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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  November 1, 2018 1:45am-2:00am GMT

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party time in boston, as the red sox parade their world series trophy through the city. and in a thriller in abu dhabi — pakistan beat new zealand in the first t20 by two runs. hello and welcome to the programme, thanks forjoining us. just as he was about to make his comeback after nearly two months out with a knee injury, rafael nadal has pulled out of the atp paris masters. the 17—time grand slam winner said it was due to an abdominal injury — and it means that novak djokovic will take over as world number one, when the new rankings are announced on monday. since that moment in terms of injuries, so i want to avoid drastic things and if maybe i can't play to date, but the doctor says if i want
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to play the tournament, if i want to try to win the tournament, the abdominal will break for sure. —— ca ntlay. abdominal will break for sure. —— cantlay. so abdominal will break for sure. —— ca ntlay. so it abdominal will break for sure. —— cantlay. so it will be not there and not good for me, for nobody to go inside the court knowing that probably be full tournament will not be possible to play. roger federer‘s another player who didn't make it on court on wednesday, but he's through to the third round anyway. the number three seed was given a walkover when milos raonic withdrew with an elbow injury. alexander zverev is also through to the last 16. the numberfour seed from germany beat frances taifoe 6—4, 6—4 to seal his place in the third round where he'll face diego shwartzman of argentina. there have been calls for major reforms at the world anti—doping agency from an international summit on doping in sport. the meeting took place at the white house in washington dc, and was attended by representatives of governments, sports bodies and athletes from around the world. our reporter danjohnson was there. this was a major summit on one of
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the biggest stages and concern was voiced, loudly, clearly, about the way that wada is one full —— run. the meeting also heard from athletes who have missed out on medals because of doping. some who described missed opportunities where they have lost out to drug treat —— cheats. there was a lot of emotion. some broke down in tears. they want to be taken seriously and they want their voice heard at the centre of their voice heard at the centre of the world anti—doping agency. what needs to change? we heard from the head of us anti— doping. needs to change? we heard from the head of us anti- doping. the silver bullet, if there is one, is removing the ioc puppets from wada. allowing sports to run the investigative effo rts sports to run the investigative efforts of wada is unacceptable. there were representatives here from
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anti—doping bodies around the world as well as national governments, including the uk sports minister. as well as national governments, including the uk sports ministerlj think including the uk sports minister.” think cutting funding could be counter intuitive. it is about supporting the athletes in place now. we are not calling for wada to be scrapped. we just want to see significant reform and we want to see that transparency and accountability and we want to see it now. a clear call for a louder voice for athletes for more transparency and independence. and for an enquiry into the governance structure of wa da into the governance structure of wada and into allegations of bullying. there was a crisis of confidence over the scale of state—sponsored doping in russia, but that wasn't helped at all last month when the russian anti— doping authorities were re— allowed back into the international arena. russia allowed once again to test its own athletes. people say there needs to be greatly change before they can have confidence again in world anti—doping. danjohnson dan johnson there. they led
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danjohnson there. they led i—o danjohnson there. they led 1—0 at half time. the winners will face river plate. they beat philadelphia 3—1 and will now face atalanta in the two legged semi—final. in the west incontinence, meanwhile, it is dallas versus portland. the game is set to start shortly —— western conference. on to football, and ac milan beat genoa to move into the top four in serie a. alessio romagnoli scored a wonder goal in stoppage time, to secure a 2—1 win for the rossoneri. it more than made up for his earlier own goal. in spain, santiago solari made a 1—0 at half time. —— interim head coach. they won 4—0 at third tier side melilla in the first leg of their copa del rey tie —
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with karim benzema and marco asensio among the scorers. the holders barcelona also beat third division opposition — but left it late with clement lenglet scoring their last minute winner at leonesa. first leg win therefore barcelona. borussia dortmund are through to the last 16 of the german cup, but needed extra—time to see off union berlin. twice, dortmund led — through christian pulisic and maximillian phillip, but twice they were pegged back — with sebastian polter scoring both goals for the second division side. that took the tie to extra time. and penalties were looming when marvin friedrich pulled pulisic to the ground. he was sent off for the foul — and marco reus put away the spot—kick to send dortmund through. in england, arsenal, chelsea, and middlesbrough all beat lower—league opposition to reach the last eight of the league cup. in the only all—premier league tie, son heung—min scored twice for tottenham as they won 3—1 at west ham — they'll face their north london
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rivals arsenal in the pick of the quarterfinals. i think ithink in i think in 48 hours to play two games, competitive, manchester city monday and today he, a london dhody against west ham, i think very proud, it was fantastic. the performance was very good. i am so happy, of course. always we try to play better or to increase our level, but i think for different reasons i think we need to be happy. it will be an exciting game against arsenal. the boston red sox have been celebrating their victory in the world series with a parade through the city on wednesday. a day—long celebration of the red sox's ninth world series title began with a rally inside fenway park before a succession of floats made its way
