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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 26, 2018 7:30pm-7:46pm BST

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it comes down to the fact that animals are all related to each other in one way or another, we share common ancestors so we are able to look at the common ancestor of lizards, birds and turtles and use the information from those species to start working backwards to look at the genome and extinct species like dinosaurs and u nfortu nately we were species like dinosaurs and unfortunately we were never able to recover dna from eight fossil, it does not look like dna survives that long, but we can form a scalpel, so we can make deductions about the kinds of things dinosaurs may have had or may not a pad in terms of their genetic makeup. one thing to remember is that in one sense dinosaurs are still here in one way, so we have a dinosaur descendent with us and flourishing that managed to make it through the catastrophic event 66 million years ago. they have an ancient history and were
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probably there in their dinosaur a ncestors probably there in their dinosaur ancestors and it would allow dinosaurs to adapt to their environment very quickly. we will not have original dna from the dinosaurs so we will not know what the exact genetic composition is like. time for a look at the weather forecast now. the rain continuing to clear way eastwards this evening and overnight, when starting to ease down as well. some showers following on particularly through the midlands and for many some dry spells and clearer skies and places, not quite as cool as recent nights. between nine and 1a celsius. a bank holiday monday and another risk of northwesterly wind feeding showers at times but most of us will have a drier day and quite large amounts of cloud around but dry bright and sunny spells as well. a noticeable breeze and quite brisk for coasts
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and hills but not as strong or gusty as what we saw through sunday. temperature wise on monday, temperatures get up between 16 and 20 celsius. it looks like for tuesday and wednesday, lots of dry weather in one or two scattered showers that are starting to feel a little warmer. that is all for me, goodbye. hello this is bbc news. the headlines. pope francis is on his way back to rome after his visit to ireland. earlier, at a mass for 300—thousand people in dublin, he asked for forgiveness for the abuse irish people suffered by members of the clergy senatorjohn mccain, who died yesterday aged 81, will lie in state in arizona's capitol building, an honour only given to a few notable americans, including john f. kennedy and ronald reagan. nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe who's been imprisoned in iran on spying charges has been told her temporary three—day release is over — and she is back in prison. the daughter of british couple — john and susan cooper — who died during a stay at an egyptian hotel speaks out
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about the ordeal and insists ‘something in their room killed them'. the celebrated american playwright and screenwriter, neil simon, has died at the age of 91. he wrote comedy classics such as "the odd couple", "the sunshine boys" and "barefoot in the park". now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm jeanette kwa kye. chelsea leave it late at newcastle but make it a perfect three wins — from their first three premier league games. great britain men's wheelchair basketball team make history. they‘ re crowned champions of the world after beating the usa in the final in germany. and drama at the start of the belgian grand prix. lewis hamilton avoids it — but can only finish second in spa behind his main title rival
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sebastian vettel. me likei me like i wasn't even there on the straights. we're going to keep pushing as hard as we can. hello and welcome to sportsday. we're going to start with the premier league where there were 12 goals in today's three matches. wins for chelsea and watford have also maintained their perfect starts to the season as adam wild reports. at saint james park at saintjames park is at saint james park is always at saintjames park is always an atmosphere but amidst the noise fans are happy with the running of the clu b are happy with the running of the club not an ideal time for a visit from chelsea. they were kept at a distance until the second half
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newcastle again because of their own problems giving away a penalty. little sympathy. still hope came from the head. very few saw that coming. an unlike the drawn out within newcastle's rasp. theyjust weren't able to hang onto it. disbelief in newcastle and relief for chelsea. well through the rain to remains of a buzz around watford. the antics of harry the hornets made headlines this week but it's his side that of the big attraction. the best art to a top division season every generation against crystal palace and it's easy to see why. proved the winner has other for watford to cling onto as a statement continues to grow. so both watford and chelsea maintain their 100% starts to the season, no wonder their managers are happy. it's really difficult to play here for this team and not only for us.
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it is difficult to think we were a bit unlucky but we knew that the trade difficult for these teams but especially for us. i think it is no secret the most important is to work ha rd secret the most important is to work hard because players, they have done with the understanding and position and are getting the results. we have and are getting the results. we have a good atmosphere and we feel comfortable with our fans and we will see in the next games. just one other premier league game to tell you about today and what a game it was — aleksandar mitrovic scored twice as fulham beat burnley by four goals to two at craven cottage. that's their first win
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since returning to the top flight. rangers remain unbeaten under steven gerrard but could only manage a three all draw after a last minute equaliser from motherwell. rangers twice came from behind before the break thanks to two goals from kyle lafferty — on his first start since returning to the club. and they went ahead in a thrilling first half through ovie ejaria, who is on loan from liverpool. but motherwell rescued the point in the dying moments when peter hartley scored from a corner. in the day's other game celtic beat hamilton one—nil. great britain men's wheelchair basketball team have made history this afternoon. they've beaten the usa 79—62 in the final of the world championship in hamburg. the us are the reigning paralympic champions, but that wasn't enough to stop gb claiming theirfirst global gold medal. kate grey was watching the action for us. this was a match anticipated final.
