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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  November 2, 2018 5:45pm-6:01pm GMT

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now on bbc news a look ahead to sportsday at 6.30 tonight. coming up we will look ahead to the start of the autumn internationals this weekend. some bad news for an injury hit england side with one player missing the clash at twickenham. we will have all the latest from the england camp and it isa latest from the england camp and it is a big weekend in rugby league as england look to complete a second successive series win over new zealand and we will hear from the burgess twins. now it is time for the film review. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news.
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to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode. so mark, what do we have this week? it isa it is a packed week with peterloo, the epic draw ma from mike leigh. widows, which is an update of the serries from the 80s and mirai, a charming animation. peterloo, a massacre back in 1819. interesting mike leigh said one reason he wanted to make the film is not enough people knew about it. he said he wasn't taught about it at school. it wasn't taught about it at school. it was a peaceful demonstration, people demanding suffrage and better conditions, which was attacked by cavalry and there was deaths and
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terrible injurives. we see a soldier return to his home land and finding famine and he said we wa nt land and finding famine and he said we want a speaker to address the meeting. but his mother is sceptical that doing this is going to have any practical effect. here is a clip. there's going to be a big march. aye, mother, at petersfield. outside, not indoors. no. in broad daylight. yes. on a monday. on a monday? i know, it's daft. second monday in august. not go to work? aye, they'll have to make do without us. we'll get the staff. not if all the mills turn out. playing with fire. no, mother this one will be different. different how? well, there's hundreds going, women and
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children an' all. we're to turn out in our sunday best. oh, well i'd best get me darning needles out then. aye, you should, same of rest of the street will be. i know they will. but so will that aidan and his bullies, the swine. they'll have to get past them. aye, but people have been practicing marching peacefully. aren't they, father? aye, up on kersal moor they say. do they? aye, whole families. it's a day out for everybody. we've to stand up for ourselves, esther. we can't go on being afraid. i know, love, but we've all got to be careful though. he has this large cast. in the first hour there are a lot of conversations and characters. everyone gets to have their see. some people might feel it is moving slowly to something we know is
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coming. because you get to know the characters and the issues and everything aired so clearly, by the time you get to the third act and the massacre, it is terrifying. it has the impact of a paul greengrass movie and it has real epic sweep. some people have said some people said mike leigh is famous for dramas with single character. you forget mr turner or topsy turvy of the gilbert and sullivan operas. i thought it was powerful. people came out at the end and were stunned by it. i think it is interesting that mike leigh said he wanted to tell this story, because it is an important story people should know about and what it manages to do is make the past seem very contemporary and he puts you there in the middle of the situation. although it is true it is a movie that takes its time and is
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quite wordy, when you get to the final act, you understand why. i'm definitely going to see it. one of my friends is it in. he is a cavalry officer. widows, i remember the tv series. it was riveting. is this as good? i think it is better. series. it was riveting. is this as good? ithink it is better. everyone was surprised when steve mcqueen said he would update this story. he updates it to present day chicago with a group of women whose husbands are involved in crime and they have died and the women have the plans for a heist that didn't happen. i love so much about this. firstly, it has a cast who are brilliant. viola davis is stand out. but the entire castis davis is stand out. but the entire cast is brilliant. some some award ceremonies they have an award for
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ensemble companies. the way they ca ptu re ensemble companies. the way they capture the location of chicago with extreme poverty and extreme wealth cheek by jowl. the extreme poverty and extreme wealth cheek byjowl. the screen writing is sharp. it is not overly explanatory. but it is really riveting. i like a good heist movie. i did a tv programme about heist movies. but this turns it on its head. like that film set it off, it gives you a group of characters and you get to know their lives and situation and these are real women with real lives. i think it is terrific and you will love it. i know you are friends with didn't love it. stop being friends with emthis. them.
