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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  July 25, 2018 1:45am-2:01am BST

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drama at the tour de france but protesters, hay bales and tear gas couldn't stop geraint thomas from keeping the yellow jersey tokyo insists it will use the latest in technology to combat the heat if conditions are too hot in the japanese capital for the 2020 olympics. and austrian dominic thiem returns from injury winning his first match at the german open. hello and welcome to the programme where it's been a rather eventful day at the tour de france. several riders had to receive treatment for tear gas after police attempted to clear protesters who'd used hay bales to cause an obstruction along tuesday's route. among those affected, team sky's overall leader geraint thomas — who holds on to the yellowjersey. tom fordyce and rob hales were watching. security has been such a big concern
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at this tour de france after an incident saw one rider put out of the waste but what we saw earlier on stage 16 was both familiar because we have seen strikes and protests from farmers down the years but also different. of all the thing that geraint thomas would have expected to impede his yellowjersey, he would not have expected pepper spray. they came out on the bus and we re spray. they came out on the bus and were not have expected this. it's nothing new in terms of the farmers, they use the biggest sporting event in our country and that is this would france. fortunately, it was all sorted in the end. they neutralise the race and they were able to continue. geraint thomas made it safely down a treacherous descent, claiming the hopes of
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england's had yates was contending for a stage but it's about staying safe. completely safe. it was all about the final climb and that descent that he took himself out of the potential for a stage win descent that he took himself out of the potentialfor a stage win in descent that he took himself out of the potential for a stage win in the final few kilometres and as it stood, the entire top ten, nothing changes. no change whatsoever. so here is the general classification — not much change there. all the main rivals for the title keeping each other in sight in the peleton. geraint thomas remains 1 minute 39 seconds ahead of his teamate chris froome while phillipe gilbert who crashed on tuesday has abandoned the race due to a broken kneecap he suffered from the fall. barcelona have signed brazilian winger malcom on a 48 million dollar 5—year contract. the announcement comes just a day after roma announced they were on the verge of signing him from bordeaux. at the last minute the 21 year old opted to play for the spanish champions and will have a medical on wednesday. he's yet to be capped at senior level by brazil,
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but scored 20 goals in 84 ligue un games. emre can has told the bbc that he's excited about the project atjuventus as he gets ready to start his first season with the italian champions. the german international left liverpool, after four years and along with another new signing in cristiano ronaldo is not only trying to make it eight consecutive serie a titles, but also wants to win the champions league for the turin club for the first time since 1996 as he told simon stone. i think ithinki i think i have a lot of options to join, many teams are there, england 01’ join, many teams are there, england or italy, but i want to come to juventus because they tried so many times and they wanted me and they did a lot of good talks with my
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agent, myself. and it was very interesting, the project. now you can see it, there are a lot of good players. cristiano ronaldo is coming, andi players. cristiano ronaldo is coming, and i think the project, it is big. did anybody mention when you we re is big. did anybody mention when you were talking to them that renaldo might be coming in?” were talking to them that renaldo might be coming in? i didn't know that, no. and what did you think when there were a lot of rumours first and then he signed. what did you think when you saw that? it's amazing to play for such a big player. everybody can learn a lot from him and he is the best player may be in the world. i think i will catch a lot for him. i am just trying to learn a lot of good things from him. milan are on their pre season in the united states,
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preparing for a game against manchester united. much speculation surrounds the future of defender leonardo bonnucci, who looks to be heading back to juventus just a year after signing for milan. coach gennaro gattuso says it's out of his hands. translation: i hope he stays with us, he is a player of great talent and great work ethic. he is with us as long as he wears the milan shirt andi as long as he wears the milan shirt and i will be dealing with him. if he has to leave, that is something to do with the senior management. we're now two years away from the start of the tokyo olympics and with the country experiencing a dangerous heatwave, officials insists they will use the latest technology to combat the summer sun during the games. as the mascots and organisers celebrated the milestone, tokyo governor yuriko koike said they'd look at changing event times, water spraying technology and heat blocking surfaces to make life safer for athletes and specatators. tokyo 2020 officials also say the swimming and rowing venues will be ready, despite being two months behind schedule. climbing is one of four sports that will make its debut
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at the games. one of the world's most successful professional climbers is shauna coxsey and she'll be hoping to bring home a medal from tokyo for great britain — our reporter tim hague has been to meet her. all roads lead to tokyo in 2020. can great britain scale the heights of success great britain scale the heights of success again? there is no doubt they will have a chance in climbing. it's one of five new sports introduced the next olympics and is aimed at bringing the games to a younger audience. aimed at bringing the games to a youngeraudience. britain's aimed at bringing the games to a younger audience. britain's best is shauna coxsey and she can't wait to test herself in tokyo. i never thought i would become part of the games and might professional career. i think it should be their own i am very happy about it. you only ever competing against yourself, it's you and the wall, you are not against someone and the wall, you are not against someone else. if you don't give a performance that is not worthy of
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the gold medal, that is all you can train for. it's fair to say the sport is not for the faint of heart and during the olympics climbing will be made up of three disciplines. lead climbing, using the wall, bouldering, which is shauna coxsey‘s specialist event, and speed climbing, using the rope to get to the top as quick as you can. oh, rubbish. fortunately, these amateurs are more adept than others and sport survey has shown that climbing is the fourth fastest growing sport in terms of participation. but why? it challenges you mentally and physically and do come and say, i will smash it today and you i do hold that will just destroy you will smash it today and you i do hold that willjust destroy you and there is no reason for it and you come back but you get that determination to do it again. what do you make of it as an olympic sport? it's awesome. it's only going to make climbing improve. become more recognised and make more people join. are you going to be watching?
