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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 20, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm BST

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hello, this is bbc news. here are the headlines. protest organisers estimate that over half a million people have joined a march through central london, to call for a referendum on the final brexit deal. the people's vote campaign say it's the biggest demonstration against brexit so far. saudi arabia admits journalist jamal khashoggi died in its consulate in istanbul. turkey has vowed to reveal all the details about the killing and said it will not accept a cover—up. europe and japan have launched two spacecraft on a mission to mercury. the joint project will take the probes seven years to reach their destination. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday, with me olly foster and holly hamilton. hello there. these are our headlines tonight.
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the red mist. manchester united throw away an injury time lead to draw at chelsea as morinho takes exception tio the the cheslea celebrations. he was very polite. he apologised immediately and after the game, as assistant also apologised, which i accept. another rain affected match in sri lanka, but there's enough cricket for england to win the one—day series. and in the headlines again — danny cipriani is sent off, as gloucester lose to munster. good evening, lots coming up for you over the next half an hour but the premier league is back with a bang, a big win for manchester city as they stay top of the table, details of that coming up but the early kick—off saw
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jose mourinho make another return to stamford bridge. though he was going to get his first win there with manchester united, they were 2—1 up deep into injury time but ross berkely scored the equaliser for the blues that sees them remain unbeaten this season. mourinho reacted to chelsea celebrations in the dugout and had to be restrained by stewards but he played it down afterwards. jo currie reports. some familiarfaces some familiar faces in a warm welcome, return to stamford bridge for the man who delivered chelsea three premier league trophies. but times have changed. does them a marina's man united site starting today and character equipment table. it didn't take long to see why. that's because the a header put the home side orfront. that's because the a header put the home side or front. the guilty party
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paul pogba losing his a man must do his own dismay. whatever marino said at half—time and had the desired effect. quickest to react as he drew his team level. not that his manager was getting carried away. marcie out with a man on a mission firing into the collar for his second of the game. but chelsea have a lot this season game. but chelsea have a lot this season and they weren't about to let that record slip. first dabbed at luis, then we dig a force to save for england ross barkley settle things on the page. off of it, all the marina was writing his own headlines. reacting to a member of chelsea back group staff to ensure the match ended in chaos. he was very impolite. he apologised immediately and after the game, his assistant also apologised to me. which i accept his apology. for me, the story is over. but don't do what everybody else does that says... i don't know his name,
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i don't even need to know, and i apologise because i also made some mistakes on football matches. so i accept his apology. i think we are the best team. even in the first half, when we were losing and we were not dangerous enough we were in control. ididn't i didn't see anything and then i spoke withjose. i understood immediately we were on the wrong side in the wrong way of the situation. so i have spoken with the member of my staff and i have dealt with this immediately. that was a great match kick things off. we've had plenty of other
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results. holly has the rest of the headlines from todays prmier legaue matches. a busy afternoon. six 3pm kick offs. let's start with manchester city v burnley — all eyes onjoe hart. his first time back at the etihad since moving to burnley in the summer. and what a punishing return it was — conceding five goals this afternoon and four in the second half. not the return he will have been dreaming of, but again there was little he could do — a dominant performance from city this afternoon. and a result that puts them back at the top of the table. ten on target, quite good. the beginning was a little bit tough. the second half was much better. and after the second and third goal, was scored quicker and it was more easier, but playing his natural position because kyle and daniel, and daniel are out,
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but he did so well. many good things and the good news of kevin coming back and the performance of all of the guys. over at the london stadium, west ham hosting spurs and a lot of the talk around tottenham in the build—up to this game had focused on how they've gone slightly ‘under the radar this season so far. however a 1—0 win today makes it four successive league wins for mauricio pocchetino's side — erik lamela with the decisive goal there. a result that puts them level on points with chelsea. meanwhile at the cardiff city stadium, it was louder than a stereophonics gig as neil warnock‘s men got their first win of the season. it was a 4—2 victory over fulham. warnock remaining straight faced but he had plenty to smile about after that performance. as cardiff move off the bottom of the table, above their opponents and newcastle and huddersfield. elsewhere this afternoon, newcastle slipped to the bottom of the premier league
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after being beaten 1—0 by brighton. two goals less than one minute saw watford seal their first win since september and end wolves‘ six—game unbeaten run and it wasn't exactly a classic on the south coast where it ended 0—0 so let's have a look at the top of the table... manchester city are now two points clear of chelsea and tottenham who move up to third — although liverpool could move up above both spurs and chelsea with a win over huddersfield.. and it would have to be a pretty mammoth victory to remove city from the top.. liverpool up 1—0 at half time in that match. mo salah scoring there — although huddersfield fans might feel agrieved they don't have at least one goal after one was disallowed and some convinced they should have had a penalty for a handball. still more action to come in that.
