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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  August 23, 2018 5:45am-6:00am BST

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the ipo is at the centre of crown prince mohanned bin and salman's ambitious plan to overhaul the saudi economy. on the bbc news website a danish vessel is breaking the ice on the arctic sea route, aiming to become the first container ship to tackle the usually inpenetrable route. melting of arctic sea ice has made the journey possible, and finally in the ft pennies used to be considered lucky but debate is waging on theirfuture. a report says most copper coins are only used in a single transaction before leaving the cash cycle presumably for a coinjar or down the back of the couch. should we quit copper? with me isjonathan charles, director of communications at the european bank for reconstruction and development. let get stuck into the. we have spoken it about this already this and no deal preparation, the speech that will come today and the various
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documents that we will be reading through quite soon. the independent says it risks a new brexit row with brussels, that is their take on it. they say that just by publishing these impact assessments of what a no deal would mean that that is, in a way, thumbing our nose at brussels and saying we are ready and we can survive and no deal brexit. i have had news that if they think they are getting certainty by reading these impact notices they are not. that uncertainty over where we are going over the next six months or so really continues. i keep hearing from friends in brussels and contacts there that they cannot conceive of the possibility of a no deal brexit and, privately, neither can reduce ministers. how damaging is this on the part of the uk then to ta ke is this on the part of the uk then to take this step in terms of the negotiation going on between westminster and brussels? this is
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done print are more reasons within the conservative party. but to get to the chequers agreement they have to the chequers agreement they have to assuage brexit is by saying we will also step up these plans for a no deal brexit. we here at the same time from dominic raab and jeremy hunt, the foreign secretary this week that it would be damaging for it to have no deal brexit. i here as well from people in brexit that if it came to that they are working on plans for freezing entire brexit process. they would stop the article 50 process or would extended by a year to make sure that written did not leave without a deal and talks would just carry on. some might think please... we need the pressure, we need the pressure of that ticking clock to get politicians to move forward. except, of course, it needs to be a credible threat. it needs to be a credible threat. it needs to be a credible threat if it is to have any pressure. everyone recognises no deal brexit would be catastrophic
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for the economy. talk to people in business or in ministers privately they accept that. it is only a small proportion of those people on the leeds side who say it is better than a bad deal. most people think even a bad deal is better than no deal. lets watch this space. we do live in interesting times. the sydney morning herald. we think we have our issues. this article has two pictures of two possible new leaders, new prime minister is for australia. malcolm turnbull is pretty much saying he is out. this reminds us how rough australian politics really is. there is a good reason why they call it the true capital of the democratic world. it is difficult to be a prime minister in australian politics and there is backbiting always going on. —— coup capital. there is a move towards a
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hardening of some political positions in australia, a move to the right and malcolm turnbull is just too liberal. some say to moderate. i think that tells us something about australian politics. you need to remember that this is a government with a one seat majority so it is in danger of falling for other reasons. but won't credibility be lost? some inside australia and some outsider looking at this and say it is edging towards what we see in italy. there is a problem in the democratic world of the fracturing of political parties and positions. the old consensus where you used to be up to find a centre ground is clearly not holding in many countries and perhaps we will see that australia is about to become the latest victims of that. and maybe a message footer reza may, the difficulty —— message for theresa may. when you try to lead with a small minority it becomes very difficult. this story has gotten
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everybody‘s attention in london and elsewhere in key markets such as new york and hong kong. they want to see aramco be floated on the market. there are massive valuations, and many say that they are extraordinary and perhaps very realistic. will it ever happen? in the pubs of london some brokers and lawyers will be crying into their beer and say it is another lost commission. it does seem that despite the denial of saudis that aramco is not heading any time soon for an ipo. $2 trillion was the valuations that the saudis wanted to put on it and they we re saudis wanted to put on it and they were facing a problem. should they go to london or new york where they may be able to raise that sort of money and then faced huge regulatory
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scrutiny? or would they go to somewhere like hong kong where they may not be able to get such a big valuation for the ipo at the same time face less scrutiny. this will run and run. we cannot see this come to the market any time soon and bloomberg is making the point that aramco is looking to purchase a local mickleham giant within saudi arabia it. so, watch this space. and eat. we will and lawyers and investment bankers as well. this is an interesting article about containerships breaking ice on the arctic route as a consequence of climate change. this story is all about whether or not you can open a trade route going through the arctic on the pacific, coming round to western europe. and if you could, that would be a game changer. it would reduce journey time at 14 days. they currently need to go through the suez canal and it tells
