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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  July 27, 2018 5:45am-6:01am BST

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for future workplaces. finally in business insider, brand tommy hilfiger launches a line of clothing bugged with smart chip technology, which tracks how often you wear the items and rewards wearers with gifts like vouchers and concert tickets. so let's begin. with me is nina trentmann from the wall streetjournal. let's begin with the latest on brexit. it must be quite a blow for theresa may. she has been scrambling to coalesce her team around this proposal, and now it has blown out of the water within days by michel barnier. —— been blown out. of the water within days by michel barnier. -- been blown out. it is a tough one. this was a compromise which was hardfought. the white paper. now we are seeing the european union saying what it has set on previous occasions, that even though you want to, you cannot necessarily bend the rules. we have seen the eu say this before with regards to free movement of the bland goods, and now of course again
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the eu is sticking to its rules and saying, as a nonmember of the european union, you cannot in future collect customs duties for us. —— movement of people and goods. that was a proposal by the uk government to avoid a hard border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland. there was a suggestion the uk government could collect some taxes on behalf of the eu for goods that would go between northern ireland and the republic, and dominic rather, the uk brexit minister, has said that there has been innovative ways of dealing with these situations before. —— dominic raab. he has been calling on the eu to say, come on, move our way. so far michel barnier has said it is not going to happen. this will be music to the ears of the hard brexiteers who were worried that saying in any sort of customs union
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would not, if completely tie the hands of the eu —— of the uk, make it much harderfor the uk to do its own trade deals. that is one of the core points we have seen from hard brexiteers for why they should actually be a brexit, at the uk should be able to strike its own deals with countries that the eu currently doesn't have a deal with, and also with other nations. it is, i guess, further compensating matters for the government to come to some sort of agreement, because the northern ireland question is one of the prison questions that needs to be resolved is before they can be a brexit deal. —— pressing. i guess it will open up that discussion again. moving on to bloomberg, we saw, well, it seemed to be a warm embrace between president donald trump and european commission presidentjean—claude juncker in washington. it looked as though steps have been taken to wind down the recent escalation in the trade i’ow. the recent escalation in the trade row. but not quite such optimism, it seems, as far as the relationship
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between the us and china goes? yeah, the agreement that we have seen earlier this week to resolve aluminium and steel tariffs and also not to impose tariffs on auto imports from the european union has not necessarily been received well in china, because it has been interpreted as a way that the eu is now siding with the us or could be siding with the us, and that the us could now be focusing on china's industrial policies. the us trade representative said "we clearly have a chronic problem with china", which indicates this could also be a shift in view of the administration of how they are seeing chinese proposals to resolve some of the tensions that are there. because the chinese have said, well, we can buy a bit more soy beans, we can buy certain other products in order to reduce the trade deficit that the us has with china, of course, now with their
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representative, the american rappers additive, saying that they have a problem with china, that is not going to solve the problem at all. —— american representative. going to solve the problem at all. -- american representative. and the expectation that the us is going to be reporting some pretty robust economic figures later on for gdp for the most recent quarter, if that happens, i suppose president trump will say, look, my strategy of talking tough without trading partners is helping boost the domestic economy. yeah, i am sure there is going to be some sort of comment by mrtrump, there is going to be some sort of comment by mr trump, he is always commenting on economic results, especially those that are positive, highlighting that they are a sign of the success of his policies. of course, we also have to keep in mind the gdp figures refer to the past quarter. the number of us —— a number of us companies have in this week and last week highlighted concerns about tariffs and cut their
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outlook for future quarters. i guess we will see how much of that shows up we will see how much of that shows up in the numbers for next quarter. sort of a china element, —— stay in with a china element, chinese demand for luxury brands is apparently helping the french benchmark index to become the best performer of the various european markets. also, they are attributing it to france being somewhat insulated, or perhaps not as exposed, to the trade tensions as perhaps say the german dat. as exposed, to the trade tensions as perhaps say the german datw as exposed, to the trade tensions as perhaps say the german dat. it is interesting. in the past you could have argued that that was a weakness of the french economy, that manufacturing stocks were not as present as, for example, in the german dax. at the moment it helps the index perform better than its european counterparts. although of course one thing that remains to be seen is how far luxury goods are becoming part of this whole trade discussion between various trading
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nations around the world. it is also interesting to see, because we have seen a bit of a change with regards to china, because they used to be a very strong and very high import tax for luxury goods, a luxury tax for these goods, which has dented sales in china but also has then led to slower demand in france. that has been resolved to one degree —— to some degree. so we are seeing that chinese luxury buyers are buying french products again which is helping the index. let's move to the front page of the daily telegraph. teenagers, they are not working as much as they used to over the school summer holidays. the uk government trying to boost the numbers, taking a summer holiday job. trying to boost the numbers, taking a summer holidayjob. did you have a summer job? a summer holidayjob. did you have a summerjob? yes, i sold strawberries on summer. did you pick them as well? no, i set up a counter where