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the paralytic champions of the usa to pursue the young and exciting british team. it's packed arena was certainly treated to an exciting a0 minutes of wheelchair basketball. great britain circa the early lead and their defence is too strong for the americans as they reached the halfway stage great britain had a five—point lead. it was a physical match from start to finish and the americans kept piling on the pressure but with a seven—point lead going into final quarter great britain had the momentum. their skill and speed too much for the americans and so when the final buzzer went there were crowned world champions for the first time ever. an impressive final score line being the americans 79 points to 62. we are working our buts on every day. they say he's going to work to stop us. i say hate they cannot stop us. we definitely feel relieved. we just stepped it up another gear. we always seem to do
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that. whenever our backs are against the wall we always seem to step up and that's what we did in the fourth quarter. one of the biggest stages of the mall and shows what characters. an historic moment for their british team a gold to add to their british team a gold to add to the silver that was won by the women's team yesterday. just two yea rs women's team yesterday. just two years to go until to tokyo 2020 and british wheelchair basketball has never looked stronger. sebastian vettel has won the belgian grand prix — over—taking lewis hamilton who was on pole, on the first lap. that first lap also saw fernando alonso involved in a huge crash, but he escaped unscathed. nick parrott was watching: spa has a notorious history of big accidents. usually in wet conditions. with sunshine baiting attract, few would have predicted this. nikos's reno smashing into the back of fernando's maclaren with almost either consequences. this is why formula 1 brought in the halo
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safety device. it has protected charles as alonso flew over. all three were able to walk unaided from the shattered carbon fibre. while they were nursing their pride lewis hamilton's was also being damaged. thejb hamilton's was also being damaged. the jb she later hamilton's was also being damaged. thejb she later started from pole but was passed by vettel before the safety car came out following the crash. when racing resumed the bridge and failed to retake the lead. unable to catch the for ari he had to settle for second place. with the victory cutting his advantage to 17 points there was a day when f1 was shaken at the start and just stared at the finish. bush pushed very ha rd stared at the finish. bush pushed very hard especially towards the end he was very hast and they had to control the pace but yeah, great weekend. was really performed quite well this weekend, but i mean, weekend. was really performed quite wellthis weekend, but i mean, he drove past me like i was not even
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there on the straights. we got to keep pushing as hard as we can to see if we can catch up, but you know. the british moto gp race at silverstone has been cancelled because of heavy rainfall. race officials tried their best to get the race underway, even using tractors to try to clear the water, but eventually had to admit defeat. this is the first time since 1980 that a race has been cancelled outright, as a meeting between teams and officials decided against postponing the race until tomorrow due to a lack of available marshals. there has been more gold for great britain on the final day of the european para athletics championships in berlin. aled davies won the men's f63 shot put with a distance of 15 metres a9 centermetres which is a new comptition record. it's double gold for davies as he won the f6a discus last week. there was also gold for great britains thomas young in the men's t38100 metres. that completes the sprint double for young as he won the t38 200 metres yesterday. quite a weekend for the 18—year—old.
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i really wanted to win the games and not got it, and i'm just so happy with what i've achieved. i knew if i believed in myself i could have this in hand, and i have my achievements. great britain added a third gold medal in the final event of the day in the universal ax100 metres — led home by nathan maguire. that's the 20th gold great britain have won in the championships — second only to poland who top the medal table with 26 gold. we did not have a metal target, and idid not we did not have a metal target, and i did not have any realfigures in my head, ijust thought, let's come out here and there so many new athletes and let's see how we get on. the 20 medals is excellent and
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we know it doesn't correlate to the global stage it has been good for the midway cycle. british kaya ker lizzie broughton has claimed the first major title of her career with gold on the final day of the canoe sprint world championships in portugal. the 30—year—old won silver over 1000m on friday but went one better today with gold in the k15000m. broughton is a marathon distance specialist and only began competing in the sprints last year. she enjoyed quite a battle with marnya lit—vin—chuk of belarus throughout today s race but accelerated away from her in the closing stages a quick round up some of the day's other sports stories now and it's been confirmed by everton that defender michael keane has sustained a small hairline fracture of his skull. the england international was stretchered off and taken to hospital during yesterday's game with bournemouth. keane is expected to return to full training in three to four weeks. it wasn't just silverstone that saw sport curtailed today. heavy rain in taunton saw play abandoned without a ball bowled
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in the final t20 blast quarter final between somerset and the notts outlaws. the match will now be played tomorrow. and the catalans dragons players have returned home to a heroes welcome. these were the scenes at the airport as steve mcnamara's players touched down in france — they beat warrington wolves at wembley yesterday to win their first challenge cup yesterday. no team from outside england had ever won the trophy. serena williams has responded to french open organisers whose new rules would see her unable to wear the ‘catsuit‘ she wore at roland garros earlier this year. the suit was designed to help reduce the chances of blood clots, after complications during childbirth last year... obviously, the grand slams have a right to do what they want to do, but i feel like... if and when or if they know that some things are for health reasons, then there's no way that they wouldn't be ok with it. i've since found other methods.
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when it comes to fashion, you don't want to be a repeat offender! it will be a while before this even has to come up again. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening, but coming up next it's click. florida, america's sunshine state, and home to the us‘s


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