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tv   Breakfast  BBC News  September 29, 2018 6:00am-7:02am BST

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stayt. and charlie stayt. good morning. here's a summary of today's main stories from bbc news. as the social media giant suffers its biggest ever security breach. after discovering its worst ever security breach. profiles were misused, or who was responsible. if there's no brexit deal, putting jobs at risk. has described the breach as "really serious". beyond the expiry date. and charlie stayt. to their awesome foursomes. media giant suffers its biggest ever amid a continuing shortage. security breach. the use—by date of some of the devices by four months. opening day. as quickly as possible". kavanaugh. beyond the expiry date. rather chilly start but we have a decent weekend. europe roar back in the ryder cup thanks to their sunny spells. awesome foursomes. by a strong earthquake. feeling quite cool. of palu, where a number of buildings have
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collapsed. opening day. by power cuts. against his supreme court nominee, brett kavanaugh. chilly start but we have a decent weekend in prospect. sunny spells. while they were at high school together in the 805. feeling quite cool. all the weather details on the way. it's saturday 29th september. welcomed the investigation. after discovering its worst ever security breach. profiles were misused, or who was responsible. says the breach was "really serious". our north america technology reporter dave lee has more. mike has the sport. is not how you start but how you finish. start but how you finish. foursome is one of the headlines this morning. this morning. dramatic.
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foursomes because you play the alternate balls. alternate balls. relying on that teammates will stop europe had that great team feeling. you are produced what is known as new access token. new access token. sort of like changing the locks. changing the locks. as europe lead 5—3, going into day two of the however, need to change your password. ryder cup. password. discovered a massive hacking attack on its network. the afternoon foursomes. on its ben croucher watched the action. network. as monuments go, they seldom get grander than this. your profile, gave hackers will control of your account. control of your account. grander than this. the ryder cup in all its iconic majesty. we didn't come here today to misuse. come here today to misuse. all its iconic majesty. announcer: justin rose. justin rose. this before a ball was even struck. in to party sites that use facebook‘s system. even struck. facebook‘s system. such as airbnb, tender and many others. tender and many best, where, more specifically, it got the better of europe's. got the better of europe's. others. they didn't know what —— who was behind the attack. behind the attack. nor what they did with the access. —— for our friends from across the
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tinder. pond. pond. even when they didn't find the green, it proved no obstacle. green, it proved no obstacle. brilliant facebook‘s founder mark zuckerberg was affected by the breach. shot. was affected by the breach. the brilliant reporters that keeping ahead of hackers was difficult. hackers was difficult. stuff and an arms race and we are continuing to improve our defences. even the to improve our hole,... defences. .. the brilliant stuff and even the hole,... hole,... open champion francesco molinari and fleetwood combined. molinari and fleetwood steal information from people in our community. community. combined. at why the bug was missed by its developers. foursomes means alternate shots which means this developers. man. which means this man. security breach is the world's biggest social network. and dragging them back into the contest. online in about an hour's contest. time. renaissance, a scoreboard painted blue. blue. amid a continuing sergio garcia thrashed phil mickelson and rice and a sham bow. mickelson and shortage. rice and a sham bow. of some of the devices by four months.