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they were. i was sitting in a giant strawberry. how nice! iwonder if it is like vinegar strawberry picking when you are a kid and you get to the counter to pay and use these —— and they say, have you eaten any? and you say no, and your mouth is covered in strawbridge is. you are actually allowed to eat them where i worked. we have lots of tweets about this. helen says, i always had a part—time on holidayjob from the age of 13, waitressing and in petrol stations, simply so i could buy things and build my independence. my eldest child does the same, karalee travelling in europe on the wages a part—time job. travelling in europe on the wages a part—timejob. —— travelling in europe on the wages a part—time job. —— currently. travelling in europe on the wages a part—timejob. —— currently. mike says teenagers should be working but they also face more challenges today than 20 years ago. and thomas says he was extraordinarily lucky to spend one summer as a lab assistant ata spend one summer as a lab assistant at a research facility in the rocky mountains. goodness knows where you
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went for your lunch break. i can't imagine there were many cafes around them. let's talk about this one as well. business insider. it almost seems like something from the future. tommy hilfiger hoodies with a chip to track where you are and what you are doing, and give your awards. it is an interesting... well, it is at least something we have not seen before. it is a collection of goodies and jeans and some other products that come with, as you said, a chip that is able to look at you and then, based on where you are, offer your awards and also allow you to share your experience at places where you are. which, to me, sounds a bit strange. it is. i thought, how would ifeel me, sounds a bit strange. it is. i thought, how would i feel if i was wearing a garment that was tracking me and giving me these kinds of offers, and it does feel a little bit creepy. but then, i carry my phone around with me. that is what i thought as well. and i get offers
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sent to me saying, this is the nearest coffee shop to you, go and get a free coffee. maybe it is something we have to get used to. as you said, the phone is with us all the time and we get offers based on where we are and we do use them. maybe it is just creepy because it is clothing. i suspect it is one of those things we talk about now and we think, how weird and strange, and give it a few years... i wonder how it works in the washing machine, though. that is a good point. rattling around. nina, good to have you with us. see you soon. hello. a very good morning to you. for most places i think the heatwave has reached its peak. but what a peak it was. temperatures during thursday
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got up above 35 degrees at wisley in surrey. 35 on the nose in central london. even further north in edinburgh, we were looking at temperatures of 27 degrees. however, that heat started to spark off thunderstorms, some of which will continue during friday. and then for the weekend things will feel much fresher. the fresher air lies behind these bands of cloud, atlantic frontal systems heading our way. where you see this clumpy cloud, here, well, that is where we saw some thunderstorms breaking out on thursday evening. as we start friday morning those temperatures will be pretty high. 16 in belfast and newcastle. 20 in the heart of london. still some showers and thunderstorms around, particularly eastern areas. things may be dry up for a time around the middle part of the day and then it looks like showers will return later on. 0ut west we will see cloud moving across northern ireland, western scotland, some western fringes of england and wales, a little bit of patchy rain here. but across the far east of the country another hot day. 32 in norwich. but further west something just a little cooler and fresher. now during friday night we could see some really vicious downpours and thunderstorms pushing across eastern england and eastern scotland. could be some travel disruption. this heavy band of rain could also have some thunder and lightning included. still pretty warm and humid for many. but signs of something a little
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fresher pushing into the west. and that is a sign of what is to come. these various frontal systems continue to drift through on saturday. so there will be rain around at times on saturday. some sunny spells as well. but as we chase all these rain bands away to the north—east we will bring in some further showers but we will also bring in some cooler, fresher air. so temperatures on saturday afternoon well down on where they have been, 17 to 25 or 26 degrees. quite a breezy day as well. now, sunday looks like a pretty windy day. this band of rain pushing northwards and eastwards. this is a very different weekend compared with what we've been used to recently. some spells of sunshine coming into the west later on. but have a look at the winds. much, much windier than it has been for quite some time. and those temperatures, well, actually on the low side. 20 in belfast and glasgow. 21 in london. that is your lot. and we stick with that slightly fresher feel for the start of the coming week. it looks like there will be some spells of sunshine. then later in the week it looks likely to warm up again. good morning, welcome to breakfast with naga munchetty and charlie stayt. 0ur headlines today: holiday misery for thousands, as
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long delays caused by the heat continue to cause disruption at eurotunnel. it is the busiest day of the year for eurotunnel. it is the busiest day of the yearfor our airports eurotunnel. it is the busiest day of the year for our airports as the big summer getaway begins. i am eating the air—traffic controllers here in manchester to find out how you —— how they are keeping the planes moving. police appeal for help to catch a man convicted of manslaughter. jack shepherd will be sentenced today for killing charlotte brown in a speedboat crash. he's on the run after skipping bail.
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