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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 25, 2018 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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hello come you are watching bbc news with me rachel schofield. let's look at the headlines. jeremy corbyn says if parliament rejects a brexit deal brokered by theresa may, britain will have to go back into talks with the eu to seek a better deal. at a speech at the un general assembly, president trump has attacked the iranian leadership, accusing it of sowing chaos, death and destruction. here, life expectancy in the uk has stopped improving for the first time since 1982, when figures began. the leader of the democratic unionist party, arlene foster, has been giving evidence to a public enquiry about a badly mismanaged energy scheme that led to the collapse of the northern ireland assembly. and a beluga whale has swum into the river thames near gravesend in kent. experts say it is obviously very lost and quite possibly in trouble. now, ina
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now, in a moment it will be time for sports day, but first a look at what else is coming up for you on bbc news. we will be live in liverpool with all the latest of elements from the labour party conference. we are also live in pennsylvania where comedian bill cosby is being sentenced for drugging and sexually assaulting a one—time friend in 2004. we assaulting a one—time friend in 200a. we can see live pictures outside the courtroom. you can see police officers waiting. we are expecting that sentencing imminently, but as usual these things are subject a little bit to change, but as soon as we see the judge seeming to start those proceedings, we will return to pennsylvania. and of course we will ta ke pennsylvania. and of course we will take a look at tomorrow's papers in oui’ take a look at tomorrow's papers in our newspaper review with rosalind own. andjim our newspaper review with rosalind own. and jim waterson, our newspaper review with rosalind own. andjim waterson, media editor at the guardian. coming up for you at the guardian. coming up for you at how past ten. and again at half past 11. all ahead for you on bbc
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news, but now it is time for sports day. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm azi farni. coming up... europe get ready to try to regain the ryder cup — but they'll be underdogs against the us team. ..which includes a resurgent tiger woods, who pulled the crowds in his his first practice today. we haven't won as a us squad here in 25 years on foreign soil, so hopefully that will change this week as well. once united, but is the mourinho/pogba relationship broken for good? and ellie suter‘s bereaved father hopes a new foundation can end a vicious cycle around young athlete's funding. hello, welcome and thank you for
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joining us. we are just three days from the start of the 42nd ryder cup, which is taking place at le golf national in paris. the golfers were out practising on the course today, while lots of celebrities were in action, too. more on that in a moment, but despite the hollywood a—listers in attendence, the big star of the show is tiger woods, who arrives fresh off the back of his first pga win in five years. our sports correspondent andy swiss is there for us. it's a site that, just a few months ago, would have been inconceivable. tiger woods preparing for a ryder
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cup, fresh from his comeback when. as ever, all eyes upon him. when woods last played in the event in 2012, you fail to win a single match, but his form and fitness soon plummeted. —— he failed to win. many had written him off, so he says to be back again as a winner is particularly sweet. you know, there have been a lot of you who have supported me through a lot of the yea rs, supported me through a lot of the years, and many have doubted that i would play golf again, and win again, soi would play golf again, and win again, so i want to say thank you to all the people that have supported me. for the fans here, tiger woods is undoubtedly the star attraction. he has so often struggled in the ryder cup, but there is a sense that this week just ryder cup, but there is a sense that this weekjust might be a different story. europe are the underdogs here, although they have lost on home soilfor 25 years,
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here, although they have lost on home soil for 25 years, and with their talisman back in the team, they are ready for this unique test. it's different, you know, walking to the first tee at augusta, at saint andrews, walking to the first to set at the ryder cup is that different that it at the ryder cup is that different thatitis at the ryder cup is that different that it is very hard to explain. it is hard to explain to someone that hasn't had to hit that tee shot before. the players now have two more days to find during their form. europe may have home advantage, but they will know the challenge is as daunting as ever. this afternoon saw the celebrity ryder cup taking place with people like former us secretary of state condoleezza rice and former footballer luis figo taking part. but one man who struggled to look the part for once was actor samuel ljackson. he managed to completely mess up his opening drive, ending up in the rough on the left hand side. and then he duffed this chip from off the green.
