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tv   The Papers  BBC News  September 30, 2018 11:30pm-11:46pm BST

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hello. this is bbc news. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment — first the headlines. officials in indonesia say they fear thousands of people may have died in the earthquake and tsunami which struck the island of sulawesi. rescuers are still trying to reach people thought to be trapped under rubble. theresa may urges the conservative party to "come together" and back her brexit plan as their annual conference gets underway in birmingham. she also accuses labour of undermining the national interest. my my message to the labour party is that they should stop playing politics with brexit. and agree with you? start acting in the national interest. my message to my party is come together and get the best deal for britain. new research suggests young people are lonelier than any other age group. the nationwide survey found that a0 per cent of 16 to 2a year olds feel lonely often, or very often.
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and europe's golfers regain the ryder cup from the united states, beating the americans 17.5to 10.5. francesco molinari becomes the first european to win five points in one ryder cup. glenn close stars are longside jonathan pryce as a long—suffering spouse. find out what we think of this film in the film review. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are ruth lea, who's economic advisor to the arbuthnot banking group, and the author and journalist, rachel shabi. lovely to have you both here.
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many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. as the first day of the conservative conference draws to a close, the guardian claims party divisions overshadowed the day and that theresa may was left fighting to exert her authority. after criticising the prime minister's brexit plan, borisjohnson was dismissed as irrelevant by senior tories, reports the times. in an interview with the daily mail the chancellor philip hammond says mrjohnson is incapable of grown—up politics and will never be pm. and the metro's headline, "just zip—it bojo". in other news, the ft carries a photograph of rescuers saving a young girl trapped in her house following the devastating earthquake and tsunami on the indonesian island of sulawesi. the death toll now stands at more than 800 people. and this photograph on the front of the daily telegraph captures the moment of europe's triumph
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at the ryder cup in france — the headline, europe united injoy. if their unity coming through the front pages, rachel? it is a big ask coming on the eve of the tory conference. the we are united. of course you are! philip hammond, in a searing attack, it says, although i will never think of philip happened and searing attacker the natural associations —— philip hammond. his plummy voice. worked as plummy voice have to do with it? —— what does.
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well apparently he has been mocking his plummy voice. this is all party politics or into party politics, so to speak. the chances of having a successful challenge to theresa may's leadership in the near term is pretty slim. you need a majority. you would never get anywhere near 158 or 159 mp5 you would never get anywhere near 158 or 159 mps voting against her. she looks pretty place —— she looks pretty safe from any serious challenge. should they be still mentioning boris? i would be delighted if no one ever mentioned him again at here we are in reality where we have to talk about him everyday and i think, unfortunately for the conservatives, this very logical calculation that ruth just
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made is not something that any of them see them capable of adhering to. obviously there is no point challenging made that they can't help it. they are not challenging. the labour party have just treated out it is hard to keep up with all the splits in the most divided government ever. they have issued this dossier which outlines who has attacked whom and when and how. they have set to theresa may, look, a third of your mps have attacked you. across up—and—down the country, mps have been attacking you and each other. it is just the most split party. they know it's not in their interest and they know it won't get to the menu at that some payback can't stop it. —— get them anywhere. but somehow, they can't stop it. let's turn to the guardian, that is
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the theme. this is what you are saying. there is an element of truth in this which i have to concede. the truth is that the tory and brexit divisions have been erupting since the cheque agreement injuly. —— chequers. it means you have little scope for regulatory reform and trade deals to buy thought it was a third. moreover, it is notjust what i think all these anti— chequers people think but it is what donald task thinks. —— donald force —— tusk. chequers proposals will not work and he was right. it is not surprising there are these brexit divisions going on when there is so much disagreement over chequers
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which is a half baked plan. are we talking about compromise? is theresa may going to have to do this at the conference? she sounded adamant today. she has a reputation for digging her heels in on things that are unachievable. she did that as home secretary as well under david cameron. she stubbornly refuses to shift. obviously, she is going to have two because the eu won't accept chequers. it is blatantly obvious to everybody that she needs to renegotiate and come back to the eu with something better so she can bring it back to parliament and she is just stubbornly refusing to do so. is just stubbornly refusing to do so. meanwhile, her own party is attacking her for
