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tv   The Travel Show  BBC News  August 11, 2018 5:30am-6:01am BST

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the struggling department store house of fraser has been bought, the saudi coalition has announced it will investigate an airstrike in yemen which killed 29 schoolchildren. it hit a school bus ina schoolchildren. it hit a school bus in a town under control by iranian backed houthi rebels. the un says any investigation must be credible and transparent. tens of thousands of romanians have been protesting in the capital, bucharest, and other cities, against low wages and government corruption. police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse crowds as some demonstrators threw missiles. more than 200 people, including police officers, have been injured. nasa is set to launch a spacecraft to the sun in the coming hours. the park pro will gather information on solar wind, which can cause disruption to satellite communication. —— parker probe. it will go seven times closer to the sun than any spacecraft before it and it is the fastest ever made. the struggling department store house of fraser has been bought, just hours after going
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into administration, by sports direct. its owner mike ashley says he wants to turn the chain into the harrods of the high street. our business correspondent emma simpson reports. glasgow, where house of fraser began. it's early doors and staff are fearing the worst. i don't think i have an understanding of it yet. it's not really been explained to us at all. i think we're just all trying to keep each other up, we're all trying to stay motivated and hope for a good outcome. as workers were being briefed, shoppers had to wait. in hull, many worried about losing one of their favourite stores. with edwin davis, british home stores and now this one, where we going to shop? at ourage? you know, our age. morning folks, morning! but, by the time the doors opened across the country,
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this 169—year—old chain had a new owner. what happened to house of fraser today is the most shocking example yet of the distress that's currently playing out on our high streets. it's now in the hands of one of retail‘s most controversial and colourful bosses, who made his fortune with a chain known for stacking it high and selling it cheap. mike ashley is never far from the headlines, often for all the wrong reasons. a lot of cash there. yes, i've been to the casino. he's certainly done well. his business empire includes newcastle united football club and that controlling stake in sports direct, with nearly 500 stores, employing nearly 18,000 people. he owns the premium casualwear chain flannels and mr ashley has also taken a big stake in debenhams, french connection and already owned ii% of house of fraser. so, what's he up to? he likes to gamble and i wouldn't bet against him. this retail expert has worked closely with him. sports direct tried to buy house
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of fraser back in 2014, so they've always had a long held ambition to own department stores. they already own some premium lifestyle brands but what this deal does, is gives him access to the tommy hilfigers, the hugo bosses of the world in a much more meaningful way. the big question remains, how many of the 59 stores he wants to trade but this was a once—in—a—lifetime opportunity. mike ashley says he'll do his best to keep as many open as possible. 31 had been earmarked for closure, like this one in darlington, and then there are the suppliers. this nottingham menswear company is one of many who are worried they won't be getting paid. the impact is, yes, it will affect jobs, yes, it could affect the suppliers and sadly we could see suppliers go bankrupt because of it. challenging times. the chairman of this department store is a retail veteran and speaks for the industry. it is a perfect storm, where retailers are faced with quite
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big cost pressures, at the same time that the consumer is choosing to shop in different ways. as a result, we've seen quite a lot of this over the last six months orso, and ifear there is more to come. the chancellor hinted again today that he's considering a tax on online retailers, to level the playing field. many of house of fraser's problems, though, were self—inflicted — a weak business that was loaded with debt. it will take skill and an awful lot of investment to turn it around. now on bbc news it's time for the travel show. this week on the show, skyhigh in surrey other. —— skyhigh ian sarajevo. jet powered in london. this technology is not stopping
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here. we are in there. and above the english channel, using the power of your phone. we are starting out travels this week in sarajevo, the capital city of 0sney has been —— bosnia—herzegovina. it is beautiful, and feels more turkish and more islamic than the rest of the balkans. these shops are filled with jewels and silverware. and with that, comes different architecture and a distinct food culture. the small city centre lies in a valley surrounded i hills, so there are wonderful views almost every word. _by wonderful views almost every word. —— by hills. but of course we don't know surrey other primarily for its beauty. —— sarajevo. we know it for the terrible siege which ended with more than 10,000 people losing their lives in the 1990s. for three and a half years, bosnian serbs rained rockets down on the city. a quarter ofa rockets down on the city. a quarter of a century later the scars are
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still visible. this used to be a holiday inn and it is whether world's press was stationed during the siege. it became a symbol of the war, and you might remember its distinctive yellow cladding on the outside, which has been kept to this day. the hotel has onlyjust changed hands. it has had extensive renovation work and recently reopened under a different name. you would never know that for years, it was subject to frequent shelling and gunfire. normally, you might pay extra for a beautiful view of these hills, but that is —— for that very same reason it was one of the most dangerous spots to be in this hotel. artillery fire was being blasted from the top of those hills and actually licked this building on fire above the fifth floor multiple times. —— lit this building on fire. iam given times. —— lit this building on fire. i am given a tour by hyro. during the war, he ran catering for the journalists stationed here. these days he is the executive director. who would normally win, the star for journalists? and so these were the goals, right?