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back to you. thank you, holly. we will get right on that. —— keep our eyes on that. in the championship, leeds missed out on the chnace to go top after a 2—1 defaet at blackburn. dean smith's first game in charge of aston villa saw them beat swansea i—o. theree were wins for bristol city, qpr, norwich, reading and birmingham west brom could laso have gone top but their seven match unbeaten run came to an end at wigan losing 1—0. derby are leading second placed sheffield united in the late kick—off. craig bryson with a goal after 19 seconds. or is it one all there? it is actually one off. sheffield united have equalised. they would go top with a win. so tight at the top of the championship. in scotland, hearts are still top of the premiership after holding on for a 2—1 win against aberdeen, celtic stay second after a 4—2 win over hibs. livingsone beat bottom
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club dundee 4—0. motherwell lost 1—0 at home to stjohnstone and kilmarnock are third in the table after a 2—1 win away at struggling st mirren. it is not often we look at the european league in sports day but we doubt we would dip into la liga. —— but we thought we would dip into. real madrid have lost again in la liga, a 2—1 defeat at the bernabeau to levante they were 2—0 down inside 13 minutes. rafael varane's handball was to be inside the penalty area after the referee consulted var. roger marti converted the resulting spotkick — that made it 2—0. marcelo's pulled one back, but that ended a run of a82 mimnutes wiothout scoring, a club record. mimnutes without scoring, a club record. their fourth defeat in five games leaves them fifth in la liga with el clasico coming against barcelona next weekend. cricket now and england beat sri lanka by 18 runs in another rain hit one—day international — to give them an unassailable 3—0 lead in the five match series.
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the game had to be called off, an 18 run win given to england under the duckworth—lewis stern method. every match on tour has been affected by the weather, but then they are touring in monsoon season. david domb reports. early overcast conditions in the backdrop of this rain were the backdrop as this rain affected series was a game against the weather and england looked determined to get the better of the elements, they lead when chris woakes made an early breakthrough. spins were proven an effective strategy and had an impact as moen alli trapped a lbw. rasheed was dismissed in the same fashion. sri lanka's coaches could only watch on as it was set 274. that was more than achievable with the top an opening stand of 52 with alex hales when he was stumped thanks to some quick thinking. captain owen morgan and joe root kept the scoreboard ticking over, runs and the series
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match was secured. it is nice to continue this format to build partnerships with other guys. and continue to win. it is frustrating we don't play a full game and you don't... today would have been a good run chase. i also thought we had the best conditions. it was tough upfront for sri lanka for the first 20 overs against our spinners. but it did get better. let's get more reaction now from henry moeran who's joined by test match special‘s simon mann in kandy. another victory for england in this one. but as you might be able to hear and see around us, and another data affected by the weather. we would get onto that in a moment but simon from test match special, first of all, we should reflect on the fa ct of all, we should reflect on the fact that england for a second time ever, have won an odi series here.