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our health correspondent dominic hughes has more. took downjustin thomas and jordan spieth. spieth. orchestrating the comeback of the fitting of this monumental occasion. an incredible afternoon ednan—laperouse has highlighted to europe. this. this. one we haven't really had since injections from her epipen were not enough to save her. were not enough to gleneagles, i guess. save her. gleneagles, i guess. have a good session and it didn't really her nine—year—old son who lives with multiple allergies. materialise. really materialise. multiple allergies. on the board this afternoon is awesome. in half an hour. means that desperate parents have been left looking for alternatives. been left looking for alternatives. parent, not the doctor, not the pharmacist, not the supplier. pharmacist, not the supplier. sorry if you saw a little ferry animal. it was to deal with the problem. deal with the problem. charlie's head. there is a point if you come further. is a point if you come further. it starts to creep in. starts to creep in. touch it, i don't want
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actually physically go round until you get a solution. you get a solution. to mess it up. i will stay back, sorry. warn me if you do it in future, it was a bit scary. from yesterday morning for this morning's four balls. in short supply for the rest of the year. year. to pick up points in both their matches so far. to four months after the official expiry date. with the manager. expiry date. an awkward training ground exchange, was caught on camera on wednesday. of the vice—captaincy. liquid is clear, it is safe to use even though it is expired. even though it is expired. it's better than using nothing at all. if i am happy with his work, he plays. all. of course, call for emergency help straightaway. plays. if i'm not happy with his work, he help straightaway. doesn't play. work, he doesn't play. the team needs good players. he is a good player. player. the team needs players with personality to play. with the makers of epipen to resolve the issue. —— devices. he has. —— meanwhile. of sulawesi, following a tsunami manchester united is bigger and i have to defend it. all of them 3:00 kick offs. triggered by a strong earthquake. where a number of buildings
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have collapsed. by power cuts. at sheffield wednesday. against his supreme court nominee, brett kavanaugh. wednesday the lead. school together in the 1980s. chris buckler reports. so middlesbrough can go top today. elsewhere, bristol city drew one—all with aston villa. you are telling me that my assault doesn't matter? doesn't matter? the world cup in 2030. for the right to stage this year's the course of brett kavanaugh's confirmation successful tournament. hearings. confirmation hearings. people like that go into the highest... the 2030 edition. highest... despite the allegations of sexual hosted the first assault.
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assault. world cup in you think that brett kavanaugh is telling the 1930. truth? kavanaugh is telling the truth? the committee reconvened, he was absent from his chair. position of the season in russia later absent from his chair. involved in meetings with democrats. today. meetings with democrats. rival sebastian vettel in practice at returned, he would only vote yes if the senators agreed to a delay. sochi yesterday. the senators agreed to a delay. one was staged in 2014. apart and the calls i have been getting, e—mails and texts. apart and the calls i have been getting, e-mails and texts. getting, e-mails and texts. -- this is ripping the country apart. is ripping the country apart. a super—middleweight title. a process, i think, that we can be proud of. proud of. in the seventh round. injeddah as super series champion. smith is the youngest of four fighting brothers. his brother liam has already held a blasey ford who has accused him of sexual occult —— sexual assault. sexual occult —— world title. sexual assault. brett put his hand over his mouth to stop me from yelling. stop me from yelling. it's a fight this is what terrified me the most. terrified me the most. i enjoy. this is the level i've always wanted to be out. level i've always wanted to be out. i have never done this to her or anyone. done this to her or anyone. i have shown that i can make the jump.
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investigation into his pick for the supreme court within a week. supreme court within a week. now am the best in the planet. job done, it's exactly what i've always wanted. —— now i am. congratulations. last few days have shown that is a very long time in the city. to bring the football world cup to the uk and ireland in 2030. ringside in the family lounge where they were growing up. a proposal to stage the tournament together. they were growing up. they help each other along the way. mike tell us more. in the superleague next season. — 17 points to 16. than 12 points on sunday. although it doesn't make it drastically more likely to happen. drastically more likely to happen. in the rugby union premiership, after beating newcastle 23—22 away. both sides scored be a feasibility study which will run well into next year. run well into next year. three tries each. not certain to go ahead with this bid. bid. but lima sopoanga's late penalty saw them win by a single point. cost of the failed bid back in 22 —— 2010 when they failed. 2010 when they failed. to deny cheetahs their first win of the season. to score the winning try, 24—21 it finished at
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apparent for the 2026 world cup but was won by usa, canada and mexico. was won by usa, canada and mexico. arms park. it might where edinburgh almost surrendered a encourage them. 16—point lead over benetton. one of the other bids is likely to come from paraguay. they hung on at murrayfield to win by 31 points to 30. come from paraguay. andy murray has opted to end his season early. cup was in paraguay and this in the quarter—finals of the shenzhen open in china. is in 2030. 100 years later. but has a slight ankle issue. in west indies in november as she thought that uefa would bid a joint uk and continues to manage her anxiety. ireland bid. uk and ireland bid. for the government was a feelgood with the foot wall. taylor's welfare is their with the foot wall. top priority. interesting with the party conference tomorrow. —— football. point of good amount of time has passed since the olympics as well. the olympics as well. view". it got the england fans are feeling good again. england fans are feeling good again. who can give the european team we will see you in a few minutes for the sport. extra hope. at a giant panda base in south—west china.
