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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 31, 2018 6:30pm-6:51pm GMT

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: “a euer i in england as u e mar 2: lutt’i: i in england as attacks on we“ ;\-?»-"§.w£ gm firm ' staff in england as attacks on them hit a five—year high. and pakistan's supreme court lifts a death sentence ona supreme court lifts a death sentence on a christian woman accused of blasphemy. but it sparked violent protests. ina in a moment, it's going to be time for sportsday but let's take a look at what is coming up this evening on bbc news. with the us mid—term elections insight, beyond 100 days will be looking at donald trump's election blitz across america and channel 4 chooses leads over a number of cities, including birmingham, for its new headquarters —— leeds. we will speak to those who lobbied the broadcaster in both places. and what will brexit mean for the world of sport? we will speak to a conservative peer concerned about the impact leaving the eu could have
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on sport. that is ahead on bbc news. first, here's sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. brexit is coming — but how could leaving the eu affect sport in the uk? could it mean the end for farytales like this in the premier league? frank lampard returns to chelsea for the first time as a manager, with derby county in the efl cup. it's a special draw for me to be able to go back and see people behind the scenes and c 40,000 plus friends in the stadium. the son of leicester city's owner says he will continue his father's legacy, following vichigh seewata napra pa's death in a helicopter crash. also coming up in the programme... the men's all round gymnastics title is won on a tie—breaker, as russia's artur dalaloyan takes
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gold. hello and welcome to sportsday. thanks forjoining us. there are just months until britain is due to leave the european union and today, a house of lords select committee expressed its conerns over the affect leaving will have on sport. later, we'll look at specific concerns raised about the reliance of horse racing on free movement, but, first, austin halewood looks at other ways in which brexit could affect sport in the uk. the uk is set to leave the european union at the end of march and freedom of movement is one of the biggest ways that sport will be affected post brexit. it could have
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an impact on players, events and also fans following their team. firstly, let's look at the players and particularly football in the uk. 0n and particularly football in the uk. on any given saturday in the premier league, only about 31% of the players are british. while this huge amount of foreign talent may have held back the development of young british players, it's helped turn the premier league into a global superpower. at the moment, players from the eu are allowed to play professional football in england as pa rt professional football in england as part of freedom of movement rules. while those from outside the eu need work permits. however, if eu players then need a work permit post brexit, there's a certain criteria they'll have to meet to be signed. we can ta ke have to meet to be signed. we can take a look at those now. essentially, they must appear regularly for their country in the top 60 of the world rankings. 0r command a transfer fee greater than the average paid by premier league clu bs the average paid by premier league clubs the previous year. but if that would have happened a few years ago, then we would have missed scenes
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like this... leicester city lifting the title because key players in riyadh mahrez and angola kante wouldn't have qualified for a work permit because of their lack of international experience. and relatively small transfer fees. here's where the premier league's greatest concern is. we'll be amount of talent they have access to be limited? and if so, will it affect the quality of the league? crystal palace chairman chris parrish doesn't say that view and he believes exit could be a huge opportunity for young british talent. -- police brexit. it will be incredible for the game and the league. we can't exactly say what quotas for english footballers and we can go back onto fifa rules, we can sign 18—year—olds like everybody else in the wild from other countries. that will give much bigger opportunities to home—grown footballers —— everyone else in the world. freedom of movement could also affect fans following their tea m also affect fans following their team around the eu and the uk's status as a major events host. after
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the crowning moment of the london 2012 olympics, the government is keen to build on the uk's reputation asa keen to build on the uk's reputation as a global leader in hosting a major sporting event. the uk is already hosting some big ones in 2019. they've got the world road cycling world championships, netball‘s world cup and the cricket world cup. they are coming up next year. and then they host the commonwealth games in birmingham in 2022 and they hope there will be plenty more to come after that. a possible start at the giro d'italia, athletics world championships and then the two big ones, the fifa world cup in 2030 and the rugby world cup in 2030 and the rugby world cup in 2031. however, there is a bit ofa world cup in 2031. however, there is a bit of a fear that increased cost of visas for athletes and less availability of staff at stadiums could force up the price of holding events in britain and cause international federations to look elsewhere. however, the chair of uk sport, dame katherine grainger, doesn't believe that's the case. sport, dame katherine grainger, doesn't believe that's the caselj
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think the biggest thing with any sector across the united kingdom right now is uncertainty. i think with brexit, no one really knows what will happen short—term or longer term or what the impact will be. ithink longer term or what the impact will be. i think it's a conversation that is constantly being had. as per as i know, none of the international federations are we work with are bringing that up as a concern at the moment —— as far as i know. as far asi moment —— as far as i know. as far as i know everything is moving as we hope. but it becomes a factor that we will need to take very seriously. horse racing is one of britain. 0ld est horse racing is one of britain. oldest and most popular sports, attracting 6 million of us to the racetrack each year but it's also a multi—billion pound industry in the uk. it could be heavily impacted by brexit. richard conway has more. sunrise over newmarket, the home of british horse racing. and, like every morning, some of the sport's finest thoroughbreds are out at first light, as another day of training begins. in the town's stables, skilled staff are in short supply. linda, who came here from sweden to follow her passion three years ago, is part of an international
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workforce racing relies upon. people from all over the world. it's all here. i mean, all of the big trainers are here in newmarket. in sweden, in czech, and poland, the racing is so small there, so if you actually want to be invested in it, then there's not much for you out there. theyjust don't have the quality as they do in england. linda says she would think twice about coming to britain now, with brexit looming. all of which causes a headache for trainers seeking the best possible staff. racing does have a staffing shortage for a multitude of reasons. now, brexit, you know, we are all a little uncertain as to the effect it is going to have. i think everyone is. so i would say it isjust a feeling of, you know, of we feel very unsure as to how it is going to affect us. officials negotiating with the
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government on post brexit arrangements want to ensure that punters can continue to see the best racing possible. a lot is at stake here. the movement of forces across europe, there are over 25,000 movements in any given year under a system through the eu now a tripartite agreement that allows free movement of thoroughbreds. we wa nt to free movement of thoroughbreds. we want to see that continue in some form otherwise we could have complications. bookmakers, though, for whom uncertainty is usually the best business, are hedging their brexit bets. we don't know what is going to come when we pull out. nobody knows what will happen. people are scared of spending their money nowadays anyway. the british economy will still be the british economy.
