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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 10, 2018 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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changes including moving to the united states. last year was the worst of my life, a lot of things happen behind—the—scenes. for the future, i cannot describe how it feels to ruin. i did it and for the future now. katerina johnson—thompson had to settle for silver in the heptathlon. she had to finish ahead of the world and olympic champion, the belgian. she went out hard from 100 meters. she did not do enough to claim the gold. the context is she scored the points tally of her career. she says that bodes well for the future.” tally of her career. she says that bodes well for the future. i know i can win and i am not intimidated by past performances. i feel like when
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you get out of bed, it is yours to win. if the medals were expected from katerina johnson—thompson and matthew hudson—smith, we had two surprises, meghan beesley won a medal in the 400 meter hurdles. the tomorrow, we look ahead to deena asher smith who qualified for the 200 metres final. she is trying to do the double land admitted to being emotionally drained after the 200 metres. there was more success in the diving pool for great britain but disappointment for one of the brownlee brothers in the triathlon. our sports news correspondent natalie pirks has
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more from glasgow. these guys won the hearts of the nation on the springboard. they were carrying on where they left off but the russian world champions were hot on their heels. it is stunning. not a proper ding dong. they needed 79 points to regain the european title a1 in 2016. this is going to be mega close. half a point stood between them and the third gold of the championships. the russians are problem the number one rivals in the world. the chinese little bit ahead but they are our friends and massive competitors. it is really nice to go head to head with them and beat the man may be us. it is a good, fun competition may be a healthy one. the triathlon looks a lot of fun as well. it is a tough sport. mark
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austen reminding usjust how tough. sticking with the leaders during the 40 kilometre cycle, alistair brownlee was looking to put a poor season brownlee was looking to put a poor season behind him with a final kick for goal. he won gold here in the commonwealth games four years ago. there will be no repeat. he could only finish fourth behind the french man. the new premier league season is under way. manchester united 2—1 winners over leicester in the opening game. our sports news correspondent, david ornstein, was watching and joins us from old trafford. we very nearly saw a little smile from the united manager, jose mourinho. manchester united got off to a winning start. they sit top of the premier league, maybe only for a few hours. they will hope to go on like
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that. they got going in very quick fashion with paul pogba giving manchester united the lead from the penalty spot. he was captain for the night. leicester city came back. they had a couple of chances. it required two fine saves to keep the score at 1—0. luke shaw, towards the end, popped up at the back post with the first goal of his professional career. there were great scenes of celebration among the united players and fans and jose mourinho and his coaching staff. leicester came back with jamie ba rdy coaching staff. leicester came back with jamie bardy poaching a late goal. it was not to be. it was a consolation. here is whatjose mourinho made of it. it is a match where i make minimum six changes. the rules only allow me to do three. i wanted to play and to the martial
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but i could not. i felt he could stretch the game. paul pogba could not play more than 60 minutes but he played 80, 80 five. i knew that fred would be the same. i was fearing for many of the players. it was difficult to manage the game from the touchline but we played well. good players and a fantastic investment. it was a difficult match for us. to get the three points was good. united did what they needed to do. leicester city have not won here for 20 years and counting. tomorrow there are six matches, the highlight being newcastle hosting torrent. on sunday there were three more games. liverpool play, as de manchester city, beginning their title defence away to arsenal. the premier league is back and it is looking exciting. despite more lengthy rain delays at lords on day 2
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of the second test against india. england closed well and truly in control, dominating the two reduced sessions they managed today. england bowled india out for 107, as patrick geary reports. take ta ke two. take two. after a full day lost to rain, lords resets. hopefully this time, they will get to the crease at least. this was progress, after a long wait out through the long room and into the path ofjimmy anderson. england chose to bowl. conditions were changing andjimmy england chose to bowl. conditions were changing and jimmy anderson works magic with clouds will do they help him to move the ball to take on it and help him to move the ball to take on itand a help him to move the ball to take on it and a wicket. more drizzle. eventually they got back out. all the pauses can make it difficult to know if or going. they have been
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asking for rain for weeks in these parts, just not right now." to get back out there, especially as they are on top. initially they would have needed a boat. pity poor groundsman mick hunt for that this is his last test after 49 years. somehow he and youth team cleared it by five. how grateful england should be. —— and his team. the captain gone to chris woakes. sam curran removed his man. they were bowled out for 107 on a day of water and waiting and most of all wickets. wigan warriors surived a second half rally from castleford tigers to move three ponts clear of second in the super league tonight. an early liam marshall try afterjust four minutes set the warriors on their way to a 20—0 lead at half time.
