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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 2, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm GMT

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brexit secretary dominic raab holds talks with politicians and business leaders in northern ireland. the democratic unionists say they hope a deal is close, but sinn fein accuse mr raab of being no more than a day—tripper. in a moment, it'll be time for sportsday, but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news: one of britain's greatest paralympians, baroness tanni grey—thompson, will be speaking to us about the paraplegic man who was forced drag himself through an airport because his self—propelling wheelchair was left behind on a flight. we'll be getting the latest from northern ireland, where the brexit secretary, dominic raab, has been meeting business leaders and politicians. and as the met office warns the uk has faced more weather extremes over the last 10 years due to global warming, we'll be getting tips from horticultural expert pippa greenwood will be talking about the impact it's been having
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on plants, pests and wildlife. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. coming up on tonight's programme. another blow for england as manu tuilagi is ruled out of tomorrow's test against south africa. lucky number 13 us superstar simone biles wins a record breaking world title in doha. leicester strikerjamie vardy opens up about the death of the club's chairman and says the team will play in his honour this weekend. it was a unanimous player, every play --
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it was a unanimous player, every play —— decision, every player and staff member said we need to play this game. also coming up in the programme: we meet the 6 six—year—old from kent who's been taking the world of golf by storm. i started with one shot and i won on the second day. hello and welcome to the programme. with the opening weekend of the autumn internationals upon us, we have some rather intriguing fixtures ahead, as the world's top teams step up their rugby world cup preparations. another blow for injury—hit england though — they'll have to face a resurgent south africa side without manu tuilagi. but could that see the return of another prodigal son, as chris ashton takes his place on the bench? with all the latest from the england camp, here's our sports news correspondentjoe wilson.
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if we're thinking of world cup final ina if we're thinking of world cup final in a year's time, the positive way of looking at things for england is that they have a chance to assess their options. but they're looking like a very experimental squad in this match with south africa, already inexperienced but now without manu tuilagi's potential from the bench. it puts pressure on owen farrell and he will start at fly half for england. he has the responsibility of making things tick for the english team. especially in the back line. he spoke to the media and didn't seem too concerned about the state of manu tuilagi's fitness. the lad's have seen him, he seems in high enough spirits. i don't think it's anything too serious. but obviously with his history, he is
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probably not the one to risk. so i'm sure he will be back in the next couple of weeks. do you think two ca pta i ns couple of weeks. do you think two captains can be better than one?” don't see why not. it's probably a little less stuff off the field to do. because your slipping it. and more time to think about what is most important for us which is the team. so they will lead england between them and there is an opportunity for chris ashton, maybe he could make an impact against south africa and might be make an impact in the world cup injapan. one thing is for sure, england could do with the confidence that would come with a victory. because in their second match they will face
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new zealand so that's england, but what about the rest of the home nations? well we've got wales and scotland meeting in cardiff, while ireland revisit the scene of their famous all blacks win in chicago — austin halewood takes a look at the key players and biggest talking points this weekend. . with the world cup less than a year awye, this really is the final dress rehearsal. the best, the southern hemisphere has to offer are making the way north for a final show down. on current form, ireland are the team to beat after a brilliant 2018 so far. they're second in the world rankings, because they were the best team in the six nations and won the grand slam. they backed it up with a historic series win over australia injune and it ills notjust this international success that has been so international success that has been so good for irish rugby. add to that lei nster so good for irish rugby. add to that
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leinster pro—1a and european champions cup double and irish rugby has never been in better health. they start against italy in chicago. wales have to continue on their future without sam warburton, their captain for so long. they are starting a new chapter. their key test will be against australia. they haven't beaten australia since 2008. that is a run stretching back 13 matches. the two teams are in the same pool at the world cup injapan. that is for the second world cup in a row. however, warren gatland's side saturday against scotland on saturday. they're a team run by gregor townsend and he has continued to ta ke gregor townsend and he has continued to take the scots on an upward curve and they finished third in the six nations with wins over england and france. but this is where the squad
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will start to take place. you can't play yourself into the squad now, you can maybe play yourself out of it. but there is a lot of rugby to go. we have the challenge of these four tests and in the back of our minds if players grab their opportunity and show they can thrive at international level, they have more chance of going to japan. so here's a reminder of what's coming up tomorrow. wales against scotland is on bbc one — coverage starts at 2, with kick—off at 2:16. commentary of england versus south africa is on bbc radio five live, with highlights later over on bbc two. meanwhile ireland's johnny sexton could become only the second irishman to win the world rugby player of the year award after being included among the five nominees this afternoon. he has some stiff compeition which includes all black beauden barrett who is gunning for the title for a third year in a row. this weekend, leicester city players and fans will be forced to put behind them the events of last saturday night
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as they face cardiff in their first fixture since five people were killed in a helicopter crash — including the club's chairman. strikerjamie vardy has admitted the decision to play tomorrow was a tough one but the team felt it was the right thing to do. it was a unanimous decircumstances every single —— decision, every player said we need to play this game. we want to play this game. with the players, we want to be there after everything the owner's showed in the players and the club, we should be there. it is an extended family. so family should be there. vardy and his leicester city team mates will travel to thailand for the funeral of vichai srivaddhanaprabha after tomorow‘s game. meanwhile, cardiff fans are planning to unveil a giant flag with the thai emblem at the match. the club's manager neil warnock says the tragedy has left everyone in shock.