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than anyone will in paris this quite a hand weekend. full! old and are not mobile until three months. about scoring a birdie, or not that sort. sort. it is a case of look at how far he can get that. the ball to go. they can't move very much. clearly. get the ball to go. they look like they are just an idea of the distances involved, look over there. look over there. splattered. i am nearly 300 yards away down the they look like they arejust splattered. they look like they are just splattered. are just splattered. fairway. yards away down the fairway. a bit like us at ten past six in the morning. at ten past six in the morning. that go back to some of our main story. go back to some of our main story. will getting —— will be getting their tee shot is to land. their tee shot is to land. —— let us go back. negotiated — including the future of take you to wearjoe can usually get his driver to hit the ball too. his driver to hit the ball too. the nuclear industry. water we will probably go into the water. water. i have buoyancy in case we need to retrieve it from the lake. need to retrieve it from the lake. as well as monitoring waste disposal and let's see how far this goes. on
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research projects. its way now. with the possibilities of what that could i think it will go into the water. yet! way beyond. mean. perfect landing. incredibly so, welcome to mason bill. accurate. this is a place famous for one thing. place famous for one thing. it is a nuclear town. like a missile, still rising after several —— masonville. seconds. several seconds. passing resemblance to sellafield is entirely intentional. entirely intentional. to set the rules around here? it is this strength that has led joe rules around here? to titles. that has led joe to titles. organisation based in luxembourg called get me wrong, i do love to play golf as well. eur—atom. called eur—atom. as well. everyone loves to hit the ball a long way. ball a long way. moved around and research in the sector. proving that you really sector. decided leaving the eu means are the best. leaving eur—atom. best. it is like the world's strongest man for golf. eur—atom. strongest man for golf. comes a change in the way nuclear businesses operate. fastest, that is what people are businesses operate.
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interested in. interested in. can, it goes miles, it's really exciting. outside of the uk will be germany and sweden. what about the short drivers? take two. and sweden. they are to markets in the eu. --2. that is better. ——2. joe reckons his top tips can improve the most amateur of amateurs. the most amateur of amateurs. bigger shoulder turn. biggershoulderturn. eur—atom, it means we will no longer be able to be in that market. to get the speed up and get the ball going a lot further. be able to be in that going a lot further. i gained nearly 30 yards in just a few minutes. 30 yards in just a few minutes. market. that is a at various institutions all around the few 750 miles. eu. the eu. is a few 750 miles. will that still be possible once we have left eur—atom? will that still be possible once we have left eur-atom? once we have left eur-atom? a competition for one armed golfers in the uk next year. in the uk next year. research programmes that they participate on. participate on. the americans in one armed version of the wide —— ryder cup. the americans in one armed version of the wide -- ryder cup. of the wide -- ryder cup. so worried, why are we leaving eur—atom? the weather played its part. weather played its eur—atom? part. definitely not what they are used to with the wind. with the wind. just trying to hit it at smooth as possible. court ofjustice and mrs may and her team insist that cannot happen. —— as a smooth.
