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and skills of all childcare staff. with a new national pay scale for all with a new national pay scale for a ll early with a new national pay scale for all early years workers starting at £10 an hour. this is an investment and a pay rise for a workforce 90% of whom are women and 85% of whom earn around the minimum wage. patchy support for childcare is holding back too many parents and families and the life chances of too many children. this universal free high—quality childcare will benefit parents, families and children across our country. driving up standards for childcare will make the vital difference for millions of oui’ the vital difference for millions of our children. labour is offering a long overdue change that will transform people's lives and meet the needs of the 21st—century. we
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are talking about rebuilding britain this week but they also want to make an appeal to the older generation who built modern britain. it was you who built modern britain. it was you who rebuilt our country after the war, kick—started our economy, built oui’ war, kick—started our economy, built our nhs and created our social security system. it was your generation that built the council housing, when our rights at work and made our country a better place for all. it was your work and taxes that paid for a better retirement for those who went before you. so we owe it to you, the older generation, to rebuild britain so your peace of mind and dignity. and we will fulfil that obligation with a triple lock on pensions, protected along with the winter fuel
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allowa nce, protected along with the winter fuel allowance, and a national health and ca re allowance, and a national health and care service that will look after you and your families with the respect that you deserve, this is solidarity between all generations! we are going to have to transform oui’ we are going to have to transform our economy for the 21st century. we can no longer tolerate a setup where the real economy in which millions work is just the real economy in which millions work isjust a the real economy in which millions work is just a sort of sideshow for the city of london and for banks fixated on piling up profits around the world. the change we need requires new ideas and new thinking as well as learning from those that have worked in the past and in other countries. we need to explore new
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forms of ownership and, it enterprise and learn from creative local initiatives, those taken by local initiatives, those taken by local councils, including preston in the north—west, and let's take up the north—west, and let's take up the call from the tuc general secretary frances o'grady, to use new technologies and automation as an opportunity, rather than a threat, a chance to raise living standards and give people more control over their own lives. that's why we're determined to rebuild our economy and public services but also to democratise them and change the way our economic system is run in the interests of the majority. john mcdonnell‘s proposals for inclusive ownership funds will mean workers sharing more fairly in the wars of successful
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businesses. justin welby rightly argued that economicjustice justin welby rightly argued that economic justice needs justin welby rightly argued that economicjustice needs to behind wide into the way the economy works. the 19th—century chartist leader and poet ernestjones wrote this... and what we get and what we give, we know, and we know our share. we're not too loathe the clocks we weave but too loathe the cloth to wear. he was making the point that workers know the reality and injustice of their position and labour believes a worker's position... is on the board! that's why we're proposing to
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give the workforce of all our uk businesses the right to elect a third of the seats on the board, giving employees a genuine voice and shift the balance in favour of the wealth creators, improving both decision—making and productivity in the process. decisions taken in boardrooms affect people space and theirjobs and their pensions, workers deserve a real say in those decisions, it is actually nothing for businesses to be afraid of. it's about the understanding that workers will bring to the company boards. we will bring to the company boards. we will rebalance... will bring to the company boards. we will rebalance. .. we will bring to the company boards. we will rebalance... we will rebalance power in the workplace but i say to
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businesses large and small, labour will also deliver what you need to xp and to expand and modernise our economy. more investment in transport and housing and digital infrastructure, more investment in education and skills so workers can be more productive. action to save the high street as rebecca long—bailey set out yesterday. and action to deal with popow bills that hit us all. but most of all, most of all, a commit and to a brexit that protects jobs, the economy and trade and determined opposition to one that does not. ten years ago this month, the whole edifice of greed is good, deregulated financial capitalism, lauded for a generation as the only way to run a modern
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economy, came crashing down to earth with devastating consequences. but instead of making essential changes toa instead of making essential changes to a broken economic system, the political and corporate establishment strained every sinew to bail out and prop up the system that led to the crash in the first place. the price of that has not just been stagnation, wages falling for the longest period in recorded history and almost a decade of deeply damaging cuts to, it services, —— to public services, it's also fuelled the growth of racism and xenophobia and has led to a crisis in democracy both at home and abroad. people in this country know that the old way of running things is not working any more! applause and unless we the labour party offer
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radical solutions, others will fill the gap with the politics of blame and division. that's why labour speaks for the new majority, why last year we won the biggest increase in the labour folk since 1945 and why labour's ideas have indeed caught the mood of the times. and conference, it isn't me saying that, not me, it's a former conservative treasury minister lord o'neil. i've never sought to capture the mood of a tory minister before and let me say to his lordship, you're welcome... come and join us in the new political mainstream if you wish! that failed free—for—all which led to the crash of a decade ago has also fuelled the global environmental crisis and hamstrung international efforts to tackle it. there is no bigger threat facing
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humanity than climate change. applause and 21 years ago labour's then deputy leaderjohn prescott played a prominent role in helping to secure the kyoto protocol. thank you, john, and thank you for being here today and thank you for being here today and supporting us. that united the world's major economies behind the movement to cut carbon emissions and obliged them to give poorer countries access to low—carbon technology. it was about solidarity, recognising that the airway breathe does not respect national boundaries. and we all have an interest in every nation of
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reducing emissions and giving us cleaner, less polluted air. the contrast with the america first posturing of donald trump and his decision to pull out of the paris climate change accord could not be sharper. we only have one planet. so, we must re—engage with countries seeking to walk away from paris, we must also lead by example. applause yesterday, rebecca long—bailey set out our plans for energy, developed with our environment shadow secretary, plans that are ambitious, that will create hundreds of thousands of jobs and that will create hundreds of thousands ofjobs and will make britain the only developed country outside scandinavia to be on track to meet our climate change obligations.
