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tv   World News Today  BBC News  September 29, 2018 9:00pm-9:30pm BST

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this is bbc world news today. i'm samantha simmonds. our top stories: with nearly 400 people known to have died in one city alone, indonesia warns the death toll from friday's earthquake and tsunami could rise to thousands. rescue efforts are under way but emergency services have not yet reached the quake‘s epicentre at donggala, home to 300,000 people. china reports a surge in the number of people infected with hiv and aids, up 14% in one year. 50 million facebook users have their accounts hacked — mark zuckerberg among them. how far does the breach go this time? hello and welcome to world news today. strong aftershocks have continued to hit the indonesian island of sulawesi, where an earthquake and tsunami on friday killed hundreds of people. the indonesian vice president has warned the number killed could rise to thousands. nearly 400 are known to have died just in the city of palu.
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rescuers have yet to reach the neighbouring district of donggala, which is home to 300,000 people. an air traffic controller — anthonius gunawan agung — died after ensuring a plane took off safely — staying behind as the tower began to sway. many other areas have not yet been reached. pictures that have come into the bbc newsroom really show the scale of destruction, with piles of debris on the beaches and trees upturned. with many buildings totally destroyed by the power of the tsunami. rebecca henschke is on the island and sent this report. this mobile phone footage captures the terrifying moment the three metre high waves hit, flooding houses close to the shore and then rushing into the densely populated coastal city of palu. the waves and the powerful quake
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leaving a trail of destruction. this bridge is one of the main access roads into the city. translation: as for the damage of the tsunami, we've received a number of reports that many bodies were found along the shoreline, but the numbers are still unknown. authorities issued a tsunami warning immediately after the huge 7.7 magnitude quake hit. but residents didn't have long to get to higher land. rescue workers are now struggling to reach the area, as two access roads are blocked and the airport is now closed. the runway cracked in the quake. the military has been called in to help. translation: we will dispatch a medical team assembled from the marine corps, the army, and national search and rescue agency and also the logistic transportation unit.
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the main hospital in the city of palu was also damaged and medical workers are now struggling to treat the injured in makeshift tents. the death toll is expected to continue to rise. power and telecommunications are completely cut off in the nearby town of donggala, the closest to the epicentre of yesterday's huge quake. and today, powerful after—shocks have hit the area, with terrified residents forced to stay out in the open. indonesia is in the ring of fire and no stranger to natural disasters. injuly and august, earthquakes on the tourist island of lombok killed more than 500 people, and now, so soon after, authorities are struggling to cope with the scale of this disaster. rebecca henschke, bbc news, sulawesi. it was only after the 2004 boxing day tsunami which killed more
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than 200,000 people around the indian ocean — that states from indonesia to india set up a tsunami warning network. almost 15 years on, it still remains a big challenge to accurately pin point when and where the killer waves will hit next because not all the undersea earthquake trigger a tsunami. professor david tappin is from the british geological survey. he explained how scientists differentiate between earthquakes which trigger a tusnami and which don't. first off, i would say this is really a worst—case scenario and it is very difficult to predict. with earthquakes and tsunamis generation, they are usually a certain magnitude. you have mentioned the indian ocean magnitude. you have mentioned the indian 0ceana magnitude. you have mentioned the indian ocean a magnitude nine, and also the earthquake has to result in also the earthquake has to result in a vertical movement on the sea bed
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as in 2004. this particular event was very different. it was an earthquake which moved the sea bed horizontally which meant we didn't have this vertical displacement, but also it was quite a small magnitude, 7.4 versus 39 of 2004. it was also very shallow and a very close to centres of population, so what you had here, you had shallow earthquakes, very high—intensity shaking which was destroying buildings and people were panicking. the earthquake itself, when it was looked at, would probably be assessed as not very dangerous, but suddenly, very soon afterwards, and this is another aspect of it, the tsunami wave came barrelling in. those issues will lead us to
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question whether the earthquake actually generated a nanny. what could have happened with the earthquake triggered submarine sediment, on the sea bed, which on collapsing triggered the tsunami which we are observing now. china has announced a sharp increase in the number of people living with aids and hiv. more than 800,000 people in the country are now affected. our asia pacific regional editor, celia hatton, outlined the reasons for the increase. in the early to thousands, lots of people were saying china has been able to do something many other countries haven't. they have been able to corral hiv and stop it from spreading and that is when the majority of people with hiv and aids in china had gotten infected by donating blood and reusing needles, oi’ donating blood and reusing needles, or by receiving infected blood through blood transfusions, so what
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the government did was use sometimes quite aggressive tactics to make sure the virus didn't spread to the wider population, but now we're looking at a far different spread. we are seeing spread among men who have sex with men and also spreading into the general population. at least 50 million facebook users have had their accounts hacked in the latest security breach to hit the social media network. the problem goes beyond the social media giant — because of the way facebook can be used to log in to other sites, like pinterest or spotify. joe millar reports. last time uk authorities stepped in over a facebook data breach, it led to this raid on cambridge analytica's offices in london. now, facebook itself is dealing with a far more complex and sinister invasion by unknown attackers. until yesterday facebook users could click on a tab called "view as" to see what their profile looked like to friends and to members of the general public. but a vulnerability in the code for that feature allowed hackers to infiltrate millions of accounts and it is why users around the world received messages like this
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and were forced to log back in on all of their devices. facebook boss mark zuckerberg often leaves the firefighting to his lieutenants. but this time he sought to reassure reporters himself, saying the bug had been fixed, but warning that facebook would always be a target. it's an arms race, and we are continuing to improve our defences. i think that this also underscores that there are just constant attacks from people who are trying to take over accounts or steal information from people in our community. such attacks are also of concern to the uk government. we didn't come here for clickbait... facebook‘s previous scandal wiped tens of billions off its market value. not so this time, as investors are starting to believe that, despite negative headlines, its 2 million users will not desert the platform. joe miller, bbc news. staying with technology and security, and here in the uk, senior conservative members of parliament have had their personal details made public.