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they want here 11 years ago, 3—2. they want here 11 years ago, 3—2. they are expected to win. sri lanka are they are expected to win. sri lanka a re really they are expected to win. sri lanka are really struggling. they are low competence in england are the world number one. they still have to the job, and play. —— they have low confidence. they detachably adept three different games all affected by the weather. we had the first game were it went first and one, second mets won it with a shorting game, 21 overs a side and night—time. greasy conditions and today they had to challenge of staying ahead on duckworth—lewis which wasn't easy. england were a console but it was not easy to stay ahead. they lost they would get him back it up with the game back into balance. a different test for them today. an argument to say having the typical calculations and publications reduced over matches isn't the worst preparation considering the world cup in england next year in june. considering the world cup in england next year injune. he could easily lay similar condition. it is a difficult spectacle for the
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spectators, you want to watch a full 50 overs. you don't want the game produced by rain and bad weather or bad light. you want to play the full 50 overs. but you don't know. if england were to get to the semifinals, you might have a game like today we have to stay ahead or a gamei like today we have to stay ahead or a game i come wednesday. suddenly it is stored in. and you have to adapt. best suddenly it will be sorted. that is what the world cup is all about and england. if you play in somewhere like india, where the weather is competent, no problem at all. but you play in england, you never know what you will get. —— weather is consistent. that is unlikely. this weather, said frustration throughout this. and he supported more than anybody else. —— and for the supporters more than anybody else. the icc in ecb have made a statement about that and why did scheduling has happened. made a statement about that and why did scheduling has happenedm
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made a statement about that and why did scheduling has happened. it is very difficult. it is like putting together a difficultjigsaw puzzle trying to get all the international teams playing at different times in the year. so like to have had the asian cup and have got to go to new zealand next and australia. —— sri la nka zealand next and australia. —— sri lanka have had. and a test series to play in england in november. as sometime you just have to take a chance and play it in of the year thatis chance and play it in of the year that is not favourable. when england play here 11 years ago, that was in october and they ministered labels to the cricket. —— they manage to play. it could've been much worse. there was a series in the caribbean with 76 overs first four matches. cricket and the weather goes hand—in—hand. hejust cricket and the weather goes hand—in—hand. he just have cricket and the weather goes hand—in—hand. hejust have to get cricket and the weather goes hand—in—hand. he just have to get on with it. that is what england had done. the england team are heading to colombo this evening and next odi is on tuesday, remains to be seen if we women are relevant that one as well. i bet they will. it is mine season. —— if we will
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meet our umbrellas for that one. that's what it is monsoon season. coming up in the programme... after a little bit of time out jadejones has her sights set on another olympic gold in tokyo. being here in england, it is kind of reminding me of why i used the wind. rugby union now and danny cipriani rounded off a bad week by getting sent off during gloucester‘s champions cup defeat against munster at thomond park. he was left out of the england squad a couple of days ago, and his high tackle meant his teamtes had to play for over half the match with 1a men . with all the details and some of the days other results in europe, here's clare thornton. despite the warm irish hospitality, the park is proving to be one of the least welcoming grinds for visiting sides. it was munster who opened the scoring. the try coming as the home
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side capitalised on tom savage timeout. danny cipriani kept gloucester within reach but little did he know that savage was merely keeping the bench warm for him. no sooner had the second returned with the stars led to cipriani's dismissal. you showed is directly on the face. i have no option. with the man advantage, munster blasted their way to a try bonus point. secured in the 56th minute. a spark ignited in gloucester, two tries in six minutes was followed by this by ben morgan. but with just a minute left, the coveted fourth try eluded them. munster march onto the top of pool 2 to an gloucester leave with nothing to show but their fighting spirit. it much tighter affair at the ricoh arena. it was a much tighter affair at the ricoh arena, where one of england's newest recruits got the scoring underway. joe cokanasiga just managing to ground the ball and get bath off the mark against wasps.
