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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  September 12, 2018 1:45am-2:01am BST

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james anderson breaks yet another record as england beat india in the final test to complete a 4—1 series win. marco asensio scores his first ever goal for spain as they thrash world cup finalists croatia 6—0 in the uefa nations league. and we're in las vegas ahead of this weekend's much anticipated middleweight rematch between gennady golovkin and canelo alvarez. hello and welcome to the programme, where we start with the cricketing news that james anderson took the final wicket in the win over india to become the most successful fast bowler in test history. the 36—year—old helped secure a 118—run victory in the fifth match of their series at the oval by taking his 564th test wicket, moving him past australia's glenn mcgrath, and sealing a 4—1 series triumph for the hosts in what was also his good friend alastair cook's last match for england. our sports correspondent joe wilson was there. any end, this test match was about
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james anderson it seemed india might have a chance to the seemingly impossible, face down their target and win this test match. it was like ipl at the oval for a while. bringing up the first test match hundred was one of the moments of the summer. that's exactly why england have brought rashid into the test tea m. england have brought rashid into the test team. at that moment, and only really at that moment, did england's victory seemed assured. the james anderson, the race to take his week before the close of play. he snuck into get rid of the last man for the final delivery of the summer which ta kes final delivery of the summer which takes james anderson to 564 career wickets, no fast bowler has ever got more. it was the embrace between two
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friends, anderson and cook at the close here in south london. no test match that i can remember has ever done endings quite like this one. whatjimmy has achieved and what he's capable of achieving is still is outstanding, really, to him is taken as many wickets as he has. the most thing is, he is bowling, in my opinion, probably at his best to wrap this summer, he's been outstanding and we can see that carrying forward and hopefully a long time still. he does it all the time, he's been very relentless with his skills and that's why he stands at the top of the past boulders leaderboard and he deserves it totally because of the skill sets that he possesses and he has a keen eye for figuring out and he can bowl accordingly, he can bowl all sorts of deliveries which is massive. after that performance from james anderson and the retirement of alastair cook former england captain michael vaughan reminisced on what was a great series for the hosts.
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it's been a realfitting end to it's been a real fitting end to us, it's been a special week the england cricket, a special week of a test match game of the legends of our sporting alistair cooke, jimmy anderson, stuart broad plays its pa rt anderson, stuart broad plays its part as well and it's in overwhelming thank you to our list of what he's done butjimmy aniston is still going, yes, he is at 564 but the way he is bowling now, the body and mind seems strong that we have many years left injimmy anderson, maybe another hundred wickets or so but this has been one of the great weeks for english cricket. there were seven uefa nations league matches on tuesday with beaten world cup finalists croatia among them playing spain. luis enrique‘s reign got off to a winning start with victory over england on saturday while croatia were making their first appearance of the inaugural tournament. and it wasn't a happy one as spain put six past them to romp to victory in the league a — group 4 clash in elche with real madrid's marco asensio scoring his first national goal
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in his 17th appearance. elsewhere in league a — group 2, iceland hosted belgium who finished third in the world cup and it finished 3—0 in reykjavik as first eden hazard and a pair of romelu lukaku goals secured the win for roberto martinez‘s side. i think it was a slow start. for 15 minutes, we had to adapt a little bit and we knew. coming off the back ofa bit and we knew. coming off the back of a very difficult game against switzerland and there was a bit of a rebellion within the first 15, 20 minutes and i think we took control of the match once we started being more precise in the passing, more precise in our defending and it was a good performance from others. elsewhere there were a host of friendlies on tuesday with northern ireland returning to winning ways with a 3—0 win over israel. the republic of ireland let slip a lead in poland finishing 1—1 — while england after three successive defeats won out thanks
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to marcus rashford's second—half volley that gave them victory over switzerland. you know, we were very keen that he had the opportunity that we were keen to give him, some match minutes, because we think he is a big part of our future, minutes, because we think he is a big part of ourfuture, we minutes, because we think he is a big part of our future, we think he isa big part of our future, we think he is a fantastic talent with a great mentality and we have really talked to him a lot about being in the penalty box more, being higher up the pitch, and both of those goals have come from those areas, which is great for him. now to boxing where the most hotly anticipated bout of 2018 will take place in las vegas this weekend between mexico's canelo alvarez and kazakhstan‘s gennady golovkin. this is a rematch of last year where the pair fought a controversial draw and could be a career defining fight for both men. 0ur reporter ade adedoyin is in nevada. iam in i am in the lobby of the mgm grand which is unrecognisable from a few hours ago when there were thousands of fa ns
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hours ago when there were thousands of fans here to welcome the two fighters to the city. hugely anticipated because the first was declared a draw but many people think that gennady golovkin one about but since then, canelo alvarez has tested positive for a banned substance which has resulted in a rematch. he's always maintained he never tried to cheat but he ate contaminated meat in mexico. gennady golovkin has been critical of canelo alvarez since that incident but he was a lot more measured when i caught up with him. it is a different situation, you know? he has good experience from the first fight and we are ready to bring it. we will bring another news story. how disappointed are you about the failed test? you know, maybe like 80%. the first step, the second step, right now, we are all professional. i still want to
