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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  September 11, 2018 5:00am-5:31am BST

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this is the briefing, i'm sally bundock. our top story: kim meets donald, the sequel. could north korea's leader be coming to washington for a second summit with president trump? a state of emergency is declared in virginia and the carolinas ahead of the arrival of hurricane florence. is europe suffering an identity crisis? we hear from hungary, a country some say is now out of step with the continent. should the right to be forgotten extend outside of europe? google doesn't thinks so, and appeals a decision by the european union. also in business briefing: a big takeover in the semiconductor industry, and it's all about self driving cars. we'll go live to our team in singapore for the latest. a warm welcome to the programme,
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briefing you on all you need to know in global news, business and sport. also in the programme: an auction of furniture owned by sir rod stewart takes place today. more than 60 items are up for grabs as he looks to downsize. so we are asking is now the time to declutter? what would you get rid of? you could get a piece of his furniture. get in touch, just use the #bbcthebriefing. the white house says the leader of north korea has requested a second meeting with president trump and that officials are looking into scheduling one. the request was made in what they say was a very warm, very positive personal letter from kim jong—un to mr trump. relations appeared to have stalled over the issue of denuclearisation
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after the two leaders‘ historic summit in singapore injune. caroline rigby has more. this is what kim jong—un is hoping for a repeat of — another face—to—face meeting with the president of the united states. the white house press secretary told reporters the north korean leader made the request in a letter to donald trump. it was a very warm, very positive letter. we won't release the full letter unless the north korean leader agrees that we should. the primary purpose of the letter was to request and look to schedule another meeting with the president, which we are open to, and are already in the process of co—ordinating that. negotiations over the regime's nuclear programme appeared to have stalled following the two leaders‘ historic summit in singapore in june. us secretary of state mike pompeo even cancelling a scheduled trip to north korea last month.
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and, in august, a report commissioned by the un security council found north korea had not stopped its nuclear and missile programmes, violating un sanctions. but the white house insists this letter is evidence of progress in washington's relationship with pyongyang, and demonstrated north korea's commitment to the denuclearisation of the peninsula. the white house also points to a recent military parade in which the north did not show off its nuclear arsenal, and a series of other events which they say offers further proof the regime is moving in the right direction. the president has achieved tremendous success with his policies so far, and this letter was further evidence of progress in that relationship. a number of things that have taken place, the remains have come back, the hostages have returned. there's been no testing of missiles or nuclear material. so when and where might this follow—up meeting take place? well, the white house has refused
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to be drawn on that, saying, "we'll let you know when we have further details." caroline rigby, bbc news. our correspondent laura bicker is in south korea's capital, seoul. laura, caroline outlining what we know so far, to what extent can we see this as a step forward? it is a step forward but it seems that kim jong—un wants to deal with one person, and that is donald trump himself. when it comes to mike pompeo, the us secretary of state, he visited a few months ago and didn't get to meet the north korean leader himself. it seems the message that came from the north koreans at that came from the north koreans at that time was a bit testy. in fact, he accused the united states of gangster—like demands. where we are is this, north korea is not going to
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put its nuclear weapons on the line without security guarantees from the united states. they want an end of war declaration, and end of the korean war, which has gone on since 1950. and until they get that, it seems they're not prepared to make progress. the us wants north korea to give up its weapons burst. so that's what we have, different starting points and that's why talks have stalled. it was said that this meeting could be in washington, obviously the white house quite tightlipped about when and where, but what are people saying about that? we've not heard it may be in washington, in fact it could be anywhere, it could be in pyongyang, it could be here in seoul, it could be anywhere in the united states, we've not heard certainly it might be in the us or indeed in washington. what we've had is a statement from president moon, the south korean president, who will go to pyongyang next week to meet with kim jong—un. it will be a three—day
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summit. he's calling on both the united states and north korea to make bold steps, so to step towards the other, come from a different starting point, all the actors simultaneously. and during that summit, as he has in the past, president moon will hope to act as an intermediary, as well as tried to further the relationship between south korea and north korea. -- try to. thanks, laura, laura bicker based in seoul for us. to. thanks, laura, laura bicker based in seoulfor us. more on that later in the briefing. a million people have been told to evacuate their homes as the us east coast prepares for what may be strongest storm to hit the region in decades. hurricane florence is gaining strength as it approaches the coastline of south carolina. 0ur north america correspondent peter bowes reports. a monster storm that could bring catastrophic levels of rain and flooding. hurtling towards the us east coast with growing wind speeds, the authorities fear hurricane florence could have a deadly impact on several states, with the carolinas