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playing partner and fellow actor kurt russell not looking too impressed. but luckily the us team had kelly slater to save samuel ljackson's blushes... the 11—time surf league champion undoubtedly hit the shot of the day. he was in trouble down the left of the fairway but managed to pull out this shot, which just unluckily hit the pin. so the action starts in earnest on friday butjust what is in store for the players? our golf correspondent iain carter and commentator conor macnamara have been out exploring the course. down there on the putting green over the next week, some of the best golfers on the planet will be honing their skills, and look at this, the view overlooking the first tee. iain
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carter, you are lucky enough to travel all around the world, so many golf events, there is nothing quite like this. this is absolutely incredible, the view here and the size of the grandstands, normally first tees are intimate affairs, but this isjust fast, something like 6000 seats, and a very, very demanding tee shot as well. you can see the water down the left, rough down the right, this is a tee shot not for the faint—hearted. down the right, this is a tee shot not for the faint-hearted. what a great view the spectators have, you can great view the spectators have, you ca n stretch great view the spectators have, you can stretch in the distance, i conceive the tenth and the 11th, but look at this view around the corner, the 15th and the 18th. this is brilliant. absolutely, and this is well the drama is going to play out. 0f well the drama is going to play out. of course it is match play in the rydercup, so of course it is match play in the ryder cup, so the matches don't necessarily finish on the 18th, they could finish anywhere the back nine, but especially around holes 15, 16,
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17 and 18. what a dramatic hole that is, and there are bugs has done a right—hand side, which means the players can't go with massive drives, which then brings the water to play with a second shot. all sorts of dramas will play out. we are lucky on bbc radio 5live, this is our commentary position. bbc‘s jean—marie is here getting acclimatised. what is it like commentating at the ryder cup? there is nothing quite like it, right from friday morning, first thing. first thing, breakfast time, we will be out here, it will be cold, it will be chilly, this place now which looks almost deserted will be absolutely packed. round the first down there, the atmosphere will be something else. and it is unique, from that point of view, it is absolutely unique. we saw the scenes in america with tiger woods at the weekend, do you think this has given an extra spice? the timing could not
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have been better. without question, as if it needed it, but that has lifted it again. i mean, this is something different, this time as well. the first time i have ever seena well. the first time i have ever seen a ryder well. the first time i have ever seena rydercup well. the first time i have ever seen a ryder cup official programme in english and french. we have a message of welcome from president macron. i have also learned that the french word for hole. did we know that? it's true! laughter this is a different of something different. it is wall-to-wall on five live from posting friday morning, nicky campbell will be here, and then we will take it all through the day. 36 holes of golf friday and saturday, and then on sunday, the 12 singles matches, 14.5 points the magic number, and we will have every bit of it covered for you on five live, and of course through social media and the bbc sport
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website. we are very much looking forward to it. jose mourinho has told paul pogba he won't captain manchester united again, due to concerns about the midfielder s attitude. pogba and the rest of the united players were told of the decision today, ahead of united's efl cup third round tie with derby. our football reporter simon stonejoins me now.. simon, what exactly has mourinho said? mourinho has basically told paul pogba that he is not going to be captain again. i would just like to stress pogba is not the captain of manchester united, that is antonio valencia. however, valencia does miss a lot of games and when he misses, pogba stands in. he has done this season and that is what we expected to continue. the backdrop to this is a disappointing draw against wolves on saturday, when mourinho felt that pogba was at fault for walls doar wolves equaliser. and in an interview that
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pogba gave afterwards where he appeared to criticise united's tactics and say it was in united's dna to attack more than they were doing, and when he was asked to was responsible for that, he said you need to ask the manager, so that is the backdrop to a decision today. where does this leave pogba now?m is interesting because barcelona wa nted is interesting because barcelona wanted to sign him in the summer, that didn't happen, manchester united made it clear they we re manchester united made it clear they were not interested. there is the possibility now for barcelona to sign him injanuary, and be able to play him in the champions league, which they wouldn't have been able to do before. so that raises the question, also the fact that mourinho was undermined during the tra nsfer mourinho was undermined during the transfer market, when he was not allowed to sign the players he wanted, it all leads to a feeling of instability at united, and the next two or three months at old trafford will be very interesting indeed. indeed they will, simon stone, thank you forjoining us. united's opponents tonight are derby, who are now
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managed by frank lampard. the former chelsea midfielder says jose mourinho was "hugely influential" on his career when the portuguese was in charge at stamford bridge. and lampard's looking forward to facing mourinho from the dug—out for the first time tonight. it will be great to see him, and to chat. i know he'll be supportive, in a sense, of my managing career, not supportive on tuesday night, but jose mourinho is going to spawn a lot of managers, a lot of his players, at any of his clubs, whatever you played for underneath him, you're going to see people come through and managing from you already seeing it in different areas. i appreciate the support, i have got support from a lot of managers i worked for. also coming up in the programme... fresh from winning gold at the world equestrian games, ros canter says great britain will go for the same at tokyo 2020. and a new foundation in ellie soutter‘s name hopes to end the "vicious cycle" around young athletes' funding.
