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tv   The Papers  BBC News  October 12, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am BST

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pressure, you are more subtle. but it looks atypical, fairly pressure, you are more subtle. but it looks a typical, fairly average week of weather next week. after last week's extremes, that may fit the bill for a little while. that is your weather. goodbye. hello, this is bbc news with lu kwesa burak. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment — first the headlines. an inquest concludes that the westminster bridge attacker, khalid masood, was lawfully killed after driving a car at pedestrians, and fatally stabbing a police officer. a rapperfrom south london has been jailed for seven years for selling drugs in a so—called "county lines" operation in cumbria. downing street has insisted the prime minister will not agree to a brexit deal with the eu which keeps the uk permanently in a customs union. and the queen's granddaughter princess eugenie marries her long—term partner james brooksbank in front of 850 guests in windsor. hello and welcome to our look ahead
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to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are sebastian payne, who's the political lead writer at the ft, and the broadcaster, lynn faulds wood. let's have a look at some of tomorrow morning's front pages. "an extra year shackled to brussels" says the daily telegraph — which reports that the brexit transition period could be extended by another year to help theresa may find a solution to the irish border problem. the times says the chancellor is being warned that he does not have support in the commons for a tax—raising budget amid what the paper calls the government's "paralysis over brexit."
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the guardian leads on revelations of a huge concentration of toxins around the site of the grenfell tower fire, and says there may be long—term health risks for survivors and others who live and work nearby. the i reports on a ruling by the high court which paves the way for fracking to proceed at sites across the country. a royal kiss features on the front of the daily mail — which splashes on princess eugenie‘s marriage to jack brooksbank earlier today. it's the same for the sun — which goes with the headline ‘fergie time‘ after the duchess of york turned up late for her daughter's big day. the online independent leads on claims that the government is preparing to impose sanctions against saudi arabia as the fallout continues over the disappearance of dissident journalist jamal kashoggi. and the daily mirror is looking ahead to tomorrow evening's strictly come dancing — with contestants seann walsh and katya jones hoping the public will forgive them for their drunken
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kiss and keep them in the dancing competition. so a real mix of stories there making tomorrow's news. would start off with pensions, a pension rate according to the times. what do they mean by this?” pension rate according to the times. what do they mean by this? i am the closest thing to somebody on a pension we have here, and anything that starts off with a pension rate from the chancellor philip hammond obviously makes me think, hang on a minute. —— raid. they need 25 billion for the nhs, which theresa may promised it would be, this was given and that we were supposed to get the brexit, then we need another £2 billion for universal credit, which they had moved from paying in advance to paying behind, so they
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desperately need money. basically they need money, philip hammond has moved the budget forward because that would have fitted with the brexit announcements and so on. in fa ct brexit announcements and so on. in fact that may have been shooting himself in the foot because his colleagues are up in arms about this, one of them says, this is obviously a senior minister, it turns out they rescheduled it slap bang in the middle of another brexit itibss. “— bang in the middle of another brexit itibss. “ mess. bang in the middle of another brexit mass. —— mess. they are trying to ta ke mass. —— mess. they are trying to take money off wealthy pensioners, but it is not exactly clear, they are claiming it is an eye watering the expensive thing, i am not that wealthy, i am quite poor which is why i am here. i don't believe they will ever go after the wealthy
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pensioners because that is their voting base. i think they have two because they need more money in the treasury. even though the tax burden is very high in this country, i think it is the highest it has been 50 yea rs, think it is the highest it has been 50 years, there is still talk about raising taxes. every time you put a budget in front of the conservative party and mention those two words, mps get very angry. that is the heart of this story, that phillip island wants to put forward this budget, to try and pump some extra cash into universal credit, the big welfare reform plan which is being rolled out next year, affecting 8 million people, and there is huge concern across westminster that they are simply not ready to go that far across the country, they are not well funded enough. the money has to come from somewhere, as you are saying it has been very generous to pensioners, tax breaks on savings, and they are the obvious place to go to try and do some rebalancing of
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the public finances. it will be very unpopular and i have no idea how they are going to get it through the house of commons. you have the dup saying they may vote against the budget, they will be a lot of conservative mps who will be very unhappy with this. you mentioned the nhs, most people will say they will do anything to protect our love —— below the nhs. is pension is the way to go? -- beloved. the way it was sold to us was that they would save £25 billion from being locked into europe, now it turns out that £25 billion looks like it will mostly come from a pension rate. if it was not a pension rate, where would they find this money? -- raid. there is talk of a different tax, there is an argument for that, it is a thing that frustrates me about british politics, politicians are not honest with people about the tough choices.
