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good afternoon. jeremy corbyn has confirmed the labour party would support another referendum on brexit if his party's conference backs the idea this week. mr corbyn says he'd prefer a general election but would abide by the decision of party members. our political correspondent, alex forsyth, is in liverpool now, where the conference is being held. alex. well, that's right. the first day of the labour conference, and the party had wanted to promote some of its policies — a tax on second homes, putting more workers on the board of larger company is, —— companies, but of course much of the focus is brexit. and it now looks possible the party could shift its decision. all behind jeremy, get your copy of labour weekly. at labour's conference, there is one thing on people's minds. there is growing feeling among the rank and file for labour to pack the weak back another
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vote on the brexit deal. today, jeremy corbyn said he would support the decision of party members. we area the decision of party members. we are a democratic party, very big. it is the biggest conference we have had. given that, do you feel bound by what the conference decides, as the leader? obviously. the government has ruled out another election, insisting a brexit deal is possible, even after its plan was rejected by the eu. we need to hold out nerve, rejected by the eu. we need to hold our nerve, keep rejected by the eu. we need to hold out nerve, keep our rejected by the eu. we need to hold our nerve, keep our cool, keep negotiating in good faith, and really press the eu to be clear on what their objections are. but here, unsurprisingly, they are not happy leaving it to the government. behind the scenes today, delegates will agree on motions the party will vote on later this week, deciding labour's position on another referendum, and some say it must be clear whether the party backs it or not. it is a bit of a binary choice.
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you can't really budged that. we think we need a meaningful vote in parliament. failing that, we think that the prime minister needs to call a general election so we can airthe call a general election so we can air the debates around the deal, and thenit air the debates around the deal, and then it may be that we would have a people's votive parliament can't come to a view. but there's a warning: any vote should be about the way we leave the eu, not reversing brexit. the referendum shouldn't be on whether we want to go back into the european union. rain—mac it shouldn't be an option? no, the people have already decided. finding a view on brexit that unites labour supporters here is a conundrum forjeremy organ. there is a risk of ignoring the growing demands for a so—called people's vote. he said it will be up to party members to decide later this week. would that make another vote more
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likely? the prime minister has categorically, definitively ruled it out, but if labour supports the idea, it will put pressure on theresa may, not least in parliament. alex, many thanks. a british man suspected of being a member of the islamic state group has been captured in syria. anwar miah, from birmingham, was detained by kurdish forces in the north—east of the country. he claims to have been working there as a medic. we can speak to our correspondent quentin sommerville, who's in beirut for us this lunchtime. quentin, what more do we know about him? kurdish officials tell us that they ca ptu red kurdish officials tell us that they captured anwar miah about a month ago in eastern syria, inside islamic state controlled territory. he is a pharmacist from birmingham. in a video that has subsequently been posted online, it has anwar blindfolded in the back of a pick—up truck. he is heard saying, i'm a
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doctor, a qualified pharmacist from the uk. i studied medicine and pharmacy. it also turns out that a man with an identical name was struck off as a pharmacist in birmingham in 2014. so, those numbers match. as far as the kurds are concerned, this man is a member of the so—called islamic state. he is being held in northern syria, under guard by us special forces. is being held in northern syria, under guard by us specialforces. we heard today he is being questioned by western intelligence services. the kurds say that they have over 500 for an islamic state fight under their care, 500 for an islamic state fight under theircare, and 500 for an islamic state fight under their care, and they cannot hold these men long term, and that they should be returned to their countries of origin as soon as possible. quentin, thank you very much for joining us. a teenager has died after being shot in east london. the 19—year—old was taken to hospital after the incident in walthamstow late yesterday evening, where he was pronounced dead. no—one has been arrested and police are now appealing for witnesses. a woman accusing president trump's supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh of sexual assault