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us something sad about what is happening to our climate which is clearly is that they think there's a possibility route will become manageable in the future. baby might now we hear the ice is breaking up on that route and the russians and others have made it clear that they see the arctic is a lan or an area of great opportunity. we see that tested. could the next gold rush, and many countries are watching. china see it as part of their belt and road initiative. trade routes have always depended on whether. low back millennia it has always been about whether. and we are seeing possibly changes about the weather now so and the other change in trade routes may be on the way. let's not think about what that means for the environment. and the story from the financial times. ip coins being scrapped and not causing inflation. so many people have been in touch about this story with strong opinions. i am tired of my pockets
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being worn out by carrying huge numbers of coins. but i love my copper. i have a jar at home for them. i have jars at home for copper but i don't know what to do with it. before we broke up in the summer, my son's roman school had a trail over the bribery school and we counted the bribery school and we counted the pennies and went to the pta. schools to take credit cards, you know... —— to take. schools to take credit cards, you know... -- to take. for local charities this is an issue. the other point being made is the debate over whether it would fuel inflation because prices would need to rise. my because prices would need to rise. my experience of going through the euro changeover is when you change a currency, when you think there may bea currency, when you think there may be a risk of inflation it does not happen because in the end of the market pressure is there and they
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will not put cost up. let's hear what viewers have to say. most are in favour of scrapping it and i am sad to say so. one tweet, it get rid of the copper and the 5p coyne. make everything in the shops and in 00 or 50. many point out that, actually, with digital payment that pennies will still be there it is just not a physical coyne. and it does raise a good question about leaving hard—currency behind. great to have you here on the briefing and thank you here on the briefing and thank you for your comments. have a look at our hash tag to see what people are saying. good morning.
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the bank holiday weekend fast approaching and there is a change to come with the feel of our weather over the next few days. but just look at what we had yesterday. beautiful blue sky and sunshine in lincolnshire. highs of 27 degrees, 81 fahrenheit. we are not going to see temperatures like that certainly over the bank holiday weekend. a cooler and fresher feel. the reason being is these weather fronts pushing in from the atlantic. they are cold fronts, behind it introducing slightly fresher air with it. that said, first thing this morning in the south—east it will still be quite a humid start to the day, with overnight lows still sitting at around 16 or 17 degrees, and there will be some rain. but further north and west, it is already a cooler start to your thursday. let's try and put the detail on it, then. behind the second front is when the really cool air starts to push down from the north and west, and that is going to move its way across the country as we push into the bank holiday weekend. so, for thursday, we start off with some rain that was slowly clear away from the midlands, the south coast, east anglia, the south—east corner. some brightness behind, a scattering of showers into wales and north—west england and rain pushing into the north—west. so, in terms of the temperature profile, it is going to feel cooler here, with the greens, the yellows, the warm russets in the south—east,
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23 degrees the high, and in the showers we are looking at 14 to 16 degrees for much of scotland and northern ireland. now, those showers will continue into the north—west overnight, but elsewhere we will see some clearer skies, and the cooler air starts to push further south, so it is going to be a much more comfortable night for sleeping in, that is certainly the good news. we will see single figures into the north at perhaps around nine to 12 degrees in the south—east corner. now, on friday, it looks as though we are going to see a rash of showers developing into northern ireland, down through north—west england — anywhere south of the midlands and wales will see dry and bright weather. look at the feel, 14 to 19 degrees the overall high. we start off the weekend on a dry and sometimes sunny note, but the temperatures will still be set to struggle, 13 to 20 degrees, way down on what we've been used to just recently. a little ridge of high pressure that builds overnight saturday into sunday, that's going to allow temperatures to fall away overnight. a chilly start on sunday morning.
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a touch of frost in sheltered glens of scotland before the next whether front pushes in from the atlantic. so it looks likely sunday into bank holiday monday will see some rain around, drying up, but not particularly warm with it. take care. good morning, welcome to breakfast with charlie stayt and steph mcgovern. our headlines today: setting out the plans for a no—deal brexit. today the government will publish advice for people and businesses. good morning. companies will receive long—awaited guidance today, but what could no deal mean for them and are they ready to leave the eu? new grades and tougher tests. hundreds of thousands of teenagers get their gcse results this morning. the waiting game. figures obtained by the bbc show that four ambulance trusts took more than 2a hours to answer some 999 calls.
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in sport, danny cipriani won't be sanctioned by the rfu after pleading guilty to common assault and resisting arrest.
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