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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 16, 2018 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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and everybody in paris. we hope that this team can change the mentality of the country. but i think they can because, yesterday, white people, black people, orange people were together. so, er, maybe it's possible. why not? team coach didier deschamps, who played in france's world cup win two decades ago, was honoured in moscow last night with a song and a bath of champagne. back home, they did things differently, a metro station that once began champs—elysees temporarily changed to honour his name. tonight, at the elysee palace, the team were hosted by their most famous fan. just kids themselves when france last won this trophy, it was only right to pass the moment on. translation: thank you again to the whole of france. i hope we made you tremble, i hope we made you jump. they say a world cup win means popularity, for players and presidents alike, and among the names history here will remember are those of its young men in blue. # we are the champions #.
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lucy williamson, bbc news, paris. newsnight is coming up on bbc two. here's kirsty. is theresa may in that the parel after the brexit upset in poland tonight. we will have the latest, and donald trump appears to have more faith in president putin than the american secret service, can it be true? here on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm hugh woozencroft. your headlines tonight: france fans paint the town red, white and blue as their victorious world cup heroes arrive back in paris. cristiano ronaldo marks out his plans for the future as the world's best player seals his move tojuventus. it will be tough, i know that, very
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difficult, the league is very tough but i will be ready. is england's tommy fleetwood ready for an assault on the open? we'll hear his thoughts ahead of this year's edition at carnoustie. hello and welcome to sportsday. good evening. "allez les bleus" is the cry once again in paris, as 20 years on from their first triumph, france get the chance to celebrate world cup success. the players took the trophy on an open top bus parade along the champs elysees where they were met by hundreds of thousands of elated fans hoping for a glimpse of their latest idols. our correspondent hugh schofield was amongst the crowd. that is arora from the guts of
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france. there must be half a million or more on the champs elysees, a crowd i have never seen, more than welcomed general de gaulle at the end of the second world war and here we are, the victors of the world cup. air horns and cheering. have you ever heard such a noise? the crowd has gone crazy, they have been waiting here for two or three hours, it's very hot and then out of the smoke like something out of gotterdammerung, a bus appeared carrying their champions, paul pogba, lloris, mbappe, didier deschamps, along this most beautiful
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of avenues, down to the elysee palace where they will be greeted by president macron. and overhead flights the fly past which set off this amazing occasion so which set off this amazing occasion so beautifully. there we are, another extraordinary occasion to round off... singing. a little more sedate at the presidential palace where president macron and wife bridgette greeted the players. the squad are set to be awarded the legion of honour, france's highest distinction of merit, for their services to the country. there was also a warm welcome in zagreb earlier, as beaten finallists croatia retrurned home. no shiny trophy to hold aloft but no less pride in a nation of just over four million people. it's the first time they've made it to a world cup final and they're the second smallest nation in terms of population to make it that far.
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meanwhile the england team might not be getting a bus parade for their fourth—place finish, but former england player leon osman says gareth southgate‘s side have transformed the relationship the english public have with their national side. football is all about following your team, doing it with pride, being excited to watch your team play and over the past four years or so, maybe longer, english fans have taken to following club teams more than the national side and that has been a shame but thanks to the england squad, expectations were low going into this tournament and you might call it a pr stunt, now we have exited this tournament, they will follow the english team with more attention over the next seasons. one of football's modern superstars, cristiano ronaldo, has been officially announced
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as a juventus player after a £99 million move from real madrid. the five—time ballon d'or winner says he wants to help his new club win the champions league for the first time in two decades. jo currie was there for his entrance in turin. over 200 of the media turned out today to welcome cristiano ronaldo tojuventus. there were over a0 camera crews from across the world, and there were fans outside just waiting to get a glimpse of their new talisman. even ronaldo‘s mum turned up to hear what he had to say. he was here for 20 minutes answering questions in a host of different languages. he seemed relaxed and happy, he was laughing and joking with the media and one question he was asked was after ten successful years at real madrid, what's it like starting here again? i feel great. for ifeel great. for me, it's another challenge. i love challenges. it will be tough, i know that, the
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league is very tough but i will be ready. duvet is ready, i will be ready, i will be there. the age is not important. i feel good, ready, i will be there. the age is not important. ifeel good, ifeel motivated, excited, so i will try to do my best like always and i'm looking forward to starting the league will and trying to win every title. cristiano ronaldo there touching on his age. some people have questioned juventus paying almost £100 million for a player who will turn 3a at the end of next season. some say it's the deal of the century, others call it a gamble but that gamble seems to be paying off because the club have already sold over half a million ronaldo shirts which means, depending on how much people are paying, they've already recouped between £35 million and £82 million, so he's already doing the business off the pitch. can he do it on it? juventus haven't won the champions league for 23 years. ok, let's take a look at some other stories making the news today.