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through the streets of boston. the red sox completed a 4—1 series win over the la dodgers on sunday to claim their fourth championship in 15 seasons — after an 86—year drought. players rode on duck boats, and displayed the championship trophy. following boston's win in la, the red sox chairman tom werner spoke to the bbc‘s chris mitchell. it was an historic season for the red sox. the team that won 108 games in the regular season. but then we had to go into the tournament and in the tournament they beat the new york yankees in new york and the houston astros, who were at offending baseball champions last yearin offending baseball champions last year in houston, and then to beat the dodgers, who were the national league champions in los angeles. it is very hard to win on the road. and you have to beat three excellent teams and we had a remarkable season and an even better place to season. cycling, and the route for the 2019 giro d'italia was announced on wednesday. the first of the year's three
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grand tours will include a record 46,500 metres in climbs. that's 2,000 more than this year's race. it all starts on saturday 11th may with an individual time—trial which starts and ends in bologna. it's the first of three time—trials in next year's race. there's also a hilly time—trial from the adriatic coastal town of richone to san marino. that'll test the climbers on stage nine before the first rest day. the 102nd edition of the giro will also include seven summit finishes — before finishing in verona on second june. but will it include the reigning champion? or will he be targetting the tour de france instead? good question. i think we are all going to sit down in december and work out exactly who is doing what. like i said in there, if i am not bear time to defend my title, then there will be one of my teammates —— not there trying to defend. try to do not there trying to defend. try to d o exa ctly not there trying to defend. try to do exactly the same thing. either way it is an important race for the
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team. it is a 10th anniversary of tea m team. it is a 10th anniversary of team sky. i think it would be really important to target the chirat italia as well. on to cricket, and pakistan beat new zealand byjust two runs in the first twenty20 international in abu dhabi. pakistan batted first after winning the toss, and mohammad hafeez top—scored with 45 as they made 148 for six from their 20 overs. sarfraz ahmed weighed—in with 34. that left the black caps chasing 149 to win — and they made a great start thanks to opener colin munro who top—scored with 58 off 42 balls. but, apart from ross taylor — who hit an unbeaten 42, no—one else really got going. new zealand were restricted to 146 for six as pakistan squeezed home by two runs. the second match is on friday in dubai. you can get all the latest sports news at our website — that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello there.
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many parts of the country had a largely dry halloween evening, but the rain has begun to pep up across central and eastern areas. through the night, these weather fronts will affect much of the central and eastern side of the uk. further west, light winds and clear skies mean it will be a chilly start to this morning with some frost for northern ireland, mist and fog in western scotland. further south and east, because of more cloud rain, it will be a milder start with temperatures 7—10 degrees. this morning will be a soggy one through central and eastern areas. some of the rain will be heavy through the morning. but the band of rain heads east, becoming confined to the very far southeast. brighter skies to the west will filter through some areas. a few showers in western scotland, where there will be wind chill in the high ground, as their air will be cool. still fairly mild in the south and south—east, temperatures 11—12 at best. heading into friday, this ridge of high pressure means a fine start of the day, but to the west we see this deep area of low pressure, it is actually ex—hurricane 0scar. it will be a chilly start to friday, with fog and mist around.
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lengthy spells of sunshine. later in the day, it goes downhill towards the west. increasing wind and rain. temperature—wise, double figures for many of us, just about, in the afternoon. not to bad given the sunshine. this deep area of low pressure skirts past the north—west of the uk. it will some very windy weather friday night and saturday across the northern half the country, with a band of rain affecting northern ireland, scotland, and into western parts of england and wales. but many parts of eastern england, the south—east, should see dry all day, with good spells of sunshine. a gusty day across the board with very windy conditions in the northwest. potentially disruptive wind gusts of 60 miles an hour. but temperature—wise in the mid—teens celsius across the board. ex—hurricane 0scar clears northwards saturday night into sunday. we look to this next area of low pressure which will push up into the south. this will be not as intense
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as we expect on saturday, but could bring windy weather to the south—west corner with outbreaks of rain across a good portion of england and wales. some heavy in the south—west. sunshine for scotland and northern ireland with lighter winds there. temperatures 12—14 degrees. so yes, the weekend will be mild, especially on saturday. windy at times on saturday. gales in places. some rain around but also some sunshine. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: new detail on the murder of the journalist jamal khashogggi. a turkish prosecutor says he was strangled as soon as he entered the saudi consulate. with the us mid—term elections less than a week away,
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president trump puts himself at the centre of the campaign. more than 90% of the world's children are breathing toxic air, according to a new study by the world health organization. the amazing story of how a spinal implant that's helped three paralysed men walk again.
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