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sorry, i laughed. it is sort of true. people want their properly funded nhs, there is a consensus across the country that the nhs needs more money. how will they do that? if they say we need a tax rise, we need to make road to pensions, they do the nhs funding announcement in july, they pensions, they do the nhs funding announcement injuly, they rape —— rabbit up in a nice bow for the nhs‘s birthday, then six months later they come along and say you will have to pay for it yourself. i think myself, people would be perfectly happy to pay for it... you live in a very nice world where you think politicians will want to do something like that...” think politicians will want to do something like that... i think they generally do want to do the right thing, they are too focused on the date of a short—term politics, not enough on the long—term decisions...
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the song —— subtitle of this is "budget plans the song —— subtitle of this is " budget plans paralysed the song —— subtitle of this is "budget plans paralysed amid ten or —— turmoil over brexit. " let's turn to brexit, there is the european council meeting kicking off on wednesday, the daily telegraph is reporting that we could be shackled to and extra year to brussels. why is that? the current brexit plan is that we will leave the eu in march 2019, not that far away now, then for the following 18 months, to the end of 2021, we will be in this transition period, where everything stays the same, we have free movement of people, we are in the single market and customs union, and thatis single market and customs union, and that is to give time and stability to move to the new long—term arrangement. kicking the can down the road for another year. exactly. but the key thing is that we do leave the eu, all its institutions, no meps, no summit, that will only
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happen if there is a deal. there will only be ideal if we solve this irish border problem, and at the moment we are hitting, two immovable objects are about to collide. brussels are saying they will not sign any deal unless there is a backstop that has... under any scenario there is never a hard border in ireland. the other immovable object is the dup and the right wing of the conservative party who will not be tied into an endless customs union as they see it, because they seek that as keeping us within the orbit of brussels for evermore. nobody really knows how it will play out. the telegraph report, this was the eu chief negotiator michel barnier who proposes extra year, because the eu needs our money, and that will make them an extra 17 billion according to the telegraph. so it is bad for the uk according to people who are not happy with this, jacob rees mogg
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also said that it is bad for the party. let's get down to the politics, it is also bad the conservative party. hugely, they wa nt conservative party. hugely, they want this done and dusted by the next general election so they can say that they have done brexit, they are signing these trade deals with the us, australia, you name it, you have your money back. the problem is there are these huge problems. the irish border is so intractable, trying to get it all parcelled up and untangling a0 years of legal and economic and trading relationships ina economic and trading relationships in a period of a couple ofjust is not look like it is going to happen. this has to come to some kind of conclusion next week, because as you said there is that crucial summit on wednesday. if they don't make progress they are very much going to be looking at a no deal exit from the eu. let's turn to the guardian. huge concentration of toxins around the grenfell tower site. this is really quite disturbing because public health england don't want to go with this essentially. public
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health england have been testing the sm pulls around there and being reassuring that the air sample is not bad at all. this particular story is based on a particular professor who is apparently one of the world's leading toxicology experts, and she says what they should be testing is soil and dust and the residue left lying around the ground. and that that is actually very toxic and there are high levels of hydrogen cyanide present in the soil that she analysed, as well as of other horrible stuff, potential carcinogens. she has a report coming out next year which says in the meantime what we should be doing is testing the survivors, that people who were so brave and they are, the fire officers, and find out what is happening to their bloodstream in their saliva. for the people who live around their, the fire officers