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it is just on an edge isn't it, life? you sometimes take things for granted. i know it's just a football match and i think it puts things in perspective, our problems and worries of promotion and relegation, it is just a game of football. that has been the biggest thing this week. if i had been the manager of leicester i would have wanted the lads to play to get back on what they are. it is such a turmoil in your mind when things like this happen. i've seen the effect it has had on my players, we weren't directly involved. i think it is just the whole football community have felt the shock. hibs manager neil lennon may reconsider his position at the club due to the sectarian abuse he receives from football fans in scotland. it was reflected in one of the incidents that marred wednesday's edinburgh derby when he was struck by a coin after celebrating a disallowed hearts goal near the end of the game. as an irish catholic
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who has captained celtic, lennon believes he's singled for sectarian abuse. he says that an effigy of him being hanged was put up outside tynecastle and he's put up with it for long enough. i have been subjected to this for 18 years. i'm 47. i'm fed up with it. i'm the manager of hibs now. and i'm still getting it in the derby. whether that isolated incident is sectarian motivated or not, that effigy outside the ground before the game, for me, is sectarian, or racist, or whatever you want to call it. former arsenal striker nicklas bendtner has been sentenced to 50 days in prison for assaulting a taxi driver. bendtner broke the driver's jaw following a night out in copenhagen in september. the court was shown a video from inside the cab of the incident. the 30—year—old, who now plays for norwegian side rosenborg, has appealed the sentence.
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with more on this here's yanni pedersen. bendtner was sentenced to 50 days prison for punching a taxi driver right in the face with his fist. it was a night at the september ninth where bendtner and his girlfriend wa nted where bendtner and his girlfriend wanted to go home from a night in town and got into a taxi and the taxi driver and him argued about which route to follow. so bendtner and his girlfriend left the taxi without paying. the taxi driver followed the couple and he got out of the taxi and threw a can after them and bendtner in court said he felt insecure and it was self defence. however the koort decided it was —— court decided it was violence. now the verdict has no
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consequences for bendtner. the trial will be set at a higher court. also coming up in the programme: england's rugby league stars head to anfield this weekend for their match with new zealand but could more have been done to boost the attendance? i think we could have had better promotion before the series. i mean something like this could have been really good for us to do maybe three weeks ago. you're watching sports day — also making the headlines today: i'm joined by beth tweddle. thank you forjoining us. talking about simone biles again. she seems unstoppable doesn't she? yes, she looked a lot happier performing
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today. she did go with the easier vault and took that world title on the vault which she has not had before and went straight to bars, performed her bar routine. you can see the two and a half twisting vault and it was massive. the execution on it was so much higher than any other gymnast and she finished so much further ahead than anyone. it was a comfortable world title. probably less scary an yesterday's competition. and went over to bars. obviously, yesterday's competition. and went overto bars. obviously, known yesterday's competition. and went over to bars. obviously, known as her wea kest over to bars. obviously, known as her weakest piece, but still got silver. so fantastic performance. she is supposedly the weakest in the bars. this silver medal makes her the first american gymnast to own world medals in every single event. how difficult that is? that is very difficult. you have got so many specialists around the world now, so
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for her to take apparatus medals on each piece and the all around title and the team title and she has two more titles to go. she has upgraded that double twisting double back that double twisting double back that she has added in and it has helped her difficulty. you can tell she looks very pleased here is simone herself. i'm very excited, especially about the bar medal. i have worked hard on bars and i'm really excited. we have to talk about britain's becky downey, she looked devastated after her performance and she will be disappointed? yes, i think once she has had time to reflect she will ta ke has had time to reflect she will take the positives from it. she has had a hard 18 months. she picked up an elbow injury and had to have major surgery on the arm and has worked hard to come back from that.