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applause that will mean working with unions to ensurejobs that will mean working with unions to ensure jobs and skills are a protected as we move towards a low carbon economy, and working with industry to change the way we build waddleton trained workforce that will retrofit our homes and work in the new neg industries, too. so i can announce today... i can announce today that our programme of investment and transformation to achieve a 60% reduction in emissions by2030 achieve a 60% reduction in emissions by 2030 will create over 400,000 skilled jobs to ensure that comes about us —— — good jobs! applause good jobs, based here and on union rates, bringing skills and security to communities all over the country that have been held back for far too
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long. and we will go further with plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by the middle of the century. and i am determined that we achieve that. i know that sounds ambitious, and it is. and it will be delivered with the most four programme of investment and transformation in decades. labour will kickstart a green jobs revolution that will help tackle climate change, provide sustainable energy for the future and provide skilled jobs in every nation and region of this country. but it's not just the economic system that is unsustainable. britain's relationship with the rest of the
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world' foreign policy, is no longer sustainable, either. we're entering a new, fast changing and more dangerous world including the reckless attacks in salisbury which the evidence, painstakingly assembled by the police, now point clearly to the russian state, when president trump takes the us out of the paris accord and tries to scrap the paris accord and tries to scrap the iran nuclear deal, move the us embassy to jerusalem and pursues aggressive nationalism and trade wars, he is turning his back on international co—operation and even on international law. we need a government in britain that not only keeps the country safe but can also speak out, speak out for democratic values and human rights. today's conservative government continues to collude with the
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disastrous saudi led war in yemen, turning a blind eye to evidence of war crimes and devastating suffering of millions of civilians. that's why i was honoured to attend a virgil held this week in liverpool by the yemeni community in protest against what is taking place just applause. labour's foreign policy will be driven by progressive values and international solidarity, led by our international solidarity, led by our international team, international solidarity, led by our internationalteam, emily thornberry. .. this means internationalteam, emily thornberry... this means no more reckless wars of intervention like
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iraq or libya, it means putting... applause and cheering it means putting negotiation before confrontation, diplomacy before tub thumping threats. and it means championing human rights and chrissy everywhere, not just championing human rights and chrissy everywhere, notjust where it's commercially convenient. —— and democracy. and working to resolve the world's injustices, not standing idly by tory worse, fuelling them in the first place. sometimes our hopes can be betrayed many of us can for the release of aung san suu kyi,
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imprisoned by the myanmar military forfighting democracy. imprisoned by the myanmar military for fighting democracy. today imprisoned by the myanmar military forfighting democracy. today the myanmar military government, which on samsung chief nominally leads, stands accused of grave atrocities against the rohingya people. nearly 1 million have fled to neighbouring bangladesh and women and girls in particular have faced appalling violence. we demand that the myanmar government ends its horrific ethnic fencing and allows the hinge people to return home and rebuild their communities and their in safety and security! applause and let me say a few words about the ongoing demand forjustice and
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rights to the palestinian people. our party is united in condemning the shooting of hundreds of unarmed demonstrators in gaza by israeli forces and the passing of israel's discrimination free nation state law. the continuing occupation... applause the expansion of illegal settlements and the imprisonment of palestinian children are an outrage. we support... applause we support a two—state solution to the conflict with a secure israel and a viable and secure palestinian state. but a quarter of a century on from the oslo accord but we are no closer to justice or peace. and the palestinian tragedy continues while the outside world stands by. as my great israeli friend who sadly died a short while ago put it to me, what
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is the alternative to peace? a catastrophe for both people's. and in order to help make that two—state settle m e nt in order to help make that two—state settlement a reality, we will recognise a palestinian state as soon as we recognise a palestinian state as soon as we take office! applause we will also make a far more determined effort to help bring an end to the terrible war in syria, a war that has led to millions of refugees. some of whom i met in
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jordan, some wonderful, brave people, desperate to go home, desperate to see peace, wondering how theirfamilies desperate to see peace, wondering how their families are getting on at home, a short distance away. and whose plight of dubs described so powerfully yesterday. alf, thank you for that and thank you for all you do for refugees all the time. the syrian conflict has been fuelled by the military intervention of multiple, there's it will need those same powers to deliver a negotiated peace settlement, to end the killing and allow those wonderful refugees right, which they want, to return home to their own country. but
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labour's plans to rebuild and transform our country and its relationship with the rest of the world a re relationship with the rest of the world are having to be made against a backdrop of huge uncertainty about brexit. labour respects the decision of the british people in the referendum, but no—one, no—one can respect the conduct of the british government since the vote took place. we all hope that the people's decision would be followed by and responsible negotiations that would protect living standards and jobs. instead, the main negotiations that have been taking place are actually between different factions of the tory party. and the onlyjob the government is fighting to protect is that of the prime minister.
