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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 12, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm BST

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hello this is bbc news with shaun ley. the headlines this hour. a shooting at a street party in manchester's moss side area is being treated as attempted murder after 10 people including two children were wounded. police believe a shotgun with pellets was used in the incident. nasa's daring solar probe mission has successfully launched from cape canaveral in florida after the launch was called off yesterday. the mission will analyse the sun's atmosphere for the first time. the afghan army is joined by more british troops in kabul in a move which raises the uk military presence in the country to over a thousand. and family members of the 29 people killed in the omagh bombing attend a memorial service 20 years on from the car bomb attack in the country tyrone town. thank you for your company this evening, don't forget, at the top of the outlaw, chris rogers will be here with all of the news. —— at the
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top of the hour. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. live from the bbc sport centre, i'm chris mitchell. coming up for you on sportsday. they've still got it... the champion's continue where they left off last season. it was raining wickets at lords where england ease to victory in the second test against india. and, twists turn into gold for great britain on the floor at the european championships, and we'll be live in berlin for the last night on the track. manchester city have started the defence of their premier league title with a convincing win away at arsenal. a great solo effort
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from raheem stirling kickstarted their 2—0 victory. silva made it 2—0 and ruined the start of a new reign in london. ben croucher reports. not much difference from the previous error, unai emery‘s first game in charge since taking over from arsene wenger, raheem sterling putting manchester city ahead early on. better check denied a goal on the first game for the debutant. unai emery‘s players not quite on the same wavelength yet. sergio aguero normally buries these, less than a minute later, bernardo silva showed him just how to do it, too— zero, two easy, emphatic start for
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pep guardiola and manchester city's title defence, new error at the emirates stadium, same questions remain. in general, we make an excellent performance. a lot of players with a lack of physicality, more than two seasons together. we we re more than two seasons together. we were impressive in the middle and at the back. good performance in general. liverpool have started their season with an impressive win over west ham with mo salah opening the scoring and there were more to come at anfield as adam wild reports. at anfield, the fans sing of having hopein at anfield, the fans sing of having hope in their hearts, it's been some yea rs hope in their hearts, it's been some years since those hopes have been higher. there is a real belief that this liverpool sides now has what it
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ta kes to this liverpool sides now has what it takes to challenge the very best, in the first half, they had more than enough for west ham united, mo salah remains the source of much of that optimism. liverpool dominant and finding more space than even they would have hoped for, sadio mane scoring a second before half—time. such a lead was no more than they deserve, west ham united's chances view and fleeting for a club that has invested heavily, this was a disappointing return, little resistance. sadio mane was possibly offside here, but his finish was as emphatic as the scoreline was becoming. such was their competence, mo salah was substituted, his replacement, daniel sturridge, adding a fourth with his very first touch. far more difficult tests lie ahead, but liverpool high hopes have grown higher. we played as good as possible today. a really good preseason in the premier league season. preseason in the premier league
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season. that is the plan. not finished. a lot of players, rest of the season. it was good. not surprisingly good, but, of course, better than i could have expected. we knew before the game, that it was very difficult, not only for the first game, against liverpool, because we played four of the other big teams in the first five or six games. but recognising that liverpool played better than us is difficult. when you concede four. little to get excited about at st mary's, southampton and bernie played out a goalless draw. but the saints boss was happy with what he saw, especially in the first time. —— southampton and burnley. i like ilike ourshape i like our shape in the first half,
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we got pressure up the pitch, better for it in the second half, we controlled, move it about a lot more than we were able to. really had a good number of chances in the second half to win the game. overall, please with the first outing against a team that is ahead of us in terms of competitive action.|j a team that is ahead of us in terms of competitive action. i felt, arguably, in the first 65, 70 minutes, it was a point that we could have turned into all free. please with the football. continually looked to shift the team in different ways, different styles we hope can be effective. today, a lot of good passages, good openings, i'iow lot of good passages, good openings, now and again you need a marginal decision, maybe. quick confirmation of the results. steven gerrard's smart, unbeaten run at rangers continues. the former liverpool captain
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saw his side get their first premiership win of the season easing to a win over st mirren. 2—0 it finished. rangers has ross mccrorie sent off in the first half too, so a win with io—men. in the day's other game stjohnstone and hibs drew i—i. england have won the second test match against india to give them a 2—0 lead in the 5—match series. with rain and bad light threatening to curtail the match the hosts eased to victory winning by an innings and 159 runs. patrick gearey reports. the sunday morning waiting game, needing to get their skates on, england came out with their pads on, leaving bowling too later, even with the threat of rain. first 30 minutes, took runs however they can, urgent, not elegant. time ticking on, rain getting closer, sam curran took one risk to many, joe root called them in, england declared, time to bowl. england went out —— india went out into the storm, murali vijay has not managed a run from the back, becoming the 100
