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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  November 2, 2018 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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could hike interest rates in a no—deal brexit despite the risk of harming growth in an economic emergency. governor mark carney, said it is possible that a cliff—edge brexit could have similarities to the oil shocks of the 19705 when prices soared. technology news website wired looks at how thousands of google employees and contractors joined a worldwide walkout to protest google's handling of sexual harassment claims and other workplace issues such as equal pay. are and finally in the independent, the genetic codes of every animal, plant and fungus in the uk will be sequenced in a massive new project scientists say will benefit everything from conservation to medicine. called the darwin tree of life project, the initiative is part of a massive global effort to unravel the dna of all life on earth what a noble mission.
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with me is henry bonsu, who's a journalist and broadcaster. let's start with a different kind of mission. president donald trump, a man on a mission. an extraordinary thing, some of the comments coming out of the us in the last 2a hours. he faces the possibility that republicans will lose the control of congress on tuesday and a late return to his most enduring strategy of his professional career. this is what got him elected a few years ago, three years ago now, when he declared he was running for president and he was seriously going to do it. he said mexico were sending its bad people, not the bad ones, they were sending rate that than all that. and appeal to a deep dark instinct in many of his supporters, a really deep dark paranoia about invasion, about people who do not look like them who will and white america. that is what
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he appeals to 80 return to it because it worked last time. how effective is fear as a political tool? it can be very effective. it is what got donald trump elected. it is what got donald trump elected. it is what got donald trump elected. it is what demagogues have appealed to all over the world since time immemorial. think of what has happened recently in brazil. here we have the president worrying that he is not going to win in the forthcoming mid—term elections. if the house lets and the republicans lose their majority, then he could find his legislative agenda under pressure and possibly even ending in impeachment. is not going to talk so much about his wins, ending the regulation, tax cuts appointing supreme courtjudges, regulation, tax cuts appointing supreme court judges, no, regulation, tax cuts appointing supreme courtjudges, no, he is going to project via. and it may work. if you look people are in the us now they are worried about terrorism, not domestic terrorism,
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what we saw in pittsburgh last week what we saw in pittsburgh last week what we saw in pittsburgh last week what we are talking about is the americans hunkering down and not wanting to engage with the world. president trump understands this and this is why he released this 53 second video a full as attack dog whistle messages. the big challenge is that the democrats. how do they respond to this anti immigrant message. this is a nation founded on immigration, founded on blood as well, and the only indigenous people are the native americans. the democrats at the moment not have announced the. no, they don't seem to. but talk about this story in the guardian that is also on a lot of other front pages across the uk press. this is aaron banks. this businessman who heavily backed leaves campaign and we are talking about potential interference in the
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uk democratic race that. that is a mild way to describe it. this could be high crime and misdemeanour. the electoral commission was investigating the source of £8 million worth of funds that he said came from his own back pocket. but it is concerned and it has referred it is concerned and it has referred it to the national crime agency that investigates transnational crime because they think the real source of this money may be from outside the uk which would be a breach of electoral law. we have heard this before, haven't we? yes. it has been investigated for quite sometime and they are quite concerned which is why they are passing it a higher authority. but arron banks says there is nothing to see here, move along. this is the result of a campaign against him, he claims, against people who are trying to frustrate brexit but it will make a number of supporters worried in the year —— indeed and give sheared to remain supporters. people who are
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asking for brexit to be put on hold until you results are finalised. you think he would get any id —— audience that idea? the government have dismissed the idea of forcing brexit. they would say that leave the eu was not the main pro— brexit campaign. it was voted leave, spearheaded by boris johnson. campaign. it was voted leave, spearheaded by borisjohnson. they will say that it was a decisive result. 52, 48 in terms of%. 17 million over 16 million. in the end, the public voted decisively to leave the public voted decisively to leave the eu and that decision must be honoured. brexit is the talking point when it comes to economic policy and monetary policy as well. the governor of the bank of england and his military policy committee decided to keep rates on hold. everyone was hanging on everywhere when it came to brexit and those
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comments were picked up on the front page of the telegraph and the boat to make business section today. page of the telegraph and the boat to make business section todaym is because mark carney, the george clooney of banking, he said the bank may actually have to raise interest rates if the uk leaves with no deal. he says the research as that no deal brexit could cause a big squeeze on the economy's ability to produce good creating an imbalance between supply and manned and could force prices up. the bank of england's key target is to keep inflation at 2%. it's intuitive to think that the bank may have to cut rates if we are going into a shock as it did after the referendum results but, no. it is more important to maintain stability and keep interest rates down rather than stimulating growth. that may surprise a lot of people. brexiteer ‘s may say that this is yet another example of project fear from one of the architects of project fear two years ago. he was wrong then and he will be wrong now.
