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as extending its weight eastwards. as it does, we will see sunny skies behind it. still a scattering of showers on western coasts and taking its time to clear from essex and anglia. a gentle breeze for most of us anglia. a gentle breeze for most of us with temperatures getting up to between 9—13. this evening that band of rain eventually clears away from east anglia. scattered showers in the western isles of scotland, otherwise it is a dry and clear night and hence a cold night. temperatures only just above freezing in the towns. in the countryside it could get down to —5. much milder in the channel islands. a crisp start to the date tomorrow, plenty of sunshine which will turn hazy from the west as high cloud builds its weight in. but for most it stays mainly dry. temperatures recovered to between 9—12. but i am sure you can spot this band of rain, extending into northern ireland and
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western fringes of scotland tomorrow evening. but away from here it is looking dry with the wind strengthening all the while. it is tied in with this area of low pressure which is what was hurricane oscar. it is no longer hurricane. it will bring in rain into northern ireland and western parts of scotla nd ireland and western parts of scotland and extending eastwards during the day. further south and east we hold onto some sunshine. it isa east we hold onto some sunshine. it is a windy day for all of us. gusts may get up to 60 or 65 miles an hour. on saturday evening if you have firework displays, this is where we are expecting the rain to be. mainly dry further south and east. on sunday this is the front, starting to return a bit further north and west with. rain in wales and central and eastern parts of england with sunshine on either side. again it is mild. that is the
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theme as we go through the weekend. we are losing that cold, frosty side to autumn and picking up something windier and milder. something windier and milder. a reminder of our main story this lunchtime: arron banks — one of the most infuentialfigures in the leave campaign during the 2016 eu referendum — has been referred to the national crime agency over criminal allegations. he denies any wrongdoing. we need to focus on catching criminals — the message from police chief sara thornton — the government says she's right to prioritise. that's all from the bbc news at one. so, it's goodbye from me, and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. good afternoon, it's 1.30pm and here's your latest sports news.
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england have named their team to face south africa in the first autumn international this weekend, and saracen‘s owen farrell will start at fly half at twickenham. it's the start of an important series for head coach eddiejones with england struggling for form ahead of next year's world cup. our rugby union reporter chrisjones is at the england training camp in portugal. the england boss eddiejones has hinted he wants to see owen farrell more at fly half this autumn and his selection in the number 10 shirt with ben te‘o alongside him in the centre suggesting england might be tweaking their style. a friend, england looked callow, kyle sinclair doesn't have meant starts. tom cu rley, doesn't have meant starts. tom curley, marc wilson amber rudd shields have just ten caps curley, marc wilson amber rudd shields havejust ten caps in curley, marc wilson amber rudd shields have just ten caps in total. there is more inexperienced on the bench with ben moon and zach mercer set to make their debuts. that is
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the welcome return of manu tuilagi as a replacement. he will bring power in as england look to beat a resurgent and zach mercer set to make their debuts. that is the welcome return of manu tuilagi as replacement. he will bring power in second half as england look to beat a resurgent unconfident springbok side. wales meanwhile have included luke morgan in their xv for their match against scotland at the principality stadium on saturday. the osprey‘s winger is wales‘ all time top try scorer in sevens, but this will be his first start for the test side. james graham will captain england's rugby league side in the second test against new zealand this weekend. graham takes over from regular skipper sean o'loughlin who's been ruled out with a calf injury for the match at anfield. england can seal the three match series with a win in liverpool. the hibernian manager neil lennon says the behaviour of fans at last night's edinburgh derby with hearts was ‘disgraceful‘. lennon goaded hearts fans, after a late disallowed goal, and was then hit by a coin. it was a bad temperead affair, with the hearts keeper hit by a fan in the second half of the scottish premiership tie, and a 25—year—old man has also been charged in relation to an assault on an assistant referee.
