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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 11, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm BST

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hello, this is bbc news. the headlines: the manufacturer of one of britain's most popular weedkillers round—up is insisting that it is safe after a court in the united states awarded hundreds of millions of dollars in damages to a man who says it caused his cancer. an airline employee who stole an empty passenger plane from seattle airport is thought to have died after crashing on a nearby island. a bbc investigation finds police overtime spending has reached its highest level since 2013 as the number of officers continues to fall. the turkish president insists his country is not going bankrupt. the lira hit record lows against the dollar after president trump doubled tariffs on imports of turkish steel and aluminium. and officials in australia's most densely populated state, new south wales, say the army could be deployed to help farmers with the worst drought in living memory. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday.
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hello there. hello and welcome to sportsday with me olly foster and ben croucher. these are our headlines this evening. we've had goals in every premier league match today. dele gets the spurs winner at newcastle. it's been a tough week for the scottish champions. celtic are beaten at hearts. an all—round performance from chris woakes. a maiden test century helps england take control of the second test against india. also coming up in the programme: more british medals at the european championships, including gold and silver in the bmx in glasgow. and we'll be in berlin to see if dina can do the double? asher—smith goes for 200 gold tonight. hello there, we'll be live
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at the european championhips a little bit later, but it's been a busy day of football in england and scotland. it's the first premier league weekend of the season. two of the three sides that came up have lost. wolves are playing right now, and they are drawing against everton. the early kick—off was at st james' park. whilst many teams have rested their players who had a busy summer in russia, tottenham boasted seven world cup stars in their starting 11 against newcastle, including the golden boot winner harry kane and france's winning captain hugo lloris. they pushed their luck, but came away with a 2—1win. adam wild reports. the start of a new season at st james' park, but there were plenty for whom the football never really stopped. tottenham brought with them england heroes, world cup winners, the premier league welcoming back its stars of the summer. time then for some to readjust to their day job, confusing for a moment how close jan vertonghen got here, nine
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mm over the line. the goal given. as quick as that was, newcastle's response was even swifter. barely two minutes later, the black—and—white found space to get their season up and running. with six of the spurs sides involved up to the final weekend in russia, some fatigue could be forgiven. but not dele alli, it seems. his england captain harry kane the first to congratulate him. a second half full of chances, the best falling to newcastle. hitting the post here, equally unlucky here. spurs with the win, rejuvenated it seems by their summer break. adam wild, bbc news. iamso i am so happy because it is not easy to provide them good rest, good
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holidays to be ready to compete. and now it is up to us to create this environment and provide them the best chance to improve. we just have more. i think the team was working hard from the very beginning against a really good team. we conceded, we reacted well and then conceded again, and the reaction in the second half was really good. you could see our players having chances and pushing and not giving up, so that is the positive. a winning start for spurs and there have been plenty of winners today. ben has all the details. six games in total today. new chelsea boss mauricio sarri got his first taste of english football in the community shield last weekend. defeat to manchester city then, but a solid start to their premier league campaign. a comfortable 3—0 win at thejohn smiths stadium against huddersfield. not sure if you had n'golo kante as the first scorer. he volleyed chelsea ahead. a bit of a shinner, but they all count. new signing jorginho opened his account from the penalty spot with the most confident penalty you'll see. the 19th chelsea player to score
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on his premier league debut. pedro wrapped it up with ten minutes remaining. the game was more difficult than you can think, if you seem to think it was a very easy game, a very easy match. but in the first half, it was very difficult. you said in the week it will take two to three months to get the best of this team. do you think you can do it faster than that? i hope so. it depends on me, it depends on the players. it is not so easy for me at this moment. but maybe two months instead of three. we got beaten by top quality today, but the players have done a very good job in terms of desire and mentality. they have shown togetherness and commitment. i have seen enough to be confident for this premier league season because we will not always meet
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teams with this top quality, but the mentality was there. and if you like to have something out of this game, the small matches have to go in your favour. so what of the newly promoted teams then? cardiff are the bookies favourites to go down. and life back at the top table after four years in the championship ended with a 2—0 defeat to bournemouth. callum wilson scored the second, having had a first half penalty saved. ryan fraser got the first from close range. it's the first time bournemouth have picked up three points on the opening day of the premier league. for cardiff and manager neil warnock, a relatively quiet transfer window and a far from ideal start. they know they have been in the game. they are an established team in the premiership. we could have got a result here on another day. it has given us a lot of... we were looking for this season. we did have one to two lads a bit nervous today in the first 15 minutes. i think once that rebel, we settled down and
