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tv   BBC News  BBC News  October 29, 2018 6:50pm-7:01pm GMT

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a new driver coming ferrari have got a new driver coming in and another new one coming into red bull and also max verstappen, who won the race yesterday, he is phenomenally quick as well, so the rivals to keep coming for lewis hamilton. he is 33 and will be 3a in january. he can stay on for more than two years if he has the desire to, so in my opinion seven world titles are definitely within his grasp. so it all looks to be sinking in now for hamilton in a season where he's won nine of the 19 races. there's still the brazilian and abu dhabi grand prix to come this campaign before hamilton can perhaps start to assess just how much more sporting history he wants to make. now let's check on some of the other stories making the headlines today. kyle edmund has called an early end to his tennis season — he's withdrawn from the paris masters following a scan on his knee. its not a serious injury — but he's been told to rest. its been the best year of edmund's career so far. the boston red sox have won baseball's world series. these are the scenes of celebration in boston after the team took their fourth title in 15 years.
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they beat los angeles dodgers in la to take the series 4—1. there's been a big upset in the first round of snooker‘s international championship. thailand's sunny akani beat the world champion mark williams by six frames to three in china. britain's men had to settle for fifth place at the gymnastics world championships in doha — they won silver last time round in 2015 — but have insisted they've got more to come both as a team, and when the individual competition starts later this week. the medals went to china, russia and japan — and earlier when i spoke to three—times world champion beth tweddle, she told me the russians were bitterly disappointed to be pipped to gold by china. it would necessarily shocked. obviously, they are qualified in the top spot or there's always that little bit of pressure and that they
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told we know we can do it but china did have three foals and were only just slightly ahead of them but the gymnast who was most distraught was the one who had fallen. he is probably kicking himself thinking if only i had stayed on that piece of apparatus we would have not had that really close fight at the end. i think they werejust really close fight at the end. i think they were just disappointed because it was so close. they haven't been on the podium in a world final since 2006 and have never won a world title as russia as stand—alone. prior to that. never won a world title as russia as stand-alone. prior to that. all eyes will be on max whitlock, double olympic champion and he had that shock at the europeans and was beaten and then it didn't go so well the commonwealth games either. how was he looking today? will he wina how was he looking today? will he win a world championship medal? here's been very honest from the beginning of the year saying he's looking at the bigger picture sometimes to look at the bigger picture you have to make the m ista kes
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picture you have to make the mistakes on the way and u nfortu nately we mistakes on the way and unfortunately we didn't get to see his pommel routine during that competition that has just happened but the score came through at 15—2 which was higher than his qualifications quarter that should give them confidence going into friday's final. and another athlete who is making return to competition, simone weils, who has exploded back onto the scene after the olympics and winning those four gold medals and winning those four gold medals and here she is back again with kidney stones but still producing what producing. yao, she has and does come back with the routine she had previously. she has been upgrading. she has a brand—new foldout which is now named after her so foldout which is now named after her so that will be really exciting to watch tomorrow and as the night before qualifications she treated a picture to say that she was in hospital with kidney stones so we will see how she reacts to that. it didn't affect her at all in qualification. she is a great
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character. great personality to have for our sport. she has an absolute superstar. do you see her coming awake with multiple world medals, then? yes. with the full piece of apparatus, the individual, and the team, ithink apparatus, the individual, and the team, i think she could go on with six medals. beth tweddle they're talking to me earlier. the world championships continue and the women in action over the next couple of days. leicester players have been to their home stadium to see for themselves the tributes left in memory of the club's owner veechai sriwathana prabha. he and four others were killed when their helicopter crashed in the stadium car park. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. more now on the budget — and one of the key announcements from philip hammond was extra cash to ease the transition to universal credit when its rolls out nationally from next year. our social affairs correspondent, michael buchanan, is here.
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how difficult was it is becoming for the government? incredibly difficult, for a couple of reasons that are becoming clear in terms of the sheer amount of money that we are having to now spend on universal credit. last year's budget, the chancellor had to spend £i.5 credit. last year's budget, the chancellor had to spend £1.5 billion trying to fix some design problems with the benefit, this notion that people would typically have to wait six weeks for theirfirst people would typically have to wait six weeks for their first payment. he spent a billion and have reducing that to five weeks and he has now come forward and he is having to spend another billion against fixing some of those problems when people move on to the benefit, so for insta nce move on to the benefit, so for instance what they are planning on doing is allowing people to continue to get the old benefits for a fortnight after they apply for universal credit will stop at the moment, as soon as you apply for universal credit those old benefits are stopped. in addition, they are reversing at least some of the cubs that the old chancellor, george osborne, made in 2015. this was cut to work allowances and this was hugely criticised by people who
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support the idea of levels credit because they were saying that the cuts are made in 2015 and that universal credit for several was not an incentive for them to go to work out what philip hammond has done today as he is going to spend £1.7 billion over the coming year saying that you can keep more of what you are in and that therefore you can go and geta are in and that therefore you can go and get a job. because that incentive element is one of the absolute keys of the policy from when it began, isn't it? exactly. that is why you have people such as duncan smith, who was such a driving force behind universal credit, coming out and saying to the conservative government themselves, you need to put money back into this universal credit. it is supposed to encourage people into work. the way you do that is to allow people to keep more of what they earn. do not reduce the benefit as quickly as george osborne set out to do in 2015. philip hammond has listened to some of that criticism today. years investing £1.7 billion. of course, there are some people saying it is not enough. labour saying the roll—out should still be halted and the whole policy needs to be
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reviewed but as the national audit office said in the summer, the problem with universal credit is that at the time it was a flawed benefit. the giza bp have reorganised their whole system and now it is almost impossible to stop it. ok, thank you very much for that. now it's time for a look at the weather with nick miller. hello. after a chilly start to the wii, tim rogers recover as we goes on but then it will turn increasingly wet and windy. overnight, the coldest weather is where we have the clearest skies across western parts of the uk so expect some frosty and temperatures dipping afew expect some frosty and temperatures dipping a few degrees below freezing. in the east, increasing cloud and the chance of some outbreaks of rain. maybe an early touch of frost that temperatures will actually start to go appear as the night goes on. this area of cloud will drift further west, maybe some light rain to the east of ireland and wales and into the midlands. elsewhere, some sunny
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spells but that will be away from this area of bigger cloud. some outbreaks of rain be closer to the coast you are and also some brisk wind coming in from the north and the north—east. temperatures still for most of us will be in single figures. it will feel like that in the wind but temperatures just edged up the wind but temperatures just edged up as the week goes on. you're watching beyond one hundred days. a budget for an orderly brexit. but if there's no deal, says the chancellor, britain will need a new budget to set out a new strategy for the future. but austerity will come to an end, says the chancellor. there's new money for social care, schools, defence and from next april — 32 million people will be paying less tax. president trump will travel to pittsburgh tomorrow after the synagogue shooting, but 30,000 locals sign a petition saying he's not welcome. also on the programme..... winds of change continue
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to blow in europe as german chancellor angela merkel — arguably the most powerful woman in the world — says she won't stand for re—election in 2021. the new president of brazil — jair bolsonaro — approves of torture, likes dictatorships, and once said he'd rather his son was dead than gay, but financial markets love him.
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