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of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi. in a joint statement with france and germany, britain says nothing can justify his death and it calls for urgent clarification about what happened. in turkey, president erdogan tells supporters he'll soon reveal the truth about how the journalist died. saudi arabia's foreign minister admits mr khashoggi was murdered but claims it was a "terrible mista ke". we'll have the latest from istanbul. also tonight... the brexit secretary says conservative mps should "hold their nerve" over negotiations with the eu and play for the team. president trump vows to stop thousands of honduran migrants heading towards the us border — he calls it "an onslaught of illegal aliens". in spite of being on the road for more than a week getting past guatemalan security forces and
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having the gates shut and mexico, these people are determined to keep going to make the journey to get to the united states. an investigation‘s under way after a ferry collided with two yachts on the isle of wight. lewis hamilton and max verstappen going wheel to wheel! and lewis hamilton will have to wait for his fifth formula one title after only coming third in the us grand prix. good evening. britain, france and germany have strongly condemned saudi arabia over the killing of the journalist jamal khashoggi. in a joint statement, they've demanded urgent clarification over how he died in the saudi consulate in istanbul. turkey's president has said he will soon reveal "the truth" about what happened. our diplomatic correspondent
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james robbins reports. new pictures have now emerged of jamal khashoggi walking towards the saudi consulate in istanbul, and towards his death. more and more countries are now demanding the truth, the whole truth. the saudi explanation that he died in a fist fight has been all but rejected by many governments, and where is his body? europe's three major powers have now come together to condemn the killing in the strongest possible terms. their joint statement says. .. the foreign office is pleased that europe's key powers have spoken with a single voice, but tonight britain is under additional pressure to suspend weapons sales to the saudis. chancellor angela merkel has taken
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a lead and called a halt to germany's arms exports. translation: although they are limited, i agree with those who say that arms sales cannot take place in the current circumstances. and saudi arabia is changing its story again, now admitting mr khashoggi was murdered in the consulate, but still their foreign minister insists his government doesn't know where the journalist's body is. we are determined to uncover every stone, we are determined to find out all the facts, and we are determined to punish those who are responsible for this murder. the world is waiting for turkey's president erdogan. his police and security services are leading the investigation and have already leaked stories of torture and murder. the president says he will reveal more on tuesday. translation: we are seeking justice and this incident will be entirely revealed, entirely.
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why did 15 people come to istanbul? why were 18 people arrested? this must be revealed in detail. so, will the slowly unfolding story increase suspicions about the role of this man, saudi arabia's crown prince mohammad bin salman? many people insist he must have authorised the targeting of his most influential critic, jamal khashoggi. and will major powers, including britain, really punish saudi arabia, a key energy supplier and a big spender too? most governments are delaying, waiting for more facts. they may not have much longer to wait. james robbins, bbc news. our correspondent martin patience is in istanbul. and martin, turkey's president promising to tell us much more about what happened 7 that's right. the turkish president, recep tayyip erdogan, has said that
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he will reveal the full naked truth about this affair on tuesday. he is an exceptionally shrewd politician. the leaks to the turkish media, for example, which were almost certainly sanctioned by his government, have maintained the pressure on saudi arabia. he knows that washington wa nts to arabia. he knows that washington wants to salvage its relationship with riyadh. but he also notes that he holds some extremely valuable cards and he will want to use them to extra ct cards and he will want to use them to extract concessions. they may include financial aid for a struggling turkish economy and the kurdish issue as well as neighbouring syria. and relations between turkey and america have been rocky in the past couple of years, and he may well want a reset. all of these factors will be part of his calculations before he speaks on tuesday. during that speech, he will choose his words very carefully indeed. martin patients, reporting
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live from istanbul. the brexit secretary dominic raab has urged tory mps who are critical of the prime minister to "play for the team". he said jitters are understandable at this stage of the eu negotiations, but called on people to hold their nerve. our political correspondent chris mason is in downing street tonight — words of support for theresa may? yes, words of support from dominic raab, but there are plenty who are much less kind. reporting on brexit sometimes feels like standing in front of a glacier in saying excitedly how fast it is moving. yes in the long term, something significant could be happening, but it doesn't mean it is exciting every single day. after the colour and excitement of some of that march through central london yesterday, today was frankly one of those slower dates. but tomorrow the prime minister will head to the commons to address mps after the eu summit in brussels last week and that suggestion of a potential extension to the transitional period. another
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couple of visitors to brussels tomorrow, two of our own mps going along to meet the brexit chief negotiator for the eu side and tell him that the prime minister's brexit blueprint doesn't work. but negotiations will continue in brussels at a technical level, not involving ministers. we don't yet know when brexit secretary dominic raab will be back in brussels for negotiations, but he did say today that he held by the end of next month, there will be a deal. and all this with conservative mps getting more and more frustrated at a lack of progress, and some of them frankly getting more and more frustrated at the prime minister. chris mason reporting. president trump has vowed to stop thousands of migrants, mostly from honduras, who are trying to get to the united states. he's threatened to close the border and, in a tweet tonight, has called them an "onslaught of illegal aliens". the caravan of migrants left honduras and crossed into guatemala earlier this month. from there, they have tried to enter southern mexico, many successfully.
