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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  October 4, 2018 5:45am-6:01am BST

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now it's time to look at the stories that are making the headlines in the media across the world. we begin with the telegraph, who has a sequence of photos uk prime minister theresa may dancing on the stage before addressing the conservatice party conference. during her speech she promised an end to austerity as the prize for a good brexit deal. we have lost our graphics by the looks of things. we have other stories. instead of talking about them, let's introducejeremy. 0h, we have got the animate back! the wonders of live television. the irish times reports the irish government expects the uk government to table new proposals on brexit shortly, which it's hoped could break the log jam in the negotiations ahead of the european council summit in two weeks.
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the ft leads with honda and general motors who have struck a deal to team up in developing self—driving cars. the move will create the most powerful rival from the traditional automotive industry to technology upstarts led by alphabet‘s waymo. meanwhile, the south china morning post asks can electric—car company tesla flourish without elon musk as chairman, or, to put it in another way, can tesla survive with musk in control? musk was recently fined us$40 million for misleading investors over the funding he had in place to privatise the company. and finally in the guardian, astronomers believe they have discovered the first known moon beyond our solar system, in orbit around a gigantic planet 8,000 light years away. the so—called exomoon, which is estimated to be the size of neptune, would also be the biggest known moon, far exceeding anything known to exist in our own solar system. there we go. with me isjeremy cook, who's chief economist of the payments company world first. did you watch the speech?”
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did you watch the speech? i did. i had to watch the speeches. the conservative party conference could have been a minefield for brexit and stirling and uk assets. we had to watch it. you cannot miss these kinds of things with six months to go on kinds of things with six months to goona kinds of things with six months to go on a brexit negotiations. it started off with a little jig onto the stage. it did. we were also wishing for her to have a non— eventful speech, given the hell she went through last year. last year, where she lost her voice, was handed a p4p5 where she lost her voice, was handed a paps on behalf of borisjohnson and the set fell apart. it couldn't have drawn much worse this year but it certainly has been better, it has been better received by the press and her supporters. she has shored up and her supporters. she has shored up it seems, support within the conservative party to continue leading this government, despite
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boris johnson's fringe events. leading this government, despite boris johnson's fringe eventsm was and how long speech, i listen to it on the radio but i didn't see her dancing live, i have watched it since. many were saying afterwards it was as good as it could have borne with her in terms of her rallying her party trying to deliver a speech after borisjohnson. —— gone with her. had promised to an end to posterity, if we do get a brexit deal, i.e., let's all work together here, let's all be united and then we can move on and have that brexit dividend. the news plain to her brexit supporters and also centrist voters who may be alienated by the far left ofjeremy corbyn‘s labour party was, if you vote for us, you labour party was, if you vote for us, you come labour party was, if you vote for us, you come to the conservatives, we will have a brexit. if you go to the far left orfar we will have a brexit. if you go to the far left or far right of her
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party, she didn't name boris johnson, you may not get brexit because it will get voted down by the labour government and then where will you be? i am the only person who can shepherd brexit moving forward. she has positioned herself as the champion of brexit, outmanoeuvring others. she didn't use the word chequers at all, which many people have noted. while delivering the speech, what was happening? not much. -- on the markets? no move on the stirling, no move on uk equities. mainly because there is no detail. talking about there is no detail. talking about the irish border, that will move things more. the irish times has a issue on its front page. the government expects new uk plans to ra ke government expects new uk plans to rake brexit impassive. —— —— impasse. all of us are hoping for a resolution, nobody knows what that will look like. politicians will say
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that we are 90% there on a deal between the uk and the eu. maybe 80, 80 5% of the majority of that differential is the northern irish border. the big tick in the box, we have come to an agreement and something can be written down and all parties agree to get and all parties of the eu 27 will agree as well, will be the biggest hurdle to jump well, will be the biggest hurdle to jump over to make sure that by the end of the article 50 process, we have something, the withdrawal agreement can be put into place other than this no—deal brexit. much more of an important meeting in brussels and hopefully something done by the eu council meeting by 0ctober done by the eu council meeting by october 17. let's done by the eu council meeting by 0ctober17. let's move done by the eu council meeting by october 17. let's move away from that. let's talk about cars. the financial times has on its front page, honda pumping nearly $3 billion into general motors d riverless billion into general motors driverless cars. that is the likes
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of google, apple, amazon. the big boys are coming for the upstarts. all guns blazing, pouring significant amount of money into it. be it electric cars, driverless cars, the new way we will transport ourselves around in the future, the people who built petrol and diesel engines for many years will not go without —— will not go away without a fight. they are looking to take on the weymo, the habitat alphabet card, which is starting to run a taxi service in the next three months in phoenix, arizona. this may have got a little bit further then honda and gm really wanted it to go, with that being a viable option. the jury with that being a viable option. the jury is still out on driverless cars, i still think it would be weird, likea cars, i still think it would be weird, like a monorail. in a chat with the taxi driver. that is where