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it's down to a fault in an app being used for the party conference, and it made details like personal phone numbers easily accessible. our political correspondent chris mason is at the conservative gathering in birmingham, and he gave us this summary. u nfortu nate unfortunate is the label you might attach to what happened to the governing party here in the uk this afternoon. getting very excited as they were in a preconference interview, party chairman brandon lewis saying the app was something he would talk about at the start of the conference tomorrow morning and emphasise that was about accountability and activists would be able to contact cabinet ministers unremarked on speeches as they were happening. what happened, the situation where anyone who downloaded it could type in an e—mail address of anyone they knew who was attending and if they got that right they would get a
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photograph and all the personal information like mobile phone numbers. is this a national—security breach? it is not but is it an u nforced breach? it is not but is it an unforced error the conservatives could have done with out with all the talk about brexit to come in a next few days? it certainly is, and the party happy that the statement and apologised and the information commissioner has got in touch with the pins party about what has happened so we may not have heard the last about this. a woman in the far east of russia has told the bbc that she recognises one of the key suspects in the salisbury poisoning as a decorated military officer. this week an investigative website bellingcat recently published evidence suggesting that anatoly chepiga — seen here — is actually a military intelligence agent. a woman in a village where colonel chepiga grew up — in russia's far east — recognised his face instantly when a bbc correspondent showed her a photo distributed by british police. president putin insists the suspects are both civilians. stay with us on bbc world news, still to come: the big clean—up in greece after the
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mediterranean cyclone brings flash flooding and high winds. this is bbc world news today. the latest headlines. indonesia says the death toll from a nanny and earthquake could be in the thousands. china's efforts to combat hiv and aids have suffered a setback, with a i4% rise in the number of people infected in the past year. the apollo 11 space mission, which led to neil armstrong becoming the first man to walk on the moon, was one of the defining moments of the 20th century. now a film has been made about the astronaut, his life and the challenges he faced. first man is directed by damien chazelle, and stars ryan gosling as neil armstrong. our arts editor will gompertz went to meet them. that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.
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everyone knows that eventually they successfully walk on the moon and return home. can you create a movie where you feel that it's real—time and immediate and possible? i don't know what space exploration will uncover but i don't think it will be explorationjust for the sake of exploration. i think it will be more the fact that it allows us to see things that maybe we should have seen a long time ago. but we just haven't been able to until now. and, ryan, what was the process for you, sort of, becoming neil armstrong, a well—known figure, famously taciturn? what do you do, how does gosling become armstrong? with a lot of help, more than i have had on any other film, neil's sons were very involved, to share some context that might
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help to reveal some of the many layers of both neil and janet that people are not aware of. what were you looking for, at least, what did you find? i grew up in a generation where the accomplishment was reduced to the mtv movie logo, and it was human space flight, it was kind of taken for granted, and there was this gilded image of the accomplishment, that it was a predestined success. i thought damien's instinct just to take a deep dive into the personal story of neil and janet was really inspired, because it opened upjust this, you know, this trove of details and, you know, this extraordinary story of sacrifice and of people living outside of their own self interest for some higher ideal. do you read?