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got a few injuries today, a few players they could not play. so it really bodes well i think the future. much is expected of fulham this season. they came up via the playoffs, spent over £100 million over the summer. seven summer signings started their opening game at craven cottage. but they lost 2—0 to crystal palace. roy hodgson turned 71 in the week, and he returned to his former club and will go back to south east london with all three points. jefffrey schlupp opened the scoring against the run of the play in the first half before wilfried zaha's late strike. fulham's slavisa jokanovic may feel a little hard done by. more possession. more shots. maybe could have had a penalty when andre schurlle went down. ultimately came to nothing. it isa it is a shame because he wanted to start the premier league with good results. the other side showed positive things. of course, we show some negative things, too. we showed
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we can be brave. we follow our style and move the ball and creates an challenge —— chances. and the team has to stay together and keep going. in the other 3pm kick—off, watford beat brighton 2—0 thanks to a brace from midfielder roberto peirera. he scored just five goals last season, but is already up and running with ease. the last time watford lost their opening game of the season, back in 2006. in the late kick—off, wolves are being tipped by many to be best of the rest outside the top six. last year's championship winners are facing everton, another side who were busy in the transfer window. wolves' portuguese manager nuno espirito santo picked five portuguese players in his starting line—up. everton‘s new boss marco silva picked richarlison, signed from watford, and he scored the first goal at molyneux. they have had philjagielka sent off though. ruben neves scored a stunner from the resulting free kick. the latest door five minutes into half number two, tied at one. that's all of today's games taken care of. tomorrow the likes of liverpool, arsenal and defending champions manchester city will all be up
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and running, too, 0lly. iam sure i am sure there will be. many thanks indeed for now. it's the second weekend in the scottish premiership, and hearts are the early leaders with two wins out of two. they beat the champions celtic 1—0, kyle lafferty's stunning volley sealing it for the home side, asjoe lynskey reports. even in august, football is never on the fringe in edinburgh, especially as celtic come here. last year, hearts ended the champions' 69—match unbeaten streak. celtic out to banish memories, but the striker took the chance by himself, but he could not find the corner. hearts lucky not to fall behind and soon lucky not to have ten men. this one of seven bookings in this match, but the hot tempers soon fuelled a most emphatic finish.
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this is kyle lafferty, the northern ireland international, who found a way through. he has now scored against them four times in a row. it was all strangely below par from brendan rodgers's side. this near miss the closest they got. it meant celtic‘s earliest league defeat in 12 seasons, but hearts's stirring start sees them atop the early standings. in this part of the capital, there is a festival in town and belief in the air. joe lynskey, bbc news. three other matches in the scottish premiership. aberdeen won 1—0 at dundee, gary mackay steven with a late penalty. gaoless bewteen livingstone and kilmarnock, and steven boyd scored a screamer for hamilton at motherwell in their 1—0 victory. west bromwich albion got their first win in three games in the championship. they edged a seven—goal thriller at norwich. aston villa came from behind to beat wigan 3—2 with an injury time winner. there were also wins for middlesbrough, who sit top of the table with seven points, nottingham forest, sheffield united, rotherham and swansea. derby and leeds kicked off at 5:30pm. into the second half and leads ahead
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2-1. --. after two days of rain interrupted play at lord's, england have made the most of the sunshine on the third day of the second test against india. they had a wobbly start before a big partnership between jonny bairstow and chris woakes saw them build a very healthy first innings lead. patrick gearey has more. it all seemed so calm. after yesterday's storm damage, a short sunlit stroll would take england beyond india's total. but a right leg betrayal, lbw, letters that would recur. and this cop from behind at 32—2. not long before another lbw, the new boy up trapped at 28. this twojoe root, different bowler, same result. that finger again. it accounted forjos buttler, too, an unsettled test that has a more rain and runs. in that context,
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jonny bairstow and his 50 was a fortune. no other man had gone that fork in the match but chris woakes was catching on. he cashed in on a tiring india and england began building a commanding lead. they knew time and weather could be against them so they got on with things. racing ahead here, chris woa kes's things. racing ahead here, chris woakes's first things. racing ahead here, chris woa kes's first test things. racing ahead here, chris woakes's first test 100 scored on his group —— return to the team in place of ben stokes. now for ba i rstow‘s place of ben stokes. now for bairstow‘s big moment, denied 100 by athletic magic. many bairstow could appreciate this as a keeper himself. and when probably had enough runs already but chris woakes keen to top them up. halted again by bad light with conditions curtailing cricket again. we'll england have the time left in the test to finish the job? confirmation then of a fine day for chris woakes and england. they have moved on to 357—6, that's a lead of 250. woakes 120 not out. sam curran unbeaten on 20.
