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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  October 5, 2018 5:00am-5:31am BST

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this is the briefing. i'm victoria fritz. our top story: survivors finally start to receive supplies a week after indonesia's devastating earthquake and tsunami. m00 people are confirmed dead. hundreds more are still missing. here in the city of palu, electricity is back, but many smaller villages along the coastline are feeling neglected. thejudge picked by president trump for america's highest court says he "might have been too emotional" when he gave evidence after being accused of sexual assault. the superstar and the sponsors — leading sports firms express concern over an allegation of rape made against top footballer cristiano ronaldo. coming up in the business briefing: tax and spend, or cut back and privatise? two conflicting plans for fixing latin america's largest economy, as brazil gets ready to choose its next president. plus: us interest rates could be rising higher and faster
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than expected after the number of americans signing on forjobless benefits hits a 49 year low. we'll have all the details. a warm welcome to the programme, briefing you on all you need to know in global news, business and sport. and you can be part of the conversation. are you a slave to fast fashion? high street knock—offs of catwalk couture only designed to last for a few months. a group of british politicians say the industry is fuelling climate change and spreading microplastics into the oceans. tell us what you think, just use the #bbcthebriefing. power has been restored to parts of the indonesian city of palu
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a week after it was struck by a devastating earthquake and tsunami. more than m00 people are confirmed to have died. some communities are still cut off by landslides, damaged roads and crippled communications, leaving people increasingly desperate. dozens of charities across the world have launched appeals for emergency funds. joining me now is our correspondent mariko oi in palu. things seem to be moving on, electricity is back online, but a devastating situation and a desperate search for survivors. indeed, victoria. last night we got electricity back, and it really caught us offguard because president joko widodo has warned residents
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that it could take weeks to get it restored, so it was a pleasant surprise and, as a result, we started to see shops opening up so they could start to sell chilled drinks to local residents. and food and water earlier this week, people we re and water earlier this week, people were struggling to get hold of them, but now aid has come in, so we are starting to see that. art while the city of palu, things are getting better, there are smaller villages along the coastline which were wiped out by the tsunami and are also affected by mudslides. and people are still struggling. aid agencies said that villagers complained that they feel they are being neglected by the government. and that is a concern for the government because president widodo faces a election next year. is there a sense of how long the rescue effort will continue? it is really the last push
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to find survivors, victoria. as you can imagine, today marks one week exactly can imagine, today marks one week exa ctly fro m can imagine, today marks one week exactly from the earthquake and tsunami. here at this shopping mall where we've been broadcasting from they did get a big crane yesterday and they have started cleaning operation. immediately after they started doing so, they found one body and they will continue to clear up body and they will continue to clear up the inside. and there are fears that many more bodies will be found because of course the earthquake struck at 5pm on friday when people might have been shopping inside after work. indonesia is prone to earthquakes and tsunamis, is there a sense that the rebuilding effort after this disaster, indonesia will be built better, better able to withstand, or is funding simply too much of an issue? as you say, the country is
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prone to earthquakes. just several months ago, in early august, many of oui’ months ago, in early august, many of our viewers will remember several earthquakes killing hundreds of people on the island of lombok, as well as a popular tourist destination, barley, and of course many of us still remember that big earthquake in 2004, killing hundreds of thousands of people in indonesia -- bali. of thousands of people in indonesia —— bali. and yet you would wonder why houses are not built strong enough to withstand those earthquakes and the tsunamis in many parts of the country. people just don't have the financial means to do so. don't have the financial means to do so. and as a result we continue to see this devastation. but of course there has been criticism that the early alert system for the tsunami wasn't working properly after friday's earthquake, even though they were supposed to be implemented after the 2004 quake. and experts have been criticising the government for not coming up with the money to pf°p for not coming up with the money to prop remains an because they could
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have saved many lives. —— properly fund them. thank you very much. mariko 0i in palu for us. thejudge nominated by president trump to fill the vacant position on america's highest court has said he "might have been too emotional" when he gave evidence to senators last week. writing in the wall streetjournal, brett kavanaugh said his testimony reflected his "overwhelming frustration" at being wrongly accused of sexual assault. here's our washington correspondent chris buckler. the senate like america is divided and protesters have been doing all they can to be heard by the small handful of politicians who are still deciding whether they will vote for brett kavanaugh. inside the senate's own buildings it was obvious how political and personal beliefs have hardened positions on both sides. vote for kava naugh hardened positions on both sides. vote for kavanaugh is a vote saying