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has agreed to testify against him this week. lawyers for christine blasey ford say she has accepted a request to appear before the senatejudiciary committee. she'll be questioned about the alleged attack byjudge kavanaugh at a party in 1982, when they were both students. he has repeatedly denied the allegation. millions of viewers will tune in tonight for the final installment of the hit bbc drama the bodyguard. the programme — based around a close protection officer's relationship with a fictional home secretary — has prompted a big increase in people interested in similar work looking at the met police's website, with more than a thousand visits a week. danny shaw reports. he's talked down a suicide bomber, been shot at in a car, and duffed up a government advisor. agh! all in a day's work for a close
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protection officer? here's one man who should know. i have protected theresa may when she was home secretary, you're right, and it is nothing and was nothing like what david budd did. agh! the way we operate is not quite like david budd, who seems to be operating independently! so independently, he even has an affair with the home secretary. that's not realistic at all! anybody who crosses that line would not last very long within the department and might not last very long within the police service. but the met police wants to capitalise on the popularity of bodyguard. there's been a surge of interest injoining the force. it needs to recruit detectives and technology experts. it's about encouraging people to have an ambition, dream big, and, actually, some day you could be protecting her majesty the queen, or protecting the home secretary. but you're not going to get that instantaneously. one feature of the programme is the large number of senior female officers and detectives from black
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and minority ethnic groups. it takes some doing... the reality is rather different. they're in a minority, as this asian counterterrorism detective told me. she doesn't want to be identified because of the sensitive nature of her role. women and bme officers are in every rank and every specialism in the police service. so it's not a rare thing. we do have senior female officers, we also have senior bme officers. but we still do need more diversity, without a shadow of a doubt. the character of david budd makes great telly and may inspire some potential recruits, but he's no substitute for a real close protection officer. it's not about making waves — they have to stay in the shadows. danny shaw, bbc news. anthonyjoshua has successfully defended his world heavyweight titles after knocking out russia's alexander povetkin in the seventh
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round at wembley last night. the british boxer has now extended his unbeaten professional record to 22 fights. 0ur sports correspondent david 0rnstein reports. 0h, anthonyjoshua! the home of english football, for a night the centre of the boxing world. wembley! normally it takes two teams to fill this stadium. here, it was done by one man. anthonyjoshua is fast becoming the biggest draw his sport has ever seen, but with that, there is added pressure. these fans don't merely want to watch him compete, they expect him to win, and do so in style. joshua's task was to follow a spectacular entrance with fireworks of his own. in wet conditions, such hopes were initially doused. alexander povetkin landing some brutal blows, raising the possibility of an almighty upset. the response, though, was that of a true champion. not for the first time in his career, joshua overcoming
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adversity to devastate the russian and maintain his unblemished record, those supporters were more than satisfied. ultimately, i'll always end up victorious because i think i've got a bit deeper depth and i know i had to dig deep. i wasn't looking for a knockout but the instinct told me he was hurt and i knew i had to follow up and i knew it was time to get him out of there. the focus now turns tojoshua's next opponent. the same venue has already been booked for april, but who will it be? david 0rnstein, bbc news, wembley. that's it. the next news on bbc one is at 6.35 this evening. have a good afternoon. hello. you're watching the bbc news channel. directors of the british
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broadcaster, sky, have urged shareholders to accept a takeover offer of more than 30—billion pounds from the us media giant, comcast. after a long—running battle against rupert murdoch's 21st century fox, comcast won a blind auction for sky. our business editor simonjack reports. it's been an epic battle between two heavyweights of the media world. in the final round, us cable giant and universal studios owner comcast delivered a knockout blow, offering £30 billion, 10% more than the disney—backed 21st century fox was prepared to pay. the prize — sky's 23 million customers across europe, ten million of them in the uk. the final bid has come in at £17.28, which is a 17% increase on the previous offer for sky, so they certainly have. and i think for comcast, sky is a very important strategic asset.