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mixed forecast for tomorrow. it's the penultimate day of the european championships. plenty of atheltics to look forawrd to later in berlin. we'll be live there in a moment, but first let's head to glasgow, holly hamilton is there. more british medals there holly and in the last half an hour, in edinburgh, too, in the diving pool. yes, another british 1— to hear today in a diving pool. this is somewhere british athletes have enjoyed a fair amount of success at these european championships so far. but this time, it was great to read, who saved the best until last. her fifth and final dive in the three metre springboard was enough to clinch a gold—medal for the athletes and her team—mate, she was fourth in qualifying and she came through to ta ke
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qualifying and she came through to take the silver medal. really impressive dives and really impressive dives and really impressive performance from both of them. and add both of those metals do that silver medal that was one in the diving pool earlier on today by a pair in the ten metre mixed synchro. that means that britain has w011 synchro. that means that britain has won ten medals. in a pool at this european championships, which believe it or not, there are still two more events in the diving pool still to come, so he could see more success still to come, so he could see more success for britain in the diving pool tomorrow as well. and there was another british 1— to earlier this morning. it started in the men's bmx final, over at the bmx centre, the only venue that has been built purpose built for the european championships here in glasgow. it was a bridge to cross the line first. kyle evans surged clear in that deciding race and an 18—year—old, his first year in senior competition, his —— him
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holding off the french world champion to take silver. but why result for kyle evans, who has endured eight surgeries to reach the pinnacle of the sport. coming back from disappointment at the quarterfinals in rio dejaneiro as well, we delighted with that gold—medal of course. no success, i'm afraid in the women's final after bethany shreve or came eighth in her semifinal. but more medal success in her semifinal. but more medal success right behind me at the hydro in the men team gymnastics which featured the olympic champion. it was very tight in the end between russia and britain leading up to the very end, into the last piece of apparatus. the horizontal bar. but i am afraid dominic cunningham, first up am afraid dominic cunningham, first upfor am afraid dominic cunningham, first up for britain fell twice his routine. james hall was second up, he also fell which really left the door open for russia and it meant
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three consistent routines for them question their score to the top of leaderboard, giving them that gold—medal and a silver for britain. still a fantastic result and just one more piece of metal news to give you before i go. this time at gleneagles in golf, the great britain group three has taken silver there and tonight, the next triathlon still ongoing. the final oven to take place here in glasgow before the final of competition tomorrow. many thanks to holly hamilton in glasgow. :et‘s look ahead to the atheltics, ade adedoyin is at the olympic stadium, a quieter day so farfor great britain. just two events for britain, but tom bosworth did finish seventh in the reservoir, the best finish for a british athlete since1974. no
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british athlete since 1974. no action on british athlete since1974. no action on the track to give me a chance to catch up with catherine, who got silver in he habitat flight yesterday. we have the olympic and world champion. and her score total was a personal best and also enough to get a medal in the olympics and world championships. she said that will have her in good stead for the next three years with the olympic games sam acho between two world championships. it was a world-class field. there, it wasjust europe. major convictions with strong days and the tough schedule is impressive and the tough schedule is impressive andl and the tough schedule is impressive and i was glad i was able to show that. but i do want to push and push and push and reach potential. we compete in events like this, do you learn and reflect. learn in terms of challenges you face in the way you ove i’co iti e challenges you face in the way you overcome them. i learned a lot and definitely every single heptathlon. all the mistakes i make definitely every single heptathlon. allthe mistakes i make in definitely every single heptathlon. all the mistakes i make in the past are illuminated with these have teflon i do. so i'm excited tojust
