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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  October 31, 2018 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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and, since it is halloween, a story from graveyards in the philippines. the philippine star says the country's bishops have warned their congregations to beware of fake priests offering to say prayers for the departed in exchange for money. you can do it yourself. with me is fiona cincotta, who is a senior market analyst with the financial betting company city index. so the financial times, they headline story, brussels tells traders it will not slam the door to city clearing. are we breathing a sigh of relief? this is fantastic news, it is great news, but thinking about the sense of it, the london clearing house, clearing houses outside the uk lack the scale of the lch, which is controlled by the london stock exchange, so they would have had increased costs. european
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companies need to hedge their exposure so companies need to hedge their exposure so it makes sense for them to continue to do it through the lch. and what are they saying the european commission is proposing in the case of an ideal brexit, what will happen? so are ramping up of no deal brexit preparations, which again is nerve racking but it is good to see progress is being made with these preparations as well. basically it is under the condition that the uk continues to link to, to sort of stick closely, the eu regulations. the bank of england has already said that it is for the movement as well. so far it looks like good news. keeping the status quo in place for a period of time while everyone figured out what is going to happen next, that is basically what they are saying. and thatis basically what they are saying. and that is important for the financial markets as well, that they have that sense of continuity, and that sense that things are going to be ok, there are plans in place should there are plans in place should there be no deal brexit. what are people saying to you, your
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colleagues, your clients, about all of this? because of course, the city of this? because of course, the city of london, as we have said over and over again, is integral of london, as we have said over and overagain, is integralto of london, as we have said over and over again, is integral to the uk economy, it generates so much money for the economy that we push into things like the nhs. what are people saying in the city about this at the moment? i mean, the uncertainty is just huge. we've got five months to go... have we not got used to that? we have been talking about uncertainty since the referendum. we have, but looking at the pound as a gauge of uncertainty, as a gauge of the economy as far as brexit is concerned, yesterday it fell off massively as fears were ramped up. we had the s&p ratings agency giving us concerns about we had the s&p ratings agency giving us concerns about what is going to happen, the recession for the uk should there be an ideal brexit. the fears are still very much out there, and judging by the reaction of the pound yesterday, the fears are still being shown in the market. as far as
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your colleagues are concerned, people that you work with and no inner city, you are all hanging tight, aren't you? —— people you know in the city. you are not taking flight. know in the city. you are not taking flight. for paris, frankfurt... not yet, but if there is no deal uncertainty continues to move forward , uncertainty continues to move forward, is to get closer and closer to the deadline, people are going to start thinking what now? that is why these no deal brexit preparations are so important. let's look at the time is now, because this is what this story is all about, the fears over brexit leads to a rush for irish passports, people applying for irish passports, people applying for irish passports, people applying for irish passports has nearly doubled since the referendum. this is eve ryo ne since the referendum. this is everyone hedging their bets, isn't it? that's right, the numbers involved here are huge, 150,000. the other thing is, the article says that around 10% of the uk population, not including northern ireland, could actually apply for these passports. so the numbers we
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are talking about, basically people looking to keep that possibility of free travel, free movement should they need to, exactly, hedging their bets. if they want to go around europe and they have an irish passport, there will be able to do that without barriers, visas, or anything of that nature. completely, something we have been so used to enjoying, and people want to continue with that. let's move on, story interested me. jamie dimon, the boss ofjpmorgan chase, someone i have met and heard speak on many occasions. he is someone who is quite brash, says what he thinks. you know, the head of one of the most important investment banks in the us. he was one of the first to of the investment conference in riyadh because of the tragic death ofjamal riyadh because of the tragic death of jamal khashoggi. he riyadh because of the tragic death ofjamal khashoggi. he is now saying he thinks it had no impact at all.|j don't think that is true, they're pulling out was a symbolic movement,
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and they couldn't be seen, and the us and big us companies couldn't be seen, to be condoning this behaviour. but many of them did still go, in the defence industry, for example, they were still there. yes, which is a massive contradiction we are seeing, but it was important for this to be a symbolic movement. yes, it wouldn't have made any difference as far as investment is concerned, but the world was viewing that they were not condoning the behaviour.m world was viewing that they were not condoning the behaviour. it is quite interesting, though, that he should come out and say that knowing that we would all be talking about it, it would be all over the media. he said, you know, skipping the saudi summit accomplished nothing at all. but as i say, he has that kind of man. he is quite rash, he says what he thinks, he doesn't deliver the media soundbite, as it were. moving on to the press in brazil. 0f course, they are unpacking the news that the president elect is jair bolsonaro, who is, you know, on the far right. candidate that... not the
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continuity candidate, he has come up with all sorts of new ideas. you will merge together the ministries of agriculture and environment. many are of agriculture and environment. many a re really of agriculture and environment. many are really concerned about this. yes, he is obviously... he is moving in there and his idea is to pick up the economy, and that is what the people are after, that is what the people are after, that is what the people are after, that is what the people are voting for, a boost to the economy. his ways of going about this are concerning. agriculture and environment, putting those together, it just spells disaster. environment, putting those together, itjust spells disaster. you are not going to get the protection for the environment which brazil so desperately needs, with the environment that they do have. so i don't think that... it probably will go ahead, but i don't think it will necessarily be a good thing for the rest of the world. what do you think about his election? your husband is from argentina and you guys were recently living there and you have just moved to london. what has he been saying about it, what are people saying about the shift to the right in brazil? bleakly, because it
