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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  August 17, 2018 5:45am-6:00am BST

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yes, the paper claims. some are concerned that intelligence services are getting their hands on secret negotiation documents. the financial times now, and it has got the latest on the turkish lira, sliding again after the us put yet threatened turkey with more tariffs, halting its currency‘s recovery this week. staying with the us, and cnbc reporting trump's military parade has been postponed, just hours after they reported the latest costing was $90 million dollars, almost $80 million more than was claimed just last month. and finally — the south china morning post with something you probably won't see at a military parade just yet. that is a sky scooter. inspired by a cartoon as a child, one inventor sold his flat to turn it into a reality. so let's begin. back with me isjoel kibazo from jk associates.
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what is your dream you want to turn into a reality, surely not flying on a scooter. if only, i am not sure i can match that, but it is a wonderful dream. lets head onto sadder and more poignant dreams. so many newspaper front pages understandably carrying the story of her life, of her brilliance, of her beautiful voice and her civil rights activism. what are your thoughts on aretha franklin? how big a fan are you? like so many millions around the world, i was a huge, huge fan, and played aretha franklin all my life, not just those famous songs that everyone has been talking about, but the various other collaborations she has had, from george michael to diana ross to so many others. what is it about her that was just so appealing? for me
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it was the sound of her voice would give me goosebumps whenever i would listen to it. authenticity. itjust sounded authentic, when she took the song, even one which was not her own, she turned it into something which was so authentic, and that was the key to being a star and to being so the key to being a star and to being so great. it was interesting that her story completely overshadowed what had started the day yesterday with celebrations of madonna's 60th birthday, and ended on this terribly sad note, and it's that almost every newspaper and publication is paying tribute to perhaps the greatest singer of the 20th century. absolutely. let's move on and talk about the telegraph. we have a story which is actually quite interesting. the eu fearing that its brexit talks are being bugged by british secret agents. this sounds like a bad james bond film, doesn't it? there are a couple of things on this. first of all, i did expect that, as we headed
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towards brexit and march 2019, the farce would engulf everything, but this has come slightly earlier than i anticipated. so is it fast? who knows? but it seems the story is quite well sourced, that eu officials were fearing that...m quite well sourced, that eu officials were fearing that... it is almost as though they are expecting to be spied on, aren't they? they seem to have some information which the brits thought they had before the brits thought they had before the negotiations. and david davis, then brexit secretary, bought a faraday briefcase, a snoop proof briefcase, and swapped his apple watch, because they can be hacked. this is the stuff of... i didn't know that, but the thing is he was on the british side. so if he is afraid, iam really on the british side. so if he is afraid, i am really wondering who is
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spying on whom. i think everyone is spying on whom. i think everyone is spying on whom. i think everyone is spying on everyone. overall, no one should be surprised that there is this kind of activity going on, perhaps even on both sides. who knows? lets move on and talk about the financial times, it was the turkish lira has been in focus. the us talking about new sanctions over the jailed preacher in turkey. this sounds like a complete and utter mess, doesn't it? in some ways it is ha rd to mess, doesn't it? in some ways it is hard to see who will break first between the us and turkey. both sides seem to be ramping up, the president of turkey saying we will never give in, president of turkey saying we will nevergive in, and president of turkey saying we will never give in, and mnuchin, the treasury secretary, says they have other measures waiting. and the turkish government will introduce, with the new finance minister, new measures to reduce inflation, which is at about 16% at the moment. these fiscal measures it hopes will work,
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in terms of at least steadying things. we had a brief respite overnight for the lira. how long that lasts, we don't know. but i think it will have to be somebody coming in between the two backsides to say this is silly, and somehow... 0r to say this is silly, and somehow... or it could be turkey walking up to the imf, captain had. it happened to argentina and they swore it would not happen again. i don't think we are yet they are, with turkey having to go to the imf, but somebody has to go to the imf, but somebody has to break the logjam, and yet these are two to break the logjam, and yet these a re two nato to break the logjam, and yet these are two nato allies. and the interesting thing about turkey, i suppose, is the fact there is so much exposure to the turkish economy from european banks and from europe generally. it really matters to everybody. it matters, because the turkish economy has been growing in lea ps turkish economy has been growing in leaps and bounds over the last sort of ten years. and now, a lot of borrowing has gone on, and that is where the banks are exposed. so any
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further hit to the economy and those fears will be realised. we have had greased a few years ago, two or three years ago, we hope that turkey won't go the same way. lets talk about this military parade, it is 110w about this military parade, it is now being cancelled. cnbc carried the story that it is estimated to cost million dollars. —— $92 million. interestingly it was when they visited france and watch the bastille day celebrations that they got the idea how wonderful it is to have a military parade and thought i am having some of that. but the cost spiralled. surprising? it is not surprising. the thing is that when you are president you can say i will have some of that, thank you very much. which i think is exactly what happened. the french have been doing this for many, many years, and donald trump sees this. how did they
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get the costing so wrong? the original estimate was a $12 million parade. i don't think any costing went into it. we also saw that when president trump had the negotiations with north korea, he suddenly said the military exercise maybe should be cancelled, and then perhaps not. there is a tendency to speak off the cuff and actions get done without actually looking at the cost and the details. this is a classic example of things that perhaps have not been costed all looked into the details, i think the original estimate was 12 million us dollars, and so far, i mean, the estimate is that it will go mean, the estimate is that it will 9° up mean, the estimate is that it will go up to $92 million. the us military has now cancelled that military has now cancelled that military parade, so it will not happen any more. let's move on and talk about the south china morning post. this is a great story. this picture reminds me of that film out at the moment, ant man and the wasp.
