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thomas will be presented in cardiff bay by welsh first minister carwyn jones outside the senedd, and when he arrives at the castle to greet the crowd, there will be more tributes, and amongst the crowd is another welsh sporting icons, former team—mates, welsh and british cyclist becky james, alongside team—mates, welsh and british cyclist beckyjames, alongside her boyfriend, rugby superstar george north. no doubt today will be a day to remember not just for welsh cycling enthusiasts, notjust for the welsh sporting public, but also for geraint thomas himself. fantastic, thank you very much, tomos morgan, enjoy it, wonderful celebrations in cardiff coming up a little bit later. let's have a look at the weather prospects with tomasz you know, they are asking me if summer you know, they are asking me if summer has gone, but we have got weeks of that still left. it has just turned to what it is supposed to be like across our part of the world, a bit of a mixed bag, sunshine and showers on the way over
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the coming days. let's have a look at the satellite image, pretty busy gci’oss at the satellite image, pretty busy across the north atlantic, lots of weather systems spiralling around, some heading in our direction, quite a bit of cloud across central and eastern parts of the uk in the last 12 hours or so. a dip in thejet stream, i want to show you the larger scale, that tends to drag down cold airfrom larger scale, that tends to drag down cold air from the north, and the heatwave has been shunted towards scandinavia, more eastern parts of europe. this is what it looks like for the second half of the afternoon, a lot of sunshine across much of the uk, east anglia and the south—east still underneath the cloud and rain. but eventually that rain is going to fizzle away, but this is a nasty area of low pressure here which will bring some strong winds and heavy rain to the low countries overnight, also into denmark, a really nasty low with strong winds just literally grazing us. strong winds just literally grazing us. in the wake of its tonight, clear skies and turning quite nippy
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tonight. outside of time, single figures. even in london by sam on friday, 11 degrees. now, that is chilly compared to what we have had this summer, we have had 19s overnight. so a chilly morning on the way, relatively speaking. but, you know, the day not looking bad at all, a classic british expired with sunshine, you might need your brolly in the afternoon, a dark cloud coming from behind you to bring a few spangles of rain, but on balance a typical summertime day for many tomorrow. 21 in london, a bit on the fresh side in belfast at 16 degrees. now, the weekend is looking a little bit mixed, low pressure heading in oui’ bit mixed, low pressure heading in our direction, that means some to psy—tu rvy our direction, that means some topsy—turvy weather, so cloud and rain on the way through saturday and sunday, but not all the time, and not everywhere. a selection of places through saturday and sunday, a box of chocolates, a mixture of
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weather for glasgow, aberdeen, belfast and manchester, further south the warm it is, as you would expect. over the weekend, still pretty warm in london, temperatures are bound the mid 20s, but sunshine in southampton, rain in cardiff, sunshine and even a thunderstorm in birmingham, soa sunshine and even a thunderstorm in birmingham, so a mixed bag on the way this weekend. a reminder of our main story this lunchtime. a court hears that the england cricketer ben stokes could have killed someone in a brawl outside a bristol nightclub. that's all from the bbc news at one, so it's goodbye from me, and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. hello there. hello there, you're watching bbc news, i'm olly foster at the bbc sport centre the eighth day of competition at the multi—sport european championships is under way, and katarina johnson—thompson
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currently is leading the heptahlon after two events fourth after the opening sprint hurdles. she went to top of the standings in the hithump. it is one of her strongest events and she managed a season's best of1 metre 91 centimetres. she's 51 points ahead of world and olympic champion nafi thiam. the belgian was ten centimetres off her personal best. the shot putt and 200 metres are coming up this evening. one of the final events of the championships is the men's cycling road race in glasgow on sunday. but after taking medical advice, mark cavendish has withdrawn from the british team. the former world champion on the road and the most successful sprinter in the history of the tour de france failed to finish last month's tour, and the team say that the exertions of competition after a combination of injuries and illness has taken it's toll. he'll be replaced by mark christian. we're still waiting for play in the second test between england and india. it hasn't stopped raining. that will be especially frustrating for 20—year—old