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is following the shift to the right in argentina as well, which happened a few years earlier. it seems to be something that is happening over rents south america. after many yea rs rents south america. after many years towards —— over in south america. there is a shift to the right which is happening. and of course, argentina has recently had to have financial help from the international monetary fund, which has been a real issue for the argentinian economy. the zeal has had a really tough few years of recession. it is now seeing some growth, marginal growth —— brazil. but there is a lot riding on this new president. yes, he will want to pick up the momentum of that growth and pick it up very quickly. it is a huge population, there are a lot of people he wants to be supporting, he has a lot of support but he needs to keep that momentum riding. and also, as well, coming up with such a radical ideas already, he is not it offers yet. uniting the ministries offers yet. uniting the ministries of agriculture and environment, but one story we had yesterday was he
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really wa nted one story we had yesterday was he really wanted to loosen up regulations with regards to gun ownership, because he believes that will reduce crime. all these radical ideas coming out of brazil. let's look at the philippine star. it is how the pink on —— it is halloween, it is massive for retailers, and this is talking about the fact that we are being warned in the philippines about fake priests who roa m philippines about fake priests who roam around cemeteries and offer prayers for the dead in exchange for cash. there is always money to be made somewhere, isn't that? yes, sounds horrible. but yes, i mean, you've just got to watch out. i think wherever you go there is a lwa ys think wherever you go there is always going to be people trying to make cash. this seems perhaps a rather extreme method of doing it, and rather scary as well, i think. basically this is something going on in manila, where it priests have informed the public that they should not accept the services offered by fa ke not accept the services offered by fake priests. and that is not fake
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news. that is on the front page of the philippine star. thank you for being with us. ijust want to reca ptu re being with us. ijust want to recapture top story, which is the news coming from the supreme court in pakistan, which has cleared the condemned christian asia bibi, who was sentenced to death in 2010, on what were quite knew at the time blasphemy laws that were in place in pakistan. so she has been facing the prospect of the death penalty for the last eight years. the mother of four, the supreme court has acquitted her. that has happened in the last hour. stay with us here on bbc news. hello there. if the cold weather isn't your thing, then you'll be glad to know by the end of the week, and certainly into the weekend, it'll be turning much milder, but also wetter and windier with it, too, so more on that injust a moment. this morning we're starting off again on quite a cold note for many areas. further west, though, we've got these weak weather fronts
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bringing more cloud, some spots of rain, so here a less cold start. for central and eastern areas, a fairly widespread frost. there'll also be a little bit of mist and fog across southern areas, but at least where you have the frosty start, it should be dry, with plenty of sunshine in central and eastern areas. these weather fronts further west will be producing a little bit of rain, western scotland into northern ireland, and the other one affecting western parts of england and in towards wales. but eastern scotland, central, southern and eastern england should remain dry all day. and we'll start to pick up a milder southerly breeze, so that'll push temperatures up to around 11—13 degrees across england and wales. still quite a cool one, though, for scotland and northern ireland. then into wednesday night, we start to see some rain pushing up from the south into southern, south—eastern areas of england. meanwhile, this weather front across the west begins to meet with it, so by thursday it looks like it's going to be quite wet, cloudy, for much of eastern scotland, eastern england and wales, and by the end of thursday that band of rain will be confined to more eastern areas, with skies brightening up further west, bar a few showers. a cooler feel to things across central and northern areas, but we're still holding onto double—figure values across the south.
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then we look to the atlantic for friday. now, this deep area of low pressure contains the remnants of hurricane oscar, and it'll arrive across the north—west of the country later on friday. but actually, friday not a bad start. a chilly one, mind you, but it will be bright, with plenty of sunshine. across western areas, though, the cloud, the wind, and eventually the rain will start to appear. but it'll be a little bit milder pretty much across the board, with double—figure values for many of us. and then, through friday night, it really will be quite stormy across the north—west of the country as that low passes by. into saturday, a windy day with outbreaks of rain, and for sunday we see a secondary area of low pressure move in, to bring another spell of wet and fairly windy weather to our shores, so it really will be quite wild to end the week. this is saturday's picture, then. starts off again plenty of sunshine across southern and eastern areas, and here it should stay dry all day, albeit quite windy. the further north and west that you are, we'll see widespread gales, a spell of pretty heavy rain at times, too. but it's a gusty day across the board, especially so, though, across this north—west corner. but look at these temperatures, importing some very mild air from the south—west.
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temperatures 1a to maybe 16 celsius. another wet and fairly windy but mild day on sunday. a quieter one on monday, but we'll still have southerly winds, so it'll be very mild in the south. good morning, welcome to breakfast, with charlie stayt and louise minchin. 0ur headlines today: attacks on nhs staff hit a five—year high in england, as the health secretary promises zero tolerance to violence. president trump pays his respects in pittsburgh, ignoring appeals to stay away days after a massacre at a synagogue. 11 people are killed as italy is struck by fierce storms. we'll be live in venice with the latest. penalising loyalty — car and home insurance firms that only offer the best deals to new customers face greater scrutiny. in sport, eddiejones swings
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the axe, as he drops mike brown, england's most capped full—back, for saturday's test against south africa.
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