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who were working at the time, those who were working at the time, those who were working at the time, those who were in the flats, this is going to be really disturbing isn't it? reading this and unthinking, nobody wa nts to reading this and unthinking, nobody wants to test if i have a problem. absolutely, some of these sample is word taken a mile away from groenefeld tower, and it adds to this general sense that out of this horrific thing there has not been this calamity and honesty from the authorities about what is going on will stop i think as you are saying, public health england have their reasons, they are waiting for the investigation to be fully done before they release these details, but for people around there, the survivors in the family are still having to deal with the consequences of losing their loved ones, losing their homes, to hear they may now also have serious long—term health consequences, it is absolutely tragic. i wonder how much it must cost to swab the survivors and have a blood test. it probably isn't that much. i would
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a blood test. it probably isn't that much. iwould not a blood test. it probably isn't that much. i would not be surprised if people run some of these tests themselves. let's turn to the i, where the green light has been given for tracking to start in england. scotla nd for tracking to start in england. scotland and northern ireland have said they will not engage in tracking. this is a year—long campaign between environmental campaigners who are against fracking, and the companies who want to get fracking in. when they started fracking there were two small and earthquakes, such as blackpool, we have this long legal process. it can now begin from tomorrow, we have heard from the campaign is that they will still fight, but it is interesting when you compare this to the us who have gone headlong into what they call the shale gas revolution, it has had a huge effect on oil prices, the energy market, where britain has been far more hesitant. it will be
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very interesting to see how this goes ahead in lancashire, whether the scale of shelf racking in the us is repeated here or whether the concerns remain. we are a much more congested place than the areas in america where they have been doing the fracking, and the eye does the story is very well, i think this is the only one we have seen today that has the frightening story and it —— the fracking story, and this news that they are going to allow fracking to happen in the north—west comes, it says here, just days after the world's leading climate scientists at the un warned there are only a dozen years for global warming to be kept to a minimum of 1.5 centigrade, beyond wiske —— beyond which the risk of drought, flood and poverty could significantly worsen. we have seen that across the world with terrible floods. let's turn to this story on the front of the financial times. it has
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a picture of the concert in istanbul. i'm amazed that this is not more front covers. that the turkish powers that be saying that they are in possession of sound evidence, or taped evidence, that this guy was taken in the embassy and interrogated, and they even heard quite worrying — devastatingly worrying me as a journalist, but he was beaten and killed. and they claim to have the evidence. and the washington post appears to support that. what has happened since is that. what has happened since is that the saudis were having the fii, the futures investment initiative, where all the people were coming
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along, supported by the financial times and all the leading newspapers in the world were getting together in the world were getting together in the capital of saudi arabia, riyadh, and other financial times is pulling out, or is thinking about it. all of these people, cnn, bloomberg, they have all withdrawn. you think that is why is? they are a powerful financial partner. when there are so many others are questions about what happened to mr jamal khashoggi told to no, the recording had not been made public, and people have been demanding a nswe rs and people have been demanding answers from donald trump downward, calling on saudi arabia to answer the questions, so my organisation and others are not given of the doubt. steven mnuchin, the us secretary of state... that is to go well. we will see this still goes
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ahead. they may cancel the summit if this happens. they say that it is still going ahead. it is disappointed that some would be there, they will still be thousands as big as they are, they said. we lowered other financial times, and this is the fate of patisserie valerie. it looks like it could be rescued will stop me now. luke johnson, the entrepreneur who owns a significant part of the chain has put £20 million from his own pocket into filling this gap. it looks like there has been dodgy accounting going on. the finance director of the group was suspended as being arrested and released on bail. the offers as is conducting —— the office is conducting an investigation. but there is interesting here is the auditor. grant thornton, it has been aimed at -- it grant thornton, it has been aimed at —— it has been named as. grant thornton, it has been aimed at
