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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  July 27, 2018 8:45pm-9:01pm BST

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it with a poem given to themselvesm makes me feel i am in syria. eating before breakfast with my family. what do you want people to take away from the poem 7 what do you want people to take away from the poem? i want them to understand that syria is a very nice country, that people would like to live in all their lives. but because of the war in thanks, everything is gone now. “— of the war in thanks, everything is gone now. —— the war and things. neither of them smoking was before they arrive. it was hard settling in. some children were bullying me. they were treating me like "go away, go back to your home, galway, we don't want you here". i remember iraq, i remember syria. i'm so proud of myself. and then i felt like, when i was small i did think "i am going to be in stage on front, like in front of all these people". they're excited for sunday. and i
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hope that the audience will enjoy. i will be back at 10:30pm with a look at tomorrow's papers. right now on bbc news is time for the film review with james king and jane hill. hello and a very warm welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's top cinema releases is james king. nice to see you, james. good to see you, too. the summer is upon us. what have you been watching? well, i've been watching action on the streets, as tom cruise saves the world again and mission: impossible — fallout. and there's been action in the air as well, as dracula and his pals go on a monster vacation in hotel transylvania 3. and there's been action in the alps, as i went back 5000 years
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for the story of the iceman. well, every genre is covered this week. mission: impossible, my goodness, it looks like they've spent an awful lot on this. it does, get, this is number six. the first one way back in 1996, unbelievably. tom cruise, of course, is back as ethan hunt — the imf special agent. this time he's tracking down some missing weapons—grade plutonium, helped of course by his usual cohorts. so, ving rhames is back, simon pegg is back, rebecca ferguson — who was in the previous film — is back for this one. there is a new boy — henry cavill. we know him as superman in the movies. yes. he's playing a cia agent who's watching over every move that ethan hunt makes. of course, it is action—packed. they say that the traffic in paris is very bad. that's not going to stop tom cruise though, is it? let's have a look. do you copy? we copy, go.
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change of plans. i'm blown. need a distraction. we're on our way. sirens. honking. sirens. and that sums up the film quite well, doesn't it? pretty much. that, for two hours.
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that's basically it. i love it, though. very, very slick, isn't it? i thought it was just brilliant. and, you know, tom cruise has been doing this for a long time. it's over 35 years he has been acting now, leading man. and just the energy of the guy and the dynamism of the guy is second to none. itjust constantly surprises me. and i think that there's that balance, there is that balance that all summer blockbusters should have, the best ones should have, which is — on the one hand it does feel realistic at times. there's stuff in here about terrorism, there's stuff in here about rogue fanatics that feels like it's plucked from the newspapers, from the headlines. but then, on the other hand, it is also completely ridiculous. yes. and those action scenes like that one, there was one in the helicopter, there was the skydiving scene, they are over the top, but brilliant and fantastical and it is the balance right between those two things. and yes, some of it is quite beautiful. yeah.
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the production design is so stylish. i have never seen a fight in a men's urinal look quite so stylish. i mean, you've got to tell it like it is. yeah, that's a special moment, isn't it? i think ithinka i think a lot of that is down... it wasn't your wide by the end of it, lots of blood, but... christopher mcquarrie is the writer and director of this. he also did the previous one as well. he has worked with tom cruise many times on many films. he is really like a mentor to tom cruise. they work together really well. so tom crusie is star and producers and mcquarrie is writer and director and i think this is a great partnership, they produce a lot of great films to and it really helped this film that it is just one writer behind it with one clear vision. it is not muddied by a whole team of writers. yes, that shows. and also, of course, it is not muddied by a lot of fan expectation and fanboys hype and buzz. that is all going on in the marvel world in the comic book world, but actually the mission: impossible films relatively speaking, just kind of come out without a lot of fuss, without a lot of hype and yet they consistently deliver the goods. it is the summer blockbuster, and that is official, isn't it? yeah, and i think it is one of
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the best mission: impossible films. well, there is a recommendation for the summer. cartoon? yes, hotel transylvania 3. three! so, dracula is back, voiced by adam sandler. this time he's taking his friends on holiday, on a holiday cruise. so, that is the invisible man and frankenstein's monster and the mummy in all these ghoulies, fiendish friends. of course, they're always being followed around by their arch nemesis, mr van helsing, not too far away. and you know what, i thought i would watch this with the sound of braham stoker spinning in his grave. accompanying every scene. but it actually better than i expected. it is certainly full of energy, hyperactive, some might say. but it's not like a pixar movie. it does not have that kind of sleek feel about it, but it does have a sort of hanna—barbera craziness about it. so, even though it's nonsense,
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really, you are not bored watching it because it is so colourful and there is so much going on and the music is relentless. so, i don't think it is a classic... relentless and high—energy, i am feeling like it... but it keeps you going, you know? the worst thing would be is if you feel bored watching this, but actually because it is so fast—paced is one thing you don't feel. 0k. i think it is fluff and it is not as good as the incredibles 2 but it is not bad. all right, 0k, and iceman. i haven't had a chance to see it but i am intrigued by this. right, you might remember back in the early 905 there was a body discovered in the alps in austria. that actually people initially thought was a hiker or a mountaineer, but it turned out to be the body of a hunterfrom over 5000 years ago. being preserved in the ice, it's now in a museum inordinately. but this movie is, it