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100%, yes. should we all be getting oui’ 100%, yes. should we all be getting our hands dirty ahead of the olympics? it's always different and to me, that's the reason i've been so to me, that's the reason i've been so captivated and persist with the sport, there is always something new to try. it's hard to get bored doing it. iam to try. it's hard to get bored doing it. i am excited about enjoying climbing and getting people to come and explore this and might get a bit ofan and explore this and might get a bit of an ounce of the passion i had, that's really good. the message has been sent and thought —— with two yea rs been sent and thought —— with two years to tokyo: this is a sport clearly on the rise. world number 8 dominic thiem made his competitive return to tennis at the german open on tuesday. he retired from the first round of wimbledon, earlier this month, with an injury. the austrian made his first grand slam final appearance at the french open and he looked fully recovered in the first round at hamburg. he comfortably beat 19—year—old corentin moutet in straight sets 6—4 6—2 and he'll face australianjohn millman later on wednesday. france's gael monfils needed three sets to book his place
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in the second round. he took the first set 6—4 from sixth seed marco cecchinato — who made the semi—finals of the french open earlier this year. but after the italian levelled the match at1 set all, monfils came through 6—4 in the third and he'll face argentina's leonardo mayer next. in major league baseball wei—yin chen starred with both the bat and the ball as the miami marlins scored a 9—3 win over the atlanta braves on tuesday. jt realmuto hit his 13th homer of the season for miami with this 2—run effort at the bottom of the first getting them out to an early lead they'd never let go of. chen helped snapped a streak of four consecutive losses with his first career double and the taiwanese left hander provided more joy from the plate after the marlins had lost six of the eight previous meetings this year between the two. you can get all the latest sports news at our website
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— that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello. tuesday brought some significant contrast and weather conditions across the uk with the south—east having other dry sunny and hot day, top temperature of 31 degrees in suffolk but further north and west, a lot more cloud around thanks to a week whether font with low temperatures and even patchy light rain. if you look at the satellite picture, look at this world of cloud out in the atlantic, this is a significant area of low pressure which is going to reach our shores by the end of the week and bring some of us some significant rainfall. to be here and now and to the early hours of wednesday, it is
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looking largely dry across the board. one of two showers, western scotland, more of a breeze but elsewhere, dry and a warm, monte start across south and south—eastern parts of the country and into wednesday, on the whole, it's going to bea wednesday, on the whole, it's going to be a dry and bright day or much of the uk. that sunshine up in the parts of scotland, northern ireland, with just a few showers the western isles. developing in the heat of the day across east anglia. the orange colours extending further north westwards. temperatures reaching the low 20s celsius across scotland and northern ireland. high 20s for england and wales with a few locations in the south—east seeing 30 or 31 degrees. thursday, this is the peak of the heat. it will be spreading north and west, a good—looking day to most, may be an odd shower developing. more of a breeze across northern ireland and western scotland ahead of that area of low pressure as you make inroads. notice the red and orange colours very pretty widely across england
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and wales. 33, 3a, maybe 35 degrees summer and wales. 33, 3a, maybe 35 degrees summer in the south—east. the area of low pressure edges ever closer for friday, sending its weather front initially across western areas in northern ireland and western scotland, western parts of and wales. there is going to be a cluster of heavy showers and thunderstorms which will develop. some of these could be quite intense across parts of the midlands across northern and eastern england, perhaps with some hail mixed in. across the south—east, another hot one, 33, maybe 3a celsius. during friday night into the early hours of saturday, that line of thunderstorms pushes on into the north sea. a slightly cooler and fresh appeal to things. that is how the new weekend is shaping up slightly. cool and pressure right across the board. largely dry with some good spells of sunshine and temperatures a bit more co mforta ble sunshine and temperatures a bit more comfortable than where they have
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been. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: 7a people are confirmed dead in greece as wildfires rip through villages near athens. i took my baby and then towards the sea, but my wife, i didn't know what happened, i think she burned herself here. in southern laos, hundreds are missing, thousands homeless as a collapsing dam floods miles of countryside. pakistan's general election gets underway within hours, but has the army already won? and the artworks banned by facebook. belgian museums demand a rethink on the social network's nudity policy.
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