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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  October 12, 2018 5:45pm-6:01pm BST

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is quarter to six. the headlines on bbc news... an inquest finds the man who carried out the westminster bridge terror attack, khalid masood, was lawfully killed by the security services. eurostar rail services could be suspended if a brexit deal with the eu can not be reached — according to the latest government papers released. and princess eugenie departs windsor castle in an aston martin following her wedding to her long—term partner jack brooksbank. this morning and st george ‘s chapel. an update on the market numbers for you — here's how london's and frankfurt ended the day. and in the the united states, this is how the dow and the nasdaq are getting on. trading in positive territory at the moment. now on bbc news, a look ahead to sportsday at 6:30 tonight... coming up on bbc news we are alive and croatia build—up to england's nations league match against croatia, beside which knocked them out of the world cup. no fans in the
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stadium, played behind closed doors. we will hear from those who have travelled and what they think of the new call ups. we will speak to michael carrick about his struggle with depression and asking what's going wrong at manchester united underjose mourinho, and an exclusive interview with the athletes making a stand on the approach to russian dubbing. all that at half past six. it is no temporary film review. —— it is now time. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode. so, mark, what do we have this week? we have first man, a film about the moon landing. mandy, a
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hallucinogenic horror thriller, i'm not going to get you to try and watch that. and bad times at the el royale, a kind of mystery retro thriller. first man, one of the big films of the week. i really liked it. telling the week. i really liked it. telling the story of neil armstrong's epoque will mean landing. it is a picture of space exploration and it's not the kind of elegant dance of the sta nley the kind of elegant dance of the stanley kubrick 2001. this is nuts and bolts and read its affairs in which we need very aware of the fact these are people trying to do things in tin cans, that danger and death like that every corner. here's a clip in which we see our hero attempting to try out a prototype lunar module. here we go. 1,000 feet.
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switching to lunar mode. landing approach. you're too low, climb. do you read? neil? heavy breathing i've just winced all the way through
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that. on a very big screen that would look terrific. the whole film tries to beat you in the position of the pilots and astronauts seeing this stop blushing bride from inside the tent can or from that module, on the tent can or from that module, on the one hand it is a very practically involving film about the nature of space. however, in the same way that jaws nature of space. however, in the same way thatjaws isn't even about sharks, this isn't really a film about moon landing. this is a film about moon landing. this is a film about grief and loneliness. neil armstrong is pathologically introverted and unable to express his emotions. the way the film tells the story as he is basically living in the shadow of loss, he has lost his young daughter. when the time comes to speak to his sons, yesterday forced by his wife, brilliantly played by claire foy. it's almost as if what he's doing is he's looking toward outer space to look toward inner space. we see him almost slipping a test plane out of
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the earth's atmosphere and the suggestion is he's a danger to himself because he is haunted by grief. the film takes this very practical space travel story but turnit practical space travel story but turn it into a kind of metaphysical journey. a story you think you know. everyone has an archetypal memory of the images that came back. i thought it was really beautifully done. i think his performance is terrific. we need claire foy there are two leaders into the emotion otherwise it would become alienating. it is shot interestingly, the used 16mm for the internet stuff, 35mm for the matter stuff, and then imax freeman staff. the film unfolds as story does. the score uses a theremin, an electronic instrument that was used in the 19505 science—fiction films. it is this lonely 5ound. loneliness i5 it is this lonely 5ound. loneliness is the key to it. if you expect an
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action movie you're not going to get that. although you will get the feeling of being inside is spacious and encountering the danger. there i5a and encountering the danger. there is a lot of silence. i'm looking forward to it massively. unlike your second choice. if you're not recommending it to me, in your little way that you try to convince me to see horror films, then little way that you try to convince me to see horrorfilm5, then i'm quite worried. i've been told the images on this are not pleasant. people might want to be aware of that. it is a hallucinogenic horror movie, starring nicolas cage. nicolas cage at his most nicolas cage. he is a blogger living with his partner who draws graphic novel 5tyle sci—fi his partner who draws graphic novel 5tyle sci —fi inflected his partner who draws graphic novel 5tyle sci—fi inflected images, they are abducted by a manson —e5que cult and the sparks a trail of increasingly surreal vengeance. the best we have describing it is, there was a fellow in some years ago which was a fellow in some years ago which was a fellow in some years ago which was a really strange horror movie that almost played out like a dreamy
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nightmare. this is very much like that. it is a blood—soaked fable, there is violence, chainsaw battles. i know that won't work for you! but there is a certain section of the horror audience who will love that. what's most impressive is that doesn't deliver the sucker punch, what makes it powerful is the feeling of trippy, a week, asleep, nightmarish atmosphere. very strange a rty nightmarish atmosphere. very strange arty visuals. if you're somebody who's interested in horror, i think it has a lot to offer. if you're not, and i do know that you're not, i wouldn't advise it as a first dip in the water. we've laid the groundwork there. not good for me but for anyone who likes horror. the third film, i have seen the trail several times and i cannot make head oi’ several times and i cannot make head or tail of it. it looks completely bonkers. bad times at the el royale, i saw the trailer and i thought it
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didn't represent the film at all. it is by drew goddard to give us cabin in the woods, it is another tale of a mysterious building which doesn't quite turn out what it seems to be. in this that motley crew turn up, one of them is the vacuum salesman, another is a priest played byjeff bridges. here is a clip. i am very sorry to keep you waiting. damn, boy, where you been? been waiting in this lobby so long i could use a shave. what's wrong with you? i am very sorry. what are you doing here, father? do i know you, son? no, but i mean, this is not a place for a priest, father. you shouldn't be here. we might need to work on your sales pitch, son. the el royale — no place for a priest. there are other hotels, father.
