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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 11, 2018 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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hello this is bbc news. britain's most senior police officer has hit out at the pay award decided by ministers, and at the level of spending cuts. the home secretary, speaking at the same police conference, said he would fight for resources, within government, on the police's behalf. the inquest into the westminster bridge terror attack has heard how american tourist kurt cochran lost his life, as he tried to save his wife. as leading brexiteers gather to set out their plans, the boss of jaguar land rover has warned a bad deal could result in the loss of tens of thousands ofjobs in the uk. the governor of the bank of england is to stay in his position until 2020 in order to try to ensure a smooth exit from the eu. more than half a million people in south carolina, north carolina and virginia are ordered to leave their homes as hurricane florence is predicted to make landfall in the next 48 hours. in a moment it will be time
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for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news... more than a million people in the us states of south carolina, north carolina and virginia are ordered to leave their homes as hurricane florence approaches — we'll be speaking to one family planning to hunker down. that's at quarter past eight. at 8.30pm, we'll be speaking to a recently retired chief superintendent about the impact of cuts to the police service — and asking what life is like at the sharp end. and we'll take a look at tomorrow's front pages with our reviewers , the the sun's deputy political editor steve hawkes and the political commentator jane merrick. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello i'm olly foster
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at the bbc sport centre, here's what's coming up on sportsday tonight. anderson the record breaker, it's the perfect end to england's summer. there's no place like hampden. scottish football is going to stay in glasgow. i'm in leicester where england face switzerland, hoping to avoid losing four matches in a row for the first time in their history. also coming up in sportsday this evening. ferrari let kimi raikonnen go after five years, but the former world champion is staying in formula one. england's cricketing summer has come to a close.
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they beat india by 118 runs on the final day of the fifth test. the final wicket falling tojimmy anderson, his 564th in tests, no other pace bowler has taken more. that sealed a 4—1 series win, in alastair cook's last match. in a moment we'll head live to the oval but first here's patrick gearey with the details of the day's play. yesterday wasn't quite good buy for alistair cooke. he still had a day in the field. he needed one more quick to become the most successful pace bowler in history but history is rarely predictable. he was kept waiting stop that was 50... he had forgotten england had put a fielder there. breakthrough. ben stokes had a plan for the new man. short bowling and shorter innings. it
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seemed england would be able to wash down their lunch with victory champagne but he had other ideas. he had suffered a frustrating tour. this was a century of therapy. at the other end he was so relaxed he was hitting 60s with only one hand. the mate getting their memorable. england now had to turn the match and in this match you will see few things turn like this. yes, that really happened. india's charge was now over. the only question was who would finish them off. ending a banks giving service of a test match for two friends, two legends. let's cross live to the oval now and speak to our
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sports correspondentjoe wilson. those two legends, we saw them embracing. . anderson and cook work together, old friends, and each one wa nted together, old friends, and each one wanted to make sure it the other one went first to get the applause. in the end it was cooke who went off first. we had this weird base near the end of the day because the eighth and ninth wicket were taken. by eighth and ninth wicket were taken. by that stage we assumed england we re by that stage we assumed england were going to win, but would james anderson have time to get his record before the end of the innings. in the end he did. clean bowl, a classic bit of anderson. i can't
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remember a test match which has done ending is quite like this one. just put that in context of what he has achieved. the first thing you have to reflect on when you are talking about a pace bowler. james anderson is not a fast bowler, butjust going through that delivery, that sprinting in time after time, the enormous strain it puts on your body. anderson is lucky in that he got over his back problems early on in his career. crucially he has relied on his skills as a bowler rather than his out and out pace. he needs conditions to be in his favour. mcgrath grew up in different
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conditions. he used his height and got his wickets in that way. fans of mcgrath point out that he got to his final colour significantly quicker thenjames final colour significantly quicker then james anderson. it final colour significantly quicker thenjames anderson. it does remind us thenjames anderson. it does remind us that injuries can strike at any time and that still could occur to james anderson. to put it into context, when we look at the all—time list of leading wicket taker is the top three are spin bowlers. it is easy to be a spinner. all three are spin bowlers. . and then comes james anderson. above all else, when you look at the reason why james anderson has else, when you look at the reason whyjames anderson has done well is because he really enjoys it. he loves being in this atmosphere with this group of players and in that context i think the retirement of
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alistair cooke will affect him quite a bit. top of the list of selectors heading into the winter tours, they will have to find a brand—new pair at the top of the order, and they? completely. many have tried and failed. they are essentially a really interesting team of test all rounders. they have got six months to sort that out. all the decisions that the selector have made have generally worked out. there is great variety to the english bowling attack. they do need to find an opening batsmen but they don't make them like alistair cooke any more. they certainly don't. many thanks indeed. there's some international football tonight. it's just a friendly for england tonight against switzerland but there is a bit riding on the result. lose and that would be a four defeats in a row,
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a first for england. our sports correspondent david ornstein is at leicester's king power stadium where tonight's match is taking place. i don't think gareth southgate cares about that. i put that very question to him and he seemed intent that this match was more about the element of his team. there are many players who have had zero minutes of football. they are both expected to feature tonight. harry came dropping to the bench. he has had a huge amount of football. possibly two other names who are coming to the sport. many have pulled out through injury