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you get the gossip. —— no chat. that have a look at tesla. there has been so have a look at tesla. there has been so much discussion about elon musk. this is the south china morning post saying he is a leader and a liability. looking at him as a leader, he is out as tesla's chairman but is that the chief executive, still very hands on. he is tesla. tesla would not be around without elon musk, similar to steve jobs and apple is to be he is the fountain of all knowledge behind the brand and the person who drives it onwards it. yesterday in trouble as a result of certain things he has put out on twitter, market reactions to that, saying he would take the company private, which turned out to bea company private, which turned out to be a joke. and he company private, which turned out to be ajoke. and he has company private, which turned out to be a joke. and he has the funding for it. it turned out to be a joke for it. it turned out to be a joke for his girlfriend ‘s benefit, based around cannabis culture. it is all very, very silly, but obviously has
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an impact on people who jump very, very silly, but obviously has an impact on people whojump in and say the stock is going to go higher. they say he is leader a liability, when it comes —— came to production numbers, it numbers came out this week and there was a big increase. they are starting to get their act together and maybe that is the most disappointing thing about all of this. you are a prime investor, have those numbers come out and this whole taking the company private issue hadn't been around, the stock price would be a lot higher. are you excited the! a new moon? brexit and the irish border, 500 kilometres away, this is 8000 light years away, away, this is 8000 light years away, a moon i! away, this is 8000 light years away, a moon 11 times the size of our current mood. it goes to show what we don't know. —— moon. current mood. it goes to show what we don't know. -- moon. hash tag mind alone. hash tag little green men. apparently it is made of gas, no life on it. you are looking
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after, at your niece? my goddaughter. she recognised your smartphone. she noticed i know what to do with that. i was playing with her in my living room and my phone went off in my pocket and is soon she recognised the shape of the phone, hans were grabbing. —— hands. you are recently married, you are going to be a dad hopefully, your thoughts on this? will the tablets be banned from the front rooms? as you said earlier, the cheapest babysitting you can get. me and my wife are very busy so i will not rule anything out. i am putting it on the spot! i always do. see you soon, by by. —— bye bye. hello there.
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the weather for the next couple of days is looking fairly benign before something a bit more active appears during the course of the weekend, with some pretty heavy and persistent rain for some. the pressure chart, as we head into thursday, shows high pressure dominating the scene for most. this weather system will continue to encroach into the far north—west corner into the country to bring increasing breeze, cloud and outbreaks of rain. further south, mainly dry bar the odd light shower around, bit of early mist and fog which should clear through the morning. much like wednesday we should see the clouds thin and break and some sunny spells. the wind lighter across the south, turning stronger across this north—west corner, where it will be cool. further south, given some sunshine, this warm air mass, we could make i7—i9 or perhaps 20 degrees. heading through thursday night, the weather front in the north—west sinks further southwards and grinds to a halt across central parts of the country. here it will be wet. to the north, clear and quite cold. to the south, variable cloud and also very mild conditions. for friday, we'll have a 3—way split. we continue to see this weather front through central areas, bringing outbreaks of rain to northern england
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and parts of wales. to the south of it, given some sunny spells, again in that mild air mass, it's going to be quite warm, temperatures topping out at 20—21 degrees. to the north of the weather front, scotland and northern ireland, largely dry but cool. 10—12 degrees. still some uncertainty on the weekend weather. it looks like this developing area of low pressure will bring a spell of very wet weather, primarily to england and wales, much of scotland and northern ireland, bar the off shower should stay largely dry on saturday with some sunshine. it could be very wet across parts of england and wales, particularly central, southern, and eastern england. up to an inch in spots. it will be feeling quite cool generally across the board. across the far south—east we could see temperatures in the high teens, before the cooler, wetter weather moves in from the west. on sunday, that area of low pressure pushes off into the near continent. a ridge of high pressure builds. we could see a window of fine weather before the next weather system makes inroads across the north—west corner of the uk. meanwhile, a clearance across the south—east.
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winds picking up once again across the north—west. elsewhere, it should be fairly light. in the sunshine, it won't feel too bad. temperatures ranging from 12 to 15 degrees. so the weekend is certainly going to be a mixed one. there will be quite a lot of rain for some of us. there will be some spells of sunshine as well, so it's not going to be a complete washout. good morning. welcome to breakfast with naga munchetty and charlie stayt. 0ur headlines today: a direct accusation. the uk government says russian military intelligence was behind high profile cyber attacks on political institutions, business, media, and sport. an appeal is launched for emergency funds to help survivors of the earthquake and tsunami in indonesia. the prime minister's abba arrival. we'll ask if she made
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the right moves to keep the conservative party together. the gift of reading. more than 650 new books hit the shelves ahead of the big
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