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and virginia the hardest hit. it'll be dumping water on us in north carolina, all of which will flow come through south carolina, much of what's in north carolina, so we're liable to have a whole lot of flooding, particularly in the pd area. an estimated one million people are fleeing to safety, not sure whether they'll have homes to return to. we do have a plan to perhaps evacuate. we want to watch it through today and see what's happening. see what happens. hopefully we have a business to come back to. the authorities are taking no chances. this could be the most devastating storm to hit north carolina since hurricane hugo ravaged the state and claimed many lives almost 30 years ago. north carolina is taking hurricane florence seriously, and you should too. get ready now. the white house says the us government is preparing to offer whatever help it can. lines of communication remain open, and the federal government stands
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ready to assist. these tropical storms and hurricanes are very dangerous, and we encourage anyone in the path to heed the warnings of state and local officials, who have the expertise and knowledge of their communities, to provide the best on ground information. close on the heels of florence, two other storms are expected to increase in ferocity in the coming days. the atlantic hurricane season is proving relentless. peter bowes, bbc news. let's brief you on some of the other stories making the news. a petrol station has exploded in the nigerian state of nasarawa, creating a fireball that killed at least 35 people and injured hundreds more. many of the victims were burned beyond recognition. volkswagen has gone on trial in germany in what is the first court case against the car maker over the diesel emissions scandal. investors are pursuing vw for about 9.2 billion euros in damages, after it was revealed that its diesel technology emitted illegal levels of pollution. here in the uk, the police match commander at the hillsborough
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football disaster in 1989 has denied multiple charges of manslaughter. david duckenfield faces 95 counts following the tragedy. a provisional trial date has been set forjanuary. google is appealing against whether the european union's right to be forgotten should be extended beyond eu's borders, arguing that the order encourages countries to assert sovereignty beyond their own territory. the case has big implications not just for tech companies, but could also be a landmark to decide who has the legal right to regulate the internet from free speech and privacy to cybercrime and taxes. joseph sternberg, who is a columnist at the wall streetjournal, joins me now. nice to see you, joseph. this is a
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complicated one, isn't it? the devil is in the detail and it's all about the law. exactly. it's such an interesting business regulation issue because one might well ask, what can the eu do to google concerning their operations in the us? what you discover is actually quite a lot because whenever you have a company like google with substantial revenue, substantial business in the european union, actually the way the european union chooses to regulate them can have a big impact, even in countries like the us, where i'm from, which has a different approach to a lot of these privacy issues. from google's point of view, there are doing the right to be forgotten law or zero wierling should only be applied within the european union —— they are arguing the right to be forgotten law or is
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he rule should only be applied within the european union?m he rule should only be applied within the european union? it is so contentious on the merits. you should argue not only should it be applied in the eu, but there's a big debate about whether it's the right policy for the eu. there's a lot of conflicting interests in terms of people's right to privacy but also the right for the public to have unfiltered search results in that we. the eu need to answer those questions for itself before it a nswe rs questions for itself before it a nswers for questions for itself before it answers for everyone else in the world. also if you're looking at an individual who feel their previous posts and information they put on the world wide web, they should have a right to review that, as an organisation and institution, it is very murky. someone might be in europe but my travel globally and be elsewhere and postings from outside europe. it's difficult, isn't it? about it is. people think about the right to be forgotten as a personal
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privacy issue —— it is. right to be forgotten as a personal privacy issue -- it is. there could be rain genuine need for negative information to come up with search results —— could be a. this started with a bankruptcy case and how that might be displayed in search results. it could be relevant to business partners and lenders in the future. it's a lot more difficult than saying people should be able to control what appears about them on the internet. thank you for now. joseph will be back later because we have our news briefing later. i will talk to a barrister about that in the business briefing. we will unpack that story for you later. it's the first time moscow has invited countries outside a tight circle of former soviet allies to
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its annual exercises. let's talk to stephen mcdonell in beijing. stephen i stephen mcdonell in beijing. stephen , tell us more, we're talking about an enormous viewing of military exercises. it will be quite a display when it starts, won't it?|j think enormous is certainly the word to use. imagine 300,000 russian troops will be involved, 900 aircraft, 40,000 vehicles, including tanks. two russian navies. it will definitely be very big, but what a lot of western intelligence agencies will be doing is seeing how the people's liberation army, the chinese military, interacts with the russian military. what is their interoperability, as they call it? will chinese tanks be able to, for