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champion. how big is this fight in terms of the context of your career and where you are at the moment? as isaid, it and where you are at the moment? as i said, it is my biggest fight of my career i said, it is my biggest fight of my careerand i said, it is my biggest fight of my career and it's on the line. an awful lot riding on this for gennady golovkin and also alvarez, who wants to write the role of the failed test and prove he didn't mean to cheat. the two men will come face to face. the two men will come face to face. the final press conference will take place here at the mgm grand. kimi raikkonen is leaving ferrari at the end of the current formula one season. the 2007 world champion isjoining sauber on a two year deal. going the other way, will be charles le clerc, with ferrrari confirming that the 20—year—old will drive alongside sebastian vettel next season. raikkonen will be returning to the team who gave him his first chance in formula one back in 2001. many were feeling that raikkonen‘s
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time had come to an end but kimi felt different. they picked up an experienced driver. kimi is not won a race since he drove the right rear and that would factor into their thinking but what they will get is an experienced driver who is driving the best he has driven. they are a tea m the best he has driven. they are a team that are up—and—coming, they have our forum they are back in, they struggled to so many years. set them to get an experience of kimi raikkonen is invaluable. they'll put alongside the driver, probably marcus ericsson who has been in the tea m marcus ericsson who has been in the team for long time and they will get a good blend of that experience which is really good for a team like that, they will move up to it. there are just five stages left in cycling's final grand tour of the year, the vuelta a espana, with alejandro valverde's hopes of winning it for a second time fading. britain's simon yates increased his lead over the spaniard
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to 33 seconds, despite finishing stage sixteen‘s time trial more than a minute and a half behind the winner, australia's rohan dennis. wednesday is one of three mountain stages before the finish in madrid on sunday. finally — a day after golfer tony finau was picked as the final member of the us ryder cup team, he appeared onstage performing a traditional samoan dance this was at an event for the foundation named after him. finau posted the performance on twitter. he said, "a day you make the rydercup usa team is a day you feel like dancing! thanks to everyone who came out to support the tony finau foundation." the 28—year—old is of tongan and samoan ancestry. couldn't do that myself! you can get all the latest sports news at our website. that's
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i'm dancing out of here. bye bye. hello there. a full uk weather forecast coming up in a moment, but first of all the latest on that massive hurricane that's heading towards the eastern side of the united states. it is of course hurricane florence. it is a category four hurricane, sustained winds of 140 mph but is forecast to strengthen, with wind gusts getting up to 185mph over the next 24 hours or so. it will make landfall friday morning in north carolina, but the effects will be felt up and down the mid—atlantic coast with the risk of flooding and those damaging winds as well. here in the uk, a cold front sinking its way slowly southwards today and that will have an effect on the temperatures. yesterday we saw highs of 25 degrees in both london and exeter as well, but today we are looking at highs of around 18 degrees.
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a 7—degree celsius drop in temperature, not that it will feel cold, but feel a good deal cooler. this is how we have the weather over the next few hours for the early risers. a lot of cloud around and outbreaks of rain. always heaviest across north—east england to the north—west of wales as well, but there will be plenty of heavy showers working into north—west scotland over the next few hours, with a slice of clearer weather across northern ireland, northern england and eastern scotland. it's here where we will have those temperatures dipping down into single figures, mild further south, 15 degrees the low in london. looking at the weather picture through the rest of wednesday, our cold front sinks its way southwards, the rain becomes increasingly light and patchy, but there will probably some left over across parts of south—east england well into the afternoon. there'll be some blustery showers for western scotland, but in between, a slice of sunnier weather, but temperatures a good deal lower in the south, highs expected to reach 18 celsius.
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looking at the weather picture to wednesday evening and overnight, our rain clears away from south—east england. heavy rain into the north—west of scotland, but there will be clear skies for the bulk of england and wales and it will be one of the cooler nights that we have seen so far this september, with temperatures across eastern parts of england around 3 or 4 degrees in the coldest areas. quite a chilly start of the day on thursday but there will be plenty of sunshine around here. a band of rain pushes southwards across scotland and northern ireland, weakening as it does so, just a few spots possible across cumbria to take us into the afternoon, but for many of us it is a dry day, showers again affecting western parts of scotland, though. temperatures in the sunshine, about 15 degrees for aberdeen and edinburgh, 21 degrees in london. bit more sunshine, so starting to feel warmer. reasonable sunshine across southern england as we head through the weekend, but some heavy outbreaks of rain across the north—west of the uk this weekend. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers
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in north america and around the globe. i'm reged ahmad. our top stories: it's being called "a vicious monster and a threat to life.". america's east coast gets ready for the might of hurricane florence. we are sparing no expense, we are totally prepared, we are ready. we are ready as anybody has ever been. china's president says the relationship with russia is more important than ever, as they hold joint military exercises for the first time. brazil's jailed former president, lula da silva gives up his attempt to return to power in next month's election. and we'll be finding out why this raven has got a lot to crow about.
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