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point lead was cut dramatically after the break. this try by thomas young was converted to seal the draw as both teams left with a try bonus point. in scotland, edinburgh thrashed toulon by a0 points to 1a. bring in four tries against the three—time european champions. christine intercepted for the fourth as amber moved to the top of full five with the other group being between a newcastle and montpelier to be played on sunday. elsewhere in the champions cup, exeter struggled yet again — beaten 29—25 by 1a—man castres. meanwhile, over in paris, racing 92 are beating ulster 30—12 and saracens are 2a to three ahead against lyon. in the challenge cup — worcester beat ospreys 27 points to 21. sale won comfortably
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at home to connacht. but the english clubs didn't have it all their own way bristol narrowly lost to italians zebre. what a weekend it could be for lewis hamilton. he's on the verge of winning his fifth formula one world title and he'll do it if things go his way at the us grand prix in texas. our sports reporter nick parrott has been following the build up to race, and everything is pointing towards anotehrt title nick. he does look like you will be winning another one. is it hard to believe. incredible. it certainly seems so. believe. incredible. it certainly seems so. i don't think lewis hamilton could've planted it any better to have title decider at the americans he loves this track. he has won the last four races here. in the last two he has been on pole. he had them really got to worry about his title rival sebastian vettel. he has been handed a replacement place penalty for speeding under a red flag. it will be hard for him to finish where he needs to. there is a
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a0% chance of rain during qualifying but don't think for a minute that will face hamilton. it was really wet and practise yesterday and here's what he said afterward. very little to learn in the rain for me. i stopped and then i went out andl me. i stopped and then i went out and i waited till the end and then i we nt and i waited till the end and then i went home. there was literally no need for us to go out. ijust want to see if the track changed a little bit and if the tyre dropped off from my previous labs. i felt the same as the first run. i love driving this track. it is great in the weather. i have a little bit of excitement at least. he has one lap in second practise was five seconds quicker than that though. that is huge and that'll have to finish within eight points of hamilton. —— sebastian vettel has to. that seems a little slim. if he does when, how do you think this season will be viewed? he
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haven't really been challenged. has there been much competition, has there? if we show you the championship standings for the season you can see pretty much has been a two horse race between hamilton and vettel. quite often third, the mercedes boss will have said earlier this season that it which is a woman. hamilton has said that he thinks this is his greatest season. that he thinks this is his greatest season. “— that he thinks this is his greatest season. —— which is a woman. eight weeks ago, they had the fastest car we re weeks ago, they had the fastest car were sebastian dominate and build him but went downhill. you might remember a italy where he crashed into hamilton and finishing fourth. in singapore, for robbery that the strategy wrong and third and last time injapan, he crashed in a desperate attempt to overtake six place but hamilton has proved he is the best driver this season. he has not had anywhere near the competition he had when nikos was his team—mate. competition he had when nikos was his team-mate. thank you. double olympic taekwando champion jadejones says she may continue
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beyond the next games — tokyo 2020. after struggling with motivation in recent years, she now says she's been reenergised by mentoring other young athletes. tomorrow, she'll take part in the world taekwondo grand prix in manchester but she's just got back from argentina, where she has been giving advice to those competing at the youth olympics — an event she won back in 2010. bbc sport's nick hope spoke to her in buenos aires. jadejones, back where it all began, at a youth olympics. an event which eight years ago marked the start of a journey to the summit of her sport. just walking around, you do get those feelings back. i remember standing on the podium in singapore with the flag going up for the first time. on that podium i genuinely believed i could do this for real. since that day, that's all i wanted to do. she would go on to claim olympic titles at london 2012 and rio 2016.
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but has often swapped taekwondo for tv over the last two years. lots of people disagree and have different views on it, but i'd been training since i was a kid and haven't had the childhood or a normal teenage years. it's hard being an athlete. it's definitely important for me to switch off and have a break. judging by results at this year's youth olympics, the current crop of taekwondo talent isn't quite at the level of jade jones yet, as they failed to win any medals. but the fighter insists she's been inspired by being around the olympic environment here in buenos aires and says she is more motivated than ever to become the sport's first three—time champion. it's reminded me of why i used to win. that grit and hunger to become the best. do you think about after tokyo? some good questions!
