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tv   BBC News  BBC News  October 3, 2018 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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you with carol zaki now, why would you not want to move to moto gp because isn't that seen as a step up? to be honest i'm happy. ifeel like a isn't that seen as a step up? to be honest i'm happy. i feel like a was born to win since i was five years old. in 50 cc motocross i was winning races and the team have given me the opportunity to do that, they have built an incredible bike. i feel it is my second wife! feeling it gives me riding, i am not looking anywhere else. i have had an incredible career and if i can see that out there there will be no regrets. i have got to ask you as well before you go about sports personality. we heard yesterday it is against the all different, the nominees will be revealed on the night. yet last year you came second by such a fine markjin he wrote that motorbike through the audience and up onto the stage. you have got to be surely with four world titles nailed onto that trophy. last year
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was an excuse why nailed onto that trophy. last year was an excuse why to get into address so i was so incredibly happy to play second. it was a public vote and people pick the phone above voted for me so i'm so grateful for that. if i get the chance to go back and shout about superbikes or get a mention it would be great. i have achieved way more than i ever expected to my career and it is certainly a huge night to celebrate a huge year of british sport. we will not know until the night weather is even nominated. surely he should could be? 30 years ago this week the sport of hockey captivated the nation as great britain's men won olympic gold, prompting one of the most famous pieces of commentary in history. its three. where were the germans? frankly, who cares? barry davies with those famous words from seoul ‘88, and some of the players from that team will be at the lee valley stadium
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in london tonight for an anniversary celebration, with a match against belgium. and you can watch it too, on the red button and bbc sport website. i wonder if the germans just weren't available? i wonder if the germans just weren't available? that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. closing the conservative party conference in birmingham this lunchtime therea may revealed plans to give councils greater freedom to build new homes — lifting the spending cap preventing local authorities from borrowing money. solving the housing crisis is the biggest domestic policy
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challenge of our generation. it doesn't make sense to stop councils from playing their part in solving it. so today i can announce that we are scrapping that cap. we will get to... applause we will help you get on the housing ladder and we will build the homes this country needs. let's get reaction to that announcement. i'm joined via webcam by councillor david simmonds, the deputy chair of the local government association and also the conservative deputy leader of hillingdon london borough council. thank you for being with us. by her own admission, the prime minister said that this country has not been building enough homes for half a
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century. in a lot of that time, the conservatives have been in power. so why is it only now that this is been addressed? this is big news if you're waiting for a council house and the last time that we did meet oui’ and the last time that we did meet our housing aspirations in britain, 40% of those homes were built by councils and ironically that was under a conservative government. it is good news, it means that councils who have already being extremely efficient in using their housing stock can use that efficiency to leveraged more homes, which is what sami people in this country need. leveraged more homes, which is what sami people in this country needm is good news is you say for those people who does billy need it but why has it not been done before? councils have been doing minor projects around the country to get council house building go in again but central government has stood in the way of that, both parties, principally
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because they've been worried about the level of debt. the argument we a lwa ys the level of debt. the argument we always put forward is we need to be able to do exactly what housing associations are doing to create new homes. we need to use the efficiency that we have generated in the way that we have generated in the way that we have generated in the way that we manage our existing stocks to build more homes. how many more homes you foresee being built as a result of this loosening of the purse strings? councils all around the country already have projects and this will allow this to happen ona and this will allow this to happen on a much larger scale. 40% was the figure the last time and clearly there is a challenging as in the construction industry at a speed as well but it means the work can start the next few years and the potential of the tens of thousands of additional new houses coming on stream. does that not no depend on individual councils whether they choose to borrow money? councils have been chomping at the bit to get on with this. we have seen developers in our local areas taking significant profits by developing those homes and we have been arguing that we can play a part in this by developing the social housing that local people need. the council
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houses have always been a big part of the housing solution for the number of people we have in this country. this is an opportunity to get that building work going again and pa rt part of the bigger picture, which is about making sure we have the right mix of housing and social housing the people who need to rent, affordable houses the people who need to buy, that is the biggest aspiration most british families. and not undermining the housing market, because it would... you say not enough homes have been built under both labour and conservative governments, so do you think the conservative party should take its share of the blame then for the fact that the housing stock in this country is just not enough? that the housing stock in this country isjust not enough? all parties need to take their share of the blame. central government for its own reasons has always stood in the way but the aspirations that local councils have to deliver more homes. i understand why they have done that, we have been concerned about the weight impacts on the national debt but it has always been clear we need to prioritise homes for people who are in need of those
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homes. the only time we've ever been able to deliver the number of homes we able to deliver the number of homes we need is when councils are built 40% them. this is a good decision by conservative prime minister that puts is in a position to look at doing that again within a realistic timescale. now it's time for a look at the weather with louise lear. sunshine at a premium today but if you have been lucky enough to see some of it where getting some lovely autumn colours coming through and temperatures peaked at 20, 21 degrees this afternoon. the best of the breaks on a cloud through the day could allow for some mist and fog patches to form overnight tonight. across central and southern areas we tonight. across central and southern areas we keep clear skies, the further west more cloud, more breeze in the far north—west and hear
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outbreaks of rain, the dixie by the end of the night. temperature is widely staying up into double figures. we start of tomorrow morning then with that weather front continuing to push into the extreme north—west. the isobars squeezing the breeze here and outbreaks of rain. much of england and wales under the influence of high—pressure things relatively quiet. the wind direction coming from a south—westerly and that at this time of year can drag a lot of low cloud out the west. our weather front will continue to bring rain to parts of scotland, improving to the west of the great glen by the afternoon. rain into northern ireland and north—west of england. central and southern areas the cloud should break up and where we get some sunshine coming through, just like today those temperatures could respond. one or two places could see high teens. our weather front will sink steadily southwards on friday and that is good to be the dividing
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line between something cool and fresh up into the far north—west and still quite humid and cloudy at times to the south and east. that will have an impact on the temperature. again, if we get some sunshine we could see temperatures as high as 21 degrees but cooler behind that weather front. ten to 11 degrees at the very best. as you move into the weekend that weather front a player at the beginning. it will continue to drift steadily south and east and then high p i’essu i’e south and east and then high pressure builds for the second half of the weekend. on saturday, wet weather moving its way across england and wales, eventually into the south—east corner. behind it somewhat brighter conditions and sunny conditions as we move into the second half of the weekend. whatever you are doing, take care. you're watching beyond 100 days.
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the president makes fun of christine blasey ford but in the last few minutes the white house says he was just stating facts. and the fbi investigation into brett kava naugh could wrap up today, though we don't yet know what it will find. so far republicans have been careful to show respect forjudge kavanaugh‘s accuser. last night at a rally, the president threw that playbook out the window. how did you get home? i don't remember. where is the place? i don't remember. how many years ago was at? i don't know! donald trump sells himself as a self—made millionaire — a new investigation by the new york times paints a very different picture. also on the programme... theresa may will never get high scores for her dancing or perhaps for her chequers plan — but she is sticking to it and she's warning the party


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