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people will still go racing. the leisure pound will still be the leisure pound and we will always get a little slice of it. you know, it's not much to go round, different ways for people to spend their spare money, but they will still come racing. with brexit looming, there are concerns within horse racing that echoe those in other sports, but there's also hope that britain can maintain its current pace and thoroughbred reputation. richard conway, bbc news, newmarket. another brexit question is whether it could impact the uk's ability to attract young talent, across a range of sports. one institution with a global reputation for producing elite sportsmen and women is loughborough university, which is currently ranked as the best sports university in the world by the education ratings organisation. our reporter eleanor roper is there for us now. we are here inside the athletic centre at loughborough university, which is home to british athletics and some really high profile athletes. we are joined
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and some really high profile athletes. we arejoined by and some really high profile athletes. we are joined by doctor garcia, a member of staff here, an academic and you are an expert in european policy. when people think about brexit, they might not have thought about the impact it will have on british sports. probably not because it is not a big news but sport is very important in terms of social issues and economic issues, for identity and therefore it is very important for society and in general and it is big business. brexit can have a massive impact. general and it is big business. brexit can have a massive impactm won't just brexit can have a massive impactm won'tjust impact on the athletes had come to play and compete here but also on fans and our ability to host big tournaments. yes. we need to think of sport as business, social activity and it can have an impact on those around that community of sport, business, business of sport and those working in sport, organising events from the foot ball in sport, organising events from the football players to the gym instructor. more importantly, we also need to understand that it's not only going to be the professional sports but grass roots sports that is important. how do you see that influencing grassroots sports? it will create more
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opportunity, if there is a restriction of players and elite athletes at the top level. it will widen the talent but it might create problems for having enough coaches, enough physiotherapists and enough educators, many of them have to come, normally, from outside the european union. in the doesn't have, for example, a lot of football coaches. some worried it will affect oui’ coaches. some worried it will affect our ability to attract world—class talent but other people think you could be a really good opportunity for home—grown talent, especially breaking through to the likes of the premier league —— think it could be. five months until brexit and still lots of questions remaining. indeed, thank you. there have been calls for major reforms at the world anti—doping agency from an international summit on doping in sport. the summit took place at the white house in washington dc, and was attended by representatives of governments, sports bodies and athletes from around the world. our reporter dan johnson was also there.
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dan, what exactly was said? there was a lot of emotion, a lot of strong feeling at this meeting. the representatives from around the world from different anti—doping bodies or heard from athletes who say they have suffered, because they've lost out to other athletes who were cheating, who were doping. we had some quite emotional stories of young promising athletes who missed out on medals and who think their career has not been as successful as it should have been because of the impact that doping had. there was a call today very strongly to wada to reform, make changes and improve its governance and structures and to take anti—doping more seriously. some of the strongest words came from the head of us anti—doping. this is travis tygart. the silver bullet, if there is one
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is moving the ioc puppets from wada, allowing sport to run the investigative efforts of xiao ruoteng is unacceptable. you can't buy promote and police, they are incompatible. —— efforts of wada. cutting funding is counterintuitive. we need to support the athletes. we're not calling for wada to be scrapped, we want significant reform and transparency and accountability and transparency and accountability and we watched to see it now. that is the uk sports minister. she was here today along with representatives of nine governments, nine countries around the world who say that wada is simply not living up say that wada is simply not living up to its expectations and obligations at the minute. they want wholescale reform and change, not just new leadership at the top, they wa nt just new leadership at the top, they want greater transparency, greater independence and they want the issues of russian doping to be taken seriously. already a crisis of confidence over the scale of state—sponsored doping in russia. the decision last month by wada to
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reinstate the russian anti—doping authority, said she to allow russia to, again, check its own homework and assess its own athletes has been met with criticism right around the world. that was voiced very strongly today. faith in wada is perhaps at an all—time low and they are calling for serious and meaningful change. thank you. dan johnson for serious and meaningful change. thank you. danjohnson at the white house. the son of the leicester city owner killed in an accident at the weekend has written an emotional tribute to his father. vichai srivaddhanaprabha and four others died when his helicopter crashed outside the club's kingpower sstadium on saturday night. tributes have poured in for the thai billionaire since. this afternoon, the club released a message from his son, top. it reads: and he went on to say...