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it will help them diversify outside of the us where they're seeing pressures of cord—cutting — that is consumers are less and less paying for big, expensive cable packages. so why are all these megadeals happening now? look no further than the new kids on the block, netflix and amazon. both are winning new subscribers around the world. both are pouring billions into making their own original content. in the short—term, sky customers will notice little difference. both bidders had agreed to fund loss—making sky news for at least the next ten years. putting up prices will be hard, given the red—hot competition for eyeballs. comcast may have won, but they had to pay £30 billion. the real winners this weekend are the sky shareholders, which include the family of one rupert murdoch. he may not have succeeded in buying all of sky as he once wanted, but he will not be going home empty—handed. simon jack, bbc news. an investigation by bbc radio 5 live has found that the number
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of elderly people reporting that they've been the victim of scamming has nearly doubled in the last three years.?in some cases, people had lost hundreds of thousands of pounds. ? fraudsters scammed almost 49 thousand older people across the uk in the past year, equivalent to nearly six every hour. caroline davies reports. it's a crime that can happen in your own home, as simple as a convincing phone call or a few clicks on a computer. and for one group in particular, reported cases of fraud are becoming more common. the cost of personal fraud across all ages is estimated to be around £10 billion a year. figures requested in an investigation by 5 live show that nearly 49,000 people aged over 60 reported that they had been scammed and more than 1000 of those victims were over 90. some experts worry the real number of over—60s affected is far higher and that older people are particularly at risk as they are more likely to live
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alone and be drawn into conversation with a fraudster. the impact can be devastating, leaving victims without savings, potentially reliant on the state to pay for their care. those who do fall victim to fraud once are often targeted again, sometimes being placed on a scammers' list of people likely to be sucked in. the financial 0mbudsman service has said that scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated and told banks that they should take the evolution of fraud into account, rather than assume it is their customers who have been grossly negligent. caroline davies, bbc news. the headlines on bbc news... the labour leader, jeremy corbyn, and his deputy, tom watson, say they would back another brexit referendum — if that's what party members want. us media giant comcast outbids rupert murdoch's 21st century fox to buy tv broadcaster sky for more than 30 billion pounds. and fraud is on the rise. a bbc investigation finds 6 people
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over the age of 60 fall victim to a scam every hour. sport and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre, here's katherine downes. and the leader should now different undefeated in 22 fights and speculation abounds over who he will ta ke speculation abounds over who he will take on next. well, i can assure you no one knows who it is going to be. i know everybody wanted to be. that is aj and his promoter. they want it to be the 68" unbeaten american who holds one of the championship belts. they wa nt one of the championship belts. they want the american to sign a contract now, soon, this week, tomorrow it possible, for that file. the problem
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is, the american has an appointment, has a fight with tyson fury on december one. they still want wilder to commit himself for the fight in april. it will not be tyson fury a few beats him and the reason is simple. tyson fury were to beat wilder there would be a rematch and that means they would not fight joshua on april 13. and last night, several people mentioned white. of course, he has had rough fight in the past with anthonyjoshua so that could be the fight. watch this space. there was a warm welcome back to old trafford for sir alex ferguson yesterday afternoon. his first apperance after he had emergency surgery for a brain haemorrage in may. as he took his seat — united started well — summer signing fred scoring his first goal for the club in the 1st
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half but wolves — who have started strongly in their return to the premier league — decided to spoil sir alex's homecoming joao moutinho equalising mid way through the second half. liverpool's best start to a premier league season has taken them to the top of the table. they've won all six games so far. they beat southampton 3—0. mo salah scoring their third. salah has been named on a shortlist of 3 for fifa men's player of 2018. he'll have to beat two players from real madrid's champions league winning side — luka modric and cristiano ronaldo — to win it. elsewhere, champions manchester city scored five away at cardiff, there were wins for tottenham, burnley and leicester. crystal palace and newcastle played out a 0—0 draw, fulham and watford finished 1—1 in the early kick off. two fixtures today — chelsea travel to the london stadium to face struggling west ham and later arsenal host everton. celtic and rangers both play today in the scottish premiership — hearts dropped points for the first time — they were held to a goalless draw at home to livingstone. and kick—off was held up for ten minutes by a false fire alarm in the match between hamilton and st mirren — but that was as exciting as it got for the visitors, who were beaten 3—nil.