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iam wrong then and he will be wrong now. i am studiously neutral on these matters. i will make you weighed in on this one. if you thought there was mistreatment of workers, your colleagues, people who were working with, would you walkout to support them? absolutely. remember that great pome about first they came for the trade unionists? therefore it is in your self interest to look after the interests of other people. that is why i was not surprised to see men walking out alongside women in google offices around the world. a0 of them, london, singapore, tokyo, francisco. these disruptive companies, tech companies, are assumed to be full of enlightened funky millennial people led by enlightened losses who would not stand for sexual harassment and racial harassment but it appears they have been in when people have
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been found guilty or enquiries have found against them, it seems that they have been given large payoffs and allowed to leave the company quietly. one popular psion at the walkout said happy to quit for a 90 million dollar pay—out. no sexual harassment required. interesting. the boss says that he supports their right to do this. they have not done well on this and they need to do better. but a number of people inside the company and outside, many tech writers are saying that this is not good enough. time is up because for too long, major companies have been treading on a positive reputation or doing nothing to help people inside those companies. —— trading on a positive reputation. women are a real minority in these companies and so are people who look like me. as a result, when they have grievances they often find themselves in a david versus goliath
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situation. they are often required to sign an nda. another prickly problem. hedgehog numbers are declining. why is this happening? the genetic code of every animal planet and fungus, a science —based story. the tree of life project. i was into dinosaurs when i was little and they loved it. i think is a great way of trying to protect the species in the face of a possible extinction event. excellent. brilliant. thank you very much angry. stay with us on bbc news. there is so much more to come. hello.
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friday starts with the last widespread frost of this cold spell before things turn milder over the weekend. but windy, too. here is a look at things then for early risers on friday morning. quite a bit of blue. the cold spots will be down to —5 or —6. one or two mist and fog patches, so nothing widespread. there's still one or two showers dotted about western parts of the uk early on. for most, it's a sunny start to the day, and the sunshine will continue throughout. the sun will turn increasingly hazy across western parts of the uk on through the day. higher clouds spilling in ahead of this area of rain, which will be knocking on the door of northern ireland by the end of the afternoon. top temperatures around 9 or 12 degrees, and some sunshine, a gentle breeze. that will not feel too bad. as we go through friday evening and night, clearly the weather is changing. a system moving in from the atlantic, it will be turning wetter through scotland and northern ireland. the winds are picking up as well. gales developing through irish sea coasts. not as cold, but still quite chilly for the coldest parts of east anglia and south—east england.
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this weather system coming in is this deep area of low pressure, ex—hurricane 0scar. it is going to pass us well to the north—west, but still produce strong winds the closer you are to it on saturday, especially in the western isles. lots of rain, especially in western scotland. a soaking day here. some outbreaks of rain pushing through the rest of scotland. it's there in northern ireland as well, though it is going to clear later in the day. it starts to edge into western wales and the west side of england, which means further in the east of england, it will be staying dry with some sunshine. windy across the uk, this is where we get gusts in excess of a0 miles an hour, and towards 65 miles an hour in the western isles. gales for parts of scotland, northern ireland, irish sea coasts. some winds could be disruptive, but the air coming in from the south—west, it is going to be a much milder day. and of course, it's a fireworks bonfire weekend. we're expecting on saturday evening for the rain to have cleared through belfast but still be there affecting parts of scotland, wales and western england.
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if you're going out on sunday evening, still the chance of seeing some rain around, particularly through wales and western england. part two of the weekend, on sunday, another weather system pushing rain through western areas of england, wales, into northern england. much of scotland and northern ireland will be fine. one or two showers in the north—west, where it's still quite windy. east anglia and the south—east look like staying dry as well. and it's still mild, not quite as mild as saturday. good morning. welcome to breakfast withjon kay and naga munchetty. 0ur headlines today: hotter, wetter, milder — a new met office report says the uk has experienced more extreme weather in the last ten years than in the previous 30. the row over high street betting machines — after sports minister tracy crouch resigns, the government defends its timetable for cutting the maximum stake from £100 to £2. it might be breakfast in the uk, but the night is only getting started here in memphis, tennessee. i'm live in the birthplace of rock ‘n' roll.
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but you'll find little harmony ahead of next week's crucial mid term elections. the rise of energy debt. three million households now owe money to their gas and electric providers — a jump by almost a quarter in just one year.
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