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taping cloth? this is a piece of nostalgia right here. priceless. he's got a lead on him. 0k, he's got a lead on him. ok, this time you are keeper. 1-1, 1-1. through the legs. it is why canadians don't play football. can you tell us what role the hotel played during the war? and the hotel went through some recent renovations and the average person walking in would not see anything that reminded them of the war? hajro is very keen to emphasise how
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the hotel is looking forward to the future these days. but it isn't the only bosnian icon getting a shiny makeover. this long abandoned cable car network finally reopened just a few months ago. it has been out of use the war began. —— since the war began. this is one of the old cable cars, built for the olympics in 1984. it was left abandoned and fell into ruin during the siege, they still have one here on display. isla here is deeply in love with sarajevo, and she has agreed to take me up into the hills. so you can see all of sarajevo, every little bit? everything, all of its glory and beauty. the renovation of the cable car seems like a big dealfor the city. yes, it is. it is a symbol of
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the city, lots of people like that from the city centre you could go up the mountain in ten minutes, enjoy the mountain in ten minutes, enjoy the fresh air, beautiful nature, and then, again, you are in the heart of then, again, you are in the heart of the old town. the hills rpi were positions for serbian snipers and for artillery. there is a perfect view of most of sarajevo. 0nly for artillery. there is a perfect view of most of sarajevo. only in recent times have the landmines been cleared, but you can still see the odd military bunker. 0nce cleared, but you can still see the odd military bunker. once at the top, there is one more repurposed relic. the bob sites —— bobsled track. built for sarajevo's moment in the sun, the winter olympics in 1984. it has been richly decorated, and the colour and nature up here makes a wonderful ride. action! action! ready, steady, go. ready, not so steady. i think i might need more practice at this. we did quite a slow version, i
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think. you pick up speed really fast. that's the whole point, right? it is supposed to be a bobsled shooting down this. yeah, in the warrant was a shelter for the serbian army, that they used to shoot the city and everything. so u nfortu nately shoot the city and everything. so unfortunately it had that sad purpose. but i think all made things, to repaint it and everything, to make it morejoyful. with interesting activities like this do you think it is a step away from the memories of the war? yes, definitely. i think people are urging to go forward, not to think any more about war, to have a normal life, to have a decent life, next february we have the winter olympics aims for young ones. i think also, it isa aims for young ones. i think also, it is a good way to show that over here we are more than what happened 20 years ago. sarajevo feels very
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lightly touristed these days, particularly given its beauty. that is partly because the bigger budget airlines have yet to appear here. the moment they do, it all may change. but for now, exploring somewhere like the old town is a total delight. as you wander around you can hear people, ting, bending copper into coffee sets. you can smell the local meat dishes. and you wouldn't really expect there was a war herejust 25 wouldn't really expect there was a war here just 25 years ago. there are churches, mosques, synagogues. there is actually able to see all in this beautiful valley with this giant mountains. it is gorgeous. and there is a lot more to see here than just things that remind you of war. so if you are thinking you might
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come to bosnia—herzegovina, here are some things we think you should do. this year's sarajevo film festival is now under way in the capital and is now under way in the capital and is the highlight of smear‘s culture calendar. injust over 20 is the highlight of smear‘s culture calendar. in just over 20 years it has grown from a modest post—war reconstruction effort to one of the most important film festivals in europe. if you are not interested in the movies themselves, go for the atmosphere. the whole city becomes a live concerts and parties. it all happens mid—august every year. mosta r‘s happens mid—august every year. mostar‘s 16th century happens mid—august every year. mostar‘s16th century bridge is a stunning sitejust mostar‘s16th century bridge is a stunning site just ago and behold, but if you are in front added thrill, you can go for the diving championships onset in the raid. 0utside official condition times tours can have a go themselves, but you will have to pay to 5 euros to be mostar diving club and be fully trained beforehand. people are injured and even die, attending this twit for me to jump. it is injured and even die, attending this twit for me tojump. it is not something to be taken lightly. 40 kilometres south of the
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jawdropping brothers falls, you can, pecnik, swim in the late, all for you it does make less than four us dollars. there are canoeing options as well. even in the peak months the false never feel overcrowded. still to come on the travel show... houdet power is coming to a place for you. it could be seen as a first step to a new form of human mobility. and how ridesharing isn't just for the roads. look at this. this is tiny. so don't go away. this week i'm exploring sarajevo, the picturesque capital of bosnia herzegovina. there is one little cultural quirk i am keen to getting