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tiger woods has given himself every chance of winning his first tournament for five years. he shot a 65 in the third round and goes into the final day on 12 under par, three shots clear of rory mcilroy and justin rose. i would love to be able to win. i have got a three shot lead and a bunch of guys behind me who have been playing well and are playing well. and, you know, we will see what happens tomorrow. that's all the sport for now. an international rescue team is trying to reach a seriously injured indian sailor who is taking part in the golden globe round—the—world race. solo yachtsman abhilash tomy is stranded about 2000 miles off the coast of western australia after his yacht had its mast broken during a fierce storm in the indian ocean. he managed to send a message saying he has a severe back injury and is immobilised. race organisers say that he is "as far from help as you can possibly be". joining us now is barry pickthall,
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he's the media director for the golden globe race and he has been in conatct with abhilash tomy. barry, how does something like this happen? just tell us a bit more about the sailor and his predicament. well, he is a very experienced yachtsman. he has already completed a solo navigation. the front—end of the fleet was hit by a huge storm on friday, thursday friday, 70 knot winds, 15 metre seas. and two of the yachts, including his work dismasted. and the other is the
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irishman. and he is ok. aegis suffered a few bruises, i think. and he is now set up a jury rig. he is about 40 miles from that position and he is likely to be the first person on the scene. but he's making about three knots. it is still very rough conditions there. it is about 40 knot winds. in five or six metre seas. so the hope is that one of the rivals will actually be able to come to his aid. there is a patrol vessel which has been moving up north the conditions are so been moving up north the conditions are so bad is that it can't make anything more than four knot at the moment and it won't be there until tomorrow. this is clearly a very treacherous
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pa rt this is clearly a very treacherous part of this race. the southern ocean is and of course what excites most people. are the concerns that this golden globe race is putting sailors that huge risk, particularly on this particular part of the route. well, we have always known that we have other sailors. the first umbrella of support are other sailors within the fleet. and they are coming up from the stern and they can offer help as well. it's not as if the sailors are exactly on their own. but there is now an effort to get a proper rescue mission under way because if he is mobilised, single—handed, on board a ship with no mast she he's clearly a very dangerous situation. he is. and the australian navy has
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dispatched a frigate from fremantle, which will take four or five days to get down there. the fishing vessel also has medical facilities get down there. the fishing vessel also has medicalfacilities to. and the indian navy are also sending a frigate to the area. she has broken off from working in the indian 0cean. but it is still going to be several days before he can expect any specialist medical help. no, that is not the case. direct medical help, perhaps. but we do have a full 24 hour medical service. which we're hoping that gregor will be able to apply. so there is a
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doctor at the end of the telephone, advising what to do. and they also have very full medical supplies on board. but if he is immobilised he can't move and getting help and advice like that might not be of any use to him. the point is gregory sailing there. he will be there about midnight, our time, tonight. between midnight and one o'clock. and the plan, providing weather conditions are ok, the plan is for him to abandon his own vote and either swim jump across to tommy's vote. thank you very much for bringing us up thank you very much for bringing us up to date and hopefully we will be back to hear further news of how this situation unfolds. thank you. a ban on wearing the burka is to be introduced in a region of switzerland after people there voted overwhelmingly to prohibit all face—covering
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garments in public spaces. 67 percent of voters in st gallen in the north east of the country backed the ban in a local referendum. it's the second time a part of the country has voted to restrict burkas and other full face veils. footage has emerged of the moment divers rescued a man from the wreck of an overcrowded ferry in tanzania two days after it capsized on lake victoria. the man, believed to be an engineer on the ferry, reportedly surivved in an air pocket inside the vessel. at least two hundred and twenty—three people are so far known to have died. people have left their homes in california after a wildfire spread across thousands of acres in just a few hours. hundreds of firefighters are struggling to contain the fire — which is burning in the rural cas—tay—ick area of the state.
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no injuries have been reported. four years ago lizzie lowe took her own life. the 14—year—old believed she wouldn t be accepted as a christian who was gay. since then, her church in manchester has been on a mission to welcome everyone, regardless of their race, disability or sexuality. its now become part of the first "inclusive deanery" in the church of england. but , its not been without controversy, as abbiejones reports. we gave elizabeth the middle name ofjoy, and she was our — ourjoy. liz is always there. she's always on your mind. lizzie lowe was a committed christian. she also believed she was gay. she was worried about telling her parents and feared her church wouldn't accept her sexuality. absolutely not would it have made any difference at all, and that's the sad part, the really sad part. but in september 2014, lizzie took her own life. lizzie's death devastated the community in didsbury, herfamily, herfriends,
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her school and her church, and it completely changed the way that church responds to the issue of sexuality. all sing hymn. over the last four years, st james and its sister church emmanuel have formally adopted the title of inclusive church. it means everyone is welcomed, regardless of race, wealth, gender or sexuality. it's nice to be able to bring up our girls up in the same way that we grew up, which is coming to church on a sunday. coming out was always very difficult for. it is nice to know that i am accepted for who i am. but before lizzie's death, her vicar admits his church didn't talk about the divisive issue of sexuality. i wish we could turn the clock back. i wish we could have done something ahead of that decision that lizzie took that would have given herjust the slightest chance to have found a safe place to talk. we had to change.