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ollie pope, who is set win his first cap. he's in the side in place of dawid malan and will bat at four. england are 1—0 up in the series. the transfer window in england closes at five o'clock this afternoon, and as usual, there's lots of speculation floating around but a few of deals have been done this morning. minor deals. west ham have signed striker lucas perez from arsenal. he spent last season on loan at his old club deportivo la coruna. that is in spain. the fee is £4 million. arsenal paid 17 million for him two years ago. it isa it is a bit ofa it is a bit of a loss there. defender dan burn hasjoined brighton from wigan. the fee is an initial £4 million, but it's believed he'll be loaned back to wigan for the first half of the season. 19—year—old australian daniel arzani is joining manchester city from their partner club melbourne city. he was the youngest player at the world cup and is expected to join scottish champions celtic
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on loan to aid his development. manchester united manager jose mourinho had hoped to bring in two more players, warning that it would be "a difficult season" if he couldn't, but the clock is ticking and speaking this morning, it looks as though he is resigned to making do with what he's got. iam not i am not confident. i am not confident. the market closes today, so confident. the market closes today, so it is time, at least for me, at least for me, to stop thinking about the market because the market will be closed. so, i will have to focus on the players i have. so, i will have to focus on the players i have. great britain's wheelchair rugby team have missed out on a place in the final of the world championships in sydney. they lost to the hosts australia by 59 points to 57, in an incredibly tight match.
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it was a fantastic game. they have never made it to a major world final. they'll take on the united states tomorrow for bronze. wheelchair rugby lost its uk sport funding after failing to win a paralympic medal in rio, but the sport was given some financial support to compete at these world championships. that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. including a live page of all the tra nsfers, including a live page of all the transfers, all the rumours and speculation is that is your thing. we will be back later with the very latest. thank you very much. last october, the well known maltese journalist daphne caruana galizia was killed by a bomb planted in her car. for 30 years she was worked as an investigative reporter — holding the rich and powerful in malta to account. now her familiy is formally requesting that the government properly investigates her death.
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along with human rights groups, they accuse the government of failing to solve the murder. our chief international correspondent lyse doucet has been speaking to the journalist's son. for 30 years, she was a thorn in the side of malta's rich and powerful. facing dozens of libel suits and almost daily threats. then, a bomb in her car killed her outside her home. there have been arrests and a criminal investigation. and accusations as well that authorities are not asking a crucial question. could her life have been saved? in london, herfamily‘s lawyers are submitting this document, accusing malta of failing to conduct an independent investigation. my mother, especially in the last five years, was reporting on serious corruption at the highest levels of maltese government. we ended up in this difficult situation where many of the people she investigated ended up investigating her murder. that does make things difficult
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and that is in part why we are calling for a public enquiry. it is important, in a personal way, because you feel that until you have a full and complete picture, until you can find this, and until you stop asking if anything could have been done differently, then you feel like you can not grieve. on this island, the smallest member state of the eu, and almost everybody read daphne's daily blog. and every day have family lived with the threats. my my mother was very aware that she was in danger. i think everyone was very aware. there were arson attacks on the house. our pet dogs were killed. three times. poisoned, throat slit, poison again. we grew up with this. it was no secret that my mother
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received these threats. you never said why can't we be a family like any other family? my mother would have said direct your frustration at the people who are doing this. the problem isn't me and my writing, the problem is the people killing the dogs and setting the house on fire. it's a corrupt politicians in government. and their criminal associates. to have suspicions who might have wanted your mother dead? what i know like eve ryo ne your mother dead? what i know like everyone else is my mother was reporting on really powerful, in fa ct reporting on really powerful, in fact the most powerful man in the country. so people in government, state officials, but also people associated with them. also people in the opposition party. and we know that... you know, those other people
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who had most to gain from her silencing. as my mother said, they are doing everything. they are going to throw everything at me. and she asked a few months before she was killed, what are they going to do next, take a contract out on my life? and in the end, that looks like what is exactly what happened. and in the end, that looks like what is exactly what happened. what do you expect to be the reaction of the maltese government to your request for a broader independent enquiry under article two of the european convention on human rights? i hope that they share our concern that this is really important. i would like to think that we have a shared interest in this, that malta is a country has a shared interest in understanding what went wrong. obviously something went horribly wrong. since the shocking murder in malta, european politicians have also called for a broader enquiry. maltese officials deny they are not doing enough. now there is another charge to answer. the maltese government has