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women don't matter. yes. let's say together, let's fight, let's keep showing up. before the senate's judiciary committee, christine blasey ford accused brett kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her decades ago at a party when they were both teenagers. he is at times angry denials in which he attacked the democrats, led almost 2500 law professors to question whether he has the temperament to become a supreme courtjustice. has the temperament to become a supreme court justice. in has the temperament to become a supreme courtjustice. in an article for the wall streetjournal, judge kavanaugh for the wall streetjournal, judge kava naugh has for the wall streetjournal, judge kavanaugh has now admitted i might have been to a emotional at times. but donald trump is continuing to fiercely defend the man he selected for the supreme court. democrats have been trying to destroyjudge brett kavanaugh. .. since
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have been trying to destroyjudge brett kavanaugh... since the very first second he was announced. and it was announced for one simple reason, he is an incredible intellect. who's caught? our court. the protest and political charge debate will continue but a final vote on whether brett kavanaugh should have a seat on america's highest court now seems likely this weekend. let's brief you on some of the other stories making the news. in britain, the environment agency is launching a criminal investigation into how hundreds of tons of medical waste, including body parts, have built up at five disposal sites. the contractor, healthcare environmental service, is accused of failing to dispose of the waste within regulatory timeframes. the company is blaming a shortage of high—temperature incinerators. the netherlands, britain and the us have accused russia of orchestrating a string of cyber attacks
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around the world. the usjustice department has indicted seven russian intelligence agents. four of them were named in a joint british and dutch intelligence operation against agents from russia's military spy agency, the gru. russia has ridiculed the allegations. the record company executive marion suge knight has been sentenced to 28 years in jail for running down two men in his pick up truck. the argument on the set of the film straight 0utta compton left one man dead, another seriously injured. suge knight founded the label death row records, which launched the careers of dr dre and snoop dogg. the uk environmental audit committee have written to the uk's leading fashion retailiers urging them to do more to protect the environment. the group of politicians say the industry is fuelling climate change and spreading microplastics into the oceans. henry bonsu, broadcaster
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and international conference host, is here. looking very snappy. thank you very much, iam looking very snappy. thank you very much, i am a man into fashion despite my years. well, you look great. thank you. so topic chat about. are you at van fast fashion? not fast fashion. consciously consumer? -- a fan of fast fashion. four years ago the genes, 0k, last year. i try to buy things classic that will last. partly because of the environmental footprint. that will last. partly because of the environmentalfootprint. not really. it looks good. i see myself to italy from how i was when i was in my 20s and 30s. so is this the issue? —— differently from how i was when i was in my 20s and 30s. consumers are buying quickly and cheaply and these products are built to fall apart. that's right. you
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have to then buy them against ocular i think that's right, it is part of the consumer society and according to this piece on the bbc website —— you have to buy them again. we are the worst in the eu, the highest consumption of new clothing per head, 26 kg, which is amazing when you think about it, across the year, andi you think about it, across the year, and i does come back from the un general assembly, where the talk apart from president trump is on sustainable development goals, 17 of them. three of them apply to this story. number 12 is responsible consumption of production, number 13, climate action and number 14, life below water. i wonder whether these goals cut through to people. stories like this mean that they will because we all like to consume and most of us like fashion. we do and most of us like fashion. we do and that is going to be the twitter question today. i know we will speak to you again about some of the stories later. really, i am sustainable and responsible!” stories later. really, i am sustainable and responsible! i am glad to hear it, thank you, henry.
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we will talk about that, so keep your twitter answers coming in and the question is, do you terra nova about these things to change your ways ? about these things to change your ways? let's move on. two companies which sponsor cristiano ronaldo have expressed concern about an allegation of rape, which has been made against him. nike described the claim as "disturbing". the video game maker, electronic arts, said it was "closely monitoring the situation". the footballer has denied any wrongdoing. caroline rigby reports. as one of the biggest names in sport, cristiano ronaldo is used to being in the spotlight. his performances on the field have attracted huge endorsement deals but it is an allegation of an incident off it that has led to two of his biggest sponsors expressing concern. with a contract reportedly worth $1 billion, the us sportswear giant nike has said... a sentiment echoed by another sponsor of the start, ea
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sports. pictured here with kathryn mayorga in las vegas in 2009, shortly after this photo was taken she claims the footballer raped her in the penthouse suite of this hotel. the former manchester united and madrid star insists he is innocent, tweeting. .. the portuguese international has been left out of the squad for this month's matches against poland and scotland. his coach isn't saying why. translation: do you think i will tell you hear what i discussed with the player, how he felt or not? i will not. these are intimate, personal issues. as for ronaldo, he kept his head down as the left training in turin.