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example, form up against russian ta nks example, form up against russian tanks ina example, form up against russian tanks in a conceivable battle in the future? what's fascinating about this is in the past when russia has these very large wargames, they were in preparation for invading china. so see china up there participating in the exercises really shows a major geopolitical shift. that's a really important point, isn't it? this geopolitical shift where china and russia are aligning themselves in this military exercise, but it's very symbolic of their plans for the future and where they see power should rest, isn't it? alone absolutely. i think -- absolutely. i think —— absolutely. i think —— absolutely. i think many military analysts will say there's a way of the russia and china have the same closeness as russia does with, say, some of its former soviet countries, all the
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those in the soviets fear of influence. but it definitely could come “— influence. but it definitely could come —— or those. at the same time as these exercises are on, we have xijingping and as these exercises are on, we have xi jingping and president as these exercises are on, we have xijingping and president putin sitting down in vladivostok and having a meeting at this economic gathering nearby. it's no coincidence it's going on at the same time. so we're seeing this political and military buildup of links between china and russia at the same time, and it will have other countries worried. and, if not worried, they will definitely be keeping an eye on it to try and see where this relationship is heading. i would imagine the white house is watching extremely closely at a time when relations between washington and beijing and washington and moscow are pretty fraught? that's right. you've got all the tension on the korean peninsula, which is nearby. you've got all these questions about whether or not us troops should stay on the korean peninsula under the trump
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administration. tensions between china and the us at the same time as these vast wargames are going on, with many tens of thousands of vehicles, hundreds of thousands of troops. and, you know, russia says this is not preparation for war. this is just this is not preparation for war. this isjust a this is not preparation for war. this is just a way of defending themselves. but many won't see it as that. they'll think, what's the need to have such an enormous wargame? in the same way i guess that the north koreans criticise the south koreans and us troops for having these types of wargames. they say it's preparation for battle. certainly from the pictures we're seeing, it seems to be something along those lines. thank you for now. stephen mcdonell in beijing for us. a display to the whole world. we will show you the pictures when we get them. stay with us on the briefing, still to come: he has got something to say and
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something to sell. why sir rod stewart has decided to do a little down—sizing. and what is up for grabs. freedom itself was attacked this morning, and freedom will be defended. the united states will hunt down and punish those responsible. bishop tutu now becomes the spiritual leader of 100,000 anglicans here, of the blacks in soweto township as well as the whites in their rich suburbs. we say to you today, in a loud and a clear voice, enough of blood and tears. enough! translation: the difficult decision we reached together was one that required great and exceptional courage. it's an exodus of up to 60,000 people,
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caused by the uneven pace of political change in eastern europe. iam free! you're watching the briefing. 0ur headlines: the white house says the north korean leader, kimjong un, has requested a second meeting with president trump. a state of emergency is declared in virginia and the carolinas, ahead of the arrival of hurricane florence. here's our briefing on some of the key events happening later. first to accra, where public respects will be paid to the late un secretary—general kofi annan. then to the us,
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where commemorative events are being held at the world trade center and the pentagon to mark the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks in which 2,996 people were killed. finally, in barcelona, a wave of pro—independence demonstrations are expected during the national day of catalonia, the diada, amid the region's continuing tensions with spain. tensions there are a pretty high steel. —— are pretty high steel. —— are pretty high still. now it's time to get all the latest from the bbc sports centre. hello, coming up in your tuesday sport briefing: spain take on world cup finalists croatia in the uefa nations league later on tuesday, justin rose moves top of golf‘s world rankings despite losing the bmw
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championship in a play—off. and alastair cook's century against india ensures rolling stones front man mickjagger is donating yet more money to good causes. spain will be looking to make it two wins out of two in the uefa nations league when they host world cup finalists croatia later. but, it won't be easy for luis enrique's team in the league a — group 4 clash. after beating world cup semi—finalists england at wembley on friday, they take on luka modric‘s side in elche who drew 1—1 in a friendly in portugal last thursday. another team who did well in russia are belgium. they reached the semi—finals before being knocked out by eventual winners france and they face iceland who lost the first game in league a — group 2, 6—0 to switzerland. it is going to be a really tough challenge, especially after the game on saturday versus switzerland, because of course, it hurts in eve ryo ne because of course, it hurts in everyone of us, in every player, in
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everyone of us, in every player, in every leader and every supporter. it hurts to lose so big. in case you missed it, cristiano ronaldo didn't feature for hosts portugal in their 1—0 win over italy in lisbon. the 33 year old had been left out of the squad at his own request to focus on his new clubjuventus, but his presence wasn't entirely missed as andre silva grabbed the winnerjust after half time in the league a, group 3 clash leaving italy with just one point from two games played. reigning 0lympic champion justin rose has moved to world number one despite losing the bmw championship in a play—off to keegan bradley. theirfinal round was held over due to persistent rain on sunday but bradley won on the first extra hole. we kind of fell off the radar a little bit therefore a wireless. it is tough to go from being on ryder cup teams, on president top ten, two outside the top 100 in the world. that was difficult. i really had to