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i got hit by a coin. right on the jaw. so, thankfully... there's no sort of cut or damage from it. unsavoury, to say the least. unacceptable. i saw it go down as well. if any hibs fans have been misbehaving as well, i want them punished for it as well. but it's unacceptable. in a statement, the scottish pfa say: the newcastle captain jamaal lascelles has signed a new, six—year deal with the club. it's a second contract extension for the 24—year—old
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in the space of two seasons, with manager rafa benitez describing him as "the future of the club." he's played more than 100 times for newcastle since joining from nottingham forest in 2014. and it's a big day for the queen of gymnastics — simone biles. she qualified in first as she attempts to become the first woman to win four all—around titles at the world championships. she's already won gold with the united states in the team event in doha and could win her 12th world title overall. great britain's ellie downie and kelly simm have also qualified for the final. he is the first gymnast for years to actually do three all—around title. this will be a record—breaking fourth as well as 11 golds. she has already won them. it would be like watching usain bolt slow up and walk
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the last ten beaters. that is how far ahead she is. i'll have more for you in the next hour. thank you very much. you are watching bbc news. indonesian navy divers say they have retrieved the flight data recorder from the lion air plane that plunged into the java sea on monday morning. it was brought to the surface after being found buried in debris on the sea floor. divers are now trying to find the second black box containing a voice recorder from the cockpit that they hope will reveal the final conversations between the pilot and co—pilot. our correspondent rebecca henschke is following all the developments and has the latest now from jakarta. divers bring to the surface, the flight data recorder, in good condition retrieved from the bottom of the sea. it will reveal the plane's final movements before it crashed into the java sea,
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just minutes after take—off. divers now searching for a second black box which would have recorded conversations between the two pilots. another key piece of information in terms of determining why this new plane crashed in daylight and in good weather. boeing, working with the indonesian government on the investigation. translation: we will let the transportation safety ccommittee do theirjob and we have requested boeing to help determine the criteria needed for inspection to find out the cause of the crash. the findings of that investigation are unlikely to be known for sometime but what we do know is that the pilot requested to return to base after take—off. a technical log obtained by the bbc shows there were problems with the plane on a previous flight. lion air insisting those technical issues were solved before a full
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safety clearance was given for it to fly again. but on the orders of the indonesian government they fired their technical director. none of the more than 180 people on board survived when the plane crashed into the sea. only this family has been able to hold a funeral. laid to rest, a 24—year—old female chemical engineering graduate who worked for the energy ministry. the first victim to be identified. other families have come down to the port to see what has been recovered from the wreckage. this man finding his child's shoes. translation: my child's black adidas running shoes. my child's shoes. these personal possessions, bags,
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clothes, children's items and shoes laid out here, a symbol of the enormous loss so many families are now having to deal with. a primary tactic of russian twitter trolls or bot accounts is to stoke divisions over islam, new research suggests. experts at the centre—left think tank demos analysed more than nine million tweets sent by russian—linked accounts. they say activity from the social media users spiked around the time of the london and manchester terror attacks last year. here's alex krasodomski—jones from demos to explain what a bot is and how they work. a bot is an automated twitter account. it might look like a real person, but it is actually controlled by a computer programme, and it will share or post the kinds of things it is told to.
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bots can be effective in two in ways. of course, they spread a message more widely, but they can also pretend to be the audience, pretend to be the crowd. imagine logging on and seeing that a message has been shared thousands of times, and liked thousands of times more. that message must be popular. but in fact, it's all an illusion. the message is sent from a fake account, and all of the traction, all of its popularity, is also fake. there have been rumours forfive or six years now that russia and other states and round the world have been using the online world to try to destabilise democracies here in the uk and also in the united states by sending messages to stir up tension. and our research found exactly that. we should be worried. if we are logging on to social media and seeing things that aren't true,
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or seeing groups of fake people becoming angry at things that aren't true, this can be a very potent cocktail. outrage is contagious. the data shows where in our society we are most vulnerable to being manipulated. where russian influence operations were most widely shared was in the immediate wake of the 2017 terror attacks. online platforms were ruthlessly exploited. russian accounts immediately started spreading rumours and disinformation, blaming islam and multiculturalism in the uk for those attacks. and it was notjust politics that was the target of russian influence operations, but also our society. disinformation presents a problem to our society. if we are logging on to social media and seeing things that aren't true, or seeing groups of face people
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becoming angry at things that aren't true, this can be a very potent cocktail. a global human rights group says sexual violence against women in north korea is endemic. human rights watch interviewed 5a north koreans who left the country after 2011, when the current leader kimjong un rose to power, and 8 former north korean officials who fled the country. ?the group concluded powerful officials commit sexual abuse against women with almost complete impunity. and reported such abuse is so common it's become part of ordinary life. human rights watch released this clip of one of the women they spoke to. human rights watch says north korean officials commit sexual violence with little concern for the consequences. heather barr is a senior researcher on women's rights who worked on this report. we have heard consistently from people that we interviewed that there is absolute impunity for sexual violence and that it is very commonplace
