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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 15, 2018 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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there might not be much but when you are already penny pinching, i think it will have a knock—on effect in the supermarkets. research for the joseph rowntree foundation finds that just a quarter of the population think, in the short term, brexit will leave the economy better. 45% think it will be worse. i want to focus on what was on the side of the bus. so, ten years from now, do you think the health service will be better or will it be worse as a result of brexit? i did vote to leave but i've massively changed my mind since. have you? why? i really feel like i was misled. i work in the nhs and i think our nhs is going to suffer massively from us leaving. danielle, do you think brexit will make the nhs better or worse? well, i'd like to think that it would. make it better? yeah. people are put on waiting lists and they are waiting for such a long time. so, brexit to you is partly about focusing on british people and making sure they have access to health care? yeah. i think it is going to get better, yeah. definitely.
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i think it will help anyway. i think it's going to help. the national survey finds stark division on how brexit will affect britain longer term. 29% think the nhs will be better, 29% think it will be worse. on the economy, 32% think it will be better, 33% think worse. we want to know what your priorities for brexit should be. it might be hospitals, schools, immigration, incomes, jobs, a whole range of different things. show me what you've done. jobs and prosperity. jobs. public funding for services. money for the nhs. more money for the nhs. does anyone else here feel that it is odd that not one of you wrote down immigration when we were told that was the big priority that drove the vote for brexit? i think a lot of people who voted the brexit are the ones who wanted to see less migrants and when they think of migrants they see the droves of people coming in on boats and that's what they anticipated, without actually thinking what that means.
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i think that's wrong. more than 50% of britain voted to leave. that's like saying more than 50% of people in britain are completely racist and don't want anybody to come in, which is not the case. according to the national survey, the uk's top three priorities for brexit should be improving public services — by far the most popular choice — creating morejobs, and reducing low incomes. cutting immigration comes fourth. we're going to make you choose. we've got two doors — a doorfor optimists and a doorfor pessimists. you have to decide which one you're going to leave by. please leave now. our panel was evenly split, 5—5. like the country, it seems, optimism and pessimism in equal measure as the uk attempts to define its relationship with its neighbours and the world. mark easton, bbc news, swansea bay. newsnight‘s about to begin over on bbc2. here on bbc one time for the news where you are.. hello and welcome to sportsday.
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your sport headlines: free flowing england topple spain as sterling breaks his scoring drought. goals remain hard to come by for northern ireland as relegation looms large in the nations league. and more injury troubles for billy vunipola — england's number eight is ruled out of the autumn internationals. hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm john watson. raheem sterling scored his first international goals for three years in a breathtaking first half in seville as england beat spain 3—2, to win their first match in europe's nations league. our sports editor dan roan is there for us tonight.
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and dan, england's last match played behind closed doors. for the fans who were in the stadium tonight, this was one to remember. one of the most memorable england victories for many years. i don't think you can overestimate what a significant performance and win that is when you consider in with her playing one of the most stylish and well respected teams in world football in spain. they are on fine form at home in seville and to come here with a youthful side and produce a 3—2 victory, england should be proud of that. as you say, coming from their last match on friday night in a silent atmosphere in croatia, the atmosphere here in seville was very different. the challenge to try and silence the home crowd was an awesome one. let's show you now the action. it didn't
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ta ke show you now the action. it didn't take england long. sterling was confident and spain looks like they might have blown england early on. but then raheem sterling scored his first international goal for three yea rs. first international goal for three years. there were a few chances that we re years. there were a few chances that were squandered in croatia last week but a second goal silenced that. sterling having to wait all that time frowning and go, a few made after scoring his first coming he had another. after half—time, spain came storming back. there was then a fortu nate came storming back. there was then a fortunate moment in goal, where he could have given away a penalty. spain were furious, but the referee said no to their appeals. with the last action, of an absorbing and thrilling game, ramos pulled one
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backin thrilling game, ramos pulled one back in injury time. with that, the referee blew for the final whistle. england had held on and it was backs to the wall for the majority of the second half. they were 3—0 up and they showed great resilience. you can't help but think that previous england teams would have found that too much in front of that crowd, but they found a way. it was like being transported back to the world cup in russia. in a sense, it was better than anything ended managed there. since that semifinal run, the pressure has been on england and whether they can deliver when it comes to one of the finest teams in the world. that was very much the case with this spain side. they had beaten croatia 6—0 before, but england were too good tonight. can they beat the big teams? they did so tonight, but can they do it again? and gareth southgate will want this to act as a turning point.