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really the back story of how he got there, what his life story is presumed to be. a lot of it is dramatic licence. and it is all told in a roman era outline language. there are no subtitles though. the director said "i don't think you're going to need subtitles, this is a universal story," actually it is true. i could understand what was going on. essentially what it is is a revenge story. they've given this hunter character a revenge story where he's trying to track down people who attacked his family. so it's kind of like taken with liam neeson, but in the alps with beers and spirits. let's have a look and get a flavour of it. yeah. shouting. i mean, is this a really
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tough watch in terms of — this is all about physical endurance, cold? yes, it's gutsy. it's definitely gutsy. and i actually say the worst thing about it is that, weirdly, it does feel quite familiar. it's very much like a hollywood revenge movie, albeit in a very different setting with a different language. so, although there is a novelty factor to it, actually the story plays out quite conventionally. but it is certainly a curiosity. whether it is must—see, though, i don't know, but it's certainly a curiosity. intriguing, i think. yeah. 0k, what have you chosen as the best out this week? first reformed, so this is from writer—director paul schrader. it is about a priest in a small
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town in upstate new york who is going through a crisis, many crises really, spiritual crises, personal crisis, and in a way it is paul schrader on familiar ground because — probably he most famously wrote taxi taxi driver and has written and directed many films. often deals with questions of faith and a session and guilt. and it is all there in first reformed. it is a brilliant performance from ethan hawke, we tend to think of as a bit more wide—eyed and energetic in a lot of his performances. he is a broken man in this. he is at the end of his tether. he is desperate. but it is a really, talk about that with iceman, this is a really gutsy film that has weight, and has depth, it has some stunning visual moments, just really full—blooded, you know. and at this time of year when it is the season for blockbusters, if you want to see something that actually has some real guts to it, then i would recommend this. 0k. all right, first reformed. and dvd — out on dvd this week
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is that extraordinary isle of dogs. i mean, visually this isjust something, isn't it? is digital download at the moment, so that is the way to watch at the moment. dvd is in a couple weeks. yes, this is wes snderson's animation about humans and their pets and the bonds between them. also of course his love letter to ja pa n. japanese directors. it really is. that actually has caused a bit of about whether this white guy from texas should be making that movie, but it is from the heart. with his usual eccentric humour, with his usual style, with his usual voice talent. jeff goldblum, bill murray, tilda swinton. i actually found it really moving. i don't think it is going to convert people who don't like his films. they are quite mannered films. but actually, that bond between humans and their pets, it is actually described rather touchingly in this phone. i think you're right. british people love a story about... exactly, yes. about their animals and the attention to detail in this is just teriffic. it looks amazing, absolutely amazing, really. i don't even think that it's an animation necessarily for children. i think it's probably and more adults. yes, absolutely agree. james, lovely to see you.
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you too, cheers. see you next week. thank you very much indeed. and that is it from both of us. we will see you, same time that week. happy cinema going, bye—bye. hello, a big change in the weather here this weekend. cooler, fresh or some rain and showers around after storms affecting some of us through the evening. amber warning in force for thunderstorms. be prepared for a risk of flash flooding, strong winds, hail particularly across east anglia in lincolnshire, too, over the next few hours. 0n the satellite picture we have got rain bearing cloud to the west, but it is this zone here, you see the cloud coding and some of these storms breaking out. becoming a little more wide spread in parts of the uk as we go on through tonight i'm a and by the end of the night heavy and thundery rain will be sitting through northeastern parts of scotland. behind that, we see in other area of outbreak of rain moving in from the west. there is a greater chance among maybe for us to see some right
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where it has been quite dry for some time. temperatures, up thomas while a little bit lower towards western areas, still a monday night for the east. one more monday night before it cools down. into tomorrow, we have got heavier rain still in parts of northeast scotland and some rumbles of thunder. moving towards the northern isles during the day. elsewhere, showers moved in and particularly worse parts of northern ireland, wales, northwest england, they could be heavy maybe with a rumble of thunder and a few showers elsewhere. the other thing you'll notice about the weekend, it is windier. we could see wind gusts around a0 mph or so, but saturday and sunday for that matter are particularly into england and wales, blustery across most part. overture colas, it is much cooler, those temperatures have come down. of course that is going to be most co mforta ble. course that is going to be most comfortable. 10 degrees cooler in parts of eastern england compared with recent days, but everywhere feeling rather cool, rather fresh compared to some of the weather we have had just recently. then to show you the big picture going into part
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two of the weekend on sunday. and another weather system filling in some outbreak of rain, that is going to spread north and east during the day. a few showers early on in northern scotland, but here looking at some of the dry weather and this feeds its way northward, again with quite risk of winds, gusting maybe a0, a0 five miles an hour or so in places. as that was his north expect skies to brighten behind with a few showers, falling behind. temperatures just into the queens, eight few spots into the low 20s, thatis eight few spots into the low 20s, that is going to feel quite different. that is your weekend weather. this is bbc world news today. i'm kasia madera. our top stories: it's a blood moon. the longest lunar eclipse this century is underway. donald trump says more than a% growth shows that his administration has achieved an economic turn—around of historic proportions. i will say this right now and i will say it strongly. as the trade deals come in one by one, we're going to
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goa come in one by one, we're going to go a lot higher than these numbers, and these are great numbers. pakistan's former ruling party says it will contest the election results from the opposition benches, after victory for cricket star—turned—politician imran khan.


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