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she put the big routine out and she knew she had to take the risk. she was first up. unfortunately, the routine started well with these big release and catches. you can see the amplitude, but it is just here that she has the problem. she should go into a big release and catch, but she said she didn't catch the first release and catch well and couldn't go into the big catch. someone else who may be disappointed, max whit lock, couldn't add to his haul. no he was going for a third world title. he did his rue tyne and —— routine and he said he clipped the pommel. the score he finished was the same as the chinese and on the tie—break rule it meant he dropped into second. he will be
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disappointed, but once he goes home, he will look back on this year and be pleased to still come away with that silver. it is incredible, he has won a major medal all the way since about 2012 to be winning six yea rs since about 2012 to be winning six years on the run is insane. thank you again forjoining us. i have to say it is not over yet. tomorrow, the finals continue with the men's quality and the horizontal bars final. coveraging on bbc two. making the headlines: manchester city's kevin du bruyne has been ruled out for around six weeks after injuring ligaments in his left knee in last night's league cup win over fulham. the belgian midfielder has already spent two months on the sidelines this season, and last night was just his second
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start since returning from injury. wayne rooney missed a penalty in a shoot—out as dc united were knocked in the first round of the mls play—offs. the match finished 2—2 after extra time, but they lost 3—2 in the shoot—out to colombus crew. and mark allen is through to the final of the international championship. he beat matthew stevens 9—6 in today's semi—final in china. it was a high quality contest, with five centuries in the match. and finally cricket england's warm—up match against a sri lanka presidents eleven in colombo — the last before the first test starts next tuesday — ended in a draw. england declared their innings on 210 for 6, ben stokes top—scored with 53 before retiring out, while sam curan made an unbeaten 48. in reply, the president's side reached 200 for seven. he may have been the fastest man on the planet,
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but usain bolt‘s dream of becoming a professional football player has hit the buffers. the olympic sprint champion was on trial with the australian football club ‘central coast mariners', but he's now leaving after contract talks failed and with one professional saying he had a touch like a trampoline. our sydney correspondent phil mercer reports. this is probably the end of usain bolt‘s football fairy tale in australia. it appears to be money not ability that's forced the olympic champion to leave the central coast mariners. the club offered him a contract that was well below his reported wage demands of more than one and a £500,000s. third party sponsorship couldn't be found and the mariners have thanked bolt for his dedication. it was great to
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see usain grow with us. we said we know he was going to be a fast learner and he showed that. the goals he scored will go down in history. he has that to take around the world and leave as a credit to his ability. his ability though has been under scrutiny. the former republic of ireland striker andy keogh said the former sprinter‘s first touch was like a trampoline and he wouldn't make it as a footballerment but his box office appeal is beyond out the and a crowd of almost 10,000 turned out to watch him in a friendly for the mariners. a year him in a friendly for the mariners. ayearago, a him in a friendly for the mariners. a year ago, a similarfixture attracted just a few hundred fans. it is unclear if he will be given an opportunity at another australian club. in october, bolt turned down a two—year deal with a maltese club.
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england's rugby league squad have a 1-0 england's rugby league squad have a 1—0 lead going into this weekend's second test with the new zealand. the burgess twins played in last week's victory and will feature again at anfield and theyjoin me 110w. again at anfield and theyjoin me now. good evening. how you going. george and tom, we have to get it right and get it the right way round. it isjust to make it harder for you. we have been playing pranks today on people. coming home after playing in australia, you get a fair bit of ribbing there, being english in australia, will it be nice coming back to anfield and having support of the home crowd? yes it is great and playing in front of a home crowd. but being back in australia, you know you are surrounded by the aussies and the kiwi and you want to
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do your nation proud to go back with your head held high. that is two wins against new zealand, do you think england have lost the inferiority complex? yes, we try and bridge that gap. i feel now the top three nations like australia, new zealand and england are pretty close margins in my opinion and the more performances we can keep stringing together against the top teams, wins against the top teams is the better and gives ourfans against the top teams is the better and gives our fans the confidence that we can perform every time we play. the nrl, people say it is superior compared to super league, do you feel enough has been done to allow the game to grow?” do you feel enough has been done to allow the game to grow? i mean they are doing things here to help the game grow and trying different things like the relegation and
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promotion and i think they're changing that to one team up and one down. they're trying new things. they won't get it straightaway. but at least they're trialing things. you look at the crowds, 17,000 who watched england/new zealand in hull. that is down around 6,000 on the previous year. where is it going wrong. i think we could have had better promotion before the series. this could have been good for us to do maybe three weeks ago. sojust this could have been good for us to do maybe three weeks ago. so just to get a buzz around the sport and around the three games. but you know, you can learn from these things. looking further ahead, would either of you consider a switch back to england and to super league?” think the super league is growing and we want to get the world out. yeah, definitely, iwould
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and we want to get the world out. yeah, definitely, i would love to have a stint back in england at one point. i do miss it. i miss my friends, the thread as we call it. but no, yeah, never rule it out. i grew up supporting leeds. but no, yeah, never rule it out. i grew up supporting leedsm but no, yeah, never rule it out. i grew up supporting leeds. if we can contribute to growing the game in this country at some point within out careers, this country at some point within our careers, that would be a great thing. as a family as the burgess family you're doing a greatjob of that. thank you forjoining us and good luck on sunday. thanks. and don't forget you can watch england's second test with new zealand on bbc two from two o'clock on sunday. now from those giants of rugby league to a pint—sized golfer. remember those old home videos of tiger woods and rory mcilroy as children — clubs in hand? well, there's a new kid in town. his name's alexander dunmall, he's six years old and he has just qualified for the world championships in the usa next year after winning a junior tournament in paris.