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stay with us on bbc news. still to come: theatre of war. just why did old enemies become friends to make art? this was a celebration by people who were relishing their freedom. they believe everything's going to be different from now on. they think their country will be respected in the world once more, as it used to be before slobodan milosevic took power. the dalai lama, the exiled spiritual leader of tibet, has won this year's nobel peace prize. as the parade was reaching its climax, two grenades exploded, and a group of soldiersjumped from a military truck taking part in the parade and ran towards the president, firing from kalashnikov automatic rifles after 437 years, the skeletal ribs of henry viii's tragic warship emerged. but, even as divers work to buoy her up, the mary rose went through another heart—stopping drama. i want to be the people's governor.
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i want to represent everybody. i believe in the people of california. you're watching the briefing. 0ur headlines: as power is restored to parts of the indonesian city of palu a week after it was struck by a devastating earthquake and tsunami, survivors begin to gain access to supplies. the judge chosen by president trump to fill the vacant position on america's highest court has said he "might have been too emotional" when he denied an allegation of sexual assault as he gave evidence to senators last week. the japanese city of osaka has ended its 60—year sister city relationship with san francisco to protest against a statue that depicts women forced to work as sex slaves for japanese soldiers
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during wold war ii. —— during world war ii. it is estimated that some 200,000 women were kept in these military brothels — which the japanese government vehemently denies. joining me now is seijiro takeshita, professor at the graduate school of management and information of innovation at the university of shizuoka. thank you forjoining us. this is a nasty thing that has gone on here and despite everything that has gone on it is an incredibly sad thing to have happened. absolutely. it is a very big disappointment that the mayors of san francisco abided by the political motives of whoever wa nted the political motives of whoever wanted to do this. it does not help at all. they should be neutral, as the us should be, in the position of
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a third party, regarding what happened between japanese a third party, regarding what happened betweenjapanese and koreans. to have such a statue is adding gasoline to the fire under the circumstances and this really does not help, under the situation, where we see the crumbling of unity caused by trade friction around the world. explain to our viewers of the significance to the japanese prime minister because he has been involved in this as well. he has made some severe and strong can planes against the city of san francisco for taking such politically motivated action. —— strong complaints. he has been strongly opposing and asking for these statues to be removed at those things never actually happened. and that led to the actions by 0saka to
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terminate this 60 year relationship which is really sad. again, the san francisco delegates kneeled to the political motives of people who wa nted political motives of people who wanted to build these statues in a third—party country. wanted to build these statues in a third-party country. they were privately funded. hugely culturally insensitive, yes, but the problem seems to be the city itself accepting them as opposed to the creation of these statues in the first place because no—one denies that comfort women and didn't exist. you need neutrality and decency and morality. none of these things that exceeds in accepting it. we can do wa nt to exceeds in accepting it. we can do want to argue and debate these issues, that is fine. but to put these irritations is not a good methodology for people to then sit down and talk at the table. it only exacerbates emotions so does not do
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anybody any good in my opinion. thank you very much forjoining us. now it's time to get all the latest from the bbc sports centre. hello, i'm tulsen tollet. coming up in your friday sport briefing, the new york yankees take on the boston red sox in the first game of the american league division series. tennis tournaments in japan and china are at the pointy end. and another spectator is hit by a golf ball, this time in scotland. in major league baseball the new york yankees will travel to the boston red sox on friday in game one of the american league division series. the yankees beat the oakland athletics 7—2 in the wildcard game. luke voit hit a two—run triple in the sixth inning — setting off boisterous celebrations in the bronx. the yankees will face the red sox in the postseason for the first time since the 2004 al championship series with game 1 at fenway park. australian open champion caroline wozniacki will play katerina siniakova in the quarter—finals of the china open later. the second seed saw off estonia's annett kontaveit in the previous round,
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the dane winning 7—5, 6—4. the weigh—in takes place on friday between ufc lightweight champion khabib nurmagomedov and former two—weight champion conor mcgregor. ireland's mcgregor is returning to the 0ctagon after almost two years out, and having lost a boxing fight to floyd mayweather in august last year. the 30—year—old russian nurmagomedov is undefeated, with the fight in las vegas on saturday. in case you missed it, a woman was injured when she was hit by a wayward shot from defending champion tyrrell hatton in the first round of the alfred dunhill links championship in scotland. it comes less than a week after a spectator suffered a serious eye injury after a ball struck her at the ryder cup. marcus fraser of australia leads with this man — england's matt wallace — heading into the second round, both are 4 under par while englishman hatton seeking a third consecutive title at this tournament is on 2 under. in the europa league
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on thursday, 5—time winners sevilla were shocked in russia as they fell to a 2—1 defeat against fc krasnodar. despite leading at half time, two late goals saw the hosts take all three points and move top of groupj. elsewhere, alvaro morata scored the only goal of the match for chelsea in their group l win over hungarian‘s vidi and arsenal eased to a 3—0 win over qarabag in azerbaijan to make it eight wins in a row for the gunners. and for us, each match is very important for us to take the responsibility, to take confidence for the players. i am very happy with how they are responding on the pitch. elsewhere, richard gasquet beat nick kyrgios to reach the quarter—finals of the japan open in tokyo. the frenchman who's seed 8, prevailed in straight sets but each went to a tie—break.