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-- it has been named as. then again this is going to raise questions. early this week, the competition and markets authority conducted an investigation into auditing in this country. if they were found to have accou nts country. if they were found to have accounts that were not entirely pukka, i feel that there could be more questions about the auditing profession. but for all the people enjoyed by patisserie valerie, enjoy your cake, could use the euro, it will continue. but at £28 million that cash has been taken to eat negative £9.8 million. —— taken to a negative. the shares worth 420 9 cents a share, they have collapsed toa cents a share, they have collapsed to a huge blow. —— 429. cents a share, they have collapsed to a huge blow. -- 429. we should see the man was arrested and released on bail, no charges yet, so no confirmation yet. let us end of a
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happy note, though. we had a happy couple today. nearly married. an aggressive front page of the daily mailand aggressive front page of the daily mail and the sun. we have about 30 seconds. too many royals. we had a wedding a few months ago. i am scottish and we are a bit republican up scottish and we are a bit republican up there, but they felt that i would say that. let us link at the royal family are not spend so much on the weddings. i am certainly - but look at the happiness on this couple's face. this is really get coverage. i think people who admire british people around the world, this was a happy day. the daily mail has said there was nothing second—best about that kiss, referring to harry and meghan markle putt weddings. and there is the sun. —— harry and
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meghan markle's wedding. let's say something did all about the brighter because she made a statement today, a brief statement, and it referred... scoliosis, curvature of the spine to the said to affect 3 million people. so well done to earth about. and she went out with her back showing, wearing that dress proudly. a huge congratulations to jack and eugenie. that's it for the papers tonight. it has been great fun. don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you seven days a week at and if you miss the programme, any evening, you can watch it later on the bbc iplayer. a big thank you to my guest this evening, sebastian payne and lynn faulds wood, and goodbye. coming up next, it is all the sport.
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good evening. here is your latest sports news. we start with football and what could be crucial games for england and northern ireland in the u efa england and northern ireland in the uefa nations the campaigns. england grew 0—0 with croatia. it was quite there because croatia are currently banned from their home matches. northern ireland boss again this week to vienna. the former manchester united midfielder michael carrick says his part in united's champions league final defeat in 2009 led to a year long spell of depression. carrick, who won five league titles as a player, said feelings of anxiety became so bad he couldn't face being away from home whilst playing with england and made him consider early retirement. he also says since speaking about it, he's been contacted by other players who have also
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suffered with depression. the champions league in rome, 2000, for whatever reason, i just the champions league in rome, 2000, for whatever reason, ijust couldn't shakeit for whatever reason, ijust couldn't shake it off. studied kind of thinking negatively about the game. i should have done that. i have a lwa ys i should have done that. i have always done that after gave a few days if we lost. bidding is parkour waited that happen, that happen. but it snowballs and zobel is a star daniel, and you start wondering if you can play at that level, good not to be at top, even if we won at the year before. it was— under the wire had them feelings for so long ijust couldn't shake off. i was really in that frame of mind for a good year, 18 months after that. leinster started their european champions cup title defence off to an impressive start with a 52—3 mauling of wasps. the leinster fans didn't have
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to wait long for the first try as sean cronin sprinted through the wasps‘ defence in the sixth minute. lei nster eventually scored eight tries as they crushed wasps and secured a winning bonus point; jack mcgrath —— leinster eventually scored eight tries as they crushed wasps and secured a winning bonus point — jack mcgrath was the last to cross the line for the champions. it's wasps's worst ever european defeat. england's charley hull has a four—way share of the lead halfway through the keb hana bank championship in south korea. meanwhile her compatriot eddie pepperell is also leading at the british masters. pepperell has a three shot lead on 8 under par after following up his first round 67 with a solid 69 at walton heath — he's three shots clear. it's not going so well for europe's ryder cup heroes — justin rose, francesco molinari and tommy fleetwood are all well down the leaderboard. fleetwood was sharing the lead going into the second round but he's now level par after making five bogeys. george russell will become the third british driver in formula one next year after signing to race for williams. he‘s currently mercedes‘ reserve driver and leading