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so. meanwhile, her own party is attacking herfor doing chequers in the first place. whichever way she turns... luna it is bananas. -- it is bananas. jeremy hunt was speaking at the conference, i think it was the last speaker. he told a few jokes. what did you think? he is playing to the gallery. he spoke to the party faithful. i think he is positioning himself if the top job becomes vacant. he has very much spoken of this possibility. this was a political speech for the party so they can stamp their feet and say hurrah. i expect a couple of the ex— secretaries would have condemned it roundly and said, oh, this isn't
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good enough. it makes me warm to him even more because i good enough. it makes me warm to him even more because i think it is time permanent secretaries or retired parliament secretaries should actually zip it. and i quote ruth davidson on boris. i can't understand why you can't see what a sorry state of affairs this is when you have a foreign secretary, i don't care if he is playing to the gallery, i resent the fact that we are supposed to have a sense of humour over someone are supposed to have a sense of humour over someone who is just making, it is an embarrassment. it is an embarrassing thing to say about the eu who are supposed to be our allies in any future the relationship we hand up having with them. it is an incredibly insensitive thing to say, especially when you take into account eastern european countries that are now part of the eu and did know what it was like to live under the soviet union. it is just like to live under the soviet union. it isjust bonkers like to live under the soviet union. it is just bonkers to be saying
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these things! what did you make about the point he was trying to get about the point he was trying to get a course? unfortunate use of words, as you say. but the more you type in berlin, the molik they want —— the more you tied people in, the more they are going to want to come out. the eu isn't doing this to britain, britain is doing it to itself. stop accusing other people of doing it. obviously the eu is a club that will give preferential treatment to other members of its club. if we want to leave, we are going to get less preferential treatment. it is not being treated like prisoners, it is not being part of the club. this is taking things too seriously. you cannot say these things when you are ina cannot say these things when you are in a negotiation and then say, oh, it was just a in a negotiation and then say, oh, it wasjust a joke. in a negotiation and then say, oh, it was just a joke. you should take
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it was just a joke. you should take it so seriously. this is really dumb. this is a dumb way to negotiate. no, no. i remind you howe donald tusk behaved towards theresa may... this coming from a donor. what do you think, rachel?” may... this coming from a donor. what do you think, rachel? i mean... you just can't cope, can you? we are having a political conversation. this is uncalled for. this is important for the conservatives. they are one of the biggest donors to the conservative party. i can understand where he is coming from because it is, you know, not everybody who voted to leave is a fundamentalist but ferries are wing
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of the conservative party. jacob rees—mogg leads that wing. —— there is. they are very fundamental about the way they want brexit to happen. i understand the sentiment and i do believe this wing is behaving like political jihadis. believe this wing is behaving like politicaljihadis. they are concerned about and no deal. ——a no deal. i think it will be our face eating fudge over this negotiation. something vaguely based on chequers. something vaguely based on chequers. something offered back in march when they were talking about a free trade agreement. they actually offered it. i think there will be a saving fudge. the chancellor did announce this week that they are going to bring gas budget —— bring the budget forward. this says to me they are
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looking for a deal in november. the daily telegraph. gp appointments are being wasted at the weekend. we struggle for these appointments. the weekend options are not being used up. we all know how hard it is to get a doctor ‘s surgery appointment these days. one in four are not being used. you think there is an old serial —— —— ulterior motive? being used. you think there is an old serial -- -- ulterior motive? a conspiracy theory? i would never say anything like that. before we turn to sleep problems in teenagers, have either of you ever used a weekend appointment with the gp? no. i have
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and it was terrific. you can use a surgery and it was terrific. you can use a surgery that is affiliated, in the same catchment area at a bit further so it may not work for everyone. they will send you there if they have huge waiting list. did you ask for a weekend appointment? no, but they suggested it. it was efficient and fast. i was really happy with that being available because otherwise i would have had to wait for weeks. lim apparently they won't many people there. —— apparently there were not many people there. admissions for sleep disorders. this is for children. the experts attribute sleeplessness to of the
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city and rising social media use. there was something parents did which was smashed back children's ipads. there is anxiety in children manifesting in different ways, increasing levels of self palm or anxiety related sleep disorders. —— self harm. pressure from schools, pressure from social media. there seems like there is a lot to bear. a lot on your shoulders and when you area lot on your shoulders and when you are a young


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