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anthonyjoshua will defend his three heavyweight world titles against alexander povetkin on september the 22nd at wembley stadium. joshua says "only a fool would underestimate the threat" posed by the wba's mandatory challenger. despite taking a break through pregnancy, former world champion lizzie deignan has signed for a new team — trek factory racing. she said it was great that they didn't see her pregnancy as a risk, and instead viewed her as a valued athlete. sports minister tracey crouch says the 2021 rugby league world cup is a huge opportunity to grow the sport in the uk. there will be a new £10 million of government funding to help with facilities, player recruitment and community projects. england batsman alastair cook appears to be playing himself into form ahead of the test series against india, scoring an unbeaten century on the opening day of the england lions tour match with india a.
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it's not the strongest of bowling line—ups but cook plundered 154 not out at worcester, supported by half centuries from nick gubbins and fellow test batsman dawid malan. always nice to score runs, i spoke to said about playing this game because we haven't had much cricket in terms of the rubble stuff, so they would rather have a look at someone younger they would rather have a look at someone younger but i needed a chance to play a bit of red ball cricket. the open championship is three days away and players are already at carnoustie practising ahead of the third major of the year. tommy fleetwood is expected to be right up there after finishing second at last month's us open. stuart pollitt caught up with him earlier. tommy fleetwood is getting closer. that first major title could be about to drop. expectations are up. i do not feel any pressure from being up there. it is what it is but it's nice to
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have that expectation, it shows you're doing something right. he's doing plenty right. tommy's in the world's top ten, reigning european tour number one and runner—up in the last major last month's us open. it is the best of the brits. not in world ranking terms. that'sjustin rose. tommy is on form. he has got a good approach. he takes the rough with the smooth. he is the kind of guy who will not let it get him down. i am not as calm as i look, i do not think. i am actually quite a calm person. i am surrounded by friends. those friends including caddie ian finnis and putting coach phil kenyon, part of his merseyside based team. we are checking the wingspan. ian is massive and he said look at my wingspan so it was about saying he is more clumsy than we are.
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the technical test will come from carnoustie. with somebody kindly go and stop him, give him a large brandy and sit him, give him a large brandy and sit him down. capable of frustrating event the finest players. the course is really firm. you have to have a strategy, i think. overall, i feel good. i always like coming to the open. as the course record holder at carnoustie, this could well be tommy's year. best of luck to him. plenty more open build—up on the website, that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be
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bringing us tomorrow. with me are lucy fisher, the senior political correspondent for the times and author and journalist rachel shabi. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. the daily telegraph says eurosceptics claim theresa may will have to rethink her brexit blueprint after caving in to their demands. the metro also leads with the prime minister being accused of caving in to hardline brexiteers and putting her chequers plan at risk of collapse after a series of u—turns. according to the i, the parliamentary recess will be brought forward in attempt to thwart leadership plot to oust the prime minister. the financial times leads with president trump refusing to condemn russian state interference in the 2016 election
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identified by us intelligence services. the guardian carries the same story, with donald trump being condemned as treasonous in some quarters, for siding with the kremlin over his own government agencies. the daily mirror says donald trump was branded a traitor after siding with vladimir putin over claims he influenced the us election. and the daily express says that millions of britons are facing the most widespread hosepipe ban in six years. so, the front pages dominated by two main stories, so let's start with the metro, and brexit. an arresting headline, the wreckers of checkers, referring to the brexiteers who forced amendments to the brexit bill in the commons tonight. when we woke
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up in the commons tonight. when we woke up it was the brexiteers who were furious, they'd tabled these amendments to the customs built hoping to put pressure on theresa may. it was never the case that she would hold or be defeated but it would hold or be defeated but it would be a show of strength for the brexiteers, but instead downing street had to accept those amendments and tonight the remainers have been furious and voted against the government on this bill, leading toa the government on this bill, leading to a defence minister. apparently it's nine ministers or ministerial aides since the checkers deal, so in the last nine days that's pretty serious and it looks like a government teetering from one crisis to the next and for a lot of people it is bewildering to see her cave to
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the demands from a group inside her own party, the hard remainers who don't have a constituency in parliament over all to get what they wa nt parliament over all to get what they want and cannot seem to reconcile with that, and in the end brexit will be some compromise that nobody wants but will be agreed because it isa wants but will be agreed because it is a compromise, it has to be, so seeing the prime minister cup pitted it to this group when it looked like she was facing them down, evenjust a few days ago, you can see why mps inside her own party are infuriated. is that you're reading of it as well, that she has caved? she has capitalism, she accepted that for amendment laid


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