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team insist that cannot happen. smooth. it's frustrating one of the leading figures in eur—atom. it's frustrating one of the leading figures in eur-atom. connection with the ball and let the club do the work. club do the work. figures in eur-atom. done as i once again came up short in this long drive game. in this long drive game. to the european team to show how it is done. perfectly satisfactory under the eur—atom that club treaty. looks gorgeous. eur—atom treaty. huge extra burden of rolling greens and that huge 18th work that wasn't necessary. hole. hole. wasn't necessary. i didn't expectjoe to get it right into the water, over my head. right into the water, over my head. —— beautiful. stake, i wanted to interview a government minister. government minister. times forfilming and he did it straight into the water each time. straight into the water each time. strategy, no one they could muster the energy to talk to me. we start again at ten past seven with four balls. with four balls. —— no this is having four balls in one there. play. balls in play. there. northern powerhouse minister called into west cumbria. takes the best scoring for each hole into west cumbria. to win each match. to win each match. europe struggled yesterday and where the americans came into their own. the americans came into their own. in the afternoon, it's back to the foursomes.
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foursomes. in nuclear industries can continue to grow us this morning, what about the atmosphere? unprecedented. and succeed. to grow and succeed. record crowds, the noise. 7000 in the galleries. bit longer to find out what life will be like after eur—atom. galleries. especially for the european players. european players. suddenly silence, it is incredible in golf. 30pm on bbc one. it is incredible in golf. or you can catch up on the bbc iplayer. the explosion of noise which rings right around. let's take a look at right around. some of the front pages. won on european assault —— soil for a while. a while. think they will do it even though they look like underdogs on paper. here's ben after being excluded with a from school. look at who died after eating a baguette with inadequate this morning's allergy labelling. weather. according to freedom of information requests. yes, we have a touch of frost in places. and there's an interview some places around freezing. with claire foy. it is a quiet weekend in prospect.
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and the lasting impact of her stillbirth in 2012. mediterranean and it is a bit like a users are thought to have been affected by hurricane. hurricane. a security breach. issues, but as i hinted at home, things are much quieter. things are much quieter. have more information this morning and those are the front pages. and those are the front pages. it is getting chilly, isn't it? getting chilly, isn't it? let's find out what is after the a chilly start it will be mostly fine with spells of sunshine. mostly fine with spells of sunshine. happening. out what is happening. very much indeed, nice to see you. indeed, nice to see you. good morning at home. morning at home. we will get onto the uk weather in a moment. the uk weather in a moment. it is a chilly start. more cloud of a living through the day. chilly start. day.
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too bad, 12 to 18 degrees across parts of the south—east. parts of the south—east. miles an hour, which could cause some disruption. some disruption. at home things are considerably quieter. considerably quieter. chilly start this morning with mist and fog around in places. and fog around in as the night wears on, and the rain will fizzle away. places. will fizzle away. the day most of us will see some spells of sunshine. ahead of that, it will be a chilly night. spells of sunshine. the best of that across england and were. will be a chilly night. across england and were. to the south of the uk will see a touch of frost. touch of frost. areas it will stay sunny all day long —— england and wales. more cloud and also more of long —— england and wales. a breeze. breeze. suggests, behind the front the air will be turning colder. hour or more across north—western parts of scotland. will be turning colder. parts of scotland. way north, that is never going to feel particularly warm. feel particularly warm. degrees, which is where we should be at this time of year. at this time of year.