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applause theresa may used to say that no deal is better than a bad deal. yet now, after two years of botched negotiations, she's threatening the country with just that choice, a bad deal or no deal. that is a threat to our whole economy, especially our manufacturing industry, and the tens of thousands of skilled jobs in the supply chain is here in britain. now, time is running out. companies are losing patience in the absence of any clarity from the government. they are planning to relocate jobs abroad and taking investment with them. some have already started and ifear more will them. some have already started and i fear more will follow. the tories are well aware of this, but some — some — see brexit as their
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opportunity to impose a free—market doctrine on britain. the prime minister is in new york today, promising that a post—brexit britain will offer the lowest corporation taxes of all g20 nations. handouts to the few, paid for by the many and an already tried and failed strategy for boosting investment. sajid javid set out his plan for more tax giveaways and ripping up people's pensions rights. liam fox is itching to secure and scrap workers‘ rights and privatise the nhs with a side order of chlorinated chicken. and then there‘s jacob rees—mogg. no, jacob has expressed his personal
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faith in brexit britain, it is personal and he has expressed it so nicely, because he has decided to base his new investment fund in the eurozone. the tory brexiteers unite the politics of the 19 50s with the economics of the 19th—century. daydreaming economics of the 19th—century. dayd reaming about a economics of the 19th—century. daydreaming about a britain that both rules the waves, and waives the rules. applause labour‘sjob is applause labour‘s job is now applause labour‘sjob is now to applause labour‘s job is now to win support for a deal that meets the needs of the country, combined with our planned rebuild and transformed with investment in our people and our economy. our priority is clear — we aim to get the best brexit deal for jobs and living standards to
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underpin our plans, to upgrade our economy and interest in every community and every region. that will bring people together and meet concerns of both those who voted leave and those who voted remain. conference, the way ahead is clear. we will vote against any reduction in rights, standards, protections and oppose a deregulatory race to the bottom. let me say to the country... applause let me say to the country, as it stands, labour will vote against the chequers plan or whatever is left of it and oppose leaving the eu with no deal. and it is inconceivable... inconceivable that we should crash out of europe with no deal, it would bea out of europe with no deal, it would be a national disaster. that is why, if parliament votes down a tory deal
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or the government fails to reach any deal at all, we would press for a general election. applause and cheering applause continues failing that, all options are on the table. let me thank keir starmer, the man who would lead our brexit negotiations. keir, having got agreement yesterday in this conference hall, getting one
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in brussels should be a piece of cake! but let me also reach out to the prime minister... you see, i reach out to everybody! who is currently apparently doing the negotiation. brexit is about the future of our country and our vital interests. it‘s not about leadership squabbles or parliamentary posturing. i say this to her in all sincerity and helpfulness. if you deliver a deal that includes a customs union and no hard border in ireland, if you protectjobs, people‘s writes work and environmental and consumer standards, then we will support that sensible deal, a deal which will be backed by most businesses in the world and trade unions. but if you can‘t negotiate that deal, then you need to make way for a party that can and will! applause and cheering conference, labour is offering a
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real alternative for the people of britain, a radical plan to rebuild and transform our country. an alternative to the politics of austerity and social division and of international conflict. where the tories have divided and ruled, we will unite and govan. we represent the new common sense of our time.
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and we are ready to deliver on it. we must speak for the people to whom theresa may promised so much but has delivered so little. and we must ta ke delivered so little. and we must take our message to every town, city and village, united and ready to win, as we were in 1945, in 1964 and in 1997. so that when we meet this time next year, let it be as a labour government. applause a labour government investing in
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britain after years of austerity and neglect, bringing our country together after a decade of division. conference, that every constituency, every community know, labour is ready, confident in our ideas, fear in our plans, committed to rebuild britain. we don‘t want to live in a society where some of our fellow citizens sleep rough. a strong society is one that gives all young people the chance to realise their potential and in which all of us know that if our parents need capital they will get it. our task, our task, is to build britain, capital they will get it. our task, ourtask, is to build britain, build a britain together, build a britain
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for that security together — and we can! thank you, conference! applause and cheering jeremy corbyn ending his fourth conference speech as leader of the labour party. there will now nod doubt be a long standing ovation. there were several through the speech and the labour leader was decidedly more comfortable than he‘s beenin decidedly more comfortable than he‘s been in recent years, it was a confident speech. he ended it saying that the party was united where the tories are divided. they will unite and they are ready to govern as labour was in previous governments after the second world war. he had an offerfor the prime minister. he said as it stood now


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