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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  September 14, 2018 5:45pm-6:01pm BST

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taken a crucial step towards winning his first grand tour. extending his advantage after stage 19. we've also be looking to this we can's football as the premier league returns following the international break. the focus once again is onjose mourinho‘s style of management. this time it has been praised by one of his star players. we will also be live in las vegas ahead of this week and's rematch between two of the best pound for pound fighters in world boxing. and how did lewis hamilton there in second practice at the singapore grand prix? that is at 6:30pm. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode. so, mark, what do we have this week? hello. a very interesting week.
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crazy rich asians is proving a huge international hit. , a melancholic, touching tale of rodeo. ash max the rider. and lucky featuring harry dean stanton in one of his last roles. what did you think of crazy rich asians? adapted from the kevin kwa n rich asians? adapted from the kevin kwan novel which i have not read, co nsta nce wu kwan novel which i have not read, constance wu plays a chinese—american assessor at nyu who is dating a guy called nick who's she does not know is to be rich until the moment he says, there is a wedding in singapore, you should come with me. they get to the aeroplane, they turn left. she goes, we go that way! he says, no, no. they are in super first—class and people are offering them champagne. she says, what is all this about? he
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says my family are comfortable. she then arrives and meets the family and she is pitied —— pitted against and she is pitied —— pitted against a series of wannabe girlfriends, a grandmother who is kind of in charge of everything. the mother has no intention of letting her son marry whomever he wants. here is the clip. it's just great seeing you guys all like this. when i was growing up, it was just me and my mom. but we didn't really have a big family like this. that's a beautiful ring, auntie eleanor. nick's father had it made when he proposed to me. how did you guys meet? well, actually, they met at cambridge. they were studying law together. oh, i didn't know you were a lawyer! i withdrew from university one we got married. 0h. i chose to help my husband run a business, and to raise a family. for me, it was a privilege. but for you, you may think it is old—fashioned. but all this doesn't just happen. it's because we know to put family first.
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i don't think i will mess with her! that is a critically stealing performance. what i liked about the film, there has been a lot of talk about the cultural importance. we haven't seen a cast like this since the joy luck club. haven't seen a cast like this since thejoy luck club. that means the film immediately comes with a lot of cultural baggage and roles that it has to fulfil. the main question, does it work, is it funny? looking at some of the trailers, i thought it would be like sex and the city will stop all that wealth and consumerism. actually i found myself rather enchanted. a very likeable cast. when they need to be funny, the mother is very not funny which works well. although certain bits in the construction are creaky, if you know rob comms it does take all the familiarfrom con know rob comms it does take all the familiar from con traits. know rob comms it does take all the familiarfrom con traits. it is not breaking new ground. but it is being
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played with, bringing enough new life into these —— to make it work. the narrative was going off into areas and darker areas than i expected because, on the one hand, there is all this wealth and stuff going on but the whole attitude is, this is not a great thing. these are scary people. there are battles that have to be fought. as the characters reveal their back stories, there we re reveal their back stories, there were surprises, things that irony didn't think the movie would go in under action. i went in with my slightly sniffy critic's cat, thinking, impress me, make me laugh and it did. and towards the end it made me cry. that is the perfect film! no one was more surprised than me. i am really looking forward to it. as i am the rider, a very different film. this is chloe zhao. it isa different film. this is chloe zhao. it is a film about rodeo and the
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people who work there. it is using nonprofessional actors playing very close... the central character is recovering from a terrible fall which left him with a metal plates. he is told he cannot write any more. his sister and father play versions of themselves. their interaction is very realistic. on the one hand it isa very realistic. on the one hand it is a film about presuming your dreams and what it means to follow your dreams and when those dreams through you. it has a touch of the melancholy of that film, lean on peat which i liked very much. so did i. buta peat which i liked very much. so did i. but a harder edge. perhaps a bit of the florida project in terms of the realism. it is about what dreams mean and about the kind of down—to—earth reality. it is done with real compassion and conviction. you believe in these characters. they are playing so close to home. it achieves a poetry, it is very
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moving, very slow. which i think it needs to be. it takes time to tell its story. really beautifully done. flow is not always bad. and lucky, the finalfilm. flow is not always bad. and lucky, the final film. one of the last films made by harry dean stanton. melancholy film about an old—timer on his last hurrah. he is called lucky. he gets up and does his exercises, has a cigarette. host to the diner where he does the crossword, goes to the bar to hang out with his missed bodies. at the diner he meets up with an excess rent. —— with his friends. they start a conversation which appears to be about nothing but is actually about everything. marines, huh? yes, sir. you? navy. ahhh.
