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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 17, 2018 6:30pm-6:50pm BST

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the international monetary fund warns that a "no—deal" brexit on world trade organization terms would entail "substa ntial costs" for the uk economy. and a race against time, as rescuers in the philippines dig through mud to try to find dozens buried by a landslide after typhoon mangkhut battered the country. details emerge of how the mp tobias ellwood battled to save police officer keith palmer, who was stabbed to death in the westminster bridge attack. leaders from british and french fishing industries agree on a deal to end the so—called scallop wars in the english channel. in a moment, it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. with six months to go until brexit — reality check‘s chris morris will be investigating just how ready the uk is to set off on the future road ahead. we'll be speaking to a stylist to find out whether ‘runway robots‘
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could be coming to a future fashion show near you. and later on at half past ten and quarter past eleven, we'll be bringing you tomorrow's front pages in the papers. our guests this evening will be christopher hope, chief political correspondent at the telegraph; and miranda green, deputy comment editor at the financial times. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. you're live at the bbc sport centre with me chris mitchell, coming up for you on sportsday... in the red... british cycling's most succesful period topped off by yates‘ win in spain...but is there more to come? the professionals return... the rfu says they will offer full—time contracts to england‘s women.
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iam here i am here for a first look at cricket‘s new and controversial format, the 100. also coming up on sportsday... after the world record was smashed in berlin, how close are we getting to a sub—two—hour time? hello and welcome to sportsday. this is a golden era for british cycling — simon yates‘ win in the vuelta a espana on sunday confirmed a clean sweep of victories for british riders in this year‘s grand tours. io, is—years ago you‘d
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could never have imagined such a scenario — the uk had never won a tour de france, a vuelta espana ora giro d‘italia... it means in the last 6—years british cyclists have won 9—titles. yates told our sports correspondent david ornstein that his win was the result of disappointment and sheer determination. i never really believed it would arise because i have had so many setbacks. i guess also it gives you that little bit of motivation to really keep plugging away, persistence, keep trying. yeah, it has pulled off. how has britain done this? a decade ago, you would be lucky to get a briton on the start line operators like this. now british cyclists are winning them all. i came through the national system with a huge increase in funding
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from the lottery and that sort of stuff, so for me i‘ve always been looked after in that sort of way and direction until obviously i turned professional and now it has just been our team here. that‘s the only thing i can really think about, on the grassroots and bringing talent through from a young age. i think you are seeing that now. i started many years ago. you will be looked at as a global superstar after this. does it feel like that? does it sits comfortably with you? i don't think superstar is the correct word. cycling is still a small sports, especially in the uk. compare it to football or any other sports, it is still small. i don‘t think i will ever be a superstar. but that‘s fine for me because that‘s not my character. i like to relax on my own, quite laid back
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full of that‘s ok, i will continue to work hard. really go from there. where is next? what does the future hold? do you want to become one of the best of all time? do you went to —— do you want to win the tour in france? we will have to see. i want to celebrate this victory first because it is the first grand tour of the team. it is a really historic, happy moments. celebrate this first and then start talking about future plans. british cycling‘s journey looks like a stage on the tour de france... plenty of ups and some significant downs but overall this has been a momentous climb to the top. at the turn of the century british cycling was charged with making the nation great on two wheels. .. £2.5 million of lottery money aimed to kick start the sport.... on the track there was immediate
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success with medals won at worlds and olympics... but success on the grand tours still eluded british cycling. team sky was launched in 2010 with the ambition of winning the tour de france, with a british rider within five years. they only had to wait two years as bradley wiggins won the tour de france. chris froome was a winner a year later and and then won back to back tours in 2015 and 2016. but it wasn‘t all good news. there were some significant downs for british cycling too news of a jiffy bag delivered to wiggins at a race in 2011 became the subject of a long investigation by uk anti—doping. wiggins was cleared chris froome was investigated — and cleared — after a drug was found in his urine during his succesful 2017 tour of spain... froome‘s fourth triumph on the champs—elysees and then in spain kick started another incredible run. he went on to win the tour
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in italy earlier this year — his third grand tour in a row geraint thomas reigned in paris as he won the sport‘s biggest prize and this weekend simon yates made it a british clean sweep in the grand tours. michael hutchinson — sports writer and a former british cyclist — joins us on sportsday. simon yates was known to those in the sport and had been getting better and better — just how good is he? how good is the situation we have 110w how good is the situation we have now for british cycling? as simon said, he originally came up through the gb system. he won a tour in 2013 which is the race of tomorrow, the tour de france for young riders. that attracted a lot of attention. we have all been watching him for quite a long time. he was the best
