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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 11, 2018 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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after all that emotion of monday, for england, this was, yes, back down to earth. alistair cook was there on patrol, fielding, reflecting, and generally watching an extraordinary exhibition of youthful exuberance. this is how rishabh pant arrived at his first test match 100. he's gone for it. he's got it. well, conditions here did feel decidedly september—ish and, when the floodlights are on and the sky is grey, that's normally a james anderson kind of day. anderson wanted one wicket to become the most successful fast bowler in history. india were not playing along with that. so, step forward adil rashid. rahul bowled for 149 then young pant chanced his arm once too often. moeen ali is under that, isn't he? got it. now the race. could anderson get his magic moment before india were all out? the final wicket of the summer won the match and gave
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anderson the record — 564 career wickets and no test match has ever done endings quite like this one. joe wilson, bbc news, at the oval. newsnight is coming up on bbc two. here's emily. tonight we talk to former us secretary of state john kerry about america's failure over syria, and how do we decide when cartoonists cfoss how do we decide when cartoonists cross the line? join me on bbc two. that is newsnight. here on bbc one time for the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'mjohn watson. anderson the record breaker, jimmy provides the perfect end
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to england's summer. rashford's king as england end their three—match losing streak. and what a night for gavin whyte as northern ireland ease past israel. hello and welcome. james anderson took the final wicket of england's series with india to become the most successful fast bowler in test cricket. it handed his side a 4—1 victory in the last match of the five—test series — one which saw alistair cook play his final match for his country. two of england's all—time greats will steal the headlines but for long parts of the final day england were left frustrated by india, as patrick gearey reports. yesterday wasn't quite
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goodbye for alistair cooke. he still had a day in the field. he needed one more quick to become the most successful pace bowler in history but history is rarely predictable. he was kept waiting stop that was 50... he had forgotten england had put a fielder there. breakthrough. ben stokes had a plan for the new man. short bowling and shorter innings. it seemed england would be able to wash down their lunch with victory champagne but he had other ideas. rahul had suffered a frustrating tour. this was a century of therapy. at the other end pant was so relaxed he was hitting sixes with only one hand. he made getting there memorable. england now had to turn the match
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and you will see few things turn like this. yes, that really happened. rashid got pant two. india's charge was now over. the only question was who would finish them off. ending a thanksgiving service of a test match for two friends, two legends. it has been a realfitting end to what has been a special week for england cricket. a special week for the test match game. legends of our sport in alastair cook, jimmy amerson, stuart broad plays his part as well. i think we say thank you to alastair for everything he has done for english cricket but also jimmy anderson still going. yes he is at 564, but the way he is bowling now, the body, the mind, still seems strong. i think we have got many years left in jimmy anderson. maybe a couple, maybe another
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hundred or so wickets. i think this has been one of the great weeks for english cricket. after the highs of the summer, it's been a not so great start for england in uefa's new look nations league tournamnet. defeat to spain last saturday, theirthird in a row since losing in the semi finals of teh world cup. could they avoid a fourth in a friendly with switzerland at leicester's king power stadium. david ornstein was watching. england on the road, leicester the destination, a chance forfans england on the road, leicester the destination, a chance for fans to salute their world cup stars, and with the fa considering the sale of wembley, this could be a sign of things to come. but first a nod to the past, 25 seconds broadcast in black and white honouring the 25th anniversary of football's anti—discrimination charity kick it out. blushes spared by the width of the post before jack butland twice
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saved the home side. how they could have done with the creativity of paul gascoigne and his peak. there we re paul gascoigne and his peak. there were nine changes to the line—up, one of them danny rose and he came closest for england. finally they had some momentum and with it came reward. marcus rushford again showing his international pedigree and giving the king power crowd a return on their unstinting support. despite the improvement there were still nervy moments. john stone is making a vital intervention to maintain the advantage, and england held on to end a run of three straight defeats. that winning feeling is back. david is outside the stadium. plenty of changes made tonight right the way through the team, what do you think he would have learned from tonight's friendly? a lot, if you think about the fact england avoided
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losing four matches in a row for the first time in history and also kept a clean sheet, so after the highs of the summer it will have been a relief for gareth southgate after defeats against croatia, oldham and staying to have got a win under the belt. he will have learnt about some of his players because there were nine changes to the starting line—up so nine changes to the starting line—up so many players who had badly —— barely played any minutes, some none at all, and it's incredible to think perhaps international football is a breeding ground for players. gareth southgate is looking for attacking spark. when they play croatia and spain they will be looking for improvement. in the meantime a win isa win. improvement. in the meantime a win is a win. live tonight in leicester, thank you for that. northern ireland recovered from their opening defeat