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to grips with while i am here. bosnians at love their coffee. it is a little bit like turkish coffee, but there is a special trip to drink it. when it is served you might find it. when it is served you might find it all like this. and at first it is a little intimidating. wait, hold on. this looks like a mediaeval chemistry set. i have no idea what to do. you have some sherbet here, it comes with almost every food or drink, rose sherbet. like a rosewater. tasted. a little bit sweet. just to try to quench the coffee. at the coffee in like that. now, mike, before you go, it you have to hit one of these turkish delights. to it or don't get? no,
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no, you don't dunk its —— do i eat it or dump it. it is quite good. the hot coffee melds the turkish delight in your mouth. it starts spreading up in your mouth. it starts spreading up and you put the sugar in and the sugar will stay in your mouth. it is that sort of thing. it is all time. if you do that in a cafe here they will think you have bosnian roots or something. and this all goes in, or the bike. a loss of sugar in this region —— bike. the bike. a loss of sugar in this region -- bike. that is a loss of sugar. enjoy. still chewing. it is crunchy. it is now time for training travel, our regular pick of the top photos, videos, stories happening online this week. if you are in london are some you can experience the well‘s longest zip line, all the way from
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the uae. wearing a pair of goggles, visitors to zip now are transported to ruhs alka na, visitors to zip now are transported to ruhs alkana, it is billed as a world first, so we sent along rajani was there three years ago. it is very strange. i now a completely different universe. ——i am now. very strange. i now a completely different universe. --i am now. and if you want to test it out, it is open until september nine. all right. it is like being on another planet. security lines at the airport can be one of the most frustrating part of a trip. but things could be getting a lot easier with the new 3—d baggage scanners being trialled at heathrow and yield was the gasquet. with ruhs expected to last at least six more months it will be awhile before they become commonplace. but by now you'lljust have to keep on waiting. —— the trials. superhero transmit the real—life iron man, richard browning
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has a science fiction made reality just it has just gone on sale in has a science fiction made reality just it hasjust gone on sale in uk. with only nine seats available we ask if it is the future of travel. we started for the thrill of the challenge of something that is supposed to be impossible. it has been so successful and seen by millions all over the world we don't have this counter potential that it could be seen as one of the first steps to a new human mobility. this technology is not stopping you. -- here. moving on now to online travel videos. here are some great ones racking up the likes of this month. last week the travel show took lucy to south africa, where they are celebrating 100 years since the birth of nelson mandela. now we need two filmmakers, george and raj to under their experiences in the rainbow nation. —— to find out. under their experiences in the rainbow nation. —— to find outlj don't try to set up shops —— shots
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look at a specific things, with a country like south africa it is there in front of you. if you have a camera and the right tools you will do amazing things. i wasjust blown i was just blown away at what i was able to see and the beauty of the countryside and also adjusted made a loss of the people i met there, they we re loss of the people i met there, they were nice and welcoming. if you're planning on travelling to south africa always have your camera ready. it is also full of experiences that you can't quite prepare for. make sure to keep sending us your
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stories and photos of the places you live in the places you love. and, who knows, maybe next time you will be trending in trouble. in the 1920s and 30s, the frans's not this was the glitzy destination of choice for wealthy socialites. the birth of the jet and local travel means it has been overlooked ever since. it could be back on your radar. we sent to go and have a look. just outside of london is blackbushe airport. this is an quite what i was expecting, but i am told this is the airport. hello, paul. hello, how are you? good. the winsock is completely pointing downwards. it should be a
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smooth flight. i am sharing a flight with paul. he got his private pilots license 35 years ago. i don't know how you can fit four people. two in the front, tim aker in the back. look at this ——2. this is tiny. i sample through a website, think ebbo of the sirte —— skyers, sort of. you pick a date, destination, request is it, and pay. it is a number of late sharing platforms out there playing between general aviation airfields, which are often closer to town, so i have chosen a day trip to le touquet in france. we are in the air. my god. what do you love about flying?|j we are in the air. my god. what do you love about flying? i love getting out. i love the freedom of plaintive little airports in the
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middle of nowhere they would not normally get to go to. the able to share flights helps to pay for this rather expensive hobby and keep his flying hours up. it is a major thing. we get to fly at about a quarter of we normally do because passengers. how do you work out how much to charge passengers? there are only certain cost we can include, the higher of the plane, the fuel, fixed cost, but they get divided by the number of passengers in the plane. because you are not allowed to make any money out of this, are you? i am not a commercial pilot. my plane seat cost £150, but unlike a commercialflight plane seat cost £150, but unlike a commercial flight it is very weather dependent and could have been cancelled at a moment's notice if paul felt it wasn't safe to fly. flying over the channel now, french radio signals are coming through.