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neil! has it made either of you want to become astronauts, or go to the moon, or go into space? it has made me realise that i would be a terrible astronaut, not that i ever thought i would be a good one, but i am sure i would be a bad one. why? they are just a specific kind of person. if you look in neil's case, he was a test pilot before he was in nasa and it takes a certain kind of person that would willingly get into an aircraft that has never been flown and intentionally try to find its breaking point just to further our knowledge of aeronautics. you know, it's a certain type of person and, you know, astronauts are just different and they are fascinating and inspiring. but it was important to learn how different from me they are. mediterranean cyclone
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zorbas has triggered flash flooding across greece, bringing heavy rainfall and strong winds to athens, the central and northeastern peloponnese and evia. the area that was hit the hardest was the southeast of the peloponnese peninsula, with the coastal capital of kalamata and seaside villages being inundated by waves. the public has been advised to exercise caution and avoid unnecessary travel. with me is chris fawkes from the bbc‘s weather centre. explain just how explainjust how bad explain just how bad this storm and its aftermath has been. we have seen all kinds of impact from boats being mashed across the short line and torrential rain and battering waves.
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it is the kind of impact we see often from category one hurricane is overin often from category one hurricane is over in the united states and the caribbean, and in many ways the system is like one of those. it is a mediterranean cyclone. we can see exactly where it has been. it is working in towards the peloponnese, and that is where we have seen the biggest impact in terms of the torrential rain and large and battering waves and the flooding. we have seen pictures of cars floating down drivers, they have been inundated. that is where the system has been, across this part of greece, but across the whole of greece, but across the whole of greece they have had the top level red warning is what has been serious widely. the storm is working north eastwards and now it is interacting with the land, the strongest winds will ease away quickly but you can see the extent of the array and not just across the spotlight into turkey. we are likely to see further
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localised flash flooding issues through sunday on to monday with the red weather warnings over the next few hours being downgraded to amber but still in place throughout sunday so but still in place throughout sunday so could see more of that. and these pictures, not used to seeing this kind of damage done in this area?|j have kind of damage done in this area?” have seen images on social media of trees bent double, just like when a hurricane hits. the kind of hybrid weather systems that sit between normal areas of low pressure in europe, the mid—latitudes, and hurricane is, and when i say between it is more towards the hurricane end. there's a massive thunderstorm spinning around and the only real difference is how these things start off, and they start with cold air in the upper atmosphere creating thunderstorms and the jet stream helps them spin up whereas in hurricane is the jet stream is nowhere near at all. the system are
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initiated by that. the temperature has also dropped massively. yes, but what is driving this is the very warm seas. it is about three degrees warmer than vcs normally are, so these things are quite rear but never say never, we could see another this autumn and winter because the conditions do look favourable for another to develop. let's bring you an update on all the sport. europe have a four point lead over the usa going into sunday's single matches, after dominating at le golf national on saturday. leading 5—3 overnight, europe took three points from four in the morning's fourballs and two from four in the afternoon's foursomes to stretch their advantage to 10—6. ben croucher reports. the battle cry from scandinavia, the golf course in france and the rivalry created down decades. the ryder cup is unmistakable.
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the usa have found out it is easy to lose yourself and as they turned it on friday it is easy to lose points as well. the fourballs carrying on from where the foursomes finished, this cry created in hollywood, county down. rory mcilroy‘s experience but little mattered in what was becoming an alarmingly one—sided event. what a shot from hatton. francesco molinari and fleetwood won their third point in as many matches. sergio garcia found spanish strength but just when another european whitewash was on, jordan spieth and justin thomas ensured they were heard. the usa were staring at a heavy deficit so when henrik stenson and justin rose were sent out first and claimed their customary points,
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the gap grew wider. under the circumstances probably the putt of the day. with yet another point they became europe's fourth most successful pairing injust two base. the us six behind and tiger woods has still not won a match. undaunted by the potential pitfalls clear to see, spieth and thomas sunk a strangely subdued rory mcilroy and ian poulter. it will be 10—6 heading into sunday's singles and only twice before has a side come from so far behind to wind. the usa will have to summon the spirit of 1999 if they are to create a piece of ryder cup history. it's been a good couple of days and they have done tremendously well, the way they have played and stuck together and been determined to do a job. they are also very well aware of what is ahead of them tomorrow, so we go again tomorrow, we go back to the hotel now,
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we refocus, we try to get some tired legs worked on and because there tomorrow and this is probably the most important 18 holes ahead of these players for a long time. manchester city and liverpool are joint leaders in the english premier league. city beat brighton 2—0, raheem stirling and sergio aguero with the goals in a comfortable win. liverpool scraped a 1—1 draw at chelsea to preserve their unbeaten start to the season. but they needed a late daniel sturridge goal to salvage a point. eden hazard put the blues in front in the first half thanks to his sixth goal of the season. hazard is the premier league's leading goalscorer. and things are going from bad to worse for manchester united — a 3—1 defeat at west ham gave them their worst start to a league season in 29 years. felipe anderson and marko arnautovic the scorers for west ham, plus an own goal.
