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by they have come up this path, used by many locals going to work, and they are heading up this hill right to the top of the mountain. it is already getting hot and it is going to bea already getting hot and it is going to be a very tough 25 kilometres. the rocky touraine here is as unforgiving as it is beautiful. the crippling descents taking their toll on all the runners. local malawian women enjoyed being in the company ofa women enjoyed being in the company of a game. translation: she says they were talking and getting to know each other at some point and the race will go ahead and they will be asked to stop and wait for the team and run together. it may have been tough but therapeutic too. run together. it may have been tough but therapeutic toolj run together. it may have been tough but therapeutic too. i got my head straight back into fitness and it is a good way to help you deal with things psychologically. here we were out at one stage in the open air, you look across the mountains and you look across the mountains and you just take a deep breath. she
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would have said, "what on earth are you doing now?" she would have been very proud of me. a tough challenge for a good cause. now, have you ever watched freestyle skiers making those massivejumps, landing on the smallest of edges, and wondered just how they do it? well, check out andri ragettli, he's a swiss freestyle skier, posted this on instagram. making the impossible look easy! i have no idea how he makes it look so i have no idea how he makes it look so easy! he does make it to the end of the course, however he did admit it took him 53 attempts! talented on the skis too, he won the season's first world cup in new zealand in the big air discipline in september. he rounds this offer really nicely... there we go, that was the
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moment we were all waiting for! the youth olympics are continuing in argentina and last night the games gave their first ever medals in ‘breaking' on the second day of competition. russian b. boy ‘bumblebee'. and b.girl ‘ram' ofjapan claimed the inaugural gold medals after progressing through two earlier knock—out rounds. athletes submitted videos of themselves online, with the winners being selected for the world youth breaking championships in japan, before qualifying for argentina. in the individual competitions two breakers go head to head, where one performs first and then their opponent responds. dancers are scored by five judges.
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that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. theresa may is facing growing calls from within her own party and the opposition to change course in the final stages of negotiations on the uk's withdrawal from the european union. the former brexit secretary, david davis, has warned of "dire" consequences for conservatives at the next election if the government sticks to its current plan. but in the house of commons, the current brexit secretary, dominic raab, told mps he's confident of reaching a deal with the eu in the coming months, and said the government should hold its nerve. the uk's white paper proposals is
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the best way of ensuring there is no friction and avoiding a hard border between ireland and northern ireland and respecting the referendum. these negotiations were always bound to be tough in the final stretch, is all the more reason why we should hold oui’ nerve, the more reason why we should hold our nerve, stay resolute and focused andi our nerve, stay resolute and focused and i remain confident we will reach and i remain confident we will reach a deal this autumn. because it is still in the best interests of the uk and the european union. it is the best way of protecting trade between uk and the eu, protecting jobs on the continent, continuing to operate sea mlessly the continent, continuing to operate seamlessly on security matters, to tackle crime and terrorism, to keep uk and eu citizens safe and it is the best way to avoid a hard border in northern ireland that would adversely affect the unity giving there. or indeed separating northern ireland from great britain which we will not countenance. to achieve these aims, the uk has brought
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forward serious and credible proposals and we continue to engage with eu to press our case as to better understand some of their concerns. equally, it is time for the eu to match the ambition and the private isn't that we have shown. mr speaker, mr speaker... while we intensify our negotiations to secure the deal that we want and expect, we are also expediting the preparations for no deal. in case the eu do not match the pragmatism that we have shown. as the prime minister stated on the 21st of september after the salzburg summit, the government has made clear we will unilaterally protect the rights of eu citizens in the uk in the event of a no deal. to the uk in the event of a no deal. to the 3 million here at, we say, "you are ourfriends, our neighbours, our colleagues, we want you to stay and we will be setting out the details as soon as is practicable." we also now urged eu and all its member
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states to step up and give the uk citizens on the continent the same reassurances. mi’ citizens on the continent the same reassurances. mr speaker, it is time on both sides to provide all our citizens with that comfort and with that confidence. but in response the shadow brexit secretary, sir keir starmer, criticised the absence of the prime minister in the house of commons, saying she should have updated mps herself, and said little progress had been made in the negotiations. mr speaker, it would also have been better if today's statement contained details of substantive progress. instead, it's like groundhog day, we get the same old story. the secretary of state pretends everything is going according to plan, it'sjust a question of dotting the "i"s and crossing the "t"s. everything will be all right in the end. and if it isn't, we'lljust crash out with no deal, stockpile food and medicines and declare that to be a great success. i know the brexit secretary will be tempted in reply to me to do what he usually does, to read out his
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preprepared attack lines about me and the labour party. can i urge him... can i urge him to resist that temptation and to respond to the very serious questions that this house and the country deserve answers to. firstly, mr speaker, this secretary of state repeatedly assured parliament, including from that dispatch box himself, that a deal would be reached by the october council, his words. well, that is next week. the statement contains no such statement today. so could he first update the house on when he now expects a deal to be put before parliament? now it's time for a look at the weather with nick miller.
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a lot of clear weather overnight in england and wales there will be some mist and wales there will be some mist and fog patches developing, particularly in central and eastern parts of england. some clear spells developing across much of northern ireland and scotland with some areas of cloud around. the rain in north—west scotland finally beginning to move away after several days of soaking rain by the end of the night. some spots in single figures, no frost. the rain clears tomorrow, the last from northern scotland. clearing by lunchtime with barely a cloud in the sky elsewhere in the uk during the afternoon. they shall developing in south—west england and wales, especially in the evening. it warming south and south—easterly breeze across the northern half of the uk and these are your temperatures, widely several degrees above average for the time of year. you're watching beyond one hundred days.
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the face of america at the united nations is changing. nikki haley has announced her resignation. as she leaves she praises president trump for giving her the honour of a lifetime. at the united nations haley has walked a careful line — she's seen as a bulwark against the white house's america first agenda — but she's also stayed very close to her boss. turkish authorities will search the saudi consulate in istanbul for signs of a missing journalist. the saudis deny killing him but the turks are mounting a full investigation. also on the programme... the salisbury poisoning is turning into an embarrasing failure for the kremlin. the second member of the spy team they sent to britain has been unmasked as a former navy doctor, decorated by the russian president in 2014. and just how long did it take
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