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gabe hamlin, dan sarbut castleford came back fighting and scored four tries of their own, but it wasn't enough as wigan held on to win 24—22. here are the results from the other matches in the super 8s and qualifiers. warrington thrashed challenge cup finalists catalansd dragons 56—6, steve price's side are up to 3rd. st helens were beaten 16—12 at home by huddersfield with wakefield comfortable 31—13 winners at hull fc. meanwhile, in the qualifiers, a big win for salford 28—10 they won at hull kr. so, the new premier league season is underway. it was a pretty frantic final day of the transfer window on thursday, but the prize for the most imaginative presentation of a new player has
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to go to villareal. a magician took to the centre of the pitch at the estadio de la ceramica, look at the theatrical gestures and the glass tube filled with smoke. former arsenal midfeilder santi cazorla appeared through the mist. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more sport for you throughout the weekend. hello welcome to our look ahead at what the papers will be bringing tomorrow morning. welcome to both of
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you. they have had a sneak preview. let's bring you up to date with what is on the front pages to my foot up the financial times leads with the plunging value of the turkish lira. there is an escalating row. philip hammond is reported to be considering an amazon tax for online retailers of the house of fraser was rescued in a last ditch deal. the same story makes the front page of the guardian which warns of an escalating high street crisis. the independent says child refugees are being betrayed you to the home office relocation scheme. jacob rees—mogg is on the front page of the daily telegraph accusing the prime minister of setting up boris johnson for a show trial over his comments on muslim women who wear the veil will stop the sun also leads with the fact that tory chiefs are intending sending borisjohnson on diversity changing. in the daily
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mail they show cobbing holding a wreath at it is claimed the same place where the olympic terrorists were buried. a very varied set of front pages. let's begin with the financial times. another story on the front pages, which is the purchase of house of fraser by mike ashley, best known for sports direct. it looked as though house of fraser was about to go bust and, surprise surprise, somebody comes in and it is mike ashley. there would bea and it is mike ashley. there would be a chance at 17,000 jobs will be saved. we're not sure what his plans are. there is a lot of worry about the pensions. there is a bigger worry that this is what will happen everywhere in the high street. it happened with maplin. we remember
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yea rs happened with maplin. we remember years ago when woolworths fell down for the most high streets now have big gaps. footfall is much lower. most people are going online.|j big gaps. footfall is much lower. most people are going online. i am still missing my pick and mix from the woolworth days. for my share ashley —— for mike ashley, it is a bit of a risk. to put so much money behind a failing brand. he seems to behind a failing brand. he seems to be willing to take these risks in all sorts of instances. not only does he only entirety of the house of fraser and thoughts direct, he also owns 30% of debenhams. if more and more high street brands will go under, it is not inconceivable that mike ashley will buy more. it will start to bring questions about him. there was lots of scrutiny about how sports direct treats its workers and the general model for making money.
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it is going to try and take that to house of fraser and debenhams, we'll be hearing a lot more about mike ashley. not only does he run sports director he also runs a relatively upmarket chain, flannels, which is selling things like tommy hilfiger and vivienne westwood. it seems as if he is taking over the entire high street. can he turn around and figure out how to bring people back into the high street and keep jobs fair question will we see everywhere turning into outfits like sports direct. there were times when people were falling over themselves to save the high street. i remember maryport us the high street. i remember maryport us with her plans to save various provincial high streets. —— mary portas. we're not hearing much from politicians about this announcement.
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have they had their fingers burned? it is more general than that. they properly do not know how on earth to save the high street was that this trend is far wider than the uk. save the high street was that this trend is farwiderthan the uk. even within the uk it is about changing shopping habits in the wake of the internet. across the country, in all walks of life, at all social classes. albeit to differing extents in different ways. politicians like to click their fingers and save the high street? yes. do they think they can? no. one thing that really did give house of fraser, one of the things that pushed it over the edge, was a big increase in rent. presumably there are things that businesses think ministers should do. absolutely. we see this especially in the headlines with really big chains. a lot of small, independent shops are going out of
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business with big rent rises. councils are saying they have been cut over again by central government and must pass on the costs. everybody is trying to balance it everywhere. one way the government might be tried to help is on the front of the i. it links in a bit with the story on the front of the times. it is about amazon being given a bit of a clobbering. what the i says is something they might do, not save the high street that mitigate the crisis. he is talking about temporary tax measures against multinational companies like amazon. that may mean they would have to charge us more for the products. what the times is reporting tomorrow isa what the times is reporting tomorrow is a different story about amazon, which is the next week the advertising standards authority


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