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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  August 9, 2018 5:45am-6:01am BST

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store later — the first of 25 that it plans to open in india by 2025. and finally, are you looking for an alternative to the many different fitness apps currently on offer? well, if you would rather not move at all, then maybe the couch potato app is the one for you. users are rewarded for doing nothing, and the anti—step tracker rewards you for the amount of time you spend lying down. as more inactivity is tracked, your on screen potato avatar will grow bigger and bigger and pass higher and higher levels of laziness. i cannot quite see how that works but we will delve into that at the moment. with me now is priya lakhani, who's founder and ceo of century tech — a uk based education technology platform. let's get straight into this with the times. the us imposing, planning these sanctions on russia and this really, i suppose, these sanctions on russia and this really, isuppose, is these sanctions on russia and this really, i suppose, is a these sanctions on russia and this really, isuppose, is a bit these sanctions on russia and this really, i suppose, is a bit of solidarity with the uk. yeah,
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absolutely. so this is a win for the prime minister theresa may and is obviously in response to us and uk shared intelligence that allegedly two russians were responsible for the salisbury poisoning and it is mandated that sanctions would then be imposed on russia. so russia essentially has ten days, essentially has ten days, essentially a deadline to open up it scientific facilities to international investigators to ensure that they are not developing chemical and biological weapons, which would be in breach of international law. the us has responded with these sanctions, that is going to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, they can affect 70% of the russian economy. so that isa 70% of the russian economy. so that is a very, very hard line in terms of what the americans have done, that can affect all state funded enterprises, it can affect aeroflot landing in the us, this is really
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taking that very, very hardline. particularly given the short sort of history we have had with the usa in terms of the g7 what has happened here, i think this is obviously a big win for our prime minister. and obviously nato members will probably ta ke obviously nato members will probably take heart from this given that what they see recently is donald trump been very critical of them, also some of them for not contributing enough to defence spending, saying that he feels the us is spending too much, and also saying that he feels quite warm at those press conferences alongside the russian president. i suppose they may take this as a sign that actually the us is committed to its strategic allies. yeah, this is a response to us noran allies. yeah, this is a response to us nor an legislation, so they have to do this and there congressional elections coming up in the usa. they have to respond this way, otherwise it is not going to look too kindly on donald trump if he doesn't. how
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much this is coming from the us in general or donald trump individually, we don't know. normally he tweaked something, it does anti—7 i have not personally seen anything, i am not aware of the fa cts o n seen anything, i am not aware of the facts on that. —— does anti—7 this is coming from the state department, for example. they were one month late in imposing the sanctions, and that was not looked upon to favourably. let's see how this plays out and donald trump's response to this, but possibly that we will see on twitter. there is further escalation in the trade war between the us and china, not so much in sanctions. in tariff. in tariff. the trade war escalates once again. this in the gulf news, china, as expected, is retaliating to the latest round of tariffs. yeah, there is no appetite from either china or
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the us to back down on this. it is affecting medical equipment, waste, it is now an additional $16 billion worth of exports from the usa that china has put tariffs on. the us has done this in turn to china. it is just escalating. today, we have now got levies on $15 billion of goods passing between both countries. this is going to affect the prices in both countries and dramatically affect supply chain. a company i am watching quite closely use apple because apple has benefited quite strongly from cheap labour in china but also it has a very, very strong supply chain there. it is going to be interesting to see how the larger companies respond to this. is an interesting point there, because when we talk about these trade wars it can feel very removed from everyday life, but actually does have a very direct effect on people
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in the shops we make on by these... the people who will be hit hardest by these are the end consumer, it is the us saying america first and want everything to be built in our own country and now china is just retaliating against that, so absolutely does affect the while consumer when there is a trade war in play. so with all that tension between the us and china, let's take some heart from... 0h between the us and china, let's take some heart from... oh no, sorry. whichever direction you look at, there is something to worry about with the global economy and for british consumers, british shoppers, this weak pound is going to make holidays a lot more expensive. yes, people were turning up to the yesterday and with £1, they are getting not even 1 euro, and so that is incredibly disheartening and this is incredibly disheartening and this is all really in response to this no deal brexit, this is really hard line that our prime minister has
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taken that no deal is better than a bad deal. it is a little bit like trading cars, is sort of walk away from a car show saying no deal and thatis from a car show saying no deal and that is a way of negotiating, but in that is a way of negotiating, but in that case you go somewhere else. that is not the case with brexit, we have all sorts of issues to deal with with brexit. mark carney coming out last year in saying that the chances of a no deal brexit is uncomfortably high and our trade secretary liam fox echoing that, saying currency traders have not been prepared for this and now they are hedging against the possibility ofa are hedging against the possibility of a hard exit. we are trying to stockpile medicine and we are trying to rush towards what is there is actually no deal? there is lots of media and noise about this actually, and they have now had to take seriously damaged the supply chains, something that is, companies cannot prepare for this in even eight month. it takes years to form a business and the right supply chains. there have been scales such