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welcome to france. my legs definitely feel a bit wobbly. i tell you what, i'm glad i did not have brea kfast you what, i'm glad i did not have breakfast this morning. le touquet was once a busy international hub, but now you need a private plane to fly here, so flatsharing is a great way to visit without blowing the budget. plus the airport is practically in town, so all you need is a bike, once you click customs, of course. tyler paul to tour guide paul. ready to go?|j think to tour guide paul. ready to go?” think so. i have got to ramble which side of the road to be on. yes. it isa side of the road to be on. yes. it is a quiet seaside town on frans's northern 0pal coast. the majority of visitors it as a french with some internationals. but that has not a lwa ys internationals. but that has not always been the case. le touquet,
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more and more they are doubling there, those endowed with more worldly goods than sense. from the 19205 worldly goods than sense. from the 1920s until the 19505 worldly goods than sense. from the 19205 until the 19505 it was this dumping ground for rich brits and the fashionable flying in. these days, if you want to go to the devil, you can go there for £10.m isa devil, you can go there for £10.m is a bit more now. i met up with alice, a local tour guide and historian. i recognise this guy. yes. sean connery. he went here in 1962, he signed his contract. yes. sean connery. he went here in 1962, he signed his contractm yes. sean connery. he went here in 1962, he signed his contract. it is also believed to le touquet ends by ian fleming two in —— write his first james bond novel ian fleming two in —— write his firstjames bond novel here, casino royale. have you noticed a shift in the type of people who come here quest i think they have noticed, for the last one or two years, people coming from further these days. before regular people were coming
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from paris, great britain as well, belgium. and now we get more and more people coming from further. it is getting more and more attractive. the town is now a mix of old british charm and french leisure, with hints of its bygone days. this 106 in ural chocolate shop is an institution here —— 106 chocolate shop is an institution here ——106in—year—old. confession time, may have gotten carried away in there. but it's not so good. but all good things come to an end. we have to be back before sunset because the airfield in britain has no runway lights to land. it looks like we made itjust in time. well, that is all for this week. but coming up next week... right in is travelling through japan's
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coming up next week... right in is travelling throuthapan's northern island. when he gets hands—on with the striking local food culture. island. when he gets hands—on with the striking localfood culture. and has the dubious honour of meeting one of its hungriest residence. in the meantime, don't forget you can follow us on social media, those accou nts follow us on social media, those accounts are found on our website. bromey and the rest of the travel show here in azaria ovo, it is goodbye —— from me. good morning. weekend weather coming up, but first, let us look back at friday, because it was a day of mixed fortunes, some heavy rain around for some. so much so that weather watchers had to shelter under hastings pier to get this dramatic shot. there was some sunshine to be found, particular cross the channel isles, as you can see at guernsey.
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there was this kind of changeable theme that moves us towards the weekend, in actual fact. something that will be quite important will be the feel of the weather. that is because we have these clear skies moving across us as we speak. the air direction coming from the north—westerly, quite quiet. the showers disappeared. not much in the way of significant weather to talk about. temperatures are falling away. that is worth bearing in mind if you are up and off early saturday morning. likely to see single figures, may be low single figures in rural spots. a chilly start to saturday. lots of sunshine around. that bodes well for day three of the cricket. it looks as though we could get a decent day's play in there. perfect weather conditions for spectators and players. we have already talked about the clear skies, plenty of sunshine around first thing on saturday. as we go through the day the cloud will gather into the south—west. rain putting into south—west england and wales, eventually into the midlands. clouding over a little bit. sunshine turning hazy. nevertheless, eastern areas staying dry, highest values potentially of 23 degrees. the breeze will pick up a little along the west facing coast as we start to see the rain arriving through the evening and the overnight period. the rain will push in. a few bursts through the night. there is a level of uncertainty
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as to how much wet weather we are likely to see on sunday. this area of low pressure still producing one or two headaches from time to time. it looks at the moment as though the rain is likely to linger first thing in the south—east. behind is that they will be quite a lot of cloud on sunday, a muggy humid feel for all. isolated showers. if we get some brightness then temperatures will start to respond. and they will start to pick up. generally speaking, we are looking at them sitting in the low 205. as we move out of sunday into monday, the area of low pressure still sitting out to the east. we are likely to see showers around. as we go through the week this ridge of high pressure will build. it is an improving picture. good morning welcome to breakfast with charlie stayt
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and tina daheley. 0ur headlines today. a daring new frontier for space exploration. it's lift—off for nasa's mision to the sun. the shutters come down on seven more m&s shops as the retailer battles to improve its fortunes. paul pogba unveils a new penalty technique as manchester united open the new premier league season with a win over leicester. # daddy cool. and we meet the men making dad dancing cool.
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