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young rider at the tour de france last year. in some ways this feels like a natural combination of that trajectory. it is not a flash in the pan. it has been a steady progression. he is 26, he has won a grand tour. and he will certainly win more significant races from here. the three different british riders winning the three grand tours this year, that has not happened in any nation before. there has never been a nation in cycling that has w011 been a nation in cycling that has won the three grand tours with three different writers. having been involved in the sport for nearly 20 yea rs, involved in the sport for nearly 20 years, the idea that it is happening in britain isjust extraordinary. he is not a team sky rider, he comes from a different team. is that significant? very significant. they did try to sign him in 2013 and he did try to sign him in 2013 and he did not want to go to them because they didn‘t want to take his brother as well. add is also a best young
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riderfrom the tour de as well. add is also a best young rider from the tour de france from 2016. ash m adam. they wanted to stay together so they went to the australian team which was then —— had a different name. it isa similar was then —— had a different name. it is a similar sort of team to sky in that it is a similar sort of team to sky in thatitis is a similar sort of team to sky in that it is a very distinctly australian team in the way that team sky is distinctly british. it has a much smaller budget than team sky. it's much smaller budget than team sky. it‘s important that british riders are now winning grand tours out i‘d be team sky will stop team sky was in many ways a continuation of team gb track system. there are british riders riding for a lot of teams in the world to other than team sky. up until now we haven‘t seen one win a grand tour. i think this is the next step forward. how good can it get? you can‘t beat a clean sweep, can you? irony don't know. i have spent
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the last ten years predicting we would never get to a place like this. i am always wrong when i say that it doesn‘t get any better. clearly we can have maybe a british clea n swee p clearly we can have maybe a british clean sweep of all three podium places in one of the grand tours. maybe that will happen. but really it is very hard to know where to go from here because you have notjust got chris froome who is ill at the age of 32 capable of winning waters, more big events. —— who at the age of 32. geraint thomas is also a tour contender. simon yates has done the same thing. and yates, a very similar sort of rider, we have not just got one or two british grand tour contenders, there are three or four and other good riders coming up. good news for british cycling however you look at it full of thank you. there‘s been a big development today for women‘s rugby in england, with the rfu
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re—introducing contracts for the 15—a—side team... it‘ll make players in the squad fully professional. contracts were controversially not renewed after the 2017 world cup, with the rfu choosing to spend their money on the sevens format of the game. that stance has now changed. i spoke to former international maggie alphonsi and asked her how this will change the women‘s game... the big change will bring to us is that it will rise the level of, the standards of english women‘s rugby. we have been waiting for this for quite awhile. prior to world cup in 2017, the rfu announced professional contracts. those were taken away and the investment was put into the domestic game. that was great because we have a bigger talent pool because we have a bigger talent pool. but now the focus really have to also be on the top end of the women‘s game. improving the england
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standard because we need to make sure that we are keeping in touch with new zealand women and the likes of the frenchwomen, scotland and so on. many other teams are investing into their international teams and england needs to make sure they are leading the way. do we know what sort of investment we are talking about in terms of what the players might get paid? i don't have that information. but what i do know is that they have 28 players who will be contacted with a potential seven more to add onto that. 35 players will get full—time contracts which isa will get full—time contracts which is a huge, significant difference compared to what they used to have. those players can concentrate on being athletes, having time to train hard, having time to - and having hard, having time to rest and having time to work on their skills to improve and be competitive at and very much in touch with the game and the players who will be getting these contracts. what are they saying? i haven't had a chance to
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talk to the players since the news has broken but i know prior to this news, a lot of players wanted professional contracts. it is quite a big thing for any player to have, regardless of words. you want to be paid full—time payment for doing the sports you absolutely love. for all the players involved in this, they will be over the moon. this is now going to potentially change the focus for them over the next few yea rs. a brand new cricket format — the hundred — is being trailed this month... in theory the hundred will be a five—week tournament, featuring eight teams and will start in 2020. today‘s trial was the only one open to the media. and patrick geary was there. welcome to the future, or at least what those running cricket hope it may be. this is our first look at 100 ball cricket, a new format coming into summertime. the
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scoreboard counts down from 100 to zero and that is shorter than a 2020 innings. there are five balls rather than six and they don‘t switch ends at the end of every innings. they‘re also trying out things like fielding substitutions and tactical time—outs. the aim of this is to bring a new audience to the sports. but how does it work in practice? bring a new audience to the sports. but how does it work in practice7m isa but how does it work in practice7m is a shorter, sharper formats. but how does it work in practice7m is a shorter, sharperformats. it but how does it work in practice7m is a shorter, sharper formats. it is something new, it has some tweaks to the t 20 format. i think it is really that simple five version. it is taking things too similar level. but people can really enjoy the fact that it but people can really enjoy the fact thatitis but people can really enjoy the fact that it is short, sharp and compacts. anything that helps the game to flow builds the interest in the game we love. that is incredibly important. you do wonder how you can make cricket a little bit different.
