, parts of eastern scotland. a few showers around, mainly on saturday, but always a bit cooler and damp and breezy in the north—west, with the odd spot of rain. as we head on in towards next week, though, we start off on a hot note, but then temperatures as the week wears on begin to fall and return to more of a seasonal average. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe.
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my name is nkem ifejika. our top stories: pomp and pageantry, but not a full state visit. pomp and pageantry, but not a full state visit. president trump gets the red carpet treatrmet on his first official trip to the uk, including a black—tie dinner hosted by theresa may. but it's straight down to business and donald trump warns the britsh pm her brexit plans make a trade deal with america less likely. as protestors follow his tour, demonstrators accuse the us president of being a racist and a mysoginist, but mr trump said he wasn't too bothered. protests, there might be protests, but i believe the people in the uk, scotland, ireland, ithink but i believe the people in the uk, scotland, ireland, i think that those people, they like me a lot.
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