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responded, saying it will consider the legal document calling for a broader public inquiry into the death of daphne caruana galizia once it has been formally submitted and will then act accordingly. the argentinian senate has voted down a proposal to liberalise the country's strict abortion laws. the result was close — 38 to 31 — and the issue has divided the country. it means a woman can still only have a termination in cases of rape, or when the woman's health is at risk. from buenos aires, katy watson reports. on one side of congress, celebration. on the other, sadness. and after the vote, there was also anger, as the two sides came face to face. just like injune, when the lower house narrowly voted in favour of the bill, it was a long day in congress. translation: this law doesn't
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obligate, nor does it recommend anyone have an abortion. the only thing this law does is defend the right to choose. if there were no law, we would be contributing to doing so in a clandestine manner. the business of some clinics, of some doctors, to the unsafe sale of the extremely expensive abortion drug, as we all know. the law makes it possible a right which is safe practice. but unlike the lower house, there was much more opposition to the bill in the conservative senate. religious groups had stepped up their campaign to make sure the bill didn't become law. translation: we want to tell the whole world argentina is not in favour of abortion. argentina does not want abortion within its country because it brings destruction of all lives. and it's not the solution for these
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women who need help. they need is to be next to them. they need love, and this bill does not give that. this bill gives a death solution. while the politicians deliberated, the campaigners shouted. throughout the debate, they made sure their voices were heard. as the day went on, the weather worsened, but it didn't stop people heading to the streets. the green—scarved pro—choice campaigners wanted to see if history could be made. those in blue were determined it wouldn't. most of argentinians are pro—life and want another option for the mother. do think argentina is not ready for legalising abortion yet? will it come? i don't think civilisation is ready for the legalisation of abortion. i think everyone has the right to life. after yet another marathon session in congress,
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the decision has been made. there will be no change in the law yet. these people are happy, but campaigners say it is not the end of the road for them yet. for those who wanted abortion legalised, hope ran out early on. the streets emptied before senators even started voting. they knew their fight was over for now. we will come back next year. it's really important, nowadays, so many people are rooting for you, that never did. so i think it's really important. it's a big change for us. translation: we will continue going out onto the streets and continue fighting for the rights of women. we've started a fight, and until we win we won't give up. it's a a debate that most people agree will return to argentina's congress once again. katie watson, bbc news in buenos aires. in a moment we'll have all the business news, but first, the headlines
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on bbc news... they've gone, yeah. what about the two other lads? aled, they've gone. body camera footage of the moment. cricketer ben stokes was arrested has been released. the all—rounder is accused of affray, and is giving evidence at his trial in bristol today. the court was told today that he "could have killed" one of the men he knocked unconscious during a fight. the conservative party is looking into complaints about comments made by borisjohnson about muslim women who wearfull face veils. the former foriegn secretary could be investigated by an independent panel for a possible breach of the party's code of conduct. northamptonshire county council has approved massive cuts to jobs and services in a bid to combat a 70 million pound budget shortfall. hello there. i am back with the
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business news this hour. uk rental prices could rise as much as 15% over the next five years. that's the warning from the royal institution of chartered surveyors who say the lack of new rental properties could drive up prices. sterling has recovered very slightly against the dollar after big falls over the past 2a hours. the falls happened after the markets showed concern that a no deal on brexit will be reached with the european union. yesterday it dipped below 1.29 against the dollar for the first time in almost a year. the united states says it will impose fresh sanctions on russia after determining it used nerve agent against a former russian double agent living in the uk. britain have welcomed the move, which will see new financial sanctions take effect on or around 22nd august. the news sent the russian rouble to its lowest level since november 2016.