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maybe closer to tahoe, i could help you find one. i'm sure you would be happier there. miles, is it? if this is not a place for priests, miles, then this is exactly where the lord wants me. from the trailer it looks like a zany interlocking story thing, certainly in terms of its structure. the chapters overlap, we see the same event from different perspectives and time periods. i thought it was actually rather deeper and darker than that. the reason it worked, it has some great performances. there is some debate asa performances. there is some debate as a singer who may have secret dreams. jeff bridges's character, we know he's not quite what he seems to be. we see how these stories i nte rweave. be. we see how these stories interweave. i thought it was actually much more involving and engaging than i had imagined from
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the trailer which looked flippant and debate throw away. it looked stylish but i didn't know what else. some of the reviews have said exactly that. but i didn't find it was. i thought the performances were really good. i love the way the naughty threads of the narrative continue to run fit to right up until the last ten or 15 minutes. it was moving in ways i didn't expect it to. perhaps it's a little long, but i was really, really engaged in it. i went in thinking, 0k, but i was really, really engaged in it. i went in thinking, ok, this is going to be a couple of smart alec cinematic troops. i thought it was much more than that. i know it hasn't had a great response from the critics but i think it is pretty decent. long but not in a bad way.l star is born is your best out. i can't disagree with you. you liked it up untila can't disagree with you. you liked it up until a point and you lost patience. i just thought
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it up until a point and you lost patience. ijust thought it it up until a point and you lost patience. i just thought it tailed off. i've now seen it twice and i thought after the first read really picked up speed even more and the thing that i genuinely can't believe, i think bradley cooper is terrific, the thing i can't believe it you didn't cry. i'm just grateful you're still talking to me because you're still talking to me because you looked so appalled. it is so moving! did you also cry four times the second time you saw it? no, i cried twice. it is a narrative that works for me. somebody said, how does it end? said, it's a star is born, that's how it ends. believe that because i wanted about your dvd choice. it sounds terrific. it is an interesting feature. it is a portrait of trauma as seen through the eyes of the child. the reason i wa nt to the eyes of the child. the reason i want to flag it on dvd, this is a
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classic example of a movie which got very good reviews and a very limited release. if you didn't see it in cinemas, most people didn't. it is really well worth catching up with. check it out. it's a very, very touching piece of work. summer 1993, thank you. let you go and what a star is born for the third time. happily! a quick reminder before we go that you'll find more film news and reviews from across the bbc online at kermode. and you can find all our previous programmes on the bbc iplayer. that's it for this week, though. thanks for watching. goodbye. you will want to hide in the cinema at certain times this weekend. strong winds and western areas,
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wayne continues to fall into tonight and tomorrow. these areas in southern parts of wales could see up to 160 millimetres of rain. that will cause flooding. raining heavily. that dividing line will be there throughout the night, pulses of heavy rain coming and going. drying out across parts of scotland, some showers in northern ireland. temperatures in single figures. east anglia and the very least, it's going to be an incredibly mild night. temperatures close to october record—breaking temperatures at 18 oi’ record—breaking temperatures at 18 or19 record—breaking temperatures at 18 or 19 degrees. very heavy rain to begin with. running up through north—west england into southern and eastern scotland. scotland and northern ireland have anywhere to do tomorrow, the winds will be much later but windy across england and wales, rain in the west, sunshine in the east and highs of around 25.
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your full weekend forecast coming up at the bbc news at six with fiona bruce next. officer who was killed tells how he tried to save his friend. pc palmer was stabbed repeatedly by khalid masood. pc carlisle ran towards his colleague in a vain attempt to save him. when i was almost upon him, he'd seen me coming and he turned to face me, knives up, and i had to veer away to the side. the inquests have today concluded that the attacker khalid masood was lawfully killed by the police. also tonight... a special report on the fight against the influx of drugs from the cities into small towns around the uk. the government says eurostar might be suspended and the electricity supply to northern ireland disrupted if we leave the eu without a deal. and, sealed with a kiss, princess eugenie marries
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jack brooksbank at winsdor.


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