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wicket forjimmy anderson at lord's. the next two exit was rahul, in room 101. india needed shelter, it came from the rain, again, not only for a while, when they came back out, stuart broad carried the second wind for england, first, regina rahane, well caught, then punjab, no assistance required, as so often, the india captain had to carry his team, but he had a bad back, could not bear the load, called by ollie pope on his debut, next ball, dinesh karthik, broad was on a hat—trick, he knew the chances were gone, chris woa kes removed hardik he knew the chances were gone, chris woakes removed hardik pandya, anderson did what anderson does. the final ambush was fittingly chris woakes‘s, fourth wicket of the match after the century yesterday, in the end, neither india nor the weather could make england wait. the european athletics
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championships concludes on the track tonight in berlin with dina asher smith going for a treble. must be relayed to nine. the treble is really on, britain have qualified for the final, and they did not even have dina asher—smith. she was given a rest. faster than the dutch and the swiss. strong portent, really bodes well for dina asher—smith getting three gold medals. the dutch have a strong quartet, world champions from london 27, and they are on track at the moment, lane six, just settling into the blocks. this features a very strong portent, gold in london, 2017, strong
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favourites to win gold here. hush descends around the arena, we may be able to dip into the commentary team from the bbc. commentator: decent start from c], good start from the netherlands as well. czech republic. watch the change. hughes, just watching turkey, cracking start, great britain, adam gemili. turkey in there. bad hand for turkey. adam gemili, round the top bend. rediscovering top form. netherlands and turkey are the other two teams, bringing them home. great britain with it. netherlands second. 37.8 four. not a bad little run out. just
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outside the championship record. britain's four by 100 m men through, chance that britain could win the gold in the men's and women's. in half an hour, laura muir will attempt to do what no british female has ever won, when the 1500 meter gold, not even dame kelly holmes has done that. what a night it could be on the track. enjoy the last night. mixed fortunes for britain's gymnasts at the european championships. max whitlock missed out making an uncharacteristic mistake but britain found gold on the floor in glasgow as holly hamilton reports. final day, final gold rush, five british gymnasts competing in a final in the men's apparatus, first up, dominic cunningham on the floor with a near—perfect routine. up, dominic cunningham on the floor
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with a near-perfect routine. he's coming of age! nervous wait for the school followed. follow that, coming of age! nervous wait for the schoolfollowed. follow that, if coming of age! nervous wait for the school followed. follow that, if you can. none of them could, it meant a gold medalfor can. none of them could, it meant a gold medal for cunningham. can. none of them could, it meant a gold medalfor cunningham. crazy, i tell you what, this is what dreams are made of, last time i was there i was watching the competition on the floor, i have just become the european champion on the floor. up next, max whitlock could be olympic champion, following suit on the pommel horse. strong start, this mistake proved costly. he will struggle to get a medal. no such problems for commonwealth champion rhys mccla na han, problems for commonwealth champion rhys mcclanahan, northern irishman, who beat whitlock earlier this year, adding in another superb performance to ta ke adding in another superb performance to take gold medal for ireland. another commonwealth champion took to the rings, no goalfor great britain's courtney tell it, he had to settle for bronze. some more medal success, final day of competition, over in edinburgh, twists and turns in the diving full.
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in the women's three metres synchro, britain were achingly close to adding to their medal haul. topping the leaderboard with just one dive to go, but then this happened. —— courtney tulloch. 0h to go, but then this happened. —— courtney tulloch. oh no, no, no. from first to fourth, no medal by britain's divers were still looking back on this championships as a success. back on this championships as a success. meanwhile, gleneagles, second medal for the self—proclaimed underdogs, mclaren and thompson, beating fellow brits georgia hall and laura davies in the bronze medal match in the women's team competition. studio: we can stay with golf, because the final round of championship is underway in missouri. a packed leaderboard with tiger woods and ireland's shane lowryjust four shots off the lead. held by the american brooks koepka at 12—under par.
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shane lowry yet to win a major but has come close. wins for liverpool and manchester city. england win the second test. gold on the floor in glasgow and the pga championship still to come. we'll have more throughout the evening. hello, and welcome to the film review, taking us through this week ‘s cinema releases, jason solomons. what have you got for us? this week we go to beirut, 1982, its mad men in the middle east, john hammond tries to negotiate the release of a
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hostage in the negotiator. ——jon hamm. big angry goldfish coming up, jason statham gets his teeth into the meg, a prehistoric shark is on the loose, can he save us from it. and a rare cinematic trip to paraguay, a film called heiresses. late flowering freedom among older women. let's start with the negotiator, bond or horn meets mad men. this is written by tony gilroy, he wrote the first four bourne films, and directed one himself. he is good on cia negotiations, mad men, don draper, one of the great television characters of our time. played jon hamm by, he left television after that series to go to the movies and i don't think he's ever had a part that matches don
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draper, very few around, now he plays mason stiles, not a great name, not as good as don draper but he is enjoying the high life in 1970 beirut when a terror incident remains his life, and family, and ten yea rs remains his life, and family, and ten years later, cuts to him, washed up ten years later, cuts to him, washed up alcoholic, settling small trade disputes in no town america, propping up the local bar, that is when he gets a strange tap on the shoulder and the cia tried to recruit him again. $6,500 and a first class ticket. i wouldn't go back to beirut if it was the last place on earth. flight leaves at 8:45pm tonight. well, it sounds like you've got about six hours to find somebody else. i was told that is not an option. look, i have no idea what's happening here.