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to the point where it is, sort of, part of everyday life for many women. according to north korean law, these are crimes but as far as we can tell women almost never report these crimes because not only do they have no hope at all of seeing anyjustice, particularly because many of the perpetrators are police and members of law enforcement, but also there is a real fear of retaliation if women do report these crimes. two categories of women that we found seemed particularly at risk are women who are market traders and women who are in detention. in the late '90s, there was a bit of a liberalisation which permitted some women to sort of go out and work as market traders, selling things in markets and earning a living to support their families in that way. but they operate in a very vulnerable way which makes them easy prey for government officials who demand bribes, sometimes
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in the form of money, but often in the form of sex. that is one category of women and another category of women that we looked at in detail are women who have been detained. these are usually women who have escaped from north korea into china but then been deported by the chinese government back to north korea and put in prison in north korea. what we have heard from women who have been prisoners is that rape by guards is very, very commonplace in those prisons. in a moment, we'll have all the business news, but first the headlines on bbc news. leave campaigner arron banks is referred to the national crime agency for suspected criminal offences committed during the eu referendum. a government assessment has revealed that organised crime is costing the uk more than £37 billion each year, with more than four thousand
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active gangs operating in the uk. the government defends the timescale for bringing in new rules on fixed—odds betting terminals, after allegations of a delay. i'm maryam moshiri in the business news. safe for now — shareholders in the cafe chain patisserie valerie approve a plan to inject more money into the company, by issuing more shares. at an emergency meeting, shareholders expressed their fury to management that new owners may get a share of the company at a knockdown price. the bank of england has kept interest rates on hold amid growing uncertainty amongst businesses over brexit. the bank's monetary policy committee voted to leave the cost of borrowing unchanged at 0.75%. the financial markets are indicating that rates will not rise until after the uk leaves the eu next march. a shipyard is to shut despite its owner being offered
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a £60 million contract by the mod. staff at appledore shipyard in devon have been told by owner babcock that it will close by the end of march 2019. the company recently lost a contract with the armed forces of malta, causing financial difficulties. shareholders in the owner of struggling cafe chain patisserie valerie have vented their anger at the firm's chairman, despite backing his rescue plan for the business. at an emergency general meeting, more than 99% of shareholders backed a plan to issue £15 million of new shares. however, investors in the 206—store chain harangued chairman luke johnson. they felt cheated that new investors are getting a share of the company at a knock—down price. roy kaitcer is an investment manager with redmayne bentley. thanks forjoining us. talk me
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through wide these shareholders are so angry. through wide these shareholders are so angry. they have seen their company be decimated. at one point they had £21.5 million on the balance sheet and the next minute it has gone and we've got a bank overdraft of £10 million which the board knew nothing about. now they have to swallow the fact that investors are going to have shares in the company at a knock—down price. that is right. the shares we re price. that is right. the shares were suspended at 9p and when they do come back, they are going to come back at less than that. 420 9p. a lot of the shareholders have vented their anger about the fact they felt they were not being given enough information, been told enough about what was going on. enough information, been told enough about what was going onlj enough information, been told enough
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about what was going on. i don't think the board knew themselves. it just seems to me extremely lax, the board didn't know about the cash position or the bank borrowings or anything like that. it's very difficult to explain, i can understand the shareholders being angry. luke johnson has a stake in the firm, he has piled his own money into that. he will be getting part of that money back from the sale of these shares but he said he is going to dedicate a lot more of his time, a lot more of his energy into getting patisserie valerie back on track. that is comforting for shareholders. luke johnson has track. that is comforting for shareholders. lukejohnson has got a tremendous record in managing companies and extracting value from businesses. if you remember, he had a large stake in pizza express which he sold many years ago. he has a lot
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of other stakes. thank you very much for talking to you. let's take a look at some other stories. staff at google walk out in protest at the company's treatment of women. employees are demanding changes in how sexual misconduct allegations are dealt with at the firm, including a call to end forced arbitration. the moved would make it possible for victims to sue. google's chief executive has told staff he supports their right to take the action. sick leave and pay should be more flexible, so people with poor mental health can avoid severe financial hardship. thats the view of the money and mental health policy institute. the charity said preventative, part—time sick leave would help those facing mental health difficulties. greater access to insurance products could protect the income of those with pre—existing conditions, it added. its report suggested mental health cost uk employers up to £112 billion a year. the latest changes to ryanair‘s baggage policies take effect today, meaning passengers who want to take anything more than a small bag
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on board must pay for the privilege. only those paying £6/e6 for priority boarding will be able to take a small suitcase of up to 10kg in the cabin. rya nair says the changes, the second this year, are intended to reduce flight delays. that's all the business news. for more than six months, day and night, ross edgley has been swimming 2,000 miles, in an attempt to become the first person to swim around the british coast. ross has smashed several world records and burned more than a million calories. he's due to cross the finish line this sunday in margate. john maguire has been to meet him. not just for hours, not for days, nor even weeks, but for more than six months ross edgley has been swimming around britain. so, wejoined him in the water to ask the obvious question: why did you do it? because it's there? yeah.