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they now hope to head north, through mexico, and on to the united states. our correspondent aleem maqbool sent this report from the town of tapachula in mexico. there was no hiding the joy of these migrants as they surged past mexican police to continue their arduous journey north to america. we are now well inside mexico and in spite of the odds, in spite of being on the road for more than a week, past security forces, having the gates shut at mexico, these people are determined to keep going to make their dream ticket to the united states. pretty soon, it started to become clear just how many pretty soon, it started to become clearjust how many people have made it across the border from guatemala. all week, donald trump has been demanding that mexico stops the
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migrants. for a while further down the road, it looked like riot police would try. we saw them form lines and hold up the convoy. and for a time, the mood seemed tense. but nobody here seem to think it was the end of theirjourney nobody here seem to think it was the end of their journey to the nobody here seem to think it was the end of theirjourney to the us. we don't need cars and buses, says this man. i started walking eight days ago and won't stop here. we feel energised, says this man. we will keep going all the way to the usa. and suddenly in a scene that won't go down well at the white house... mexican police were given the order to stand down, return to their bosses and allow the many hundreds of migrants to pass unhindered. over the weekend, it had looked like the mexican border might be
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impossible, with the gate closed and all the migrants stuck on the bridge from guatemala. the scale of this convoy having been revealed. after coming so far, getting stuck there was the breaking point for many, who took up offers from the guatemalan village tree to be bussed back home —— they took up offers from the guatemalan military. but we witnessed how so many others avoided the authorities. their determination and obvious desperation to escape the lives they left behind in honduras compelling them to take rafts to cross the border. we are looking for luck in another country, because in our country, we have none, this man tells us. although the united states' promise over the generations has been to take in those seeking prosperity and a better life, a site like this will horrify many americans. but despite all the warnings and threats, more migrants are still making their way
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here into mexico to join the rest of this unwavering convoy. aleem maqbool, bbc news, in tapachula, mexico. president trump's plan to pull out of a key nuclear arms control treaty with russia has been sharply criticised by the last leader of the soviet union. mikhail gorbachev signed the intermediate—range nuclear forces treaty with president ronald reagan in 1987, helping to bring about the end of the cold war. mr gorbachev says mr trump's decision shows "a lack of wisdom". at least 17 people have died after a passenger train derailed and overturned in taiwan. more than 70 people have been injured in the accident in northeastern yilan county. images from the scene show the high—speed express train completely derailed and lying zig—zagged across the railway tracks. an investigation‘s been launched after a ferry hit two yachts while trying to dock at cowes harbour on the isle of wight. the red funnel—operated vessel, with 56 people on board, ran aground at the entrance to the harbour in heavy fog.
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the coastguard say no one was injured. duncan kennedy reports from the isle of wight. a 4,000 tonne ferry grounded in the heart of a busy harbour. the red falcon had just collided with a number of yachts that were anchored here. one eyewitness spoke of hearing screams as the vessel hit the smaller boats in thick fog. ed anderson was on the ferry at the time of the collision. we felt the boat go into reverse, and there was a crunch. i just assumed that was us at the pontoon. then the staff came round and told all of us that we should go upstairs and relax for a little while because we were going to be here for a while. the ferry hit at least two yachts, sinking this one, called the greylag. one man who sailed on her says he can't believe what happened. i don't understand how it happened. i understand it was very foggy, but all these boats have radar and navigation equipment
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and chart plotters. how it got to hit the boats, i have absolutely no idea. red funnel, the ferry operator, says the same vessel was involved in another collision in september. it's too early to speculate on what the similarities are, if any, with the last incident but they were both in restricted visibility, and as a result we're making immediate changes to our operating procedures to prevent any recurrence of this. this is an incredibly busy shipping channel for both ferries and pleasure craft, and it's remarkable that no one was hurt in this series of collisions. the fact that one yacht was sunk will now be at the heart of the investigation that is already under way. the red falcon has tonight been towed to southampton, ready for that investigation to begin. duncan kennedy, bbc news, on the isle of wight. a senior us military commander has called on britain to take back fighters from the uk who've been caught on the battlefield in syria. american—backed syrian forces say
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they've captured some 700 foreigners from a0 countries, including the uk — fighters who left their own countries to join so—called islamic state. ? the us is also appealing for allies to help in the rebuilding of raqqa — one year after the city was freed from is control. our defence correspondentjonathan beale reports from raqqa. these are the troops who hope to wipe is off the mapin north—east syria. american—backed syrian democratic forces, preparing for the final assault on the last piece of extremist—held territory. their commander says they are up against more than 1,000 islamic state fighters. this general says that includes an unknown number of britishjihadis. they have already captured 700 foreign fighters. among them, these two, known as the beatles, el shafee elsheikh and alexanda