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continue that. looks like another good crowd in tonight for this evening's session. we are keeping oui’ evening's session. we are keeping our eyes peeled to see if a double, to see if she can it successfully defend her 200 title. going to be really exciting race. not only to defend her title also trying to become the first brit to do a sprint double in the european championships. one 809 going up against against the two—time world champion who has a bit of a point to prove herself because she felt when the 100 metres. in terms of other events, we have before about 400 metre relays, that will feature a man and women's team for britain. the man very good and qualifying and they also have matthew hudson smith in the quartet. women also very good and highly on the back straight, you cannot see them on the camera but women worming up cannot see them on the camera but women worming up for the long jump. that features three british athletes. potential for a gold in
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that event as well. should be another great night for athletics. many thanks indeed. let's have a quick look at some of the other stories around today and the final major on the golfing calendar has been affected by the weather in the last 24 hours. it meant rory mcilroy was among the players who had to finish his second round this morning in st louis, but it worked in his favour with two birdies on the back nine taking him to 3—under par, still seven shots off the leader gary woodland, who starts his third round later today. mcilroy is back out for his third round now. this is how the latest leaderboard looks. mcilroy has moved to 2—under. tiger woods is also out on course. five under par, one under today. leader gary woodland tees off in an hour with kevin kisner, who was runner up at the open. us open champion brooks koepka and major—less rickie fowler are two shots off the lead. leeds secured a dominant win over second—tier toulouse in their first match of super league's qualifiers.
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leeds finished ninth in the regulation season and ran in nine tries in a 48—22 win. this is the eight—team stage of the season that decides who plays in super league next season. championship leader marc marquez will start the austrian moto gp from pole after a thrilling qualifying at the red bull ring. the spaniard claimed the top spot on the grid byjust two—thousandths of a second from andrea dovizioso. britain's cal crutchlow will start from fifth. let's just get back to the european championships. tomorrow, the republic of ireland will be looking to secure a first senior european medal in gymnastics. rhys mcclenaghan is representing them in glasgowjust a few months after he became the commonwealth champion for northern ireland. it hasn't been easy for the 19—year—old, though, at one point this year he had to train in his own back garden. our olympic sports reporter david mcdaid has been to dublin to meet ireland s rising star,
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some fine tuning for the commonwealth's best. in april, he sent shock waves through the sport. going for ireland. well done, son. winning the commonwealth gold and beating the world and olympian champion max whitlock. that was a huge deal for me. let alone take the top spot from him. i think i proved myself that i can be myself that i can be up there with the best in the world. i want to keep pushing and keep getting bigger results that gold—medal. and those who know and feel much better results will come. i get to see traits of champions and i see that with rhys. i believe he can be the best in the world. when, i did not know just yet, but i believe he has the mental strength and the talent strength
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and the talent to be able to push it toworld and olympic gold. i do believe that. the month up to these european championships has not been seamless, though. the commonwealth champion gymnast says he is having to train his back garden. he left his usual training base after his coach was made redundant by the gymin bangor. with no option, he was forced it relocated to dublin to a new base. it has been a little bit challenging to say the least, but i had a world cup in turkey a few weeks later and won that. so i feel it shows to myself and everyone else what i can do and everyone else what i can do in a tough situation. now he is aiming to show europe what he can do and make more history for his country. ireland has never won a senior european medal. there must be a great carrot for you go out and take.