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gasquet will play south african number 2 seed kevin anderson next. the great and good of indian cricket have been lining up with praise for 18—year—old pritvi shaw — who became the youngest indian to make a century on his test debut on day one of the first test against west indies. sachin tendulkar tweeted: "lovely to see such an attacking knock in your first innings, continue batting fearlessly," former test batsman vvs laxman tweeted that it was wonderful. ravi shastri — the india coach added his congratulations. "well played young man for a free and fearless performance on debut. " you can get all the latest sports news at our website, that's but from me and the rest of the team, that is your friday sport briefing it is a question that still causes tensions between britain and argentina — who should have sovereignty over
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the falkland islands — or las malvinas? the two countries went to war in the early ‘80s and now — veterans from both sides have come together to mark the conflict in a unique way. the bbc‘s tim allman reports. 36 years ago these men were trying to kill each other. now, together, they are making art. british and argentinian veterans of the falklands war appearing in a play that is now a film. i came across a photograph of his family. it is about memory and loss. stories told from different perspectives. translation: what is groundbreaking about this is proposing a work between people who think differently about an important issue. the conflict remains, but nevertheless we can do something together. it doesn't matter if you are totally in agreement with someone else.
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many times you can do things with another person who thinks differently than you do. the falklands war began when argentinian forces invaded islands they claimed as the las malvinas. britain sent a task force and after a bloody battle took control. 250 british soldiers died, as did 650 argentinian servicemen. i don't hear many politicians from both sides going to see the play, which i find quite interesting, you know. i think it might be a good lesson to them to come and sit through the play about the responsibilities, you know, for young men. the film has already won an award at the berlin film festival and will be shown at a festival in london later this month. proof that a legacy of war can eventually be friendships. stay with us here on bbc news —
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so much more to come. and tell me what you think about our talking point today — fast fashion that falls apart quickly and ends up as ocean wasted. do we care enough to change our way? 0ne viewer suggests that the skills to repair closing —— clothes have been lost so it is often cheaper to buy new band to get an expert in. —— van to get hello there.
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we end the week with a big temperature contrast across the country, cooler and fresher conditions for scotland and northern ireland today whereas further south we get sunshine and it will feel quite warm. central areas will have cloud and rain because of this weather front on the boundary between the cool air to the north and warm airto between the cool air to the north and warm air to the south. we will start friday with cloud and outbreaks of rain through central parts of the country. to temperatures and loo single figures and mild in the south. through friday we will maintain a 3—way split with a weather front struggling central areas bringing outbreaks of rain. dry to the south and the north, plenty of sunshine around, a few light showers to keep the northern isles and western scotla nd the northern isles and western scotland with a bit of breeze. grey
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and wet through central portions but and wet through central portions but a lovely day for the midlands and the south. it will feel more like some than a autumn here with temperatures topping at 22, 20 three degrees. underneath cloud and rain, 15, 18 celsius on to the north, much cooler. ten or 12 celsius. as we head into the start of the weekend the weather front peps up and ties in with this developing area of low pressure, looking like it brings england and wales some wet weather indeed. some places could turn out to bea indeed. some places could turn out to be a washout. it will slowly migrate in towards the eastern side of england, would cross the south coast there. meanwhile the rest of the country will have a glorious day, again with plenty of sunshine, an odd shower, and it will feel cool across southern an odd shower, and it will feel cool across southern areas. an odd shower, and it will feel cool across southern areas. it will feel chilly. battered and clear off into
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the new continent and high—pressure built—in for sunday so many places should have a better day for the second half of the weekend including the south—east of england but another weather system will bring wet and windy weather to scotland and northern ireland through the day. it will turn out to be levitate on as well. kanak —— it will turn out to be a little heavier as well. this is the business briefing, i'm victoria fritz. tax and spend, or cut back and privatise? two conflicting plans for fixing latin america's largest economy, as brazil gets ready to choose its next president. plus: party like it's 1969. investors await another bumper set of us jobs figures, as the number of americans filing for unemployment benefits heads for a 49—year low. and on the markets, asian shares under pressure following wall street lower on concerns that those jobs numbers could come in stronger than expected.
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that, of course, would mean us interest rates rising higher and faster. borrowing costs on bond markets are already reflecting that, hitting their highest in seven years.
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