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kotey, associates of the is executioner dubbed jihadi john and now held in limbo, stripped of their uk citizenship. britain may have tried to wash its hands of them, but the most senior us commander here believes it should take them back. we're trying very hard to make sure that the countries of origin get these foreign terrorist fighters back. the sdf and us would certainly like them to be repatriated to where they came from. those people who were linked tojihadi john who are being held captive, should they be repatriated to the uk? we would certainly like them to be. it's not the only help america wants. we were taken by us special forces to raqqa. much of the city still lies in ruins. the fear now is that without international support, this could once again become a breeding ground for violent extremism. is sleeper cells are still operating in the city. this is the legacy of is,
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but this devastation was also caused by thousands and thousands of coalition bombs, mostly american, but british ones too. the question now for the people of raqqa is, who will rebuild this city? at a meeting of raqqa's civil council, they complain about the lack of international support. this man says none of the city's bridges have been repaired. much of the city is still without electricity and running water. and it's the same message out on the streets. left on their own, they're just scratching the surface. hamood says he believes america should pay for the reconstruction of raqqa. but both the us and britain say they won't until there is a peace process for the whole of the country. and that doesn't look likely any time soon. it's these children's futures that will suffer if the world now walks away.
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umar lost his legs to an is booby—trap bomb. abdel rahman too was left injured by one of the thousands of ieds behind by the extremists. he says when he is afraid, he draws pictures of the war. this is his work. this is one of the projects that has been paid for by the us. but in an effort to force other nations to do more, the trump administration has cut the funding. the money will run out by the end of the year. america still has boots on the ground. it says it's other nations that need to do more, but it seems few want to take responsibility for the aftermath of this war. jonathan beale, bbc news, raqqa. the duchess of sussex is to cut back her busy schedule while touring australasia with prince harry. meghan, who is pregnant with the couple's first child,
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was alongside her husband at a lunch today, but took a break from some other appearances. both royals have been attending the opening events of the invictus games, which were founded by prince harry. with all the sport now, here's olly foster at the bbc sport centre. lewis hamilton will have to wait at least another week to win his fifth formula one world title. he finished third at the us grand prix in texas, but his closest rival sebastian vettel came fourth to keep the championship alive, just. here's our sports correspondentjoe wilson. one way of evening up the odds in austin — remove lewis hamilton's car is actually inside his silver mercedes, hamilton was overtaken as $0011 mercedes, hamilton was overtaken as 50011 as race mercedes, hamilton was overtaken as soon as race began. veering towards the red ferrari of kimi reichmann and then watching raikkonen take the lead. the ferrari of hamilton's
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title rival, sebastian vettel was colliding with daniel ricciardo. ouch, vettel heading backwards on lap one. hamilton led for a while, gripping the wheel but losing the tyres. blistering, said hamilton. so, into the pits and out again. one place ahead of vettel. he needed more. in the closing stages, hamilton was trying everything to get another place to get past max verstappen. they twisted and turned, but hamilton couldn't quite do it. that is the tension f1 loves. and many fans enjoyed watching kimi raikkonen win this grand prix at 39. kimi raikkonen wins the us grand prix! today's trophy for hamilton was the place. the championship should come next weekend. joel wilson, bbc news. the british number one kyle edmund has won his first tour title. he beat frenchman gael monfils in three sets to win the european open in antwerp. that will see him rise to 14th in the world rankings
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and he still has an outside chance of qualifying for the end of season tour finals. there were two matches in the premier league and the scottish premiership today. highlights are coming up after the news on match of the day 2 and sportscene if you're in scotland... but i've got the results now if you want them. everton beat crystal palace 2—0, dominic calvert—lewin and cenk tosun with the goals inside the last five minutes. england keeperjordan pickford had earlier saved a palace penalty. it was also a late show for rangers. steven gerrard's side were drawing 1—1 at hamilton inside the last 10 minutes, but scored three times twice from the spot to win 4—1. that moves them up to fifth, five points behind premiership leaders hearts. the double olympic champion jadejones won gold at the world taekwondo grand prix in manchester this evening. it was a comfortable victory in herfinal against china's zhou lijun. that was great britain's second gold of the three day event. kare adenegan is the bbc‘s young sports personality of the year. the 17—year—old para—athlete became european champion and also broke the 100 metre world record.
