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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  July 24, 2018 5:45am-6:00am BST

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for one lucky canine. border collie, sylar has been bought his own $500,000 house in an upmarket suburb of beijing equipped with an indoor swimming pool and two acre obstacle course. the gift comes as a thank you from his owner zhou tianxiao after youtube videos of sylar helped him launch a sucessful online dogfood and dogtoy business. a child lives indeed. —— a charmed life. so let's begin. with me is andrew tuck who's editor of monocle, a global news and business magazine. we start with the story about north korea in newsweek. getting people will now change their tone and said donald trump was right to have that summit with kimjong—un, and this proves that? i don't think we should think of this as a negative development. it is a positive story and within the region it has been taken as a great sign. the japanese are happier. it is nine months since any rockets were fired in their direction. there was discussion in
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the south as this was going on. and you see easing of tension along the border. the south koreans have announced that they will take us about troop sites along the demilitarised border. so there is a good positive story coming out of this. although as i understand this is from satellite images. this is how they have reached his conclusion that this test centre is being dismantled. the difficulty remains of not having independent monitors and investigators being allowed into actually see this on the ground. yes. the only benefit to the north is it the us takes down sanctions, is it the us takes down sanctions, is as it is passed back into world trade, and that is not happening. even at the weekend, the trump administration were saying we must be very careful of all the ways that the north koreans get around sanctions, tested, and make sure this is not happening. so at the moment we have to wait and see what
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is happening. but at the moment it looks like donald trump may be somehow managing to break the logjam here of diplomacy. let us stay with the donald trump theme as is often the donald trump theme as is often the case in the agenda. the new york times saying there is this internal wrangling within the republican party, defenders of donald trump who, at these in our eyes can do no wrong. but now they are are willing to speak out about their own party's president because they believe that the national interest trumps their loyalty. especially after the helsinki meeting between donald trump vladimir putin, it felt like he had played it wrong for the domestic audience. he seemed a little weak, little compliant. and especially with questions in
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washington about collusion. it had not look good. so for many republicans this is the first time that they are standing up. they are saying it is not right that he should have stood up to but it didn't. but weakly that those critics are being sidelined. because supporters of donald trump have rallied around and, as you said, the news agenda moves so rallied around and, as you said, the news agenda moves so fast that that almost seems like an old story. and at the weekend, we have a story about carter page you had been on donald trump's campaign group, and this news that he had been investigated as potentially collaborating with a foreign power. —— page. donald trump it is evidence that the fbi had been working against them around the election and there was some collusion with the clinton administration, with hillary clinton. but that does not seem to be true. the dates do not seem to match up. but he has managed to move the story on yet again, make and sell the victim, and make it seemed
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that his supporters are being attacked in some way.” that his supporters are being attacked in some way. i suppose the real test comes in the mid—term elections and, if his party does well, he will be in an even stronger position to say to those critics, you know, all this sniping, it is not shown to be justified at the ballot box. if that power decreases oi’ ballot box. if that power decreases or they lose seats, his crease will have more ammunition. when you think that nine months ago it did not seem to be going so well, and now he has these foreign successes against countries like china, where he is used to be strong, but nobody really knows how those midterms will go. anyone who is betting on him losing badly should be cautious. there is bound to be some correction. the
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size of aggression does not seem to be as it is going to be as large as was anticipated. these core supporters of his remain convinced that any criticism is fake news, and they believe his narrative and invested in his success. let us go to the japan times. it is not as japan go through the heat wave that is affecting countries in europe, asia, africa, but this is causing the problems. people are dying because of the heat, they are. an all—time high of iii, over 41 celsius. japan, like many countries as having a very hot summer. this record figures in impacting city people, many older people, and they are finding it impossible to deal with, and it is causing gas. looking across europe, there are the same concerns. it is in good although you look at countries like sweden having to pull in countries from france,
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asking for help from countries and poland, to tackle its wildfires. we see overnight this story about 20 people being killed in greece. the europe it is a difficult moment. and tojapan, europe it is a difficult moment. and to japan, too. because of the end, there is a leading do other than hope that you can get through these moments and get to cooler weather. of course, when you have the heatwaves be sustained high temperatures, it provokes debate of climate change again, and the question about whether this is just an aberration and 80 one year, or this is said the matter of longer—term change. this is said the matter of longer-term change. we have hot summers in the uk, people are kind of enjoying it, so they are not alive and they are not impacted with health or anything like that. when they can sit at the beach or in a garden, it is a good positive story. soi garden, it is a good positive story.