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our reporterjuliette parkin has been to meet him. needless to say alexander says he likes hitting things hard. a perfect sport then for this young kent golfer who has just won the paris junior cup. no mean feat for a six—year—old. junior cup. no mean feat for a six-year-old. it was really far hole. there was tricky bunkers and water. it is a sport where world class talent is often spotted early. no prizes for guessing who this is. tiger woods, one of the most successful golfer of all time shot to fame at the age of three and chipping on to the sofa, a young
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rory mcilroy. alexander is coached in tunbridge, where he plays around three times a week. here talent is spotted and nurtured early on. a lot ofjuniors are at such a high standard from a young age. when i was younger, i got into golf at the age of three and a half, but it took until i was ten to become a member. alexander is already a member, so it is more accessible to play. alexander dreams of becoming a professional and he is determined and competitive, but faces a busy time representing england. he has qualified for world championships in america. he has got the europeans as well. and in the summer he played in the adidas and he came third and he had qualified for the championships
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in st andrews. now the task is to find time for school, homework and golf. but for him the last two go hand in hand. rememberthat golf. but for him the last two go hand in hand. remember that name. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more for you at 7.30. for many places a chilly start this morning led a beautiful day. however, this is not a sign of what is to come over the weekend. changes have started to take place in the north—west with cloud spilling in. this is the satellite from earlier and you can see the cloud streaming in. we have the remnants of what was
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a hurricane, hurricane oscar. not a hurricane now, but still an area of low pressure. we will see wind and rain and milderair. low pressure. we will see wind and rain and milder air. wet weather spreading across northern ireland and scotland tonight and turning increasingly windy and mild in the west. still chilly in the far south—east. there could be a touch of frost in places. further west the temperatures around nine degrees. tomorrow, a soggy start for northern ireland and the western side of scotland. we could see 50 to 80 millimetres of rain. north—east scotla nd millimetres of rain. north—east scotland will hold on to sunshine as will central and eastern england. where we see the sunshine in the north—east of scotland, temperatures up north—east of scotland, temperatures up to 18 degree. but it will be wind and gusts will over 40mph. perhaps up and gusts will over 40mph. perhaps up to 60mph over scotland. and the
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rain will slide towards north—west england and west wales. for the midlands and the south—east, sunshine and mild. saturday night the rain will move eastwards. in one or two places such as cardiff, perhaps belfast as well, there could be some rain if you're off to any fireworks displays. it will be windy with a fair amount of dry weather. on saturday night this system will wriggle across central parts of the uk. and low pressure sliding to the north—west, but another starting to develop to the south and on sunday that will feed rain into the south west and wales. still windy, but not as windy as saturday. to sum up, mild, often windy with some rain at times. this is bbc news, i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at seven: a stark warning from the met office
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— the uk has faced more extremes of hot weather and downpours over the last decade due to global warming. a paraplegic man sues luton airport after claims that he was forced to drag himself through the terminal building after staff failed to provide him with a self—propelling wheelchair. police launch a criminal inquiry into allegations of anti—semitic hate crimes within the labour party. brexit secretary dominic raab holds talks with the dup in belfast. unionists say they hope a deal is close, but sinn fein accuse mr raab of behaving like a thief in the night. as investigators remove the wreckage of the helicopter in which the leicester city owner died, the players vow to do their best in his honour at tomorrows match against cardiff.
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