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tv   BBC News  BBC News  October 2, 2018 6:50pm-7:00pm BST

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know how your life is going to pan out. i just really know how your life is going to pan out. ijust really wanted to help other people because ijust saw them in sucha other people because ijust saw them in such a terrible situation. and i just thought i'd get really help these people out. an inspiration, matt hampton there at the opening of the foundation's new centre. just over two years ago, danny kerry guided the british women s hockey team to their first olympic title and it was expected he would lead them into the next games in tokyo. in august, he switched to the men s team and he has his first official match in charge tomorrow evening. here's our olympic sports reporter nick hope. turns, scores! that is the golden goal! it became one of the most iconic moments of the rio olympics. the british women defeating favourites the netherlands to claim their first—ever olympic hockey gold medal. danny kerry masterminded the shoot out success. but two years on, he has abandoned thoughts of a title defence in tokyo and taken on an all new test with the gb man. defence in tokyo and taken on an all new test with the gb manlj defence in tokyo and taken on an all new test with the gb man. i think
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professionally, it is by far the ha rd est professionally, it is by far the hardest decision i have ever had to make. i have a huge amount of loyalty to a number of the players in the women's programme. i was really torn, but ultimately i think it is the right decision for myself personally and also for the programme i have left. and i really hope for the programme i have joined. you've spoken in the past, do you think they have this potential to defend her olympic title. does that belief remain regardless of who takes over? you are looking at enough players to medal again. i think critically those who have been medallist have got to find that motivation to go ha rd got to find that motivation to go hard again and i need done i think a new head coach leading a programme will give something to that. wednesday's from international against belgium is significant because it is medal —— it is danny kerry's first game in charge of the men's hockey team. they won olympic field hockey gold for great britain at the 88 games. the big question for the new man in charge is whether the current line—up has that kind of
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potential for tokyo 2020. where were the germans? but frankly, who cares was not i think i would not have taken thejob was not i think i would not have taken the job if was not i think i would not have taken thejob if i did not feel he was there. with the men at the moment, they feel is not quite up to where they want to go to. there is a real hunger. that is the thing i really enjoy the most. stepping into this role, they are ready and they wa nt to this role, they are ready and they want to explore their boundaries are. we're going to give it a good go. thing was meant to link commonwealth bronze earlier this year. now with an olympic champion cultural board, they will be targeting the title tokyo 2020. nick hope, bbc news. that's just about it for sportsday. champions league matches five live final score, red button or online, on the day the bbc announced those changes to the sports personality of the year show, the shortlist not announced until the night, we thought we'd leave you with the kind of people we'll be looking for. goodbye. the sports personality of
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the year 1959, i promise you that he oi’ the year 1959, i promise you that he or she doesn't know. and neither do any of our audience here. and it is... applause is that great inkling that then. as england captain. jackie stewart. andy murray. #orwe andy murray. # orwe can andy murray. # or we can be heroes. mo farrah.
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# or we can be heroes. mo farrah. # just for one day. health spending will rise by 7%, but core funding for welsh local councils is likely to be cut again. here's our wales political editor, felicity evans. in the dark clouds of rick said, unremitting pressure is on budget and increased demands for spending have made this the most difficult d raft have made this the most difficult draft budget yet according to the welsh government's finance secretary. but this budget is actually a more generous more than last year's. that is partly because of extra funding from the uk treasury. and partly because he has
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chosen to deploy some of his reserves. health is the big winner with an increase of more than half £1 billion. how much of that will get to the nhs front line does remain to be seen. the details of departmental spending plans will not will be published for another three weeks. all we get today's the naked headlines. mobile government which bears the response ability for delivering the local social services has been crying out for more help. on the face of it today, it looks like their core funding has been cut. but there are a variety of gra nts cut. but there are a variety of grants and other special funding awards that will bring their income up. so they are waiting to see how the picture looks. in fact one senior welsh government source said to me that for them today is the overture before the opera. usually the draft budget revealed today is for one year only in terms of day—to—day spending. that is unusual, but it is because of the brexit uncertainties i'm told. there
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is another thing to mention. the welsh government has said it will start consulting on abolishing charitable rate relief for private schools and hospitals with a view to implementing it for next year's d raft implementing it for next year's draft budget. felicity evans i'm a welsh political i felicity evans i'm a welsh political ——, political editorfor felicity evans i'm a welsh political ——, political editor for wales. blue plaques have been have been around for more than 150 years, making it one of the oldest schemes of its kind. but now the chairman of an organisation that puts up the placks, says there are far too many of them and that some had only a tenuous link to the person they honoured. our correspondent duncan kennedy has the story. next) it's like a who's who, in blue. the plaques that take pride of place across britain. but are there too many of them? and are they all valid? take the hobbit author, jr tolkien, there is a plaque for him, here after he spent one night at this birmingham hotel. charles dickens is on about 50 blue plaques. mike reid, the former radio one dj is head of the trust, and believes they may be
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becoming a little devalued. i remember another one that said ‘this house is very old.‘ i thought, we've got a lot of houses that are very old. you've got to be careful, and very selective. just how many of these blue plaques are there? in windsor alone there are 2a, with everyone from the bridge designer charles wallace to the less well—known a local man who decided to make a perfect windsor. around 900 of these plaques exist in britain today. there are three main types of blue plaques, including english heritage. when you hear that charles dickens has about 50... it's ridiculous. i'm on a blue plaque. i was part of a band in the 1960s. don't believe him ?
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here's the proof. living or not, blue, white, they seem to have created their own mini war of the walls. duncan kennedy, bbc news. now it's time for a look at the weather with ben rich. good evening. the weather did not treat us all equally today. more than areas at a blustery wind and showers but sunshine as well. further south, a lot of cloud. certainly as we started the day the clouds broke up across the southern and eastern areas. there tonight, the club will feed it way back in from the southwest. within some fairly warm and moist air. there will be the odd spot of drizzle. north and east, northeast scotland in northeast england the winds easing. we keep this guy for a little while tonight and then it will turn quite chilly. all the while the clock will continue his journey northward and eastward with the odd spot of drizzle, misty and
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murky conditions, particularly the hills and coast and the west and rainfor hills and coast and the west and rain for the north west of scotland. i'm hopeful that things will brighten up a little bit in places through the afternoon. if you do see sunshine developing, those temperatures could get up to 19 or 20 degrees. thursday and friday could bring some foggy mornings in the south, but then things are bright enough. further north, rain to come on thursday, brighter skies by friday. you're watching beyond one hundred days. they cued in their hundreds at the conservative party conference, for a speech that was given rock star billing. but not in the main hall, and not for the party leader. this was borisjohnson's day. another opportunity to lambast the prime ministers brexit plan. mrjohnson said theresa may's proposal for leaving the eu is an "outrage" that will reduce britain to being "locked in the tractor beam of brussels". this is the moment to check chequers. the one thing we all know
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was that he will put on a good show. what we are doing here at conference, and what


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