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it would be a lot easier for both of us if i did. but, er... i was told to tell you that... time is extremely tight and the agency would be deeply grateful for your cooperation. it's a serious request, they know that. tell them i don't have a passport. they put one in there with the ticket. so what do you make of it, jason? well, off he goes to beirut and he's given a handler called sandy, a local cia operative, played by rosamund pike, with a succession of cold stares, which helps him through the rubble of beirut. this film is really good on the atmosphere of the crumbling town that beirut has become, because it's been seized from all sides, jewish militia on one side, muslims, christians, thejewish negotiations with the israelis. we don't know who's got the hostage — is it the plo, is it the various militias? it was an extraordinary time in the middle east. i don't know if you were out there as a news correspondent... i was, i was sent to beirut actually in the ‘80s. john mccarthy had just been kidnapped. it was just a terrifying time.
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so hostage—taking was all the rage, in a way, terry waite and john mccarthy, and that's the era we are in here, especially with the americans trying to horse trade. they wanted the release of another terrorist. it becomes a moral maze as well as a kind of bond scenario. the tension is great. it's a real game of poker, which is what mason skiles is really good at, and that's whatjohn hamm excels at. he's got this sort of sweaty, intense desperation. one thing that's refreshing about the film is it's a lot of adults talking a lot. the action is not as much as it would be in a bourne, although that's there, but a lot of it is about the negotiations and the quick—talking and shady characters. you never know who to trust or not. there is always going to be a switcheroo and a double—cross at the end. it's available in cinemas and on download as well today, and it's called beirut in some territories. if you are looking for the negotiator, sometimes it's called beirut.
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that's a bit confusing! there you go. let's move on to the meg, which is definitely called just the meg, about a prehistoric shark. it sounds like a watery version ofjurassic park. yeah, i thought it might be like a dance inspired by meg ryan in katz‘s deli doing that fake orgasm, but it's not. it's just jason statham taking on a prehistoric shark, which has been awoken from the sea bed by a billionaire sea explorer. jason, who plays a deep sea rescuer, obviously, goes down in his submersible to try and save people stranded at the bottom, but they awake this shark. something huge is out there, they say. yes, it is. there's this huge shark, like jaws after a lot of fish food. he's got bigger and bigger. almost too big — you can't really see the monster that well. it's almost not as scary as it should be, but there are moments where it leaves teeth marks
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on the glass, and that is a scary fish! that doesn't deter statham, who dives in. he was a former diver, actually, in his previous career, before he became an action hero. so the watery stuff he's really good at, diving off boats, taking on the shark with his captain ahab moment. look, it's a silly, popcorn, summer blockbuster movie, and it does deliver on all of those. interestingly, although it's about a prehistoric monster, it's probably the future of blockbusters, with a lot of chinese characters in it, because that's the burgeoning market. and it's set in some chinese resort, a swishy chinese resort where there are a lot of people in the water and they need to get out pretty quick before the shark comes. but statham will be there to save them, don't worry, and if you are worried, as seems to be contractually obliged, in alljason statham films, he does get his top off at some point. it's up to you to decide if that's anything to do with it. all right. thank you very much for that. and then we've got the heiresses, which is a spanish drama. even more unusual than that, it's a paraguayan drama. i'm not sure i've ever seen a film from paraguay. we've had a great latin american new wave of films from chile
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at the moment, argentina and brazil over the last 15 years. this is the first from paraguay and, if this is anything to go by, i hope there's a lot more to come. it's called the heiresses, and it's a really extraordinary story about two women who live in a crumbling mansion in the capital of paraguay. that's a good question — what's the capital of paraguay? er... it's asunci n. of course, i did know that. it was on the tip of my tongue. ecuador? no. so in asunci n, and i've never really seen it in the cinema before, but it's obviously a capital that is riven by inequality, so there's the wealthy area, where this is set, and it's about class privilege, but it's also about a female couple who live in a house they've clearly inherited, but they are coming up on hard times. one of them might be sent to prison for tax evasion, so they are selling off the family silver. ok, it looks pretty atmospheric. it is. the atmosphere is really good, the cinematography, the kind of crumbling nature of this area, but also the faces that we get. one of the women that