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we had to make sure something like this would never happen again. to cement that change, the church staged its own pride event. it's also joined with 11 neighbouring churches to become the first inclusive deanery in the church of england. but it's proved controversial — 25 parishioners have left. those opposed to the church's new direction were reluctant to appear on camera, but others have admitted the changes have taken time to accept. i did struggle initially, yes, because there do seem to be passages in the bible that seem to blanket call it wrong. i can do it now. i think the people i talk to are just lovely people. you can interpret the biblical passages differently and i think logically now, i'm there at inclusion and yet, i mean, i'm of a generation who grew up when homosexuality was onlyjust legalised. it's a huge cultural shift. but lizzie's parents believe embracing inclusion will save other teenagers. if this can happen to us, it could easily happen to anyone
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else — your daughter, your son, your grandchild. it's about accepting people for who they are, you know? not who we want them to be. abbiejones, bbc news, manchester. viewers in the north west can see a special report on that story on inside out, at 7.30 on bbc one tomorrow evening. and it'll be available on the iplayer too. senior members of the royal family have allowed cameras to follow them for a new documentary about the queen as a global figure. queen of the world, which will be shown on itv, was filmed over a year. in one episode, the duchess of sussex, meghan markle, reveals a secret detail of her wedding dress for the first time. somewhere in here, there's a piece of — did you see it? — the piece of blue fabric that's stitched inside? no! it's my something blue. it's my — it's fabric from my... oh, how nice! well, i hope it's still in there!
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yes, it should be. we'll have to look at that. it's fabric from the dress that i wore on our first date. time for a look at the weather with ben rich. not a day for a wedding dress today, i have to say. a real soaker across southern parts, particularly. really heavy rain so far this sunday morning. in fact committed hot on the heels of what has of course been an unsettled week. you can see over the past few days areas of cloud piling in from the atlantic but look, we've got a break in the clouds now and that is allowing high pressure. it is working its way in and said things over the next few days are looking a little bit quieter. the outlook for the week ahead is actually mostly dry in many areas. is a pretty chilly night, though. always the potentialfor some wind and rain at times. but it is southern parts that have had that real soaker robber
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is southern parts that have had that real soa ker robber sunday. heavy bursts of rain which are now, as you can see from the radar picture, beginning to push away from the south—east. still some strong gusty winds across the south—east for a time. in fact, winds across the south—east for a time. infact, it winds across the south—east for a time. in fact, it is breezy everywhere but for the majority this afternoon is looking bright enough. some spells and sunshine. a scattering of showers but come on the poolside. 12—15d. now, the showers will fade this evening but some will continue tonight. maybe some will continue tonight. maybe some western fringes of england and wales but wherever you are, from north to south, it is going to be a decidedly chilly night. these of the town and city temperatures. three, four, 5 degrees. in the countryside, some spots will get a freezing. some spots might even get below. touch of frost for some of us tomorrow morning. mist patches as well but then a nice looking day, some good spells of sunshine and the odd affecting north—western areas with a showers not as heavy or plentiful as they have been today. and the temperatures nudging upwards touch. 14-16. temperatures nudging upwards touch. 14—16. now, high pressure stays with most of us as we get on into tuesday
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but you can see these frontal systems trying to make a return at the north—west. so, that is something of a split in our fortunes during tuesday. many of us starting off on during tuesday. many of us starting offona during tuesday. many of us starting off on a chilly note and then across much of england and wales and also used in scotland, we will hold onto for northern ireland and western scotla nd for northern ireland and western scotland it will cloud over. 0utbreaks scotland it will cloud over. outbreaks of rain and winds will pick up during tuesday afternoon as well. with these winds coming from the south—west does temperatures just continued to climb. just a little bit. 14—17. a split in our fortu nes little bit. 14—17. a split in our fortunes continued during tuesday night. northern areas will be mild


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