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on this international break. the band behind me certainly don't think this is a friendly. it should be a great night to night. apm kick—off. we are expecting a sell out as england take international football on the way the lima road again. three defeats on the trot for the first time in 30 years. if you look at the context, england were beaten by croatia in the world cup, then by belgium. pretty mean opposition. they have tougher operation the mac opposition to come in the form of spain and croatia again. gareth will wa nt to spain and croatia again. gareth will want to get back to winning ways but the element is the most important thing to night. it should be a pretty good encounter. like england, northern ireland also lost their opening nations league match. that was to bosnia herzegovina. they have a friendly at windsor park against israel this evening —
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and for fans of a certain age, the fixture will prompt some fond memories. stephen watson reports. 37 years ago israel were all that stood between northern ireland and world cup qualification. the stakes are nowhere near as high tonight as are nowhere near as high tonight as a new generation of players come through and the manager looks at his options in the squad. it is good to get that. if you bring players in it is important that they make an impact andl is important that they make an impact and i think the players we have at that. they're not just coming in to be part of the squad. they are coming in thinking i want to play now. i want players to come in with that belief that they are good enough to be in the site. this short period together is an important time for younger players to experience international duty. important time for younger players to experience international dutylj
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feeljust as comfortable being awake here thani feeljust as comfortable being awake here than i am with my club, which isa here than i am with my club, which is a positive because obviously you wa nt is a positive because obviously you want to have a comfort and that unity that i feel we have. want to have a comfort and that unity that i feelwe have. history has taught us what a truly united squad can achieve. hampden park will continue to be the home of scottish football. the sfa were considering an offer from the scottish rugby union to move to murrayfield in edinburgh but they are going to buy hampden for £5 million and stay in glasgow. here's bbc scotland's senior football reporter chris mclaughlin. after months of uncertainty finally clarity. following a lengthy and vigorous clarity. following a lengthy and vigofous process clarity. following a lengthy and vigorous process they have... the lease expires in 2020. in the bowels
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of the old stadium the gathered media listened and it became clear just how close they had come to leaving. it was incredibly close. i have had certain meetings that got heated. it was close. it was very hotly debated. the scottish fa will now take ownership of a stadium where they have been tenants for over 100 years. it cost £5 million. but there is much to be done, people to convince. this was outside last night ahead of victory over albania. maybe put the seat towards the page a bit more. decent transport to get away from the centre of glasgow. the whole of rugby wanted to share murrayfield with football. today the said they were disappointed that... ina
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in a place where hearts have been broken and memories have been made, the scottish football is staying. hampton roars again. mason mount scored the winner for england's under 21s on his debut, as they beat latvia in european championship qualifying. mount is on loan at derby from chelsea, they came from a goal down to win 2—1. scotland are away to the netherlands — and it's goalless. and northern ireland are up 2—0 against spain. and wales are at home to portugal at bangor university stadium. it's one — izzy wrote to the portuguese with just five minutes to go before half time. also coming up in the programme. maradona is back in the game,
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he won the world cup in mexico, but what can he do with a second division side there that hasn't won a match all season? now to some major news in formula one. the former world champion kimi raikkonen is leaving ferrari at the end of the season and returning to sauber on a two—year deal — the team where he started his f1 career 17 years ago. 20—year—old charles leclerc will move the other way raikonnen and has had five years in his second spell at ferrari. although he hasn't won a race during that time, 90,000 fans have been involved in an online campaign, trying to persuade ferrari to keep him on for another season. he is definitely leaving.
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he is such a popular figure in the sport. it was announced on social media. this is his instagram account. he said... "guess who 5 back?! the next two years with the sauber team ahead! it feels extremely good to go back where it all began!". well, definitely one of the most experienced drivers on the grid. the finn was the last man to win a world title for ferarri, back in 2007. he's won 20 grand prix's in his career, of the drivers still competition only fernando alonso, sebastian vettel and lewis hamilton have won more. he has been so competitive in his
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career. and he's 5th on the all—time list for the most podium finishes, with exactly 100 to date. i spoke to the times motor racing reporter rebecca clancy he is going to ring a lot of experience. they are on an upward trajectory. on top of that, ferrari will be using it to test components to put into their own car. having him with all of his years of experience, it is great for them, but he is still working for ferrari as well. he has put on social media that dreams come true. he is only 20. i know he has been in their academy but it is 60 odd years since
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they have had a driver so young. he was brought in deliberately with the view of promoting him this early. they do not like nurturing young talent but he is really good. he came into formula 1. ferrari have put a lot of energy into him. he has been impressive this season. he is much more experience. he does genuinely look like a future world champion in the making. england's rugby union champions exeter chiefs were the only club in the top division to make a profit last season. despite the game expanding and in seemingly good health, with increased player wages, the vast majority of clubs have been operating at a loss.
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despite that today they have turned down a £275 million take—over bid. cvc capital partners, who used to own formula one, wanted a 51 percent controlling stake. the clubs don't want that. we are very interested to explore areas of investment and grow the game and the league even further. the majority control is not the preferred option but we would look at at a variety of investment opportunities if that helps us to grow it. you decided that doing nothing is not an option. it is like that we overnight and continue to move forward and i think it is an ever—changing world. sport isa it is an ever—changing world. sport is a very exciting business and i think rugby is very interesting at the moment. you are right, we need to move forward, grasp opportunities, constantly think about how we are developing and going forward and that is what i think we can do. an individual time trial. yates
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finished 13th but still ahead of all our two of his rivals for the title. only yesterday he was playing down his chances of holding onto the jersey on his way to madrid. he is 30 three seconds clear with just five stages to go. charlotte dujardin is targetting a third straight olympic title


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