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yes, it is. i won ireland's first—ever medal in the juniors and i want to be the first to win a medal in seniors and why not make it a gold—medal? and if self—belife won medals, the gold would already be his. for a lot of children, there's nothing more embarrassing than their dad trying to dance. but dancing is a great way of getting fit, so a group of men in brighton have decided to shrug off the shame and they've become so confident that they've performed in front of 1500 people. mike bushell has been to train with the quirkily named "outta puff daddys". they eat to the beat in michael's house, where music be the food of love and all the myths about embarrassing dads dancing go out the window, most of the time. because it's notjust around the kitchen that michael is moving
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to the rhythm. after moving to brighton from wales, hejoined a dads' dancing group to give him a social life and to get his fitness back. together, they form quite a force, turning heads here on the seafront on a hot summer's night and once a week, it is time for the outta puff daddys to take to the dance floor. come to think of it, i'm a daddy. i can't really dance, so... five, six, seven, eight! it really changed my life in terms of the fact that it is easy to become very lonely. i'm not part of any sports or activities like that. there's something about the energy of the music and the dancing and people doing the same thing at the same time. you can't help but smile and feel good about yourself. this is only the warm—up and already, i'm mentally challenged
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as well as physically getting a real, real workout. it all started seven years ago when a former strictly dance fever contestant wanted to encourage more dads who took their children to dance classes to learn themselves. now they perform every year at the brighton dome and next spring at brighton's football ground to raise awareness about prostate cancer. we practised in secret and when it came to the show, we heard some of the people in the crowd laughing and pointing. "that's my dad!" and then at the end, we had a standing ovation. the whole idea was to break the stigma of dads dancing, to perform on a stage like that in front of 1500 people, an amazing experience. big chest! i am a london taxi driver. it gives me an escape to come down and dance with the lads and have a bit of a laugh.
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this is it. half an hour later, we're ready to put it into a dance. the great thing about doing this in a group, if you make a mistake, you can pretty much hide like someone else over there. this means anyone can do it. we know kids don't want to dance with their dads or see their dads dancing but my girls were brilliant, they told me to do it. i lost about two or three stone and i went to the doctor's because i was worried i was losing too much weight, they found out i was doing dancing, it was probably the reason. that was just a 30—second piece of dancing and so many moves to remember. mikey getting all the good gigs. if
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we open mikey getting all the good gigs. if u mikey getting all the good gigs. if we open up in manchester, you'll be first in the queue. i'm going to brighton in the next uas but if i see that lock, i am running away. all for charity, so brilliant stuff. we have a goal, walls drawing 1—1 against everton, who is down to ten men toward the end of the first half but richard allison has scored a second for everton. and they are leading 2—1 with about 25 minutes left against wells. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more at 7:30pm. see you then. hello the reserves last night across scotla nd hello the reserves last night across scotland and northern ireland close to freezing. we have more clout and
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working its way north. not getting to scotland the clear skies in the shetland and fairly cool here with not very much rain getting to the far southeast of england and east anglia. temperature difference tonight noticeable, 12 associate the overnight low. some rain around that fear —— clearing fairly early for northern ireland. drive for the rest of the day. that rain works its way north across scotland slowly. behind the rain isn't sunshine but also a chance of sharp thundershowers in the afternoon. quite breezy for the western isles of scotland. elsewhere a gentle and moderate breeze. temperatures to mar between 1922 for england, wales and northern ireland but 14 of the 16 port scotland. keep that rain for much of the day. outbreaks of rain for monday and tuesday, dry and warm. this is bbc news, i'm chris rogers. the headlines at 7. the manufacturer of one of britain's most popular weedkillers insists it is safe after a us court awards huge damages to a man who says it caused his cancer. an airline employee who stole
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an empty passenger plane from seattle airport is thought to have died after crashing on a nearby island. a bbc investigation finds police overtime spending has reached its highest level since 2013 as the number of officers continues to fall. the president of turkey insists his country is not going bankrupt, despite what he calls its economic war with the united states. also coming up — the art of stone stacking. but does piling stones on our beaches spoil the environment, or is it harmless artistic expression? and britain secure gold and silver in the men's bmx final
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