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the formula 2 championship. russell will be the first full—time british driver at williams sincejenson button back in 2000. he‘lljoin mercedes‘ lewis hamilton and lando norris at mclaren. all i have ever dreamt of was formula 1. so do finally get this opportunity, joining the grid alongside drivers who i have looked up alongside drivers who i have looked up to forso alongside drivers who i have looked up to for so many years, it is externally surreal. williams is an extremely historic team. 0ne externally surreal. williams is an extremely historic team. one of the greatest in the history of formula 1. they have brought so many great drivers into formula 1 of years, jenson button, fabian coulthard, it rosberg, so i was a great place to start my career. —— nico rosberg. —— soi start my career. —— nico rosberg. —— so i thought it was a great place to start my career. usain bolt says scoring his first goal for the central coast mariners was a weight off his shoulders. the 8 time olympic champion is continueing his quest to become a professional footballer. he‘s been on indefinite trial with the a—league side in australia
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and whilst many assume it‘s a publicty stunt, bolt is clearly putting his body on the line in pursuit of a full time contract. and his first goals for the club will have helped his cause, this was his first. his second couldn‘t have been easier. a—0 the score as they beat macarthur south west united in front good evening. a windy day up and down the country today. storm marquetry is bringing heavy winds and rainfall. that has really been causing problems in parts of south wales in particular. the low pressure associated with store callu m pressure associated with store callum is pushing off to the north. what we have is trailing weather front, staying put through to and into two saturday. —— and into saturday. and amber warning for heavy rain from the met office across south wales the weather could be up to 160 millimetres by the end of saturday. certainly enough to cause flooding issues. that the temperatures on saturday. 35 celsius. that is very warm to this
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stage in the middle of october. it is windy and it is warm as we head through the next 2a hours or so. and we have this band of rain that will be really slow moving across parts of the south—west of england, wales, northern england, scotland. if we look at the overnight temperatures, first ina look at the overnight temperatures, first in a saturday morning, the woman as the weather was towards eating there and the south—east, with temperatures overnight hanging at 1890 degrees. that is more typical of the daytime highs. there are more work into parts of the south—west of england and wales in the morning. but as it is a dry morning. but windy. those winds around a0— 50 mph, gusting more around a0— 50 mph, gusting more around exposed to link posts. northern ireland should see a bit of dry weather at times, as will the north—west scotland. elsewhere, you are stuck under the slow—moving band of rain, i‘m afraid, for much of the day. through scotland, northern england, wales, and the south of england, wales, and the south of england, too. in the north of england, too. in the north of england and these, a different story. we are likely to see a brit
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is hitting 2a25 degrees, some way around the likes of london, was lincolnshire, as well. call to the north—west, where you have clouded rain, too. into the evening hours, brings us to move a little bit, so it will ease for areas that have seen the heaviest downpours over the last few days. the bramall was eastwards a cross last few days. the bramall was eastwards across the country, moving through into sunday. so a different feeling day on sunday. the eastern england, where we have had the warm weather and sunshine, despite the wind, it will turn soggy on sunday. the further west, an improvement in the weather. such a recurring to northern ireland, western parts of scotla nd northern ireland, western parts of scotland and england, wales, to, but unease, cloudy with our press of rain, and our bric—a—brac, too. so as to be about 10 degrees cooler on sundeck and petty saturday. keep the highs of the latest forecast, and you can see all the weather warnings on our forecast. —— you can see all the weather warnings on ourforecast. —— keep you can see all the weather warnings on our forecast. —— keep your eyes on our forecast. —— keep your eyes on the latest forecast. —— weather
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warnings on our website. this is bbc news. i‘m ben bland. our top stories: the disappearance of the saudi journalist jamal jamal khashoggi in istanbul. a source close to the investigation tells the bbc there is evidence he was murdered. the american pastor andrew brunson, whose detention in turkey caused a diplomatic rift with washington, is released and is on his way home. we are very honoured to have him back with us. he suffered greatly but we are very appreciative to a lot of people. the cost of hurricane michael — at least 12 people killed and la million homes without power across the south—eastern united states. the wedding bells ring out again in windsor. this time, queen elizabeth‘s granddaughter princess eugenie marries her long—term partner.
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