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so i don't know how much it pushes public opinion at the moment, i guess. and coming back to japan to me here is a country where they are also used to trying to get through the heat. they have this attitude where you go to work in short sleeves and i do not be air—conditioning and try to cope with the heat, and you worry that in many instances here many people have been tried to get through without turning on the agon. have you had a chance to enjoy the heat wave? certainly. although last night tried to sleep early... —— page. certainly. although last night tried to sleep early... -- page. you are preaching to the choir. —— trying to sleep early. —— aircon. this story in the financial times is almost saying to donald trump, effectively, look, do you like, we have our own leaders and mechanisms that we can to protect against harris and the harm and the impact that he once you
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have there. —— against tariffs. growth is slowing. not a huge amount, but it is slowing. the domestic economy is taking a hit. partly from the sanctions from donald trump, his attempts to change the nature of trade between the two countries, that is definitely having an impact. here is the chinese saying we have way to deal with us for now. but long—term, it looks much more complicated, that there does seem to be a narrative coming out that perhaps they will have to be more discussion and some movement on the side of the chinese. the other thing is that donald trump has hated the fact that the chinese currency is devalued in his belief ina way currency is devalued in his belief in a way that makes chinese exports to america supercheap. but actually the currency is taking he began so it is going down even further, making those exports even cheaper to america. andrew, we're almost at a
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time, but we have commissioned this cash injection about this lucky dog in beijing. here is a border collie to guesstimate in his own house in china. an extraordinary story, and internet start of that helped his own site a dogfood company. but it is about the changing nature of life in china. even the changing nature of relationships with animals. here we have a dog star. and it means that people like their pets a bit more, it is good to me. we will have two paws there. i am sorry. stay with us here on bbc news. —— to paws. hello. monday was the hottest day of the
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year so far. we had temperatures as high as 33.3dc. those that reconsiders temperatures up to sa high as 33.3dc. those that reconsiders temperatures up to 3a or 35 degrees. this temperatures will build certainly over the next few days. 0r build certainly over the next few days. or choose there we are then still drawing in this warm mass of air. but the north—west in the british isles, we have weather fronts moving in with some cold fronts. so there will be introducing fresh and conditions, particularly discovered in northern ireland on tuesday. here is the weak front. it isa tuesday. here is the weak front. it is a band of cloud producing a few spots of cloud and rain across parts of england and wales. hot and humid to the south—east, fresher to the north—west. lots of sunshine in the northern isles, particularly in western scotland. temperatures in glasgow and belfast about 20 and 21
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degrees in the sunshine. bailey tardy and parts of northern england, wales, with most places drain the south—east, just a small risk of an isolated shower, and temperatures once again getting to 30 degrees or even higher on tuesday afternoon. into the evening hours, it is looking dry across the country. tuesday night into wednesday morning, still hot and humid in the south and the east, so temperatures here holding up in the mid—teens. so the fresher north—west. ii or 12 degrees the overnight lows in scotla nd degrees the overnight lows in scotland and northern ireland as well. into wednesday, a similar day again. lots of dry weather. they case of deja vu with the forecast at the moment. just the odd shower and cloud in the far north twice. perhaps the chance of an isolated shower cropping uppercrust eastern england. —— cropping up across. looking ahead into thursday, we will see the maxi low pressure trying to
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approach from the west, bumping into high—pressure sitting entities. we could see some change in air mass. that hot air with us at the moment could get this way towards these and so could get this way towards these and so the cold conditions are likely to move on. so a fresh filter the weather, i think. move on. so a fresh filter the weather, ithink. across move on. so a fresh filter the weather, i think. across england in particular we will hold onto that heat attic into the middle of the week. temperatures you were just noticed i think to give down a little into the weekend. further north and west across the country, although many places will be dry, there will be showers and it will pull down a touch into the weekend. goodbye. good morning. welcome to breakfast, with dan walker and louise minchin. 0ur headlines today: at least 20 people have died as huge wildfires rage across greece. a state of emergency has been declared. the troubled generation. a big increase in the number of children being given anti—depressants. satellite images appear to show north korea has begun dismantling a key ballistic missile site. the hottest day of the year so far
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with the mercury hitting 33.3. today in the south and east, another hot and humid one. in the north—west, something fresher with some showers. i'll have more in 15 minutes. good morning.
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