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i think the first time since he left liverpool and i came here, we meet. and we have a lot of things to talk about. the plumbing issue, the electricity, the pool, and stuff like that. so brendan, hope you are in good shape and we can sort a few things that day! a reminder of the top story, scotland's women are true to the world cup finals in france next year after beating albania to everyone this evening. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. let's get more now on the news that after months of rows — the labour party's ruling body has agreed to adopt in full an international definition of anti—semitism. the party will now also incorporate all 11 examples of antisemitism outlined by international holocaust remembrance alliance, but with an additional statement on protection of free speech.
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lets get more reaction from the labour mp, chris williamson. how do you kill following the decision this evening? the labour party adopted the full definition a couple of years ago just to correct your opening statement. the discussion has been about whether all of the working examples should be adopted as well. earlier this year the party did adopt most of them and then nuanced a couple of others in order to preserve freedom of speech. but clearly there was a lot of pressure and upset from certain sections of the community, not the entire jewish certain sections of the community, not the entirejewish community it has to be said and many people in the jewish community are has to be said and many people in thejewish community are strongly opposed to adopting the ihra exa m ples opposed to adopting the ihra examples in full. but the nec took a
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pragmatic decision today and agreed to adopt all of the examples, notwithstanding the fact that the original author is quite critical of them and said it has a chilling effect on freedom of speech and many jewish academics have said similar. but i think that this was probably inevitable and the nec has adopted them with a statementjust clarifying the point that this should not however impinge on party members from criticising the apartheid regime in israel of netanyahu. imagine that the statement that it wanted to protect freedom of speech and palestinian rights come at a period the initial statement put forward byjeremy corbyn was not endorsed by the party body. will that have been a big disappointment to him that it had to be tweaked again with more arguments about the wording specifically?” thinkjeremy corbyn was setting out his thoughts and i understand he
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said it probably was inevitable that the nec should adopt all of the working examples. and obviously there was a discussion that took place and the nec has come to its view and adopted all the examples now and issued this clarification statement as well. now i believe the next step is working on a code of conduct that is enforceable, but is clear and so that the nec and the bureaucracy within the party knows precisely what it stands and members know precisely where they stand so if there is any transgression is clear what action will be taken in those circumstances. we heard from tom watson as he went into the meeting, he said he hoped it would be the start of a journey of rebuilding trust essentially a movement to reassure the jewish community after so much upset over revis months. do you feel there is now the start of a new journey for the labour party? i hope so but it
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is important to remember thejewish community, large sections of it take an entirely different view on some aspects and i know the media sometimes focus on some of the mainstream jewish organisations and forget there are many other people in thejewish forget there are many other people in the jewish community forget there are many other people in thejewish community who do not necessarily subscribe to those views. it's important we hear everyone's views and concerns and ta ke everyone's views and concerns and take into account all points of view. but yes i hope we can move on now, the labour party has a proud tradition of standing up against racism ever since we were founded. we have stood shoulder to shoulder with the jewish we have stood shoulder to shoulder with thejewish community against the fascist and anti—semites and fascists in the national front. the fascist and anti—semites and fascists in the nationalfront. and we actually confronted the national front on the street, myself and jeremy corbyn. for me the concern is the rise in the far right in this
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country and across western europe andi country and across western europe and i would like to see us all standing together to tackle that very real threat. rather than this focus on the labour party and the criticism, unjustified criticism of jeremy corbyn, a man who spent his entire life, the fact he is defined by his opposition to fight against racism in all its forms. given what you said aboutjeremy corbyn, it has been a testing time over the summer for him and his leadership, he has coming for criticism from some aspects of the party. we had a meeting scheduled for half an hour of becoming the three are meeting today. how damaging has it been for the leadership of this labour party? not damaging at all, i have been touring the country this summer, on a democracy road show, looking at how we can extend democracy to the country and the economy and these meetings have been well attended,
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several hundred at some of them. i must‘ve spoken to several thousand members across the uk from the borders of scotland by darren almost two lands end and into wales as well and there's a sense of purpose and and there's a sense of purpose and and determination to fight for and campaignfora and determination to fight for and campaign for a common—sense socialist government that will set about transforming our country in the interests of the many and not the interests of the many and not the few but that sometimes the media gets obsessed with the westminster village, what happens in westminster does not necessarily reflect the country at large and the parliamentary labour party is not the labour party, the fact it is only a tiny percentage of that. the labour party is now the biggest political party in western europe and incredibly energised and determined to set about transforming oui’ determined to set about transforming our country. i hope now that those small elements that have been obsessing about this issue will now come together in unison to work
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together to build this common—sense, built for a common—sense socialist labour victory at the next general election. thank you very much. some breaking news coming in this evening from the foreign office, concerning events in amesbury back injuly. you will remember of course the death of one member of the public, dawn stu rg ess, one member of the public, dawn sturgess, charlie one member of the public, dawn stu rg ess, charlie rowley one member of the public, dawn sturgess, charlie rowley also made very ill by that chemical agent found in amesbury. the foreign office said they have just had back an independent report produced by the organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons which has today confirmed their assessment, the uk assessment which identified that chemical agent responsible for the death of dawn sturgess as the same kind used in the attempted assassination of sergei and julia skripal earlier this year. namely novichok. so confirmation reported
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by the foreign office that an independent report has said that if the same chemical agent. let's get a look at the weather prospects now. we're looking at something much more u nsettled we're looking at something much more unsettled and more autumnal for many towards the end of the week. but tomorrow is not a bad looking day. variable amounts of cloud and some sunny spells. as we head into the overnight period they will be some showers off the continent which could affect the far south east of england. clear skies for southern scotla nd england. clear skies for southern scotland and northern england leading to quite chilly night. so for wednesday we start off cold, bright across northern areas. a bit more clout across the south and east. some persistent rain moving
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into scotland and northern ireland. temperatures ranging from 17 to around 22 in the south. cooler towards the end of the week and on several across the northern half of the country. always a bit drier to the country. always a bit drier to the south and west. you're watching beyond 100 days. thejournalist who helped bring down president nixon now turns his sights on donald trump. bob woodward has an explosive new book about life in this white house. the watergate reporter describes an administration where senior officials view the president himself as a threat to national security. he quotes the chief of staffjohn kelly as saying it is "crazytown." the opening day of hearings for the next us supreme courtjudge turn riotous with loud protests. protest throughout. so, here are the facts. judge kavanaugh is one of the most distinguished judges. mr chairman, i think we ought to have this loudmouth removed. the uk's most senior police officer calls for social media giants
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to cooperate more quickly after detectives were unable to access the facebook account of a suspect in the murder


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