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asa 0.25% chains. there have been scales such as a 0.25% increase in interest rates, britain is —— britain suffering as they travel into europe. i have seen some of predictions that this is just temporary. an american friend did tell me the other day this is wonderful, this is the cheapest holiday in the uk have ever had. but anyway, i will just holiday in the uk have ever had. but anyway, i willjust move on. a kia is opening its first india store. this is massive in many ways. —— ikea. yes, they have been trying to do this for many years. this is a really smart move by them, i think. they have, every country —— company wa nts they have, every country —— company wants growth and ikea, their growth has just plateaued and india has the world's fast as growing middle class. this is a store in hyderabad,
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at they will have stores potentially opening all over india. they have tiffin ‘s there, which i love, they have tailored their products to the indian market. they did lots of research and they found that indians might not have an appetite to build their own furniture, so they will have services to help them build furniture. —— tiffins. have services to help them build furniture. -- tiffins. it is a concept that is quite interesting. having been to india and number of times, being indian, indian middle class actually have helped quite a lot actually. they did research into how indians sleep and play and eat, and produce their products as a result. you can buy a plate of biryani for $1.15, which is great. i think that indians will enjoy this,
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rather than what they are used to, which is having a cap to come and make furniture, which takes a long time. a couch potato app, with this one. i would do the opposite, essentially it is a why this company boro. it is an aptlyjust sit still and every time you move, you lose points. —— burrow. hopefully people do not take this seriously, orjust do not take this seriously, orjust do the opposite, it never, ever win. although there are monetary incentives to winning. we will have to see. interesting points. thank you very much, and thank you for being with us. will be back soon. see you later. —— we will. hello there. things are looking cooler and fresher now for the rest of this week, particularly across northern and western areas, with a mixture of sunshine and showers. some of the showers will continue
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to be quite heavy as well, maybe with the risk of thunder. the reason for the cooler air, an area of low pressure has driven out the heat into the near continent, introducing something cooler and fresher off the atlantic, and we'll maintain a west or south—westerly airflow. now, early on thursday, we will see further showers returning to western scotland and northern ireland, some of them could be quite heavy, and across central, southern and eastern parts of england, thickening cloud moving up from the south will bring a few showers or even some patchy rain. across scotland and northern ireland, it's going to be a chilly start to this morning, temperatures in low single figures in some areas. so for thursday itself, it's looking bright with plenty of sunshine around. there will continue to be some blustery showers across the north and west of scotland, into northern ireland. then across the south—east, an area of rain moving up across the near continent could just graze south—east england and also east anglia. now, the winds will generally be light, i think, across england and wales. blustery across scotland and northern ireland. there's a chance this area of low
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pressure deepens here, it could turn windier for a time across the very far south—east, so it could be quite a soggy end to the day here. pretty nasty evening commute, i think, for some. —— bit of uncertainty into the west with the extent of this rain, looks like the heaviest of the stuff will be across into the near continent. that area of low pressure pushes on in towards the north sea as we head on in towards friday. a ridge of high pressure tries to build in, and an area of low pressure looms out in the atlantic and will arrive just in time for the weekend. so for friday's picture then, we're in between the weather systems. it's going to be a day of sunshine and showers, and some of them could be on the heavy side, again with a rumble of thunder. but hit and miss, some areas staying dry altogether, and in the sunshine, it won't feel too bad, temperatures range from 17 to 22, that is cooler than what we've been used to, particularly across the south—east. this area of low pressure hurtles in off the atlantic, arrives across northern and western areas for saturday. meanwhile, an area of high pressure establishes itself across the south—east.
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there's still some uncertainty to this weekend as to where the rain will be. we're thinking at the moment it's going to be wet across the north and the west of the uk. the further south and east that you are, the better chance of staying dry. it could be much of scotland and northern ireland quite windy with outbreaks of rain, some of it could be quite heavy. for central, southern and eastern parts of england in particular, you could get away with seeing some good spells of sunshine and feeling quite warm. good morning, welcome to breakfast with naga munchetty and charlie stayt. our headlines today: the us imposes new sanctions on russia over the salisbury novichok attack after concluding a lethal nerve agent was used against the skripals. a nine—year—old girl is killed after rocks fall from a cliff at a beach in north yorkshire. bad news for holidaymakers as the pound tumbles to its lowest value against the dollar in nearly a year. 2 it's another gold for adam peaty in glasgow
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and another european championship record as he wins the 50m breaststroke. a big row on giant's causeway. are some people paying to visit the world heritate site when they don't need to? good morning from rhs wisley in wokingham. you can see we've got
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