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southwards across wales and england as we go on through the morning. as we go on through the morning. areas with the clear skies it will quite quickly turned chilly. quite quickly turned chilly. places in the countryside will get very close to freezing. very close to freezing. so we get into sunday. into sunday. this cold front which will sink south. cool feel for most south. of the coming week. week. never going to feel particularly that's all for now, babita, charlie, it is back to you. charlie, it is back to you. we will take that, thank you. now on breakfast, it's warm. warm. across the country as we go through time for click. tomorrow. knowledge tomorrow. is power — that's what we've blustery showers with temperatures just a little below par. been 11 to told. 16 degrees. whoever holds the degrees. information has the
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control. yet, but a nice looking day after a cold start. our data cold start. is valuable. into the north—west, but look at these temperatures. it really is, you know, as these temperatures. everyone says, the new oil. and for years we have been giving having a day in aberdeen, just nine degrees, 1a in london. degrees, 1a in london. it away in exchange for... what? next few days it will feel cool but we will see some spells of sunshine. we will see some spells of free services: social networks, sunshine. we will take that, spells of sunshine, thank you. thanks. e—mail, convenient shopping. the time now 6:18am. and mark kermode. hello, and a based our personalities. very warm welcome to the film review on bbc news. protection regulation to protect our privacy. as ever, is mark kermode. by the tech hello, mark. giants. and some argue hi. what have you been watching? it is a very good week. it should be wholly owned by pryce. us. like a documentary.
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and black ‘47, were publicly funded in the a brooding irish first place. western. the wife — i am so looking forward to hearing about this. i think it is really interesting. saying that he has won the to actually fund the technology. nobel prize. it really is, you know, as everyone says, the is in the right place. new oil. of external advisory council. do try to keep him one removed from it. and she says — trust me, i will look after him. but there is something behind that, that's a little bit darker. here is a clip. and possibly pay a hello, hal. fee. hello, joan. you're looking lovely as always. into areas such as the welfare thank you, hal. state. that's very sweet. the new york times is here. really?
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tell her. they're giving your husband the cover of the sunday magazine. are trying to innovate? they're knocking out a story about bill big public regulators? clinton for him. the portraiture showing. who is now reassessing some aspects of every brilliant one of them, my friend. oh, god, this his invention. is so unreal. how do i look? you're fine. no crumbs, no tears, all good? nope, nope. all good. 0h, things, ‘cause we had great faith in joan. humanity. tell me this isn't some great, big, fatjoke. it's all real, darling. breathe. ah. joan, come on, we're waiting for you. come on, let's of the web and internet free and open isn't enough. do this. now, that look at the end. which users will access through normal web browsers. a thousand contradictory in our own stories. pods. met where she was a very promising writer to other users, if we choose, or even with apps and he was a professor. she has put her writing career on hold in and organisations.
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order to service his. perhaps there is something more behind that. to ask your permission to read or write to your data to praise their son who is also pod. an aspiring writer. and we start to see the stress lines in the marriage. is brilliant the first time i saw this choose, all those places will respect film. you. they'll give you complete control over who and what has access to it. than the value to some arbitrary corporation. you so many different things. yes, she's proud, but there is something else going on behind that. there is some unrevealed of your demographic. story. but to you, you're you! malaise of the marriage. it's really, really well—judged. i saw it twice in two by the increasing centralised web. days... wow. but interestingly, the
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.. tech companies are performance is a really, really also making moves. great performance. microsoft and twitter. from getting huge awards and recognition. so much of what glenn close does is show don't tell. but it's very contained, but i considerations at play. think... it is great to see that companies are embracing that vision. that is just so interesting, isn't it? it is a form of complete user it could not have been better timed. control. film at any time. there are great performances. jonathan pryce is absolutely terrific. it is very well directed. unfussily directed. letting the actors have their space and letting them tell their story. and keep our data i loved it. safely. and i think you will really, really like it. i cannot wait. good. out if this is a drama or a documentary. and ask questions. that we put on them actually and learned everything froom affects them. movies. so let's go back to the of the lower eastside thought that data is the new
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manhattan streets. oil. you could argue that the oil under the ground does belong to us all. i think, integrates very well with the other actors. gritty edge, they have compared it to that film kids. what is important. they could not be further apart. they are doing. or sell anything. it is the same here with data. rabble rousing tell—me—off—a—thon". that democratic vision of the web that this is completely the opposite. he'd originally worked towards. this is much more like that french film girlhood. having agency all across the data spectrum. in these skater groups. is very exciting. it looks like they're really of what it will be hurting themselves. like. i thought it was really good. towards its heroines. i thought it was really impressive. hm.
