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it is affecting her five—month sun. it feels a little bit like a hangover in handcuffs. i've had ankle injuries and knee injuries, i can still go for dinner. i can still get a coffee. you can still drive home for the weekend but this, you can't. it takes over your whole life. there have been times where i've been looking down at a dot and there's no light at the end. it's relentless and there have been times where i have thought, will i get back to having a normal life? and then get back to playing normal hockey. if six months down the line am not clear of it, i need to make a decision as to what i have to do.“ her career is to get back on track, it will be down to her treatment with a big focus on concussion specific work, such as eye tracking and balance exercises. you get headaches related to tasks challenging your movements and rotation movements, she is fine doing cardiovascular work but as sooi'i as you
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doing cardiovascular work but as soon as you challenge her in more of a chaotic environment, tracking the ball for example, that is where it is getting more difficult. masks we re is getting more difficult. masks were introduced in 2015 to protect players on corners, but no headgear is one for the rest of the game but with the world cup days away, experts are focusing more on awareness as they say that ultimately, there is no way to protect against concussion. there are undoubtably will be some concussion that goes on during the games, and it is making sure that they are treated appropriately. we have just had the football world cup and there was at least one high profile incident where the protocols we re profile incident where the protocols were ignored. it is shocking that on the biggest stage of all it is allowed to happen without being challenged. hockey is trying to improve and look after things and thatis improve and look after things and that is great but is enough being done to get the message down to the grassroots level? no sport can afford to be complacent in that task. so, lots of questions for
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hockey going forward but, when the world cup starts here on saturday, we will all be hoping that it is not the spectre of concussion but the spectacle of hockey grabbing the headlines. wishing her a speedy recovery as well. that's all from sportsday today but more throughout the evening. goodbye for now. eight people who confronted the london bridge attackers, or helped on the night of the attack, are being recognised for their bravery with a royal medal. a baker who threw bread crates at the attackers, and a banker who died while confronting them, are among 20 people included on this year's civilian gallantry list — which rewards "outstanding bravery". caroline davies has more. a summer's evening turned to one of terror. lastjune three attackers armed
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with knives drove a van into pedestrians on london bridge before launching an attack. eight people were killed, but the number could have been higher if it hadn't been for the bravery of those who stayed to help. one of the first on the scene was pc wayne marks, a police officer with the british transport police. he was severely injured trying to fend off the attackers with only his baton. bravery was the furthest thing from my mind. what was going through my mind was that people were hurt and dying. the only thing that was going through my head and basicallyjust hold on until the cavalry arrived. and back—up did come. pc leon mcleod, and off duty police officer, charles guenigault. autopilot kicks in, and you just do what you think you need to do and that's what it was. i wasn't really thinking too much ahead or even what i was doing, it was just kind of an automatic reaction really. when i wake up, i see the scars
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on my face, on my body, and i know what i did. i know how i came through it. there's no point in trying to hide away from it, you just have to accept it and hopefully it changes you for the better. all three have been recognised by the queen for their bravery, included on this year's civilians gallantry list. also listed are the two people who helped save charles' life. ellen gauntlet and her boyfriend justin jones. even when the gunshots were going off, they stayed and took me to hospital, stayed with me in hospital until they basically knew that i was going to get through it really and i cannot thank them enough. the romanian baker, florin morariu, who threw two bread crates at the terrorists and shouted passers by trying to escape was also recognised. not all who showed bravery survived that night. ignacio echeverria, a spanish banker, was killed trying to defend a woman using his skateboard. 0n the anniversary of the attack, ignacio's father spoke about his son's courage.
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translation: i think ignacio did what he had to do. i didn't expect anything less. his son and australian nurse kirsty boden, who was killed as she tried to save someone's life, were also given awards. the scars of that night have still not faded. but after a difficult year, the awards are recognition of the fearlessness shown that evening. i couldn't not do anything. and it's the same that goes for many of my colleagues that night and many of the people there. you know, you see people in danger and it's just the will to do something. caroline davis, bbc news. the race is on to develop the first flying car: aston martin has a prototype in development,
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and now a company called kitty hawk, which is owned by the founder of google larry page, has developed a version. it's taking pre—orders for its model — and our north america techonology reporter dave lee has been to see one in las vegas. so here it is, the kitty hawk flyer. i'm sitting in it right now. it's very very simple in here, just two controls — one for altitude, one for the direction of where this thing can go. around me you'll see there are ten propellers, ten motors that keep this thing in the air. essentially, i guess you could say it's just basically a big drone that a human being can fit in. right now, they limit the speed, to around six miles an hour. the battery life will keep it going for around 20 minutes. all of that will improve in time, they certainly make it go faster right now, butjust to be cautious they are keeping it around six miles an hour.
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in terms of when you can get one of these, the company is taking preorders right now. they won't tell us exactly how much it's going to cost, but they say it's going to be comparable to a high end electric car, so the tens of thousands of dollars, i guess you could say. but what we're sitting in, many people think is a glimpse of the future. they say their goal is to eliminate traffic, and that's a goal i think many of us can get behind. whether it will be in one of these, that remains to be seen, but it's certainly aer have very interesting and futuristic concept. now it's time for a look at the weather with ben rich. good evening. anotherfine day for many of us but cloud has slowly but surely been increasing across north—western areas. that is a sign ofa north—western areas. that is a sign of a change, a temporary one but he changed nonetheless. rain moving in
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western scotland and northern ireland overnight. some will be on the heavy side, further south and east it is dry with clear spells especially in the south—eastern corner where it will be warm and muggy. into tomorrow, this band of rain in scotland and northern ireland, sinking into parts of northern england and wales. touches of rain in the south—west and further south—east, more in the way of sunshine through the day. scattered showers and thunderstorms breaking out in the afternoon. hit and miss but some of these could be pretty heavy. temperatures in the southeast 27 degrees cooler where we have more cloud in scotland and northern ireland. temperatures on the rise at the weekend, more dry weather but more cloud towards the north—west. you're watching beyond 100 days. 0ne meeting with vladimir putin was not enough. president trump says he is looking forward to a second one. for the russian leader that may be good news — he says several agreements were reached in helsinki. the problem is american officials don't know what they are. financier bill browder
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was mentioned in helsinki as someone mr putin wants to question. the white house has just said they won't accept that. we'll speak to mr browder on the programme. meanwhile mr trump's head of homeland security says russia is a threat to all 50 american states and the us should expect them to interfere in this year's election. also on the programme. the uk's new brexit secretary meets his opposite number in brussels, on the day the commission warns businesses in europe to prepare for "no deal". and...
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