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since that world cup that everyone remembers so well and dearly amongst the england fans, england haven't quite managed to deliver the same level of performance. they had gone four competitive matches without a win. you sensed that they needed it and he mentioned how his players we re and he mentioned how his players were tired and many players missing. you consider the usefulness of the tea m you consider the usefulness of the team he brought out today. many young players coming into the team and under pressure. hurricane had also gone several matches without a goal. —— harry kane. england had a goalless draw against croatia and they lost at home in this new nations league format. make the mistake, this was no friendly, spain
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haven't lost at home in a competitive match for 15 years. and haven't beaten them away here in spain since 1987, the days of gary lineker. so this is a meaningful and memorable result. it will give england so much belief, having got so england so much belief, having got so far in the world cup, some were not satisfied, saying england got the lucky draw and maybe most of it. when they came against a world—class tea m when they came against a world—class team is croatia, they fell short. spain area team is croatia, they fell short. spain are a world—class team and england proved too good for them this evening. i think southgate will be delighted. thank you very much indeed. well it was a very different story for northern irleand who're in danger of being relgeated from their group after another defeat, losing 2—0 away to bosnia hertzegovina tonight northern ireland began well but suddenly against the run of play jamal lewis lost his footing and the bosnians went ahead through edin dzeko. their second goal came after 70 minutes when roma striker dzeko found himself unmarked and doubled the lead. northern ireland had plenty of chances to score
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but failed to convert. they're bottom of their group, with thee defeats from three matches. aaron ramsey will be missing for wales in tomorrow's nations league game against the republic of ireland in dublin. he's been allowed to withdraw from the squad as his wife gave birth to twins. manager ryan giggs has called up swa nsea's daniel james from the under—21 squad. giggs is already without gareth bale, who missed thursday's defeat by spain and has returned to his club real madrid for treatment on a groin problem. the new aston villa head coach dean smith says he doesn't feel intimidated byjohn terry's presence as his assistant. i should warn you some there's flash photography coming up. smith left brentford last week to join villa. also alongside him is his former number two richard o'kelly. terry, played for villa last season before announcing his retirement. it's the former england captain's first senior coaching role. i'm flattered thatjohn wants to come and work, with someone as
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esteemed as him in the game to come and work and learn from myself and richard, but he wants to be a coach, and the conversation we had was that he wants to learn and develop from myself and richard, and i want to tap into what he knows as well, working with some of the top players and coaches in the game. huge leadership qualities he has on the field and he will hope to tra nsfer the field and he will hope to transfer that. billy vunipola is out of next month's england rugby union test series. the number 8 broke his left arm playing for saracens this weekend. he'll have an operation tomorrow that will rule him out until around christmas. vunipola's absence adds to head coach eddiejones problems. billy's brother mako picked up a calf strain in the same match, while second row maro itoje broke his nose in the same game. england are already without joe launchbury, anthony watson and sam simmonds for the upcoming tests. jones names his test squad later this week. now let's round up some of the other stories making the sports headlines this evening:
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ronnie o'sullivan's back in the headlines for comments made after his first round victory over norway's kurt maflin at the english open. he said the k2 leisure centre in crawley was a ‘hellhole‘ and smelt of urine — world snooker said they were surprised by his remarks and that feedback from the players had been overwhelmingy positive. there's been anotyher injury setback for commonwealth gymnastics all around champion nile wilson. he'll miss this month's world championships after snapping a ligament in his finger in training. he also missed the european championships in august with a neck injury. and the former sri lanka captain sanath jaya—suriya has been charged with two counts of breaching the international cricket‘s anti corruption code. he's accused of failing to co—operate with an investigatio, by "concealing, tampering with or destroying evidence". he has 1a days to respond. well england are in action against sri lanka at the moment in their one day series. and spinner liam dawson has been ruled out of the rest of the tour. he's started both matches so far but sat out training
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today with a side strain. the squad is in kandy for their next match on wednesday with a 1—0 lead, with chris woakes enjoying the opportunity to open the bowling again. i don't always see it as the leader of the attack, obviously some guys have good days and some guys have bad days, i have the occasional bad day and someone will have to step up. i certainly like that the idea of bowling the tough overs in this format. you get good rewards from it. sometimes it can be tough but the rewards are there if you do it well and execute your plans well. afghanistan's hazra—tullah zazai has joined a very elite club becoming only the third batsman to hit six sixes in an over, in a twenty20 match. he managed to knock every ball over the boundary making 37 runs off the over because there was a wide as well. zazai raced to his 50 off 12 balls, equalling the record for the fastest t20 half—century. he joins the likes of
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sir garfield sobers, herschelle gibbs and yuvraj singh to achieve the feat in all forms of the game. fantastic fa ntastic stuff! that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are author and journalist owen bennett and ruth lea, economic adviser with the arbuthnot banking group.
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many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. the prime minister is in a race to rescue the brexit deal, says the guardian, as theresa may admits talks with the eu have stalled over the irish border issue. the same story is covered in the metro, which leads with mrs may's insistence that any arrangement with the eu must not divide the uk. the story that's caused a buzz around the world is of course news that meghan is expecting, and the daily mail is clearly intent on enjoying every moment of it! the daily mirror also leads with baby news, with the added detail that that the duchess sought medical advice for her tour to the pacific islands due to the risk of the zika virus. the ft reports on the growing fallout over the disappearance of saudi journalist, jamal khashoggi, as president trump sends his top diplomat to the kingdom. and, ageism could be recognised as a hate crime, on the same level as racist
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and religious offences, under a review of the law. that's in the telegraph. so, a varied set of front pages — let's see what our reviewers make of it all. we had the statement from the prime minister this afternoon, backstop over back stock is how the metro puts it. she is saying that under no circumstances will there be a customs border in the irish sea, no way they will split northern ireland from great britain. she is also claiming that somehow the eu is coming round to her idea of how backstop, which is actually that the whole of the united kingdom stays in the customs union for a period of time until things are sorted. the eu may be coming round to that point of view, but i doubt that many of her mps are coming round to it, because i thought that was dead.


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