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and new york has become the first major us city to approve a cap on the number of cars available through ride hailing apps. it's also agreed to set minimum pay conditions for drivers. ride hailing apps uber and lyft have criticised the move as bad for consumers. shares in security group gas have dropped by nearly 7% after it reported falling profits. the ftse 250 firm said pre—tax profits fell to £139 million in the first half of the year, down from £219 million, with the firm being affected by disappointing trading in the middle east. the shares fell despite gas remaining optimistic about its prospects for the rest of the year. joining us now is kean marden, who's the support services analyst atjefferies. he monitors the stock very
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carefully. very good to talk to. what do you make of these numbers, falling revenue and share value, but the company remaining optimistic? falling revenue and share value, but the company remaining optimistic7m the company remaining optimistic7m the year on year decline on profit and revenue has been brought on by some of the disposals brought on over the last few years. it is true to say that the first—half profit wood profitability with a little bit softer than expected. we do get the improvement on revenue growth that they were hoping for. something in they were hoping for. something in the region of about 3%. i think the main driver behind the share price todayis main driver behind the share price today is a reluctance i think to basically believe the first—half, second—half split for the company. the margin was down about 20 points. you have to believe that you're going to flip to plus a0 in the
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second half. yes, the company is blaming its performance on the middle east, exchange rates, raising oil prices. is there anything else you would put towards his? yes, i think the revenue growth turn positive in the second quarter. so maybe let's not stay too much on the revenue. this is a margin story. guidance for management to be up in the second half and that is a classic situation where the market is going to really question that type of guidance. there is a $5 billion elephant in the room as well. gas is one of the world largest employers. its wage bill was 5 billion last year. and there was some evidence and results we saw today that the company may be did not pass through the wage inflation as well as expected. that is
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interesting. on the flip side, the company has won new contracts. winds of £0.7 billion. looking forward, gas has raised concerns about the possible impact of brexit beard possibly leading to a shortage of skills or workforce availability. true, but that is a boilerplate statement these days, to be honest. bearin statement these days, to be honest. bear in mind gas is a global security business, the number one. it is very natural from a uk perspective to dwell on domestic operations. in practise the uk only about 15%. this is very large us business. yes, they may have flagged some potential down many things.
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just some other business stories to tell you about now. just some other business stories to tell you about now. a lack of new rental properties could lead to a sharpjump in rental prices over the next few years. surveyors, rental prices may rise as much as 15% by 2023. they also predict that national rental prices are likely to rise around 2% nationally over the next 12 months. however, rics say placing an extra 3% on second home stamp duty has made buy—to—let investments less profitable. kate faulkner from designs on property feels issue has been compounded by the government. and what we have got is a government who have decided on a policy some time ago of what i call robbing peter to pay paul. so they wanted to reduce the number of landlords investing in property so that more first—time buyers could get onto the market. and i'm afraid, that policy
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was never going to work because in this country, we have a rise in population and we need more homes for people to own, more homes for people to rent privately and indeed, we need more social homes too. struggling department store chain house of fraser has set a deadline of 20 august to secure fresh funding. the company is planning to close 31 of its 59 shops injanuary, but is also seeking fresh investment to survive. house of fraser told the luxembourg stock exchange that "discussions continue" with potential investors. shares in card factory have fallen 8% after it said weak consumer spending and "extreme" weather had caused a fall in sales and would mean lower profits. the greeting cards company now expects profits to be between £89 million and £91 million this year, below analysts' expectations of £93.5 million. and the german sportswear giant adidas says it's finances have taken a big hit over its acquistion of us rival reebok in 2005.