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frank lampard makes his first return to chelsea as a manager tonight, for derby county in the efl cup. lampard won every domestic and major european honour with the blues, and is the club's all—time leading goal—scorer. his derby side head to stamford bridge for their last—16 tie having already eliminated manchester united in the competition and lampard says it'll be a special night for the whole team. from my playing career, from my affiliation with the club, the bondi had with the fans and people behind the scenes, it's a special draw to be able to go back and see people behind the and see 40,000 plus
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friends in the stadium. i'm more emotional than the holder. these things catch you. you realise in life the important part of chelsea, in my life how important it was. what i over from that in terms of thanks. sometimes those moments can catch it. when the business starts i wa nt to catch it. when the business starts i want to prepare the team and see how well we can do on the night. but in terms of arriving at seeing people and walking out at stamford bridge, not out onto the pitch, but, to be there will be very special for me. it is big for me. it's big for the players. we have a lot of young players here, and a lot of experienced players, who are very driven and want to play in the premier league and against premier league teams, so they deserve the occasion to go up against what is a fantastic chelsea side, no matter who they put out on the night. tottenham play at west ham tonight and if they progress they'll have 24 hours to declare where they will play the rest of their home matches in this season's efl cup. they've been playing their premier league home games at wembley of course and were given special dispensation in the third round to play at mk dons. all this because of delays to the opening of their new stadium, which caused a bit of a fixture congestion as well.
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spurs last played on monday evening so there's been little time for rest, but their manager's battling on. we are fighting, the season, but... don't worry, we are strong. we are totte n ha m. don't worry, we are strong. we are tottenham. we don't care about the circumstance. we are going to fight on wednesday and try to win. so, a defiant mauricio pochettino. but there's notjust uncertainty over the new stadium, there's also speculation now surrounding pochettino himself, who's being heavily linked with the real madrid job. our commentator conor mcnamara is the london stadium ahead of their match tonight. well, this certainly has been a very, very busy period for tottenham hotspur football club, monday night at home in wembley they were beaten by manchester city in the premier league. nowjust 48 hours later, they are back in action again this time in the league cup in the east
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end of london and up against west ham at london stadium. there is a cloud hanging over tottenham at the moment, not helped by the state of the pitch after the nfl game at wembley. the fact that tottenham are still playing their home games at that stadium and in the background there is a story that refuses to go away linking the coach mauricio pochettino without the vacant spot at real madrid. pochettino is going to have to rotate his squad tonight, he will need to do so with the second game in three days but it doesn't necessarily mean that this will be a completely weakened team. for example, top players such as christian eriksen and dele alli only came on a second—half substitute on monday and they may be involved from the start tonight. west ham say they are taking this competition 100% seriously and would love to repeat what they did last year in this competition against this opponent. they went to wembley and went 2—0 down against tottenham, west ham, and came back to win by 3—2. they would certainly settle for that sort of drama this evening. here are the fixtures for tonight's matches in the league cup.
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arsenal goalkeeper petr cech will start against league one's blackpool. czech hasn't played since september, because of a hamstring injury. and tonight's later game sees championship side middlesbrough host crystal palace. it's a big night in the scottish premiership with all 12 sides in action. leaders hearts host hibernian in the edinburgh derby, while celtic, who have won their last three matches, are at dundee. there's a big game at ibrox too where rangers take on kilmarnock. from glasgow, here's our sports reporter kheredine idessan. it's been a fascinating premiership season so it's been a fascinating premiership season so far in scotland and there could be some significant movement up could be some significant movement up and down the table this evening. there is a full set of fixtures. at ibrox, steven gerrard, the manager of rangers, has been ramping up the rhetoric after his side was knocked out of the league cup semifinals at the weekend. his message to his players could not be clearer, any more performances like that and they will be out of a job. and so he says
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will be out of a job. and so he says will he, if rangers can't improve their domestic form. its second against fifth at ibrox this evening while it is kilmarnock revitalised over the course of the past year under manager steve clarke who come here chasing table topping hearts, talking of whom, arguably the game of the night is the edinburgh derby. league leaders hearts hosting hibs at tynecastle. hearts knocked out of the league cup semifinals at the weekend. they will top the table, no matter what happens in any of the matches tonight. they will still be top tomorrow but they take on a hit side resurgent under neil lennon who have won four of their last five matches —— they take on hibs. it could be a capital cracker. celtic have scored 13 goals in their last three domestic matches and they will fa ncy three domestic matches and they will fancy adding to that this evening against bottom side dundee at dens park. the new managerjim mcintyre has watched his side


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