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elsewhere this afternoon, arsenal beat watford for their seventh straight win. everton eased to victory over fulham. harry kane scored two as tottenham beat huddersfield. newcastle are still without a win — they lost at home to leicester. and wolves beat southampton. in the scottish premiership, the reigning champions celtic ended a disappointing run of league results with a 1—0 victory over aberdeen. dundee picked up theirfirst points of the season, beating hamilton. hearts have a five—point lead at the top of the table following their victory over saintjohnstone. there were also wins for kilmarnock and hibernian. the dutch rider anna van der breggen has won the women's race at cycling's road world championships in austria. the olympic champion finished well over three minutes clear of australia's amanda spratt. and valtteri bottas will be on pole for the russian grand prix, after edging out his mercedes team—mate lewis hamilton in qualifying. that's all the sport for now. let's take a look at some of the other
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stories making the news. women across brazil are taking part in protests against the far right front runner. the brazilian presidential candidate, jair bolsonaro, has been discharged from hospital after being stabbed in the stomach during a rally. the organisers of the march accuse him of being a misogynist and homophobe. police in denmark say they've questioned and released two people who were travelling in a black volvo that was at the centre of a major security alert on friday. the operation brought parts of denmark to a standstill, with the enforced temporary closure of bridges and ferry services to sweden and germany. two investigations are underway, but danish police say there's no threat to the general public. a court in egypt has given a female activist who spoke out against sexual harassment a two—year jail sentence and a fine for spreading false news. amal fathy has been in detention since may when she posted a video on facebook in which she criticised the government for not doing enough to protect women. the court ruled that if she paid an extra fine ofjust a reminder of our top story.
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indonesia's vice president has warned the number killed in the earthquake and tsunami that hit the country on friday could rise to thousands. nearly 400 people are known to have died in the city of palu, but mr kalla said that there was no word yet from another city at the quake's epicentre, donggala, which is home to three hundred thousand people. that's it from me for now. you can reach me on twitter — i'm @samanthatvnews. whereas our weather has been quiet
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today the same cannot be said for the mediterranean where we have had an intense area of weather and a red weather warning across much of greece with a severe storm system hitting the peloponnese late saturday morning and reports of severe flooding already. the rain will continue through the night, so a developing weather story. it has been very quiet for most of us with the a lot of sunshine through the day. we have a cold front with a strea k of day. we have a cold front with a streak of cloud bringing rain to the far north of scotland. that continues to work so thoughts and as it runs into an area of high pressure at the front will continue to wea ke n pressure at the front will continue to weaken into a lump of cloud. clover crossed several portions of the uk but in the south, we probably see the temperature getting down to 2-3, see the temperature getting down to 2—3, then enter sunday, here is the wea k cold 2—3, then enter sunday, here is the weak cold front with the strap of cloud working across wales and central areas of england. behind the cold front the era times cooler so
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the temperature coming down a few degrees and staying quite dusty across north—western parts of the country. this is how the weather pans out. a number of showers into northern and western areas of scotla nd northern and western areas of scotland but a few developing around the irish coast. elsewhere across england and wales, we start off cloudy weather that more sunshine through the afternoon and in the south, we start of sunny but more cloud developing so the cloud spreading out across england and wales as we go on through the day. looking at the weather picture into monday, a reg of high pressure ahead ofan monday, a reg of high pressure ahead of an approaching weather front so for most of us, a chilly started the day on monday but there should be a fairamount of day on monday but there should be a fair amount of sunshine. through the afternoon, the cloud will thicken and the winds freshen and the rain gets into the western isles and highlands and ultimately the northern isles. the temperature, 9-10 in northern isles. the temperature, 9—10 in the north. shouldn't feel
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too bad, the ear cool but still strengthen the september sun. through the rest of the week ahead, often pretty cloudy with rain at times across the north and west. that's the latest weather, goodbye for now. this is bbc world news, the headlines: indonesia says the number of people killed by friday's earthquake and tsunami could rise to thousands. nearly 400 people are known to have died, but there's been no word yet from the city at the quake's epicentre, donggala, which is home to 300,000 people. there's been a surge in the number of people in china infected with hiv and aids. in the past year, the total has risen by fourteen per cent. facebook is investigating a security issue affecting nearly 50 million accounts. it says hackers exploited a vulnerability in its code that allowed them to take over people's accounts. in brazil, thousands of women have been leading protests against the far right front runner in next week's presidential elections. jair bolsonaro is leading in opinion polls.
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