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i can't imagine wanting to retire in a year and a half, but who knows what the future holds? now it's two years to tokyo again, so switch back in, ready to get that third gold medal. jade jones competes tomorrow, earlier this afternoon two—time world champion bianca walkden guaranteed at least a bronze medal in manchester, you can watch her semi final and potentional final live on the red button or the bbc sport website this evening — coverage is already under way. it's the last day of competition at the 2018 world para table tennis championships in slovenia where britain's ross wilson has won the men's singles class eight, beating china's zhao shuai 3—2. the commonwealth champion saved three match points to claim his first title in celje. elsewhere, semi final defeats for fliss pickard and tom matthews meant they had to settle for bronze. ben croucher reports. by
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by welcome to this hall and celje. 0h by welcome to this hall and celje. oh motherwell parra table tennis championships and what if four days the competition would have. athletes of all different levels of impairment competing from those in wheelchairs of those spending and new really have a sense of the excitement and the into the patient before play even got under way today. a light show that greeted our competitors and the man who enjoy ce ntresta g e competitors and the man who enjoy centrestage more than most was ross wilson. the commonwealth champion competing in his first world based three match points against the double paralympic champion zhao shuai. iraq is fully come he saved the life and when his moment arrived in the fifth and final set, a medi—cal. all the more special to him after nearly having quit the sport for years ago to injury. him after nearly having quit the sport for years ago to injurym him after nearly having quit the sport for years ago to injury. it is a crazy feeling. it is the world championship final. a player i lost to the semifinal in london. it is
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incredible. he's an amazing player as well. to become in the final is something amazing. britain were already assured to further metals and the question was the colour. fliss pickard and the question was the colour. fliss picka rd stand and the question was the colour. fliss pickard stand everybody to reach her world for semifinal but lost out in forceps. then tom matthews who broke his neck in a mountain biking accident when he was 16, had to settle for class one runs. through metals does fall within the targets set for uk sport it could have been even better for great britain and the likes of paralympic champions will bailey and rob davis and six other brands all lost on friday, nonetheless with three new medallist and no one in the world champion, the championships have proved that great britain's drive for metals at major championships is still delivering. finally to the horses. it's champions day at ascot, and cracksman has won the champion stakes again— a son of the great frankel, and the six fifths on favourite, was racing in blinkers for the first time but frankie dettori
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brought him home six lengths clear of crystal ocean. cracksman also won this race last year. that was a part of a treble for trainerjohn gosden. before we go, a reminder of our top story. chelsea score in stoppage time to drew with manchester united, while manchester city beat burnley 5—0 at home. to remain at the top of the premier league table. liverpool in action at the minute they will inevitably swirl line to overtake man city at the top. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more at 7:30. hello. while most of us have been enjoying a sunny saturday afternoon, it's not been like that everywhere. for western scotland, thick cloud and passing showers, and a rainbow over this castle,
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and it's notjust been scotland with stubborn cloud, it's also been grey in northern ireland and parts of north—west england. for most of england and wales and the north—east of scotland, we have seen cloud breaking up. this was the scene earlier in moray, and with sunshine we have also got the effect in north—east scotland to push temperatures up to 19. possibly 20 degrees the top temperature across this part of the world, that is seven or 8 degrees above average for this time. overnight, it's going to be cloudy for northern ireland, the cloud coming back in across scotland and rain pushing into the north—west, turning heavy for the western isles and highlands. clearer skies for england and wales, but there will be some mist and one or two fog patches in southern england, where it will be chilly, with temperatures down to two or three degrees in the countryside. any mist and fog patches will burn off and we should see some sunshine. the best of it will be in southern and eastern areas.
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rain in northern ireland and scotland to start the day, pushing into england and wales while turning lighter and patchy. that is associated with a cold front, so noticeable contrast in temperatures, 17 in the south, but cooler in northern ireland and scotland, with temperatures more like 12. cooler for some with a drop of 7 degrees for some. looking at the picture on monday, this cold front continues to push south, taking the colder air from northern ireland and scotland and brings it into england and wales. it will be a fine day with plenty of sunshine but temperatures will be edging downwards typically around 12 to 1a degrees, so feeling a lot cooler and fresher for england and wales. in the north of scotland, some rain at times and fairly brisk winds, and underneath that belt ofjust 11 in stornoway. for the rest of the week ahead, high pressure is often going to be close orjust to the west of the uk, so a mainly dry picture with some
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sunshine and the few mist and fog patches, but turning colder by the end of the week. this is bbc news, i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at 7pm. organisers say over half a million protesters have marched through london, demanding another referendum on the uk's membership of the european union. saudi arabia admits journalist jamal khashoggi was killed in the consulate in istanbul, turkey says it won't accept a cover up, whilst the us defends the saudis. they have been a great ally in the middle east. we need them as a counterbalance to iran, so it's not the simplest solution. also coming up this hour,
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bepi—colombo blasts off! two satellites developed in europe and japan are on their way to the planet mercury. it's hoped that together, they can resolve the puzzles of the mysterious planet, closest to the sun. prince harry has opened the fourth invictus games in sydney, dedicating them to all veterans who've served in


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