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mirai. yes by mamoru hosoda, the story starts with a young boy who discovered he is going to get a baby sister and he is thrilled. but as the drama goes on he finds jealous sis and a fantasy world in his garden, which is a portal to different views of time on his life. at the start all he wants to do his show his sibling the world. here is a clip. i'm your big brother, so i'm going to teach you a lot of the different stuff, ok? first i'll take you outside and i'm going to teach you the names of all the birds. dragonflies! and then i'll show you how you can see things in the clouds. a scorpion! see? and that one... she's a bit little to take her outside just yet. you can take her when she's a bit bigger, all right? fine! the witch and mr moustache.
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the witch was woken up by mr moustache so she got mad and chased him. and mr moustache ran. he got away byjumping on a train on the line. then the witch tried to follow him byjumping on a different line on the km line but the two trains went in different directions at the stakes and they got stuck for ages. knock it off! that is the english language dub. like many this has been simultaneously released in english and the original version. i tend to prefer the original language version, but there are many good versions for seeing the dubbed version. i thought it was moving and enchanting. the animation at the start is light and yet many of the
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themes it is dealing with are quite dark. there is a beautiful portrayal of the mother and father and this slight tetchiness between them. the father is trying to to be a good father, but he is not doing as much as he should and the mother is annoyed with him, but all her friends think he is fabulous. i also think if you have kids you will recognise the rivalries between the siblings and it is the fine line between imagination and fantasy and it is grounded in things you recognise as being real. so i really liked it. jolly good. best out? the bfi have a season called comedy genius and reissuing nine to five and some like it hot, that is considered by some to be notjust the best comedy ever made, but the
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best movie ever made. it is terrific. have you seen it recently. no. in the dim and dispant past. terrific. have you seen it recently. no. in the dim and dispant pastm is so funny and how it holds up. it is so funny and how it holds up. it is so funny and how it holds up. it is so sharp and very racy and very on the edge of what you think that kind of movie can get away with. i think it is terrific. worth another look. best dvd. leave no trace about a father and daughter living off grid and being found by the authorities and how they then react to being found and brought back into society. i thought this was wonderful. it is made be i the same film maker who made winters home. i love when a film explains itself without somebody saying, this is happening here. that never happens. i don't think was seen by enough people in the cinema. at the moment
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it is my favourite film of the year. you're so positive. you love everything. i'm an upbeat kind of quy- everything. i'm an upbeat kind of guy. thank you. and you will find more film news from across the bbc online at the web—site. that is it for this week. thanks for watching. goodbye. hello, it will be quite mild this weekend. some sunshine at times. but the weather is changing and we are looking into the atlantic and this cloud is streaming in and we are finding rain coming into northern ireland and that is pushing into scotland, together with the strengthening wind and some gales in scotland. to the south—east it may
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be clearer and the winds won't be strong, so might be a frost here. tomorrow this rain will be heavy over the hills of western scotland. it clips the western fringes of england and wales. gales through the irish sea. and a windy day. towards the midlands and eastern england dry with sunshine and mild. by sunday, it isa with sunshine and mild. by sunday, it is a cloudy start for england and wales. soon it will turn wet in the south—west and that will push into wales. scotland and northern ireland seeing some sunshine. some sunshine in the south—east and east anglia. it should be a decent weekend here. the winds not as strong and highs of 13 celsius. how our weather is getting more extreme — hotter summer days, warmer winters and more rain. the met office says our changing weather patterns are due to man made global warming. we're already starting to experience the effects of climate change.
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and it's the extreme events that will continue to increase into the future. we'll be looking at the new research and how it's likely to affect the uk. also tonight... why this paraplegic athlete ended up dragging himself along the floor through luton airport. if i hadn't had my wheelchair, my legs had been taken away from me. all of my self—sufficiency and all of my independence was no longer there. in his honour — jamie vardy says leicester city will play this weekend as a tribute to the club's owner. is your high street bad for you? new research reveals the unhealthiest high streets in the uk. and who do you think should go on the new £50 note?
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