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it looks like a flying drone. at the moment, ant man and the wasp. it looks like a flying dronem at the moment, ant man and the wasp. it looks like a flying drone. it is actually based on a drone. it is called the flying scooter. this guy lives in china. he has always had this dream to fly, as a young child. and so he sold his apartment to get the money to make the prototype, and what you see here is the prototype. so he believes that in the future people will want a flying scooter. it is based on a drone, that is the interesting thing. so it also the way drones have gone, and the growth of the use of drones. he is expecting that within the next set of prototypes you will hopefully be making can fly up to two hours. this went can only fly for about 30 minutes. and the picture is quite deceiving, because it shows him flying through the clouds but at the
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moment it can only go up to 15 metres. can you explain to me why? because it is there. what do you mean because it is there? there are certain things you do simply because you can, and this is one of those. can you imagine the confusion if you have all these flying scooter is in the act? it will be like back to the future ii. lovely to have you on the programme. stay with us on bbc news. so much more to come. from me and the team, thank you for watching the briefing. e—mail us any thoughts and opinions you have. goodbye. hello there. well, we should get off to a pretty sunny start across eastern areas of the country, before things generally turn cloudier later today, and that cloud will hang around into the weekend as well.
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weather front brought the rain yesterday. that's clearing out into europe, clearer skies following, but then we've got this next wodge of cloud. this weather front, this warm front, is going to be bringing warmer air across the uk, yes, but also we'll have outbreaks of rain spreading in as well. so, the forecast in a bit more detail. for the early risers, clear skies to start the day across england and wales, but further north and west, the clouds that bit thicker, and there'll be a few showers for western scotland and northern ireland. for the early risers, temperatures just into double figures, but in the countryside, single figures, so there will be a certain chill in the airfirst thing in the morning. now, quite quickly, england and wales should get off to a sunny start on friday, before the cloud tends to thicken. it will stay bright across eastern areas, mind you, but later in the afternoon the cloud probably thick enough across, say, southern parts into the bristol channel to give us an odd spit of light rain or drizzle. further north and west, we've got some wet weather moving into northern ireland, the rain quite heavy here at times. that wet weather spreads to western scotland, north—west england and north—west wales, as well, through the day. temperatures — high teens to low 20s. and then, into the weekend, we'll continue to have this feed of pretty warm air across
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southern parts of the uk. so, even though we won't see much in the way of sunshine, temperatures still widely into the low—to—mid 20s. fresher conditions across the north of the uk, this low pressure bringing some strong winds as well. so we get off to a blustery start to the weekend. into scotland, exposed coasts and hills could have gusts of wind of 50mph, maybe even 60mph. but it will be quite a blowy start wherever you are. a lot of cloud around. some limited brighter spells possible, the best of these probably heading into eastern england and also the far north—east of scotland. but in between, we've got a weather front, a weak one at that, that'll bring the thickest cloud across northern ireland, parts of northern england and southern scotland, where we could continue to see occasional spits of light rain or drizzle. and then, for the second half of the weekend, we're taking a look at this. this is subtropical storm ernesto, and it's going to be bringing some heavy rain to the united kingdom on sunday. now, probably the worst of the rain, getting away across northern ireland, northern england and in across scotland for the first part of sunday,
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should tend to clear through. in the south, cloud tending to thicken up, so we might well see some spots of rain, but not really amounting to too much. look at the temperatures — mild, quite humid in the south. we've got the fresher air there across more northern parts. so, to sum up this weekend, we are expecting it to be quite cloudy, and it will be quite wet at times, particularly in the north—west. good morning, welcome to breakfast, with rachel burden and charlie stayt. 0ur headlines today: # don't know what it means to me. loved and respected. tributes are paid around the world to aretha franklin. she was the queen of soul, she was everything that glamour and divatude
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personified. a call to relax the rules around e—cigarettes — a group of mps says vaping should be promoted on the nhs. a crackdown on drugs, violence and mobile phones in some of england's most troubled prisons.
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