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it has to be cricket, i am a cricket love r. it has to be cricket, i am a cricket lover. this is illfield by cricket but there are are some exciting nuances that i think will add to the interest. —— this is still cricket. this competition has been hugely controversial. people have questioned the need for yet another format, does reducing the number of balls mean it will bring in a new audience? it will also be created entirely for this competition. how will that affect the county cricket format which has been the backbone of the sport for more than 100 yea rs ? of the sport for more than 100 years? those behind the nieuwkoop edition say they‘re not trying to make something better but something different which will bring people in for a shorter time over the summer. —— evil behind this new format. —— the people behind the new format. the calzaghe family have announced that the boxing trainer,
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enzo has died at the age of 69. enzo calzaghe, is the father of the former world boxing champion joe, and had guided his son to becoming a world champion in two different weight classes in an undefeated 46—fight career as a professional. he was self taught as a trainer and won the bbc‘s coach of the year award in 2007. southampton take on brighton in the premier league tonight... both team with just one win from 4—games so far are the wrong side of mid—table. connor mcnamara and chris sutton will be watching for bbc radio 5 live. good evening from a sunny south
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coast. southampton against brighton, two tea ms coast. southampton against brighton, two teams who whichever of them would win would feel they have a good start to the season. whoever was to lose tonight might begin to think they are getting sucked to the bottom of it early in the campaign. i agree. southampton underachieved last season, brighton overachieved. they will want to maintain that momentum going into this. i think brighton will be ok this season. i think a good performance against manchester united earlier in the season. manchester united earlier in the season. disappointing at home against fulham, drawing that game. they will want to come and win the knights. lets hear from the brighton manager. i would expect a high tempo game from them, particularly as they are at home. that is generally what you will see from us. they have a lot of very good individuals in the team. ithink
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lot of very good individuals in the team. i think what they have the moment is a very good team. he southampton are a good team. their recent record doesn‘t necessarily suggest that. one win in the last 13 premier league games. have you think southampton will fare this year? they survived under mark hughes, he did a really good job in terms of keeping them up. how will they do? i think they will be a bottom half tea m think they will be a bottom half team andi think they will be a bottom half team and i think brighton will be bottom half as well, if i‘m being honest. i think southampton, it‘s important for them to get back to his local club, rejected as a youngster here. southampton want to do well, you will have to play a big pa rt do well, you will have to play a big part in that. it is southampton against brighton. commentary on five live. some of the day‘s other stories for you... west ham‘s lucas perez has denied that he didn‘t want to play in yesterday‘s 3—1win at everton. perez was on the bench and looked set to come on.... but michail antonio did instead.
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perez says it was "quicker" for antonio to play... great britain has in the last hour won two gold medals at the world equestrian games in north carolina. a flawless round from ros canter on her horse allstar b clinched team gold and was also good enough for to take the individual title. and the england and great britain goalkeeper maddie hinch is taking a break from international hockey. hinch says she needs time out of the sport both physically and mentally, but hopes to return for the olympics in 2020. we are a significant steop closer to a sub—two—hour marathon. kenya‘s eliud kipchogee set a new world record for the distance in berlin at the weekend. he beat the previous best by more than a minute. mo farah‘s british record time is about a mile adrift. this is how he did it.
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the berlin course is flat and notorious for quick times. kipchoge crossed the line underneath the brandenburg gate in two hours one minute and 39 seconds. he puts his success down to a formula he coins motivation + discipline = consistency. iam happy i am happy and i iam happy and i can i am happy and i can say that i a lwa ys i am happy and i can say that i always wa nt i am happy and i can say that i always want to leave a legacy. everything is possible. i had 00, 110w everything is possible. i had 00, now i have one. it is possible. so how does that extraordinary time break down — if you‘re a runner you might be interested.


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