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in the nations league with a 3—0 friendly win over israel at windsor park on a night where they'll hope they've unearthed a new star. it was one of their old heads who put michael o'neill's side in front. captain steven davis finishing off a well—executed set piece move. the home side then made it 2—0 when leeds united's stuart dallas volleyed in from close range. but the moment of the night came when 22—year—old gavin whyte came on to score with his first touch of the ball. he was making his first start for his country after impressing for oxford united in the opening weeks of the season. whyte signed for the league one club in the summer from crusaders, where he scored 22 goals in the northern irish league. spain, who beat england 2—i at wembley, trounced world cup finalists croatia tonight. they top league a of the nations league with a 100% record. despite a number of big names
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retiring from international duty, the squad demonstrating the breadth of talent with that win. let's have a quick look at some of today's other sports stories... hampden park will remain the home of scottish football after the scottish fa opted to buy the stadium from owners queens park for five million pounds when the current lease runs out in 2020. kimi raikkonen will leave ferrari at the end of the season. the 2007 champion isjoining sauber, returning to the team where he began his fi career, with the 20—year—old charles le clerc heading in the other direction. and great britain's simon yates has extended his lead in the vuelta a espana with a strong ride on stage 16. the individual time trial was won by rohan dennis of australia, yates finished 13th but crucially ahead of all bar two of his rivals for the title. premiership rugby clubs have voted against the former owners of formula one from buying a controlling stake in the league. exeter chiefs were the only team that made a profit last season and despite the others being in desperate need of investment, there is doubt over
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how much cvc‘s 275—million—pound bid for a 51% stake would benefit the game, in light of the criticism received over the compa ny‘s running of f1. we are we a re interested we are interested to explore areas of investment to grow the game and the league even further. the majority control is not the preferred option but we would look ata preferred option but we would look at a variety of investment opportunities if that helps grow it to the next level. is it fair to say that today you decided doing nothing was not an option? i think it is right that we galvanise and continued to move forward and i think it is an ever—changing world. sport is a very exciting business and rugby in particular is very interesting at the moment. you are right, we need to move forward and grasp opportunities, constantly
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think about how we are developing and going forward. diego maradona has taken on his next challenge having won the world cup in mexico with argentina back in 1986. he's returned to the country as the new technical director of second division side dorados de sinaloa. not surprisingly, hundreds of fans turned out to welcome him. understated as ever. he has very limited success or experience of club coaching and he has a big job on his hands — dorados haven't won a game this season. manchester city manager pep guardiola actually ended his playing career there. they will hope some of his managerial magic will rub off on maradona and his team. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look
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ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are the sun's? deputy political editor, steve hawkes, and the political commentatorjane merrick. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. the metro leads with a topic we've been covering today — criticism of the government's pay rise for police. met commissioner cressida dick said the decision was a ‘punch on the nose'. the times carries a story on child drug dealers with rising prosecutions of children as young as eleven. plans to improve workers' rights if labour wins the next election are on the front page of the financial times, as the shadow chancellorjohn mcdonnell unveils what would be the biggest labour market reforms since the eighties. the independent has an image
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of leave campaigners jacob rees—mogg, boris johnson and peter bone holding their heads in their hands as they set out plans for britain's eu exit. the online paper also warns of an unfolding national emergency caused by nhs staff vacancies. farmers who protect the countryside will be first in line for post—brexit grants, according to the telegraph. and the guardian publishes a warning to theresa may about her brexit tactics made by the chief executive of carmarkerjaguar. soa so a real variety of papers to chew over. shall we start with the daily telegraph? one brexit line amongst many it's fair to say. jane, the headline greenest farmers first in line for grants and presumably these
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are the farmers who protect the countryside. yes, this is michael gove announcing an agriculture bill. it's interesting that so much of wrecks it seems chaotic and michael gove is presenting this discreet will on farming. one of the things i think even the anti—brexit people have accepted for a long time, that the common agriculture policy was broken so his policy is that instead of chp payments... common agricultural policy payments going to farmers, uk government money will go to farmers who do good things like sustainable food production and i think it's interesting. he has long talked about a green brexit and this is the flesh on the bones. hasn't he said this before, steve? we have known this was coming. the government needs this out there,
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away from the bickering vision of what we could get which is selling —— sorely needed. worried at the bottom, there is a national audit office report which is damning, talking about the lack of preparation and how many projects are on preparation and how many projects are on red and amber. that might explain why this is coming to them. let's move on to what you might say is another gummy headline, jaguar chief warns many thousands of jobs at risk from your brexit tactics. this is a story in the guardian and jaguar land rover britain's leading car manufacturer. businesses have become emboldened and now we are getting to crunch time. we have the big conference next


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