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basically yeah. i sat down one day and i thought, you know what, people have rode around, people have ran around, cycled around, but no one has swum around. it seemed logical at the time. but when i set off onjunei from margate, i was so naive. i have often said i was so naive. i did not think how big great britain really was. by day and by night, battling storms and more jellyfish than most mariners see in a lifetime. i knew the jellyfish would be bad. but they are just brutal. you never knew what kind ofjellyfish were stinging me. ross understands that this is mind over matter. this has gone from being a sporting event. now you are having to take care of your immune system. you can't grit your teeth and get through it. he will have burned 1 million calories. it isjust an eating condition with some swimming thrown in. this isjust a nice bit. countless hours immersed in saltwater have taken their toll.
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at one stage, it took one hour to dress his blistered neck. his tongue suffered hugely. his favourite mid—swim snack — a banana or two or three, maybe four. people think this is the number of days at sea. but this is the record i am most proud of. this is the banana tally. it started as a little joke. i was getting salt tongue after 12 hours in the water every day. my tongue was falling apart. i woke up with chunks of my tongue on my pillow. it was grim. it was something about bananas that was really soothing, a neutral taste. of course, you need to catch one first. the skipper of the support boat plans each day meticulously. two six—hour swims, regardless of time, to catch the tides. his worst saw him go backwards, his best swim faster than multiple
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olympic champion michael phelps. anyone can train and be fit, and you can pretty much get the nutrition right, but swim tide on, tide off, day and night, in the way he has, it isjust a huge mental challenge. i would be very surprised to see if there is another person who even attempt it in the near future. on sunday, after 2000 miles, he will swim back to the point where it all began, margate beach. and for the first time in six months, he will set foot on dry land. he has swum faster and further around the coastline than anyone else before him. an achievement that may never be beaten. john maguire, bbc news. now it's time for a look at the weather. we can go over. we've got a front is
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moving eastwards across the uk today and that means we've got some sharp contrast from west to east. behind the front, sunshine but a chance of a few showers in scotland and western coast. the east is under this cloud and rain. it'll take time to clear from east anglia, sussex and kent. as it moves away eastwards, increasingly sunny skies. we had some showers earlier. those showers continuing for the western isles of scotland and northern ireland. in between, some styles of sunshine, varane at clearing away from east anglia until sometime this evening. temperatures 8—13. through this evening, ourfront evening. temperatures 8—13. through this evening, our front clears away eastwards and behind it we will see mainly clear skies, peppering of showers for the western eyes of scotland. a cold night, temperatures just above freezing in the middle of town. holding up to seven or eight
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for the channel islands. it is chris started the day tomorrow, frosty, plenty of sunshine and the sunshine will become hazy as high cloud built eastwards. but for much of daylight hours it will be mainly dry with a light or gentle breeze. temperatures recovering to between nine and 13. i'm sure you can spot this area of rain behind me. that will extend to northern ireland and scotland in the evening with a win strengthening. if you have fireworks night plans tomorrow, it is dry and the wind not as strong just yet. they will be strengthening overnight. it is done to this area of low pressure. some windy conditions as we go into saturday particularly for northern ireland and western scotland. this is where we will see the drain in the morning. extending eastwards and arriving in north—west england and wales towards the end of the afternoon. these are average wind speeds but the gusts could touch 65
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mph in western scotland and north—west england and northern ireland. the rain clears away from northern ireland in the evening was pushing eastwards across scotland and parts of wales and north west england. on sunday, this is the front. it returns north and west was. on either side of this it'll dry with spousal sunshine. it is mild. 11—13dc. that is rain in the forecast as you go through the weekend. strom strong winds as well but it will be mild. hello, you're watching afternoon live — i'm martine croxall. today at 2. arron banks — one of the most infuential figures in the leave campaign during the 2016 eu referendum — has been referred to the national crime agency over criminal allegations. arron banks has welcomed the inquiry into campaign funding — adding that he never received any foreign — or russian — donations. a google search — for its own staff
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as workers around the world stage walk—outs in protest at the company's treatment of women. medicinal cannabis products can now be legally prescribed to some patients across the uk for the first time. former leicester manager claudio ranieri returns to the king power stadium to lay a wreath in memory of the owner, who died in a helicopter crash at the weekend.
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