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regulators weren't happy with the way the brand was valued, so adidas says it is amending its books by an amount in "mid—triple—digit million euro range". meanwhile, the world cup helped boost profits to about £531 million in the three months to the end ofjune. a quick look at the markets now. much of the story has been about currencies. much of the story has been about currencies. sterling is just about hanging onto gains its made in the past couple of hours against the dollar, up 0.05% at $1.2888. the pound has also lost a little ground against the euro but is still ahead 0.17% of the single currency at ?1.1115. the pound earlier reversed a dramatic fall against the dollar — dropping to its lowest in nearly a year against both the greenback and the euro. its latest losses are largely due to growing concern that britain might suffer a chaotic exit from the european union. across europe — shares are dipping today
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but particularly weighing on the british blue—chip ftse 100 index is holiday firm tui, the shares of which fell close to 10% after it blamed the summer heatwave for keeping europeans at home instead of traveling. they have recovered ever so slightly. they have recovered ever so slightly. that's all the business news. they give very much indeed. regular physical activity three to five times a week is the optimal amount for improving mental well—being, according to research published in the medicaljournal the lancet. more than a million people took part in a study in the united states which found that all types of activity, including housework and mowing the lawn, were found to be positive — but overdoing things was counter—productive. our health reporter laura foster has more. it's long been known that exercise keeps the body healthy, and now we're really beginning to learn more about the effect it has on the mind. switch! new research, which surveyed more than a million people, found that those who exercised said they suffered from poor mental
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health less often than those who didn't. it's one of the reasons people come to this running cloud in didsbury. go, go, go, go, go! feel really good coming away from it. so no matter how your day's been, you know, if you push yourself, you're going to be happy at the end of it. exercise in general is the best way by far for me to de—stress. it gives me a lot of freedom and confidence, and it's helped me get over a lot of depression. the strength of the impact is also linked to linked to how much time was spent exercising. the biggest reduction in poor mental health came when people exercised for between half an hour to an hour at a time. if you exercised for an hour and a half, you'd still see and improvement, but it would be smaller. but the survey suggests there can be such a thing as too much exercise. being active for more than three hours a day was associated with worse mental health than not exercising at all. but does being inactive lead to poorer mental health, or does poorer mental health mean
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you're less likely to get active? at this point, experts can't determine which one causes the other. laura foster, bbc news. really interesting. much more coming up really interesting. much more coming up from 2pm. let's have a look at the weather now. the weathers certainly cooled off in many parts of the uk. it has been cloudy and rainy in many parts. the outlook for the next few daysis parts. the outlook for the next few days is for the weather to remain u nsettled. days is for the weather to remain unsettled. there will be some sunshine, ican unsettled. there will be some sunshine, i can promise you. it will not be raining all the time. but it will be changeable. you can see the weather is very changeable across the north atlantic. in the north atlantic, lots of weather systems. some of them are coming in are directions. the reason why it is very cool over the uk right now is because we have a dip in the jet
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stream. when that happens it drags the cooler air from the northern area. we're talking about 15. hovering around the high teens in the and southeast. here's the weather this evening. fairly fine across much of the country. but this heavy rain that we've had will be pulling away. and bringing some nasty weather to the low countries here. some thunderstorms, very strong winds and some gales around the coast. for us, the weather is looking fairly clear. tonight, we'll just scattered showers here and there. and quite chilly. single figures in the countryside. in towns and cities, more like 11 or 12 degrees. more weather systems waiting out in the atlantic. on friday, it is not looking too bad. we are between weather systems. another one is behind me you can't
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even see it. we're in a with slightly better weather. but there is still some rain. tomorrow, if you are out for the whole day, take an umbrella with you. there could be some downpours. essentially, i think fine, dry bright weather will dominate. the weekend, low pressure is heading in our direction. that will bring some cloud and rain. not everywhere and it does not look like it will be raining all the time. so the weekend will not be a write—off. it will be a mixture. sunday and monday, rain at times in aberdeen. rain at times in belfast, manchester the same. the further south you go, the same. the further south you go, the warmer it will be. it could turn out that sunday and monday the weather will be absolutely fine across the south of the country. that is it for me. have a great afternoon. hello, you're watching afternoon live, i'm simon mccoy.
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today at 2pm... they've gone, yeah. what about the two other labs? —— lads. police body—camera footage is released of the moment cricketer ben stokes is arrested, as he begins giving evidence at his trial for affray. huge cuts to services and jobs in northamptonshire as the council votes on trying to tackle a £70 million budget shortfall. borisjohnson faces an inquiry over comments he made about muslim women who wearfull face veils. coming up on afternoon live, all the sport. another busy day at the european championships in germany in scotland, strong


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