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we see there is chela. when her partner gets sent to jail, that prison is very evocative. it's a chaotic space with poorer people. she ends up sort of ferrying richer women around, because they don't trust local taxi drivers in paraguay. in most of south america, a risk of kidnap is a major thing. there's a lot of it about this week in the movies. she becomes a sort of local taxi driverfor the rich, the ladies who lunch in this area driverfor the rich, discovers a freedom when she gets behind the wheel of a car, a late—flowering romance with another woman called angie, who she finds rather sensual and striking, played by ana ivanova. the woman, chela, won the best actress at the berlin film festival earlier this year for her performance. it's her first screen performance ever. that's how rare cinema is in paraguay. she's been a stage actress all her life and this is her first ever screen appearance. you'd never know. she's brilliant. i hope there is more from paraguay. it's a very tender, atmospheric and suggestible film. it is very slight and you have
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to read between the lines, a lot of glances and looks, but i thought it was excellent and a really impressive debut. probably the film of the week. 0k. jason, best out at the moment? the best film out at the moment, i know there is mamma mia and mission impossible, but if you are looking for a sort of small british success, there is a film called apostasy, which is out at the moment. again, a rare glimpse into a society i'd never seen on camera before. it's jehovah's witnesses. the writer and director of this, dan kokotajlo, was a jehovah's witness growing up and he's sort of now showing what it's like in there. if you've ever wondered what it's like — and it's notjust the jehovah's witnesses, it's any religion, any sect where the intensity, children are growing up and splitting from the mother and questioning things... you rarely see a british film that's actually about religion or about faith, and that's what this is. i thought it was brilliant. fantastic performances from molly wright and siobhan finneran, who plays the mother. a brilliant glance into a bit of british society which, you think you've seen it all, you haven't. and a quick look at the best dvd. a big change of pace here! i'm going for peter
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rabbit, which is out. not anything immediately to do with beatrix potter, which i always found a bit twee, be honest. this is james corden voicing beatrix potter's fluffy—tailed hero, and i think he does it rather well. i think it's funny. it got terrible reviews when it came out, including from me, and i've since seen it with my kids and i think it's really funny. they love it, it's got a lot of energy, and it's kind of anarchic and funny, and very well done in many places, with lots of characters for the animals. it's a very funny film, and i'm sorry i gave it a bad review in the first place. i'm retracting that and saying it's good. jason, you've changed your mind. thank very much indeed, jason. that is it for this week. thank you for watching the film review. bye— bye. some sunshine yesterday but today is
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a slightly different story, outbreaks of rain, this weather watcher picture from lincolnshire sums up the afternoon. some sunshine around but the best of the sunshine today has been reserved for shetland and orkney, that is well to the north of these fronts, which will continue there very slow progress is through this evening and overnight, further outbreaks of patchy rain and potentially heavy and locally thundery showers. this is where it has been falling in the last three or four hours, central and northern scotland, showery rain, eastern coast of england, these clusters of showers, across north—west england, into wales, south—west england, which will work east through the evening and overnight, local thunderstorms, warnings in place for those. clea rest bells, warnings in place for those. clearest bells, northern ireland, far south of wales. a lot of cloud, rain continuing to work nor through central and northern parts, lows
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overnight between ten and 15 celsius. on into tomorrow morning, area of low pressure still around, by this age, lingering along eastern parts of scotland and england. still some showery rain, easing away, rumble of thunder, flash of lightning. rain across scotland trying to push north, tending to fizzle out as it does, more cloud, dryer and clear skies for shetland tomorrow. elsewhere, sunny spells, scattering of showers, heavy and thundery and places. temperatures between 20 and 23 celsius, more like the mid to high teams where we keep frequent showers across parts of scotland. into tuesday, driest and sunniest of weather across central, southern and eastern parts, some showers developing across parts of northern ireland, western and northern scotland, cool fields of the day, best of sunshine, temperatures climbing to 25, 20 six. northwest southeast split into the middle part of the week,
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north—western parts of the uk are close to these this pressure. i pressure further south and east keeping things dry and settled. through wednesday, wet and windy weather, dry and still quite warm across england and wales but eventually, some parts of england and wales will see some showers as we going to thursday and a fresher feel. quite windy at times, the ticket early on wednesday, showers, longer spells of rain. this is bbc news. i'm chris rogers — the headlines at 7:00. police in manchester say a shotgun was probably used in a shooting in the city's moss side area last night — 12 people, including two childern, sustained pellet—type injuries. thankfully, whilst the injuries are serious, they are not life—threatening. that is more luck
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than anything else. we could be investigating a murder enquiry. three, two, one, zero... lift-off! nasa's space probe begins its ambitious seven yearjourney to the sun after it finally takes off from cape canaveral. hundreds of british troops arrive in kabul to support the afghan army in their conflict with the taliban.
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