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the new coach of liverpool women has denied suggestions that the club aren't fully backing the team. last week, neil redfearn left afterjust one game in charge and there were claims he was unhappy at the support the side were getting. chris kirkland took interim charge but there were some raised eyebrows when he admitted he'd bought new beds for some of the players. but he says it isn't a big deal and liverpool's chief executive peter moore is committed to the women's team. i had ihada i had a contact, my friend worked at the shop, the girls are moving apartments, the club are found some lovely apartments for them now, the girls are more than happy than that, they are not furnished, i had a contact, my mate worked at a bed place, no problem, simple as that, the club have reimbursed me. we are all pulling together, we all have to
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do this together. the girls are happy and looking forward to some new beds. it is liverpool football club, the men's game and the women's game is obviously different to a certain extent but it is still football, it is still part of the same club. going forward nobody knows what will happen but for now, peter is still into it, he has been down to training ground in the last couple of weeks, and those things need to improve and he is striving to do it. man city flo city host atletico madrid in the second leg of the champions league round of 32 match tomorrow. steph is steph, the england captain and the city captain for a reason. when you are a top
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leader, football is very important to her. she comes in and she trains like she always has done, and she applies herself when she always has done. her family is also important to herand done. her family is also important to her and manchester city, and all of us will support steph and stephen through theirjourney, because we are a family. let's have a quick look at some of the days other sports stories now. andy murray has reached the second round of the shenzhen open after china's zhang zhizhen retired. the british former world number one — now ranked 311th as he continues his comeback from hip surgery — will face belgian top seed david goffin in the next round. britain's natalie powell says she ‘messed up' after a shock defeat in the third round of the world judo championships. powell — who won bronze last year — lost to slovenian world number 14 klara apoteker. meanwhile, fellow britjemima yeats—brown lost her bronze medal match on golden score. lancashire have been relegated to division two of the county championship.
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they needed to reach 300 in theirfirst innings to keep their survival hopes alive, but were bowled out for 273 by hampshire. it means theyjoin worcestershire in being relegated to the second tier. british middleweight world champion billyjoe saunders has been fined £100,000 for a social media video, which the police described as sickening. saunders has apologised for the video, in which he tells the woman he will give her drugs to perform a sex act. the british board of boxing control found him guilty of boxing control found him guilty of bringing the sport into disrepute. equestrian world gold medallist ros canter says britain can repeat their success at tokyo 2020, after winning the eventing at the world equestrian games in the united states. canter went into the showjumping phase at the games, with britain just a fraction ahead of ireland, but delivered the perfect round on allstar b to take both team and individual gold. and she came in to bbc sport today show off her medals. so individual and team gold there.
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congratulations, what an amazing success. thank you, yeah, it's been a very exciting week for us. it ta kes a very exciting week for us. it takes many, many years of preparation to get to this point, and to pull it off on that one big competition makes it really special. let's talk about the competition, tea m let's talk about the competition, team gold first, because you went out for you how to deliver, i expect there was a lot of pressure on you. there was a huge amount of pressure but i tried to keep away from is going on before me. i vaguely knew it was getting quite tight but i tried not to know any more than that really, and just try and remember, think about the process the whole time and the system we have practised for so many years, and all—star visa, a fantastic jumper,
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such as to take confidence from him really. talk through that round. i came to fence one, i had a slight out of body experience, i'm not sure i really remember it. i don't remember seeing a great strides, but the horse gave a greatjump and from that moment on ijust thought the horse gave a greatjump and from that moment on i just thought you have to do it for him, really. he is on his game today. then you suddenly wa nt to on his game today. then you suddenly want to check the time, because you have to stay within the time allowed as well. everyone went crazy. from that moment on it was just great. you have qualified for tokyo now 2020, what will be the expectation for the team? i think we will go out there going for gold, just like we did this last week. obviously two yea rs did this last week. obviously two years is a long time, particularly with horses, they can pick up injuries as they get older, so it might bea injuries as they get older, so it might be a completely different team to the team we had last week. that
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won't be decided until much nearer the time, but we have such a great system in place with uk sport and the lottery funding and all the support team, i think going for gold is the only option really. the father of great britain snowboarder ellie soutter, who died injuly on her 18th birthday, says he's campaigning to break a vicious circle of sports funding and mental health issues. she'd been hotly tipped for a medal in the next winter olympics. now her father tony says a foundation in her name is almost ready to begin funding other young athletes, to help them achieve their goals. juliette parkin reports. applause she had a massive drive to win and to compete, according to herfather, she was a very determined young athlete. ellie soutter won britain's only medal at the youth olympics last year. now her father is trying to help other athlete achieve their
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dreams. one of the things ellie was acutely aware of was how much it was costing me, and until these athletes


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