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she came out on top from a shortlist of 10. she received her award at the radio 1 teen awards at wembley arena today. previous winners include wayne rooney, andy murray and tom daley. there's much more on all those stories on the bbc sport website, and on the rugby union page, details of another brilliant win for newcastle falcons in the european champions cup. that's all your sport. there's more throughout the evening on the bbc news channel. on bbc one now, it's time for the news where you are. goodbye. good evening, i'm alice bhandhukravi. a woman has died after a suspected gas explosion in north london. a first—floor flat was destroyed in the blast in harrow, which happened just before 1am this morning.
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two other people and a baby were rescued from the property, hello. this is bbc news. ryanair has been criticised forfailing to remove a passenger from a flight after racial abuse of a woman in her 70s. the incident, on a flight from barcelona to stansted on friday, was recorded by a fellow passenger and shared on social media. many people said ryanair should have removed the man from the flight and have threatened to boycott the airline. ryanair said it "will not tolerate unruly behaviour like this". david lawrence, who filmed the footage on the flight from barcelona on friday, spoke to us about what he witnessed. i tell you this. i will push you... everybody was calm. we were getting ready to take off and then a man came on board and arrived at his seat and then spoke very harshly to a woman that was sitting in the aisle seat.
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that is what got my attention because it was very loud and aggressive. i turned round and he started to shout at the woman, saying, move out of the way, move your feet, you should not be sitting here. next thing i knew, a lady came from the back who was the woman's daughter and an argument started. she was telling this man, do not speak to my mother like that. and what you saw on the video took place. it was a disgusting exchange of racial slurs. stop. there is no need for that at all. just stop. the young man who intervened, he was sitting behind. he was compelled to step forward and try. this man said he felt no—one had the right to sit next to him,
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no one should tell him what to do and all of the passengers, they were just frozen. the duchess of sussex is cutting back on the number of engagements she'll attend during the remainder of the royal tour of australasia. meghan, who is pregnant with the couple's first child, was present yesterday as prince harry launched the invictus games for wounded veteran athletes, but the duke will now conduct some royal engagements alone. our correspondent hywel griffith is in sydney. the focus today was meant to be on the first full day of competition at the invictus games, however, inevitably, like a lot of this royal tour, the attention switched back to the royal pregnancy with the announcement that the duchess was cutting back on her engagements. not much more was said. we understand, however, she is still in good health. certainly she was out and about again later on in the day. she didn't go to the cycling. she was out on sydney harbour to watch the sailing competition.
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she will be travelling with the duke to frazer island tomorrow however we are told she will not be taking part in engagements again. the invictus games have got off to a pretty good start. people here in sydney are turning up to see it. there does seem to be support behind the games and once again people turning out to see the royal couple. we have seen so far hundreds, in some places thousands, of people come out to see them. certainly there is a fascination with the young royals here. not necessarily support for the future of the monarchy here in australia. polls repeatedly suggest that a majority of the australian people want this country to become a republic. so even though harry and meghan are very, very popular here, they do not necessarily want to see that family continue as the australian head of state. it's time for a look at the weather with alina jenkins. for those in the channel islands, sunshine. further in the north,
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the weakening cold front. more cloud, patchy light rain and drizzle into northern england, wales and the midlands. that continues overnight. by this stage, just a band of cloud. it clears south—east england after midnight. behind it, clearer skies, showers for northern and western scotland. windy here, 50 to 60mph. a cold night for northern ireland, scotland and northern england. temperatures close to freezing. windy in the far north—west of scotland. outbreaks of rain for orkney and shetland may fringe the northern highlands. it may fringe the northern highlands. much of scotland, northern ireland, england and wales, a fine and dry start the new week. a good deal of sunshine. windy for the northern and western isles, gusts of 60 these being the average strength. 10—11 for the far north of scotland.
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12 celsius across scotland, england and wales. a cooler feel. for most, a fine end to the day tomorrow. that breeze will strengthen further. some windy conditions. a more north—westerly wind. moisture in the air. more cloud. outbreaks of rain for western and northern scotland. mainly dry the further east you are. a cloudy day in northern ireland and northern england. the best of the sunshine further south and east. temperatures up to 16 or 17 celsius. as we pick up that moister air on wednesday, more cloud down in england and wales. while most of the uk dry midweek, there will be more cloud around. still feeling mild. 1a to 16 celsius. that is the top temperature on wednesday afternoon. by the end of the week, we lose those mild autumn conditions and replace it
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with something much colder. see how those blue colours start to develop. a cold snap by the end of the week. temperatures really taking a dive with a strong northerly wind and we could see some snow on northern hills.
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