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it's a by overlaying whizzy graphics. good week. it's sounding like a good week. take us into film number three. does that make it also a good week? it does, it is a hat trick. i am not giving a thumbs down to anything. around it and adapt visuals to suit. film of 2008. the title is named after the worst year of the great irish famine. to test them out. and he sets off on a path of vengeance. here's a clip. to blame me for your brother's demise. but i do not call the a developer version, costing nearly £1800. crops to fail. and i am not responsible for people breaking the law. i am merely a servant of the court. i bid you good day. to invest in sets of techno—goggles that make us look like dr octopus. very serious side
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to it. on the other hand, it's a story told like a western. it has a real western suite to it. to all they reality. of performance capture. very serious side i came for you. to it. on the other hand, it's a story told like a western. it has a real western suite to tv, and games. it. he is being pursued by a character being played by hugo weaving. stephen rea. a really fine ensemble cast. computer—generated characters. subject and turns it into something cinematic. going on on the stage. cinema——goer could understand. the film looks terrific. it is beautifully shot. it has a brooding score by brian byrne. capture or performance capture cameras are actually seeing.
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the edges of the budget. are right about it. those characters, which is a bit of it was sincere, and impressive and videogames technology. gripping. it has a real tone and a mood to it. i love it when a film feels like it is engulfing you in a world. i really thought this did. visually it looks terrific. yeah. which you will appreciate makes me slightly nervous about this one. outfit magic leap to show off its ar tech. in any way gratuitous. by andy serkis himself. it's all part of the narrative. i think you'd be fine with it. hm. you do not trust me an inch, do you? i'm so sorry. called super i refer you to a conversation about the little stranger. but that is for another time. zeroes. it wasn't that scary. it was scary. not really of character concept artwork that doesn't quite make the grade? a scary film. 0k. anyway. tune into previous editions to see about the little stranger. best out this week.
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i'm flying the flag for wajib again. and he never quite made this was the palestinian entry for the foreign language film oscar. the grade. didn't get nominated, but is really terrific. out your performance up close. oh, here we go. bickering and falling apart. over here! and you see the schisms in their relationship. the father and son are played by a real—life father and son. through a hole in the wall i thought it was over here. terrific. you know it has a great air of naturalism. who we at the same time. it's a very small film, you have to seek it out. are? it's not a wide release, but it is no, of course you don't know who we are, we're nobodies! well worth finding. oh, i think i've wajib — i thought it was broken my ankle. terrific. dvd to recommend this week? table, fully 3—dimensional. a prayer before i love you so much, please, dawn. take me home. thailand prison. i can sing, i can dance! brilliant performance byjoe cole. just take me home! here on the show a while ago called johnny mad dog. already seen are the holograms in the original star it is one of those films that wars films. george sears is part is all to do with the atmosphere. you feel like you are in of the team here. he brought the cg this situation with him. character to life. almost smell a movie?
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you can feel the environment? it's a tough watch. i think it is one that you might find hard to watch. i thought it was a very impressive, if rather difficult, film. mm, to be part of the action, more 0k. lean forward? allows you to play anything, to become anything. going to pick up next week. what a cracking selection. have been created, not separated by you could choose any of them. a screen. and diverse films to with the characters. choose from. it is lovely. that's the joy of cinema. with this ar technology. a little stranger is not that scary. i'm sorry, itjust isn't. demos which explore the potential of this no, but i was very, very stressed for the whole film. kit. i was stressed. a few people have had some sympathy for me on twitter on this one. by augmented realities. thank you very he's disappeared much. in a let's see what you find for me next week. a really cracking week. cloud of enjoy your cinema going. all of our previous programmes are on the iplayer. zeros and i'm sure you know the address. ones. uk/markkermode.
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enjoy your cinema going. see you next time. and that's it thanks for being with us. bye— bye. for this week. don't forget, we live on facebook and twitter at @bbcclick. thanks for watching. we'll see you soon.
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