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ok, ok, you guys are great. you always gave us a lift to the fight. i read somewhere, the marines didn't have the mental capacity to understand the inner workings of a ship. world war ii, huh? pacific. yeah, same here. did you ever get around the philippines? yeah, i spent a couple of years in that slice of heaven. yeah, me too. but i never got off the boat. consider yourself lucky. that scenes kind of reminiscent of a similar scene from a david lynch film. david lynch himself plays one of the characters. he plays howard who lucky meets in a bar. he is distressed because his torturers has run away. there is a long
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philosophical discussion about his friendship with daughters. he says to people, you don't understand, the tortures is really important. —— his friendship with the tortoises. it is about facing the inevitability of death. but also the fact that is life itself appears to be meaningless, we should approach it with a smile. quietly philosophical, often quite funny. very touching. it has an odd theatrical quality. particularly the bar scene. some sequences, particularly the bar scene. some sequences, you wonder if they're acting stiffly on purpose or if that is part of a device. it also reminded me of some of the films of ginger amish, the observational, looking at something with an off kilter i've. it is very charming, there is a darkness behind it. —— and off—kilter point of view. it is and off—kilter point of view. it is a film which wins you over because it is such strange company. but generates and benevolence. in the end the messages, keep smiling
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because it is all you can do. which i think is a good message!” because it is all you can do. which i think is a good message! i love it. from everything you have said, i love it. your film it. from everything you have said, i love it. yourfilm of the week, i also love, even though i spent an hour and also love, even though i spent an hourand a also love, even though i spent an hour and a half feeling very angry. beautifully made. this is an adaptation of a novel about a teenager in the 90s sent to a christian gay conversion therapy centre. some of this stuff will change your same—sex attraction because there is no such thing as sexuality. the triumph of the film was, although the subject matter is very dark, and it is, it does not shy away from that, there is a lot of joy shy away from that, there is a lot ofjoy in the film. this lovely irony that the main character is sent to this place where she meets the very group of friends that eve ryo ne the very group of friends that everyone is trying to keep away from. there are times when it does make you angry. but there is more humour than
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make you angry. but there is more humourthani make you angry. but there is more humour than i anticipated. and that is what makes it work. and it is set in the early 90s but boy does it seem relevant to politics today. which i thought was very important. a period setting but feels very contemporary. they started filming it before trump was elected. the low the election happened midway through. it would have been an interesting wrap party! you have to see that to get it. it feels contemporary even though it is set in 93. dvds? this is a superb film. 18th—century story about the title character who is a sad —— in a south american colonies. it is a film which on the one hand has a very down—to—earth political story. on the other hand a dreamlike quality. it is very poetic. also, you know the best movies or movies which tell their story through images rather
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than characters sitting down and explaining. you can watch this and ta ke explaining. you can watch this and take away seven different stories. like the best cinema, it is a visual storytelling mode. it is a film which is a film, notjust an argument. i believe liked it. it is on dvd. i love it when you bring something i know nothing about. and she very much. thank you. a quick reminder before we go that you'll find more film news and reviews from across the bbc online at kermode. and you can find all our previous programmes on the bbc iplayer. a cracking week. enjoy your cinema going. that's it for this week, though. thanks for watching. goodbye. good evening. compared with what's
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going on in other parts of the world, the weather here this weekend will be relatively quiet. but it is a mixture fairer. wet and breezy weather at times. the driest weather across the south—east. parts of south—east england may not see any rain. this picture earlier today shows various bands of rain moving south—eastwards. this pulse of rain isa south—eastwards. this pulse of rain is a heavy burst across northern ireland, southern scotland, northerly winds. these are the temperatures over the next hour. this evening and tonight, most of these showery bits and pieces of rain will fade away leading clear skies overhead. one or two showers. it will turn quite chilly, particularly across the north—east. green and blue colours showing here on our chart. aberdeen, around 4 degrees. colder than that in the countryside. one further south. particularly where we have the cloud
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and rain. into tomorrow, many places starting fine and dry. north—east scotland, south—east england, holding onto sunny skies for the longest. outbreaks of rain into northern ireland and western scotland. a strengthening breeze. temperatures this team to 21 degrees. sunday, high—pressure holding on across the south—east. frontal systems push on from the north—west. uncertainty about the progress of these weather fronts but it looks like rain moving out of northern ireland and scotland into northern england and wales. caps the midlands. could see the shower showering this outburst, east anglia. 23 degrees looks likely. a bit cooler across northern ireland and scotland. a mix of sunshine and showers. the start of next week, this is the remnants of what was the storm. it does look like a deep area
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of low pressure will approach the western side of the british isles this —— as we get into the coming week. pretty windy weather but remember it was a storm. tropical airwithin it so remember it was a storm. tropical air within it so we will feel the effects across south—eastern and eastern part of the country. temperatures could get up into the middle 20s. further north and west, some outbreaks of rain and it will be quite breezy. all the details for where you are this weekend ‘s and the weather around the world available on the website. attempts to save his life. this was the last image of pc keith palmer, taken by a tourist, shortly before he was stabbed to death by khalid masood. today his family asked why there'd been no armed officers to protect pc palmer at the time of the attack. we'll have the latest from the old bailey. also on the programme tonight: hurricane florence hits the east coast of america, bringing flooding, power cuts and warnings that entire communities could be destroyed.
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president trump's former campaign manager agrees to cooperate with the investigation into links between the president and russia. the archbishop and amazon. the church defends investing in the online giant, despite him criticising its tax affairs. prison officers stage protests against what they say are unprecedented levels of violence by inmates.


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