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sit down with my coach and we put a scheduled together and worked hard to get back to the spot. —— put a scheduled together. —— put a schedule together. italian moto 2 rider romano fenati could face criminal charges after he grabbed the brake lever of italian compatriot stefano manzi in san marino on sunday. fenati has since apologised after he was disqualified and banned for the next two grand prix, but his team have sacked him and the team he was going to join next season have ripped up his contract. alastair cook has bid farewell to the international game in style, after he scored 147 in his final test innings for england against india at the oval. it prompted congratulations from rolling stones lead singer and cricket fan mick jagger, who thanked cook for giving so much pleasure over the years. that century cost the singer $26,000 after he promised to donate to the cricket charity
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chance to shine for certain run, scores and wickets. the total he'll donate stands at more than $180,000 so far with a day still to play. you can get all the latest sports news at our website, that's but from me and the rest of the team that is your tuesday sport briefing. this week, the bbc is launching a series looking at europe's identity crisis, exploring the rise of anti—immigration, populist and nationalist politics across the continent. in april this year, hungary's right—wing prime minister viktor 0rban claimed a landslide election victory. well, later on tuesday, the european parliament will debate the issue of liberal values in relation to hungary, including the rights of minorities and refugees, with prime minister 0rban in attendence. 0ur correspondent nick thorpe is in hungary's capital, budapest, and joins me now. it should be an interesting debate. very much so, yes. viktor 0rban under attack, but he does like a flight. under attack, but he does like a flight. he has appeared before the parliament in several times before and he always pretty much gives as
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good as he gets. what he will be on the defensive today because the accusations about the rule of law in hungary are very tough indeed. 0n that report going ahead on wednesday. what could this mean for hungry? where could it lead? really, hungary sees itself as involved in a great battle, as you said in the introduction as a national populist government, it doesn't want to be hot called over the hot coles, it feels is right and the next european parliament elections in may next year will prove it wrong. thank you very much, we'll keep an eye on how that goes later today. an auction of furniture owned by sir rod stewart takes place later on tuesday. the bbc‘s tim allman reports. (sings maggie may): # wake up, maggie, i think
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i've got something to say to you...# legendary singer, knight of the realm, but everyone has to downsize eventually. sir rod stewart reportedly put his home up for sale last year, and what you do when you move house? you get rid of some of the clutter. dozens of household items will go under the hammer. so what's on offer? well, for starters, there is a pair of guilt bronze—mounted side tables, estimated to be worth £2,000 to £3,000 - that's nearly $4000. an italian walnut credenza — a sideboard to you and me, expected to fetch anything up to £1,500 — just shy of $2000. and how about a teak lounge armchair? a snip at £350 or $450. and appropriately enough, it comes with a faux leopard skin cushion. do you think it's sexy? (sings you wear it well): # you knew it didn't cost the earth, but for what it's worth you made me feel a millionaire and you wear it well...# so much up for grabs. stay with us, the business is next. hello there.
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full uk weather forecast coming up injust a moment, just up injust a moment, to the north of florence to have just to the north of florence to have this massive weather front extending of miles across the atlantic, to the uk. that is why it has been worked over the last 34 hours across the hills of the north—west of the in particular. the heaviest rain really stretching apart —— across parts of north—west england and into parts of north—west wales as well, with relatively light rains to the east of the high ground. given all of the cloud and wind it will be a mild heart of the day, temperatures 12— 16 degrees.
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the weather front separate some cool and across the north to some slightly mild air in the south that is coming in from the subtropical atlantic. that is the kind of temperature split we will see. in the morning we could even see the cloud thickenerfor an the morning we could even see the cloud thickener for an odd spot of drizzle over the south but generally we will see some rain drizzle across wales into the bristol channel, the rain probably quite light and patchy as it works across the midlands and there probably will not be too much in terms of rain, but it is here where we will have the high—temperature is. 22 and 23, further north, 15 in edinburgh and blustery showers working into western scotland and it could be thundery. through tuesday evening overnight, a pulse of energy working along a massive front and that which is the rain northwards back into northern england, back into wales, a case of deja vu on wednesday with the rain falling in the same areas. that weather front will trickle its way southwards with the rain eventually becoming confined to southern counties of england. the
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afternoon it could be a little slower to clear. further north, some sunshine, a few showers for western scotland, temperatures coming down. 16 degrees in london, a drop of 17 degrees between tuesday and wednesday. it will feel noticeably colder and a cool night will follow. to the rest of the week, to which is recovering in the south with the threat of further rain in the north—west. that is your weather. this is the business briefing. i'm sally bundock. should the right to be forgotten extend outside of europe? google doesn't thinks so, and appeals a decision by the european union. a big takeover in the semiconductor industry, and it's all about self driving cars, as renesas buys idt for $6.7 billion. and on the markets... again, a mixed picture. japan
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bucking the trend, up by over 1%. we will talk to you later about what is going on.
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